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Chapter 10: An Unexpected Surprise.

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Notes: Does anyone know of a good Dragon Ball, Kai, Z or GT crossovers fan-fiction, please continue to comment and review I'll rewrite this story in the far future so continue telling me if there a...

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Dragon Ball Pan's Adventure

Notes: Does anyone know of a good Dragon Ball, Kai, Z or GT crossovers fan-fiction, please continue to comment and review I'll rewrite this story in the far future so continue telling me if there anything that I should change in this or any of the chapters so far and future chapters still to come and remember Dragon Ball, Kai, Z and GT are all owned by Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama, all other plots, manga, characters, games and animation are all owned by their respective owners.

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Ninja Dimension Saga

In the last chapter, as Naruto battled against the rogue ninja, Kakashi was still heading towards where he had left Sakura and was almost there until he was suddenly stopped by a Shuriken thrown by one of the group of three ninja that were now blocking his way, the first was a tall man with short brown hair sitting on a tree branch with his hand on his chin, the second was a woman with short blond hair standing on the same branch twirling a Kunai and the third who was a short man with black hair standing on different branch with arms behind his head. After a short confrontation, two of the three ninja began an argument giving the grey haired ninja a chance to escape and meet the others.

Meanwhile as the dust settled, Pan appeared almost perfectly untouched to everyone's shock and surprise they all stared in wonder on how she could have survived that onslaught as the smoke and dirt dissipated before the rogue questioned how she had survive, Pan's answer angered the unknown ninja until the quarter Saiyan girl suddenly kicked his shoulder, but instead making contact it went right through him to Pan's shock, before she backed away the unidentified ninja began dissolved into mud, then as the mysteries ninja yelled, voice coming from another location directly behind Sasuke where he let loss a shower of rocks at him, Naruto tried to warn him, but it was too late as shower of rocks battered the dark-haired boy before he could react, Sakura screamed out Sasuke's name as the unidentified ninja placed his foot on Sasuke back.

Then as he put more pressure to Sasuke's back, the dark-haired boy snapped open his eyes and with a sudden movement managed to get free from being pinned to the ground throwing the mysteries ninja of balance to the rogues surprise now knowing just who the dark-haired boy as he saw his eyes, then after using the appropriate hand seals he put his right hand to his face before a flame shot out of his mouth, thinking that the attack made his opponent distracted, the dark-haired boy was about to begin his seconded part of his attack until he noticed the mysteries ninja jumped through the fire so fast that he couldn't react and got punched hard in the stomach, after taunting the dark-haired boy Sasuke unleashed another technique, the Chidori as sent his arm up until caught by his opponent's hand before knocking the dark-haired boy to the ground. As he struggled to get free the unknown began to repeatedly kick him before deciding to kick the dark-haired boy towards the pink haired girl, then just as the quarter Saiyan was about to attack Naruto stopped her.

Chapter 10: An Unexpected Surprise.

After stopping Pan from fighting, Naruto was now getting ready to fight in her place.'I wonder, is Naruto able to fight this guy by himself?' thought Pan as she wondered what the blond was about to do. 'I hope he knows what he's up against?'

Sakura also wondered what the blond-haired ninja was about to do as the rogue began taunting him. 'Naruto? What could you be thinking?' thought Sakura.

"Well brat, if you want," said the still unidentified ninja humouring the boy,"you can make the first move."

"You better take me seriously! Jerk!" said Naruto in response.

Then as he began to move his hand for his Jutsu, the rogue continued taunting the boy. "Whatever kid, it won't make any difference..." replied the unidentified ninja with a sigh waiting for Naruto's attack.

'I've got to take him down fast...'Naruto later thought to himself.

'I do hope he knows what he's doing,'thought the quarter Saiyan girl as she walked to where Sasuke and Sakura were.

"All I see is a brat with a death wish," said the unknown ninja with a smirk,"a kid like you won't last long in this world..."

After forming his hands into seal, the blond began channelling his Chakra."We'll see..." replied the blond.

"You're not doing what I think you're doing, are you?" said the rogue with asmirk.

Finishing his seals, Naruto voiced his attack. "Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu!" he yelled as multiple clones appeared.

"Shadow Clones, huh?" asked the unidentified ninja with a chuckle. "With all the... that all you can come up with?"

"Shut it! I have a special attack, just for you;" yelled Naruto, "alright let's go!"

After a small group of clones drew there Kunai while the larger group drew Shuriken, the blond was about to send his to attack the rogue. "You're afool..." said the unidentified ninja under his breath as the clones with Kunai began their attack.

'I don't know how strong he thinks he is,' he thought wondering how strong his opponent was, 'but this will wear him down.'

"All this wasted effort," said the rogue in response to the attack.

"Don't worry," replied Naruto, "I've got a big surprise, just for you!"

While the group ran directly at the unknown ninja, the rogue seemed to be very unimpressed as he began to speak. "Running at me with Kunai blades," said the unidentified ninja thinking out loud, "what a pathetic strategy."

As Naruto's clones charged at the rogue, Pan decided to walk towards the pink haired girl and the unconscious Sasuke. 'I don't think his strategy's going to work,' she thought.

'What could this idiot be thinking,'he thought while fighting the Kunai welding group of clones. 'He can't really be seriously planning to attack me directly?'

"Hmm, hey Sakura!" asked the quarter Saiyan as she neared the two. "Do you still have it with you?"

"W-what, what are you talking about?" asked Sakura as she diverted her sight from the fight.

"Remember what I gave you?" said Pan in response.

'What is she talking about?'thought the pink haired girl not sure what the quarter Saiyan was talking about.'What do I still have?''

"The Senzu bean I gave you," said Pan asking her if she still had the bean,"do you still have it?"

'Wait, Senzu?The bean?' thought Sakura. 'Why is she still talking about that?'

"Well?" she asked again.

After opening up her hand, the pink haired girl looked at the bean and spoke."Yes, I do, why?" she asked wondering why she brought it up so suddenly.

"Do you remember what I said about them?" said the quarter Saiyan girl."I want you to give it to your friend, Sasuke."

"This is no time for a joke!" she answered.

"I'm being dead serious." replied Pan.

'There she goes again,I don't know if she insane,' thought Sakura, 'but what if what she said is true? She did say that it heals and if it can heal Sasuke, I've gotta use it.'

Wondering if what Pan said about the Senzu bean was true, the pink haired girl hesitated."Hurry up already!" said the quarter Saiyan raising her voice."I've got a plan, but I need Sasuke."

After thinking about it, Sakura finally decided to do it. "Alright, I'll do it!" she said before bending over the dark-haired boy.

Turning back to the fight, Pan wondered what the blond was planning to do with all those clones that he was holding back on. 'Why is Naruto, only sending a few clones at a time,'thought the quarter Saiyan,'and why is he holding the rest of them back, is he planning something big?'

While the pink haired girl was trying to Sasuke the Senzu bean, Naruto running low on clones was still trying to wear the rogue down. "So is this, you're big surprise?" asked the unknown ninja as more of Naruto's clones attacked him. "Are you hoping to wear me out?"

"No, that wasn't the surprise..." said the blond abruptly stopping mid-sentence.

"What?" said the rouge almost surprised.

Then jumping into the air, the larger group of clones with Shuriken began to let loose their weapons. "This is!" yelled the blond as a hail of Shuriken flew at the unidentified ninja. "I like to see you try to dodge these!"

"Are you even trying?" replied the rogue.

After the hail of Shuriken flew neared, the rogue began moving at speed dodging the entire star weapon attack. "What!" yelled Naruto in a state confusion before sending the rest of his clones.

"What a disappointing surprise," said the man taunting the boy.

'I can't believe this, they all missed,'he thought to himself,'not even one scratched him, my only choice now is to try attacking at close range.'

'No more games!'thought the unknown ninja,'I guess it's time to show them my true strength, only then will he finally give up.'

"Darn it..." said Naruto under his breath.

Then trying to directly attack the rogue, the blond was surprise by the man's movements tried to kicked, punched and anything he could think of without much success. '/What is he?'/he thought continuing his attack.'It's like he's not even trying.'

With a smirk, the rogue began to increase his speed dodging all of Naruto's attacks."Hey Kid!" said the man asking a question, "Are you getting slower?"

While watching the fight between the blond and the unidentified ninja, Pan began to notice that the rogue speed was abnormally increasing. 'Odd, that guy's faster than Ithought he would be,'thought Pan,'it looks like the fight isn't going Naruto way, I may have to cut in.'

After regaining conscious, Sasuke was now getting to his feet. "Sasuke...?" asked Sakura. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine..." replied Sasuke.

"You're not fine," said the pink haired girl, "you are hurt!"

Overhearing Sakura and the dark-haired boy, the quarter Saiyan girl suggested that it was the perfect time to give the bean to Sasuke. "So you're up, good," she said, "Sakura give him the Senzu bean."

"Right!?" said Sakura while the dark-haired boy struggled to move, "I don't know if this is going to work Sasuke, But if what Pan says is true then you need it..."

"Don't worry, it is true..." interrupted the quarter Saiyan.

Then after she held out her hand with the bean, the pink haired girl handed Sasuke the Senzu bean. "As I was saying, if this bean can heal you," she said finishing her sentence, "then maybe you should eat it."

'Not that bean again,'thought the dark-haired boy, 'how can this small green bean be able to heal people.'

As he stared at the bean that was now in his hand, Pan demanded that he should take it. "Don't just stare at it!" she said in a demanding tone."Eat it."

"Fine!I'll eat it!" replied Sasuke. "Alright if that'll make you happy, but why?"

"I have a plan, I think Naruto is about to lose," said the quarter Saiyan girl in response, "and when he gets in trouble, we'll need to attack that guy at the same time."

As Sasuke was about to eat the Senzu bean, the group began to notice that Naruto was losing momentum. 'Alright, he goes nothing...' he thought to himself, as the dark-haired boy consumed the bean.

'It feels like Naruto's losing his strength fast,'thought Pan while she turned her attention back to the fight,'we've got to act soon...'

After chewing and swallowing, Sasuke instantly felt the effects of the Senzu making him speak out of shock. "What the..." he said out loud in surprise.

Beginning to feel worn out, the blond was almost out of steam, but he was still determined."It's not over yet!" yelled the blond. "Alright Ihope you're ready for..."

Then before being cut off by the unknown ninja who was moving so fast that Naruto couldn't react, grabbing the blond by his neck. "What's wrong brat?Feeling d
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