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Chapter 9: The Battle Continues.

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Notes: Dragon Ball, Kai, Z and GT are all owned by Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama, all other plots, manga, characters, games and animation are all owned by their respective owners. Update: Ch...

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Dragon Ball Pan's Adventure

Notes: Dragon Ball, Kai, Z and GT are all owned by Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama, all other plots, manga, characters, games and animation are all owned by their respective owners.

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Ninja Dimension Saga

In the last chapter, surprise by the attack, Pan was left in shock and confusion by the technique. After everyone managed to dodge the attack, except for Sakura who was being helped by Naruto because she couldn't move as fast on her own as she wanted to, due to her injuries. After the attack Pan noticed that the mysteries ninja was nowhere in sight, then sensed that the unidentified ninja's Ki was near Naruto and Sakura's location and tried to tell him. As Naruto turned around to see what the quarter Saiyan girl was talking about the unknown ninja punch Naruto in the stomach then as he clutched his stomach the mysteries ninja grabbed him by his neck, he jumped towards the unidentified ninja with kunai in his hand, with a smile the rogue ninja threw him at the dark-haired boy then as Naruto struck Sasuke then they got to their feet after hitting the ground, finally as the blond ready to form his hand for the 'Shadow Clone Jutsu', but out of nowhere Pan kicked the mysteries ninja from behind only to find him turned into a piece of wood with puff of smoke.

Meanwhile, while Pan and the others battle against an unknown ninja, Kakashi who just regained consciousness from being knocked out by Gero after a short battle he had with the android doctor, began to desperately look for any signs of the android doctor, after seeing that was nowhere in sight, he looked for a way to track him, but to no avail there was no trace of the android doctor, as the grey haired ninja was think about his options, he removed the android's severed hand, he couldn't believe what he faced earlier, then while thinking of the confrontation he had with Doctor Gero, Kakashi just remembered that he left Sakura alone and that she would've been caught in the explosion, then while thinking of the confrontation he had with Doctor Gero, Kakashi just remembered that he left Sakura alone and that she might have possibly been caught in the explosion, as he began to move to where he left Sakura he began thinking of what he will have to write in his mission report, he had a flashback of the incident he had earlier with the android doctor.

Shocked by the sudden substitution Pan stared on as shattered pieces of wood fell to the ground, Sasuke was confused by Pan's reaction and decided to inform her about the technique before he began to desperately search for unidentified ninja, then after detecting the rogue ninja the quarter Saiyan began to move towards the hidden ninja to Sasuke and rogue ninja surprise, as the mysteries ninja began to form a seal with his hands Pan in her fighting stance demanded that he come out of hiding waiting for his attack, using his Jutsu he summoned a dragon made of earth and quickly began to cover it with explosive tags wrapped around Kunai, in surprise as Pan was lost for words before regaining her composure while the dragon circled her, not finished the attacker sent his second part of his attack as the Shuriken hit the Explosive Tags on the dragon causing a chain of explosions finishing his two-part attack.

Chapter 9: The Battle Continues.

As Pan and the other's continue their battle against the rogue ninja, Kakashi still heading towards where he had left Sakura, was now almost there until he was suddenly stopped by a Shuriken thrown by one of the group of three ninja that were now blocking his way. "Not you three!?" said the grey haired ninja.

The group consists of there, two men and one woman, the first was a tall man with short brown hair sitting on a tree branch with his hand on his chin. "Look what we've got here guys!" said the first, "It's the guy who was with those brats we fought earlier."

The second was a woman with short blond hair standing on the same branch twirling aKunai. "And it seems that old man isn't with him, is he?" said the second.

And finally the third was a short man with black hair standing on different branch with arms behind his head. "You don't look so good, Mister," said the third, "how about you have a rest with us."

'Not these three clowns again...'thought Kakashi as he readied himself for a fight.

"What?Hey guys," asked the brown-haired man to others, "it look like he wants to fight?"

"I've got no time to deal with you three," yelled the grey haired ninja,"get out of my way, now!"

Knowing that his Charka was low, Kakashi couldn't waste his time and what little had Charka on the three rogues.

"We'll let you go, if you tell us where that old man is?" replied the blond-haired woman. "Or we can beat the information we need out of you, what do you say?"

After the woman finished her sentence, she stopped twirling the Kunai and smirked."Fine, if you three don't want listen and let me pass," replied Kakashi with a sigh, "then I guess I have no choice, but to take you all down."

"You're in no condition to us to fight all us," said the short man with black hair as he moved his arms from behind his head.

'Darn it! He's right I still don't have enough Charka,' he thought ninja thinking about his situation, 'so I may be forced to rely on Taijutsu alone.'

"Just from looking at you, I can see that," he said continuing his sentence looking at the grey haired ninja state, "but I want to know, just how did you get in that state?"

"Why on earth do you want to know how?" asked the first as he turned his head to the third.

"Why?" answered short man with black hair in anger. "Because I'm curious that's why!"

After turning her head, the woman with a sigh tried to persuade the other two to stop their argument. "Stop it you two!" yelled the second. "We're supposed to get the information on where the old man is remember!?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot" replied the third.

"How could you forget?" said the brown-haired man in confusion. "It's the reason we're here, it is a part of our mission"

"It didn't seem important so..." answered the short man with black hair.

"Didn't seem important!?" replied the enraged first interrupting the other.

"I said stop it you two!" yelled the blond-haired woman in anger, "let's just take him down now we'll interrogate him later..."

"How are we going to do that?" asked the third after he turned his head back to where Kakashi was.

"What do you mean how?" replied the first not sure what the short man with black hair meant.

"He's gone!" answered the third.

Turning his head to the same direction, the rogue member noticed that the grey haired ninja was missing. "What the...? Darn it! Where is he?" said the rogue member in confusion.

Also noticing that Kakashi was gone, the second became enraged. "You idiots!You've really done it this time!" yelled the second, "Because of your arguing, you gave him a chance to escape!"

"Sorry..." said the others in response.

"Come on we've got to find him," she said finishing her sentence.


After the attack had finished, the dust slowly began to settle, leaving the unknown rogue smirking to himself. "See! What did I tell you? Now that you hopefully understand that you're not even worth my time," said the mysteries ninja, "she could have avoided her death if only you all had just told me where you are hiding that old man instead of..."

Then suddenly the unknown rogue became deadly silent for an unknown reason."You b..." said Naruto in response in anger until stopping mid sentence, interrupted by someone coughing.

"What?That's impossible!" yelled the unidentified ninja in anger and confusion."This is surprising that move was at point-blank range, it's supposed to kill you!"

After Pan appeared physically unharmed, the unidentified ninja was fuming with rage and confusion. "That was close, but too bad..." said the quarter Saiyan in defiance as the smoke and dirt dissipated.

"What!" yelled the others in unison as they all stared in wonder on how she could have survived that onslaught.

"How did you do that?" said the rogue in shock.

"Do what?" replied Pan.

"Survive practically untouched!" asked unknown ninja in confusion. "How did you?"

"Was that really meant to kill? Well I'm still standing," asked Pan sarcastically, "your attack must not have been as strong as you thought, was it?"

"Why you little!" yelled the man in response.

"If that's all you got," she said continuing her sentence with a sigh,"then this won't last long."

"You brat..." was all the rogue ninja could say.

"Pan, are you alright?" asked a shocked Naruto.

"Never better..." replied the quarter Saiyan girl as she looked at her clothes.

"..." Naruto tried to speak, but nothing came out.

'But my clothes,'she later thought to herself sighing again,'they're all dirty now...'

'How could she survive that?'thought Sakura while she couldn't believe what she saw.

'How is this possible?'thought Sasuke as he too found it hard to believe his eyes.'What is her secret?'

"What are you?" said the mysteries ninja repeating his question in a demanding tone. "How could you possibly survive that?"

"Enough!You've seen what I can do," said Pan as she looked directly at the unidentified ninja, "so why don't we can stop here, leave now and never attack or hurt anyone again..."

"What!Are you crazy?" said the mysteries ninja, "If you think I'd stop now, my next Jutsu will..."

Then the rogue was interrupted mid-sentence as the quarter Saiyan's kick to his shoulder, but instead making contact it went right through him like a knife through butter. "What! But I didn't put that much power behind that kick..." said Pan as she backed away.

"An earth clone?" said Sasuke in confusion.

"Wait, Mud?" she said in confused, "What the heck?"

After the unidentified ninja began dissolved into mud, the group began frantically searching for the rogue until they suddenly heard his voice coming from another location directly behind Sasuke.

"Earth Style: Rock Blizzard Jutsu!" yelled the mysteries ninja as he let loose ashower of rocks at the dark-haired boy.

"What?How did he?" yelled Naruto warning Sasuke, "Sasuke look out!"

But it was too late; the shower of rocks battered the dark-haired boy forcing the dark-haired boy to the ground. "Sasuke!" yelled Sakura out of shock as the unidentified ninja placed his foot on Sasuke back.

"But how, unlike that piece of wood," said a shocked and confused the quarter Saiyan girl, "that mud clone thing had his k-charka?"

"Don't you know anything about charka girl? Well now I've been thinking if I can't hurt you," replied the mysteries ninja, "then I guess I just have to start hurting your friends until you tell me what I want to know."

"You're the same," said a now angry Pan. "Just like any bad guy who can't get their way..."

"Do you want more of your friends to suffer?" said the man as he began put more pressure to Sasuke's back.

"Stop it!" yelled the quarter Saiyan in a demanding tone.

"Well now, I hope the blond will more entertaining than this boy here," said the unknown ninja.

Then the dark-haired boy snapped open his eyes and with a sudden movement he managed to get free from being pinned to the ground throwing the mysteries ninja of balance. "I had enough of you!" yelled Sasuke.

"Oh, so you do have some fight left..." he said in surprise regaining his balance.

Suddenly the dark-haired boy eyes began to change colour from black to red. "You're that Uchiha brat, aren't you?" asked the unknown ninja in surprise, now knowing just who Sasuke was as soon as he saw his red eyes.

'Weird, those eyes,'thought the quarter Saiyan as she stared in wonder,'they've changed colour, they're red...'

Then after he used the appropriate hand seals, the dark-haired boy took a deep breath and put his right hand to his face. "Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!" yelled Sasuke before a flame shot out of his mouth.

Thinking that his the attack made his opponent distracted, Sasuke decide to begin the seconded part of his attack until he noticed the mysteries ninja jumped through the fire so fast that he couldn't react and got punched hard in the stomach."How?" he asked barely able to speak.

"What do you mean how?" replied the unknown ninja. "There was no power in that attack, it was pathetic!"

"Then, how about this!" yelled Sasuke as he readied himself for the next attack.

"What does that man see in you?" asked the mysteries ninja.

"Chidori!" yelled the dark-haired boy unleashing his technique, sending his arm upward.

"You're nothing to me, you're so weak!" said the man when he caught his opponent's arm.

Surprised and struggling to break free, Sasuke asked the rogue how was he able to stop him. "What! How can you do this!?" yelled the dark-haired boy.

Shocked that he was unable to move, the dark-haired boy continued struggling to get free. "Why are you so important to him?" "Why does he want you?"

"What are you talking about?" said Sasuke in confusion.

"It's no longer important," replied the unknown rogue.

Then after knocking him to the ground, the rogue began to repeatedly kick the dark-haired boy. "Sasuke!? Stop doing that!" yelled the blond enrage at what he saw. "How dare you! You jerk; I'm going to make you pay!"

Just as Naruto was about to jump into the fight, the rogue kicked the dark-haired boy towards the pink haired girl with a disappointed look on his face."Now you've gone too far!" said the quarter Saiyan, "I've let you have too much fun, this is where it ends."

Then as the quarter Saiyan was about to attack, Naruto stopped her by taking her place. "wait Pan!" he said, "I'll take him down."

"But, I..." replied Pan until cut off mid-sentence by the blond-haired ninja.

"I know, you probably can, but he's my friend and team-mate and this is our fight!" he said as he took the quarter Saiyan girl's place. "It has nothing to do with you, you not even involved, I'm sorry, but I need you to back-down..."

"Okay I'll let you fight him," replied Pan, "but if you ever become unable to fight, I will step in..."

"...Got it!" answered Naruto

"What?You bratty kids," said an irritated unidentified ninja, "do you think this is a game?"

"Shut it! You had your fun!" said the blond in a demanding tone. "It's over now! You will be fighting me, one-on-one."

"You brat, I've overpowered and outsmarted you and your friends," replied mysteries ninja, "what makes you think you do any better."

'Naruto, what are you thinking?'thought Sakura as she helplessly looked on. 'You can't take this on alone!'

After seeing that the blond won't back down, the man began to laugh. "Very well kid, it's your funeral" he said finishing his sentence with a sinister smile.

"I'm going to wipe that smirk right of your face!" yelled the determined blond.

"I like to see you try," replied the unknown ninja, "but all that I see will happen is that you will soon be at your knees begging for your life."

To be continued...

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