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Chapter 8: The Mysterious Attacker.

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Notes: Dragon Ball, Kai, Z and GT are all owned by Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama, all other plots, manga, characters, games and animation are all owned by their respective owners. Update: Ch...

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Dragon Ball Pan's Adventure

Notes: Dragon Ball, Kai, Z and GT are all owned by Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama, all other plots, manga, characters, games and animation are all owned by their respective owners.

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Ninja Dimension Saga

In the last Chapter, on route towards his secondary hideout, Gero decided fly the rest of the way until he stopped while an object in the distance, as the object approach closer it appeared as a large pale skinned man, he stopped right in front of the android doctor to Gero's surprise and began talking with him, he asked the doctor if his test was successful but Gero ignored the pale android question and asked why the android who he called him Nineteen why he was there, the pale android explained that the deal they had with an unknown party wasn't enough for them and they wanted more from the android doctor, he thought it was foolish that they asked for more, but he had more pressing matters thinking of way to return and beginning his new project as they continued to Gero's secondary hideout.

Meanwhile after they arrived at what was now a ruined laboratory, Naruto was first to stop surprised at what he saw, a large crater where the secret laboratory should have been and yelled out of shock. As Sasuke tried to stop Naruto's loud yelling, the quarter Saiyan girl turned her head seemly looking for something, then suddenly Pan sensed a faint Ki nearby, while she searched Sasuke noticed her moving away from him and asked what she was doing, ignoring him Pan sensed another Ki and stopped to try to find it, which made the dark-haired boy suspicious as he moved his hand, ready to draw a kunai and waited for aresponse while shifting his eyes left and right looking for any signs of an ambush.

When he didn't hear a response he repeated himself, yelling at her catching her off guard, But before Pan could say where the person was, Naruto saw at the corner of his eye someone collapsed and unconscious on the ground, as the blond noticed her red clothes he began to move towards her. As Naruto neared her Sasuke warned him that it could be a trap, but no avail as he ran towards Sakura, as saw the blond run off and he tried to wake her, after he saw that she didn't respond he noticed her covered in cuts, scratches and bruises, he crouched down and again tried to wake her, then as Sakura slowly regained consciousness she slowly opened her eyes seeing a blurry figure over her who mistook for Sasuke as Naruto noticed her regaining consciousness.

After hearing the blond-haired boy's voice Sakura instantly recognized that it was Naruto before she snapped her eyes open and yelled at him before punching the blond sending him head first into a tree to Pan's surprise, ignoring Naruto she tried to get to her feet, she was happy to see Sasuke until she noticed Pan, she then asked who Pan was while looking at Pan in confusion until she noticed that her crush which she felt was standing to close to the quarter Saiyan, they answered that she was Pan and she lead them to her, then after Naruto noticed her wobbling he warned her to take it easy as she struggled to move almost falling over, while Sakura was explaining why their Sensei wasn't with her, Pan was searching for something she was looking for and blurted it out loud as she pulled a small bag out of her shirt to the others surprise.

While Naruto and the others just stared in disbelief, Pan opened and took a bean, then after trying to explain why she had a bag of beans she gave the bean to Sakura, think it was a joke she stared at the bean that was in her hand Sakura, still wondering if it was some type of joke continued to look at bean until suddenly they heard a mysterious Voice demanding that the group to hand Takeo Susumu over to him, then unsatisfied after the group response he decided to launch an attack using a technique called 'Earth Style: Earth Dragon Jutsu' at the group.

Chapter 8: The Mysterious Attacker.

Surprise by the attack, Pan was left in shock and confusion by the technique. "What the heck, Earth Style, Earth Dragon Jutsu?" said Pan thinking out loud in shock, "This is different from Naruto's technique, a dragon made of mud... ...I got to get a hold of myself, gotta avoid this."

After everyone managed to dodge the attack, except for Sakura who was being helped by Naruto because she couldn't move as fast on her own as she wanted to, due to her injuries. "Man! That was close!" said Naruto thinking out loud.

"Interesting attack," said the quarter Saiyan after dodging the attack, "but it seems a bit too slow for me..."

After he found a safe area, Naruto turned to Sakura and asked her if she was alright as set her down. "Err, Sakura, are you alright?" he said with aquestion to her.

"I'm just fine..." replied the pink haired girl.

Noticing that the mysteries ninja was nowhere in sight, the quarter Saiyan girl wondered if it was some type of trick so that he could run and hide. 'Was it a trick?' she thought to herself.

'What? Where did he go?'thought Sasuke desperately looking for the unknown ninja. 'Was that attack just adistraction?'

"Where is he... ...wait, Naruto!" yelled Pan as she sensed that the unidentified ninja's Ki was near Naruto and Sakura's location. "Look out, he's behind you!"

After Pan warned him, the blond spin around in confusion ready to counter the rogue."Huh? What...?" said Naruto as he turned around to see what the quarter Saiyan girl was talking about, but it was too late.

Then after punching Naruto in the stomach, forcing the boy to clutch his stomach the unknown ninja grabbed him by his neck and began choking him. "This is very disappointing, here I thought you lot were special," said the unidentified ninja as Naruto struggled to get free, "but you're just another bunch of weaklings! Well, I wasn't expecting much to begin with anyway."

"Let him go you coward!" yelled Sasuke as he jumped towards the unidentified ninja with kunai in his hand.

"Me, a coward? Never!" replied the mystery Ninja. "And by the way you're in no position to make demands!"

"I said release him!" yelled the dark-haired boy.

"Well, if you insist kid." said the mysteries ninja.

"Wait, you're not going to..." said blond thinking of what the man was going to do.

Then with a smile he did what the dark-haired man ask, but not in the way he wanted, as he threw Naruto in his direction. "You're not even worth my time anyway," he said as Naruto struck Sasuke, "so don't bother getting up."

He smirked while glaring at Naruto and Sasuke as they got to their feet after hitting the ground. "It's not over yet!" replied Naruto, "Don't underestimate us!"

As he was about to move his hands to a seal preparing to form his hand for the Shadow Clone Jutsu, the blond noticed Pan appearing out of nowhere ready to kick the mysteries ninja from behind. 'Where did she come from?' he thought in surprise.

Everyone was surprised by the quarter Saiyan's speed as she was about to attack."She's even faster than I thought..." said Sasuke thinking out loud.

"I had enough of you!" yelled the quarter Saiyan as she was about to kick."Take this, you jerk!"

Then after the kick from Pan, the mysteries ninja suddenly transformed into a piece of wood with a white cloud of smoke. "He managed to counter that?" said the blond in surprise.

"What the world!?" yelled the quarter Saiyan girl in shock and confusion.

"What?A Substitution Jutsu..." said Sasuke out loud in surprise.

As shattered pieces of wood fell to the ground, Pan was left confused by what just happened. "A sub what?" said Pan thinking out loud in confusion."What's a substitution Jutsu?"

"What!Don't you know anything? That was a Substitution," replied Sasuke,"users replace their own body with some other object, it's a basic Jutsu"

"Well sorry, I never used or even heard of this technique before," said the quarter Saiyan girl in response, "but it sorter sounds like a weird version of an after-image technique."

"Seriously..." whispered the dark-haired boy.

'She was amazing!' thought Sakura after she saw how fast Pan moved. 'It was almost like watching Lee for second there.'

Unable to see the rogue, the group began searching for the man. "Darn it! Where is that guy?" said Naruto as he looked around.

'That coward, 'thought Sasuke,' he has to be hiding somewhere...'

'How did Pan appear out of nowhere like that?' thought the blond.

'I wonder is he going to start playing mind games and pick us off one at a time?' thought Sasuke as he was also desperately looking for the unidentified ninja.

"Where the heck did he go?" asked Naruto out loud

"Hey you!" said the dark-haired boy in Pan's direction. "Miss super psychic girl, do you know where he is!?"

"I do have a name, you know!" replied the quarter Saiyan. "Now, where is he?"

'Pan? What is she doing?'/ /thought the dark-haired boy.

After trying to sense the unknown rogue's Ki, Pan finally found him. "Yes, there he is! I've got him now," she whispered to herself, "there's nowhere you can hide from me now!"

Then as she began to move towards the hidden ninja, Sasuke wondered if she had found the mysteries ninja. 'Could it be, don't tell me, She found him?' thought the dark-haired boy.'If I can't even see him, how could she?'

As he saw the quarter Saiyan girl move towards a tree, the unknown rogue was caught by surprise, as he thought he was well hidden. 'What? It's her again, I can't believe this that girl's fast?' thought the mysteries ninja as he began to form a seal with his hands. 'I hardly saw her move, I have to take her out first, that'll also show the rest them that fighting against me is useless.'

"Err, Pan? What're doing?" asked the blond-haired ninja as he saw her go into her fighting stance. "Did you find him?"

Ignoring Naruto, Pan waited for an attack. "Come on coward show me what you got!" she yelled impatiently.

"Well, if you insist you little brat," answered the unidentified ninja after he came out of hiding, "this technique will leave you speechless!"

"Bring it on! I will let you make your move" replied the quarter Saiyan in ademanding tone. "I'll even stand here and take your new technique head on!"

"Alright you cocky kid," said the rogue in response, "You're going to regret making that choice."

'I think not...' thought Pan smirking at the unknown ninja.

"Earth Style: Earth Dragon Bomb Jutsu!" yelled the rogue ninja.

After once again summoning a dragon made of earth, the unidentified ninja changed his tactics as he began to cover it with explosive tags wrapped around Kunai."What? Strange, but I'm not impressed," said Pan, "I've already seen this technique, but I do not have any idea why you cover it in paper."

Then after the dragon circled her, the man began his final step of his attack as he formed another hand seal. "I'm not done yet!" yelled unidentified ninja "That was just the beginning; it's all over for you now!"

To the quarter Saiyan's surprise, the man jumped up before unleashing his attack finishing his two-part attack. "I don't know what you're planning," she said regaining her composure, "but I guarantee, that it won't work on someone like me."

"Ninja Art: Explosive Shadow Shuriken Clone Jutsu!" he said yelling his attack.

After a shower of Shuriken hit the Explosive Tags, the dragon detonated a chain of explosions. "Pan!" yelled the others in shock.


While Pan and the others battle against an unknown ninja, Kakashi who just regained conscious from being knocked out by Gero after a short battle he had with the android doctor, he began to desperately look for any signs of the android doctor. "Darn it! I was careless," said Kakashi thinking out loud,"where is he?"

Seeing that Gero was nowhere in sight, the grey haired ninja began to look for a way to track him, but to no avail. 'No trace of him, not even a footprint,' he thought to himself, 'just how long have I been knocked out?''

Then trying to determine how much time he lost, Kakashi turned his attention towards the sky. 'judging by the sunlight it looks like I haven't been out too long,' thought grey haired ninja as continued think to himself,'it's still daylight, but it looks like it's been over an hour or so...'

With no trace of the android doctor, the grey haired ninja had to think about his options. 'With my Charka this low, there's no way I could use my summoning Jutsu,'/ /he thought, 'so tracking him is out of the question for now.'

He still couldn't believe what he faced earlier; Kakashi had a flashback of the incident he had earlier of when he was grabbed. 'That feeling? It felt like my body was being drained of Charka when he grabbed me,' he later thought to himself, 'no it was more that, it felt like my very life force was, being sucked from me...'

Remembering the moment when he was forced to cut the android doctor's arm, the grey haired ninja thought back seeing what he could have done differently. 'Darn, I shouldn't have underestimated him,' thought Kakashi as he removed the android's severed hand,'but I would have never thought that he would turn out be some type robot, who or what made him...'

Amazed by the technology of Gero hand and began to examine the hand. 'I still can't believe this? What t-the? mechanical components of this hand, this is beyond anything that I have ever seen,' he thought to himself, 'or could imagine, so this spot in the centre of his hand is where he drained my Charka, this is an amazing piece of tech.'

While thinking back to the confrontation he had with Doctor Gero, Kakashi suddenly remembered that he left Sakura alone and believed that she had been caught in the explosion. 'Sakura?This isn't good, she hasn't come looking for me,'thought the grey haired ninja worrying about his student, 'that's not a good sign something must have happened to her.'

'So that would mean that she could either be knocked out,'he thought,'or even killed by the explosion...'

'I got no time to waste here,'thought Kakashi as he sighed,/ /'I better go see if she's alright, Ijust hope Naruto and Sasuke got to her first.'

'There's no telling what going to happen today,' he thought with worry,'but this day couldn't get any worse, could it? I hope there aren't any more rogue ninja in the area...'

Then as he began to move to where he left Sakura, Kakashi began thinking of what he will have to write in his mission report. 'This will be hard, how am I going to ever explain this to Lady Hokage?'thought the grey haired ninja with sigh,'not only did this mission fail, it was just a simple escort mission, how did it turn out like this.'

'Attacked by a humanoid machine with no trace of detectable Jutsu or Charka use,' he thought to himself,'they're going to think I'm going mad, well at least I have evidence.'

After putting away the android doctor severed hand, the grey haired ninja began his journey to the pink haired girl's location. 'Sakura, please be safe!' he later thought as he ran.

To be continued...

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