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Chapter 12: Shelter

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In the last Chapter, after managing to escape from Pan and the others the mysterious cyborg ninja was now hiding, until a group of three ninja surprised the cyborg ninja, the three were his and now...

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Dragon Ball Pan's Adventure

Notes: More Gero and added a day when they were sheltering in the house remember Dragon Ball, Kai, Z and GT are all owned by Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama, all other plots, manga, characters, games and animation are all owned by their respective owners.

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Ninja Dimension Saga

In the last Chapter, after managing to escape from Pan and the others the mysterious cyborg ninja was now hiding, until a group of three ninja surprised the cyborg ninja, the three were his and now known as Takeru the first of the group of three, the tall man with short brown hair, Kasumi the second, the woman with short blond hair and Ryo the third member, the short man with black hair, after they greeted him they began a short conversation where they decided to continue finding the android doctor.

Meanwhile, as the rogue remained hidden Pan was disparately looking for the unidentified ninja, while after noticing the quarter Saiyan girl speed when she tried to block the escaping ninja from escaping Kakashi joined Naruto as Sasuke and Sakura neared the blond-haired ninja who after being choked by the cyborg ninja was massaging his painful neck and asked if he was okay, as the others continued their convention Pan turned her head to look at Kakashi wondering who he was and saw that he was looking back at her while she still searched for the unknown ninja, while he rubbed his sore neck Naruto noticed the grey haired ninja approaching him, Kakashi worrying about the blond-haired ninja asked him if he was alright, they began telling each other what happened after being separated from their Sensei Kakashi asked Pan if she would join them on their journey home which Pan accepted as rain clouds began to gather overhead. While Pan and the others were making their way to a nearby village, downpour forced them to seek shelter.

Chapter 12: Shelter

After the group found a house as it was the only place that could be considered a shelter, Pan and others decided to rush towards the building. "Looking at this house," said Kakashi, "it seems to be abandoned."

Then entering the house, the group found the building empty and derelict. "Wow! I wonder how long this place been abandoned?" asked the blond.

"Judging by the history of this area," answered their grey haired Sensei, "I would say about five to ten years, even with this I think it will hold up..."

Looking from the window, Naruto saw the storm progressively getting worse staring at the sky. "That's one bad storm..." he said.

"I hope it stops soon, we were really lucky to find this place," said Sakura thinking out loud with a sigh staring at the ceiling, "I just hope that the roof holds up."

"Well, while we wait for the storm to pass, can you tell me about your village of Konohagakure?" asked Pan trying to pass the time. "But first tell me about your Hokage or more importantly what is a Hokage?"

Deciding to answer her question, the pink haired girl began to explain what the Hokage is. "The Hokage is the leader of our village," she replied, "but there are also other Kage's in each one of the other five most powerful of hidden villages and are generally acknowledged as the most powerful ninja in their respective villages."

"Oh, and grandma," said the blond in response, "I mean Lady Tsunade is our fifth and current Hokage."

"Okay, and what your home village?" asked the quarter Saiyan.

"Oh, our village? It's great!" answered the blond. "It has everything, great food to eat, great places to train and overlooking the whole village is four monuments of our past Hokage..."

Then the blond began to ramble on many aspects of his village, from his academy where he learnt the ways of the ninja to his favourite place to eat until h finally finished. "I see I'm glad that I am going to get the chance to see It." replied Pan.

"So, Pan if you don't mind," asked Naruto, "where are you from?"

"Well, I don't you've heard of it," answered the quarter Saiyan in response, "but I live in an area at the foot of a forest near a place called Mount Paozu."

After Pan finished her sentence, the blond was left a bit of confusion as he didn't where Mount Paozu was. "Just curious, but where is Mount Paozu? I've never heard of it?" he asked. "Is it in The Land of Earth, Fire or somewhere else?"

"Err, I'm not too sure?" replied Pan unable to fully answer the question. "It's pretty far away."

Then turning to his Sensei, Naruto repeated his question to him. "Hey Kakashi sensei!" he asked. "Have you ever heard of Mount Paozu?"

Kakashi thought long and hard before answering the blonds' question, but he was unable to remember if he had ever heard of that mounting ranged. "Mount Paozu? No I have never heard of such an area before..." replied Kakashi.

"Weird? I thought you would where it was," said the blond in response.

"There are places that even I don't know about," replied the grey haired Sensei, "it could be somewhere outside of the Five Great Shinobi Countries, but if even pan doesn't then I have no idea."

After receiving the answer that he wasn't expecting, Naruto had to admit defeat. "Really?" said Naruto in confusion.

Then after many hours with it still pouring, Kakashi decide that they should spend the night in the abandoned house. "Okay, I know we'll be roughing it, but It's getting late," said kakashi, "I think we should get at least some sleep, let's call it a night."

"Okay!" replied the group.

"Alright, there are two rooms, the girls will take the right, While the boys and I will take the left." said the grey haired ninja in response.

After taking the room, the quarter Saiyan girl and Sakura were forced to lie on the floor with little more than blankets. "I wish I had a nice bed to crawl into," said the pink haired girl.

"Just be lucky that the floor's not made from hardwood," said Pan in response, "and it could be worse."

"Worse? How?" asked Sakura.

"The room could be crawling with bugs," answered the quarter Saiyan with a smirk.

"Ew, don't say that!" replied the pink haired girl in anger.

Knowing that it was a bad joke, Pan decided to apologise. "Okay, okay, I know, it was a bad joke, lighten up already," she said in response.

As Pan took off her bandana, Sakura decided to ask her why she wears it. "Err, Pan?" she asked. "Why do wear a bandana?"

"My bandana? I don't really have a reason," answered the quarter Saiyan girl, "I just wear it, because I want to."

"Really? It's just, that it doesn't match your Gi," replied the pink haired girl.

"You think so?" said Pan in response. "Never thought about that before."

"As much as I want to talk about fashion, I think we should continue this tomorrow," said Sakura before going to sleep, "I'm getting tired and it is getting really late, we should get some sleep while we can."

Sometime later while the pink haired girl slept, the quarter Saiyan girl was left awake thinking to herself. 'It's been almost a day that I've been stuck here?' she thought herself. 'It's been fun, but I would really want to go home now.'

While in the other room, Kakashi who was also still awake thinking back on the day he had. 'This has been one strange day,' he thought, 'I wonder what tomorrow will bring.'


In a secret laboratory at unknown secluded area within a mountainous region, the android Doctor, Gero and his assistant Android Nineteen who had long since arrived at that location, were now completing the first stage of the Doctor's new project. "Nineteen, how far has analysis progressed?" asked Gero.

"Analysis of the samples are at seventy-five percent Doctor," replied the pale android.

"Very good Nineteen, this is progressing faster than I expected," said the android doctor in response, "soon we be able to proceed to the second stage, cultivation of the cells much sooner than we expected."

As Doctor Gero viewed the progression of the analysis, Android Nineteen stumbled on a problem. "Doctor!" he said. "There seems to be a problem with one of the samples."

"What?" asked the android Doctor in response. "Which one is it?"

"It's the second sample," replied the pale android.

Then as he studied the sample, Gero remembered where the sample was from. "But that's that blond brat's sample?" he said in surprise. "I didn't think he was that special, what could this mean?"

"I've isolated the problem;" said Android Nineteen in response, "the sample seems to have been contaminated."

"Contaminated? By what?" asked the android doctor.

"The DNA seems to be imbedded with two distinct energy patterns emitting in the sample," replied the pale android.

After looking at data, the android Doctor noticed the energy patterns begin to fade. "I see, oh it also seems the energy patterns are decaying," he said in response with a question, "is it still salvageable?"

"If we had the source," answered Android Nineteen, "we may be able to replicate it."

"So, that would mean that we either, kidnap the boy," replied Gero, "or have some way of siphoning his energy."

Then while search his memory banks, the pale android remembered the device that the android doctor was working on. "Why not use the Chakra Negator that you were making," he said in response.

"Yes! Nineteen, that's an excellent idea," replied Gero, "let's work on that, but it will have to wait, we need to focus on the next step of my project."

-Meanwhile, back to Pan and team seven-

The next day, as the sun rose, Sakura now awake stretching her arms before looking out the window and saw that the storm was over. 'Finally the storms over!' she thought to herself. 'I wonder if the others are awake.'

After turning away from the wonder, the pink haired girl saw that Pan was still asleep. "Hey, Pan!" she said with her voice raised. "Wake Up!"

"Err, whoa?" said the quarter Saiyan in response suddenly getting up.

Then not believing what she's seeing, Sakura spoke out about Pan's hair. "Whoa!? Pan, your hair?" she said out loud. "That's one bad case of bed hair."

"Huh, hair?" said the quarter Saiyan girl in surprise. "Oh, don't worry about it."

After Pan quickly put her bandana back on tying it behind her head, the pink haired girl wondered if the others are awake and asked the quarter Saiyan if she would like to see if up and about. "Well, do you want to see if the guys are awake?" she asked.

While Pan and Sakura got up, Naruto let loose a yawn as he woke up in the other room. "It's finally morning!" he said getting to his feet.

"It's about time you woke Naruto," said Sasuke to the blond.

"Sasuke!? Huh where's Kakashi Sensei?" said Naruto in response looking around the room.

"He went to find something that we can eat for breakfast," replied the dark-haired boy.

"Really!? Are the girls up?" asked the blond.

"They should be," answered Sasuke, "let's go into the main room."

After entering the main room of the building, Naruto and the dark-haired boy noticed that the two girls were already in the room. "Good morning, you two," said the quarter Saiyan girl.

"Morning Pan," replied the blond, "good morning Sakura!"

"Good morning Sasuke!" said the pink haired girl in response ignoring Naruto.

"Hey! Come on Sakura I'm here too!" yelled the blond.

"Alright Naruto, be quite!" said Sakura. "It's too early to start yelling."

Just then Kakashi returned with food for them to eat. "Kakashi Sensei's back!" said Naruto out loud.

"Okay, I know it's not a feast," said the grey haired ninja, "but this all I managed to find."

"Better than nothing," replied the blond.

Then after eating the first meal of the day, Pan and Kakashi's team were now planning to leave the abandoned building.

"Now we can get a move on!" yelled Naruto as he ran out the door. "I can't wait to get home; I can almost taste that Ramen..."

"Wait! Wait Naruto wait for us!" yelled the others as they ran after him.

With the storm now over, Pan along with Naruto and the rest of Team Seven began their journey, travelling to a nearby village for a rest stop. "Come on guys!" yelled the blond. "Keep up!"

"Naruto, slow down!" said the grey haired ninja in response. "We've got to conserve our strength, it's a long journey."

Then as the he rushed toward the river where the bridge that they needed to cross was, Naruto noticed that it was now ruined and uncrossable. "Look at that bridge guys its gone!" he said. "That was one bad storm..."

While stared in wonder at the ruined bridge and river that was swollen due to the earlier rain storm, Kakashi began to think of a way of getting to their rest stop. "Well, it was a very old wooden bridge I guess it couldn't withstand the storm, but that was the closest bridge to Kawamura," he said, "looks like we have to go to the next bridge the long way around that one should at least be standing."

"The long way around?" asked the others in response.

"Yes, it should be in this direction," answered the grey haired sensei pointing.

Then the group decided to continue their journey to their rest stop, following the path beside the swollen river.

To be continued...

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