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Jeez, this is cool!

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So, at school, there's this new guy, I don't know his name yet though. He likes Bring Me The Horizon, like, WOAH. Ellie (she was in seclusion but she's out now) told me and I was like 'A guy?' she was like 'Yeah.'
I think that guy's in our year too, fucking hell. ANOTHER PERSON WHO LIKES BANDS HOLY FUCKING JESUS(X HITLER FICTION),

Also, in case you guys don't know, all except Becca..
I have re-edited the character of Kellin's Girlfriend in High School Never Ends, with an OC I have created called Destiny (check last post for all her info and shits).
Mia, you will still be in there, I promise! You just.. won't be dating Kellin. Wait, no, change of plans. You will be dating Kellin, at the end of the story.
Me? I'll just end it with the fact we're all friends and stuff. Pretty boring, but, eh? Plot Twist.

Liz is going into surgery tomorrow.
I'm gonna write her a little poem while she's away, just something to read when she comes back.

One thing in school that fucking pissed me off to great lengths.
Okay, so I was blasting Asking Alexandria at lunch today, and someone said to me 'Why do you listen to that Emo?'
I was thinking in my head 'Get the fuck away from me peasant I hate you now okay' and I never replied to the question.
Okay, I get it, Asking are a screamo band, but that doesn't make them Emo, for fuck sake you idiotic twats.. (not you guys. the ones that call screamo bands emo. I hate them all)

I'll update High School Never Ends today.
Do you want an update of The Origami Killer Returns too?
Is there any of my other fics (excluding the completed ones, poems, and These Things I've Done) that you want an update on? Tell me which ones and I will get the update done soon enough. I'll either get it done tonight or tomorrow, as tomorrow is Friday, and you know what Friday means? LATE FUCKING NIGHT!

So, that was my day.
How was your day guys?

xo Sadie
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