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Chapter 11: The Sensei and His Students.

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Notes: Added content check it out, tell me are they better or worse, remember Dragon Ball, Kai, Z and GT are all owned by Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama, all other plots, manga, characters, game...

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Dragon Ball Pan's Adventure

Notes: Added content check it out, tell me are they better or worse, remember Dragon Ball, Kai, Z and GT are all owned by Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama, all other plots, manga, characters, games and animation are all owned by their respective owners.

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Talking= "..." Thinking= '...' Telepathy = "..."

Ninja Dimension Saga

In the last chapter, as the battle between Naruto and the unknown ninja began, Pan and Sakura wondered what the blond could be planning fighting alone, humouring Naruto the rogue offered him the first move which the blond took advantage of his offer making the first move, forming his hand seals for a Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu a small group of clones with drawn Kunai and a larger group with drawn Shuriken appears in a large puff of white smoke, as the clones with Kunai began their attack running directly at the unknown ninja, While Naruto and his clones was charging at the rogue, Pan was walking towards the pink haired girl and asked her if she still had the Senzu bean, confused Sakura asked her why, Pan answered that she wanted the pink haired girl to give the Senzu to Sasuke, while Pan continued her conversation with Sakura, Naruto's larger group of clones with Shuriken jumped into the air and let loose a hail of Shuriken flying towards the unidentified ninja, but to Naruto's surprise dodged his attack.

Meanwhile As Naruto battled against the rogue ninja, Kakashi was still heading towards where he had left Sakura and was almost there until he was suddenly stopped by a Shuriken thrown by one of the group of three ninja that were now blocking his way, the first was a tall man with short brown hair sitting on a tree branch with his hand on his chin, the second was a woman with short blond hair standing on the same branch twirling a Kunai and the third who was a short man with black hair standing on different branch with arms behind his head. After ashort confrontation, two of the three ninja began an argument giving the grey haired ninja a chance to escape and meet the others.

Back to Pan and the others, while Naruto continued his fight with the rogue, the unknown ninja smirked as he increased his speed dodging all of Naruto's attacks, Pan began to noticed the unknown ninja speed increase while watching the fight, after Sasuke got back to his feet Pan asked Sakura to Sakura give him the Senzu bean, she held out her hand and handed Sasuke the Senzu bean, but the dark-haired boy just stared at the bean that was now in his hand still unconvinced until Pan pushed him to eat it, the dark-haired boy consumed the bean he instantly felt the effects of the Senzu to his shock, then suddenly the rogue moved at a speed that Naruto couldn't react and the blond and was quickly grabbed by the unknown ninja by his neck, the unidentified ninja began to tighten his grip around Naruto's neck continuing to chock him until he noticed the quarter Saiyan coming right at him and right when she was about to kick he raised his free arm to block to Pan's surprise.

Just at that moment Sasuke launched his attack as the unidentified ninja heard astrange sound Sasuke launched his attack the Chidori, as his attack hit the unidentified ninja shoulder exposing a mixture of blood and advance circuitry much to the dark-haired boy's surprise before dropping the boy, backing off she suddenly sensed someone approaching, the cyborg ninja tried to escape only until stopped by Pan then while the unknown ninja tried fight his way out Pan countered by punching him, but to the quarter Saiyan surprise he changed into apiece of wood with puff of smoke to her surprise.

Chapter 11: The Sensei and His Students.

After managing to escape from Pan and the others, the mysterious cyborg ninja who was now hiding waited for group he was fighting to move on. 'Darn it! I failed him, I can't go back to Lord Orochimaru now, empty-handed,'he thought to himself,'and this damaged arm how am Igoing...'

"Boss, is that you!?" yelled the group of three ninja who suddenly appeared surprising the cyborg ninja.

"Oh, it's you three, Takeru, Kasumi and Ryo," asked the boss as the group called him, "where have you three idiots been?"

"Sorry Boss," said the first of the group of three, "we were on our way until we got distracted."

"Distracted?Distracted by what you fools?" said the cyborg ninja in anger in response to the tall man with short brown hair who was now known as Takeru.

"We met that leader of those brats," answered the second, "the grey haired what's his name Guy."

The second a woman with short blond hair who was now known as Kasumi who was waiting her boss's response. "You mean Kakashi Hatake," replied the boss as the group called him, "let me guess you idiots weren't focused on the task on hand, and started one of your stupid arguments, letting him escape."

"Yeah!" replied the third, "How did you know?"

The third was a short man with black hair named Ryo. "Don't tell him!" replied the others trying to stop him from speaking.

'Why do I even bother?'thought said the cyborg ninja.

"Let's go back to Lord Orochimaru," said Ryo, "maybe he's got a new mission we can do..."

"What are you crazy?" replied the blond-haired woman, "We can't go back to Orochimaru now, and do you know what happens to those who fail him?"

Then the three began an argument, much to their leader's annoyance. "Oh yeah..." replied the black-haired man.

"Are you that dumb?" asked Takeru with a sigh.

"Well, what do you think we should do now then!?" said Ryo in response demanding tone.

"I don't know," replied the brown-haired man in anger. "Why you are asking me?"

Then noticing that their boss was becoming more enraged, Kasumi began to warn the others to stop. "Guys I think you should stop the boss looks angry," She said. "And anyway that was a bad idea."

"But I don't want to," answered the black haired man.

"Shut up!" yelled the boss as the group called him. "You idiots! You're giving me a headache."

After finishing shouting at the group, the cyborg ninja grabbed his arm in pain."Hey boss! What's wrong?" said Ryo noticing blood. "Wait, you're hurt! When did that happen?"

"He's right! What happened?" asked the other two.

"You idiots! You just noticed now! Well, if you must know, it was those darn brats, they surprised me," said the cyborg ninja in surprise, "but never mind that, we can't go back to Orochimaru now, not until we find that old man..."

"Wait?What's that weird wire stuff in your wound..." said black-haired man.

Their boss couldn't believe his ears after the three seemed to have forgotten what he told them. "Don't you remember, do I have to tell you?" replied the boss as the group called him. "Do I really need to explain everything again to you idiots?"

"Oh yeah, you were one of that guy's test subjects?" replied Ryo.

"I will explain to you fools later," said the cyborg ninja in a demanding tone, "but enough talk let's get going already we wasted too much time already."

After finishing his sentence, the cyborg ninja and his group decided to search for Dr. Gero or Takeo Susumu as they called him and began heading away from the place where the rogue was hiding.


After the rogue's disappearance, Pan and the others were disparately searching for the unidentified ninja. "Darn, where is he?" said Pan thinking out loud. "There no sign of him anywhere when did him?"

'It seems that he somehow managed to escape,' thought Kakashi, 'but that circuitry from that wound, is it related to that man?'

While the grey haired ninja search on foot, the quarter Saiyan girl was trying to sense him out. "What? I can't even sense him now!" she whispered to herself unable to find his Ki.

After remembering last moments he saw the cyborg rogue, Kakashi then thought back to when the quarter Saiyan girl speed when she tried to block the escaping ninja.'That girl, how was she able the move that fast!' he thought, 'And I almost didn't see her move...'

Then after everything had settled down, Sakura ran to the blond-haired ninja who after being choked by the cyborg ninja was massaging his painful neck."Naruto!?" she said with concern. "Are you okay?"

As he noticed the pink haired girl come to a stop, Naruto decided to response."My throat feels like... ...Sa-kura?" he said. "Don't worry Sakura, thanks to Sasuke and Pan I'm okay."

"What were you thinking..." asked Sakura in anger.

'What was that draining sensation?'he thought to himself as he tried to soothe his neck ignoring the pink haired girl.

"...Naruto you idiot," she continued, "you made us worry..."

"Don't worry Sakura," replied Naruto, "I'm okay now..."

Deciding that they can no longer be able to find the rogue, Kakashi called off the search. "Sasuke, I don't think we'll be able find him now," he said,"let's join the others."

Then as Kakashi and Sasuke joined Naruto and the pink haired girl, Pan turned her head to look at Kakashi and saw that he was looking back. 'Who is this Kakashi? I think I heard them say that that he's theirSensei,' thought Pan while still searching for the unknown ninja, 'is he some sort of teacher, Team leader or something?'

As the others continue their convention with each other, the grey haired Sensei continuing to look in the quarter Saiyan's direction as she stared back. 'I wonder where she got her abilities?' he thought to himself. 'Where did she come from?'

"What were you thinking taking him on alone?" asked Sasuke.

"Are you alright Naruto?" asked Kakashi worrying about the blond-haired ninja.

"Huh, Sasuke, Kakashi Sensei!?" said Naruto while he rubbed his sore neck as he saw the two approaching him.

"Other than my throat," replied Naruto, "I think I'm fine but..."

"But?Did something else happen?" said Kakashi in confusion.

"Not sure, but it kind of felt like my Charka being drained," replied the blond while the others looked on in surprise.

After listening to Naruto response, the grey haired ninja began to think that there was a connection between the rogue and the Doctor Gero. 'It sound like he's definitely connected to Takeo Susumu,' thought to himself.

"It was really weird," said Naruto thinking back.

"I see, I think we should talk more about this later, but first..." said Kakashi.

"Where's Mister Susumu," asked Sasuke, "I thought Sakura said that he would be with you?"

"It's a long story, I'll tell you all the details later, as for now, answered Kakashi turning back to the quarter Saiyan girl, "who is she? And how did you meet her?"

"Huh, her? Well, it's also kind of, a long story," answered Naruto, "but she calls herself Pan, I met her after as I saw her attacking that old man..."

He seemed to become very interested when the blond said that Pan fought the android doctor, so much that the grey haired ninja interrupted him. "S-she was fighting with him?" he asked in surprise. "Did you see how they fought?"

'I wonder what are they talking about?'said a curious Pan in wonder as she took a good look at the grey haired man.'That Kakashi has that same headband as the others, but why is his left eye covered by it?'

'She knows about the truth about him?'Kakashi later thought to himself. 'But how is she related to?'

"Huh, what? Well no not exactly," said the blond-haired boy explaining what encountered, "but it looked pretty one-sided to me, the old man couldn't or didn't fight back..."

"Is there anything else you saw that can tell me," asked the grey haired ninja.

"Well, I didn't arrive until much later so I don't know about what Mister Susumu did until I got there, in fact, when got there he was nowhere in sight," answered Sasuke, "but from what I can tell you about Pan, is that she has skills and abilities far above any normal Genin or Chuunin."

As the dark-haired boy explained what he thought he knew about the quarter Saiyan, the grey haired ninja was left to wonder what he should make of it. 'I've got a strange feeling about this,' he thought, 'I guess I have to directly ask the girl some questions.'

After giving up trying to the find the mysteries cyborg ninja, Pan decided to join Naruto and the others. 'It's no use, I can't find him,'she thought to herself'but how did he manage to get away?'

Then as she neared, the grey haired ninja decided to greet her "Hello there, I've been told by my team that your name is Pan?" he said.

"Yes!?My name Pan Son and from what I heard from Naruto and the others your name is Kakashi," asked the quarter Saiyan girl, "also I think, they also said that you're some sort of Sensei?"

"Yes my name is Kakashi Hatake the leader of Team Seven," replied the grey haired ninja with a question, "and I would like to know the reason that you were attacking Takeo Susumu and how you're connected to him?"

"You might not believe me," said Pan trying to explain who Takeo Susumu really was "but he is really evil scientist named Gero who turned himself into an android..."

But before she could continue, Kakashi interrupted her. "If I hadn't seen it for myself I wouldn't have believed you..." he said reassuring her.

"What?Really how?" said Naruto and the others in shock at Kakashi response.

"Well as Sakura probably have told you I after confronted him, I led away and had aprivate chat with him before a sudden explosion he surprised me," replied Kakashi, "he took advantage grabbing me at an unbelievable speed, unable to move he forced me to use my Lightning Blade technique on him, cutting his hand off showing circuitrycoming from his arm..."

"Eh, sorry for interrupting you," said the quarter Saiyan girl in response,"but I would like to know why Gero was with your team, why were you protecting him?"

"I'm afraid that's classified Leaf Shinobi information at the moment," answered the grey haired Ninja. "Only the Hokage can say otherwise."

"What?Hokage?" replied Pan in confusion.

Thinking that his village, might need all of the information they could get, Kakashi decided to invite her along.

"You might be able to speak to her directly and I bet she would definitely want to talk with you," he said "we will be returning to our Village of Konohagakure and if you want you can come along with us, so how about it?"

"Uh, okay I guess so," answered the quarter Saiyan, "I've got nowhere else to go..."

"But before that we will be resting in a nearby Village then leaving tomorrow," said the grey haired Sensei, "so we can share our sides of the story..."

"Okay..." said Pan in response.

Then seeing that rain clouds were gathering overhead, Kakashi decided that they start moving. "I think we should get moving," he said, "we've got a lot of ground to cover and I heard that a storm gathering."

As the group began their journey, the cloud opened up with a sudden down pour, but because they were now outside the forest, the group had to dash to find shelter. "Look! A house!" yelled the blond. "We can use it as shelter until the rain stops."

To be continued...

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