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Oh, wait... I'm a Sophomore. So Sophomore-itits?

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Weird job mind games...
Boy drama.

Now let me elaborate:

Job-free: So I've been job-free for about a month now, and it's great! Without a job I've had more time (I usually fill it with sleeping)which I should be using to do my homework... My grades are terrible right now, honestly. In 3 of my core classes I'm failing. In Geometry I have a 30(?), in Chemistry I have like a 68 and in English I have a 30. So not good! I'm trying to get it together but im SO SICK of school, which I know is a shit reason, but my motivation is gone.

Weird Job mind games: Now that I no longer have a job, my mind messes with me. When I worked, I would typically work 10 out of 14 days, and they sucked up my weekends. Usually, I would work for 6 hours on weekdays, and 7 on weekends. Now when I wake up I feel... rushed? I dont know, I feel like I'm late for something, like I should be doing something. It's weird. I'm not used to having time to myself, even a month after.

Stories: I've decided to no longer write for anyone else. What does this mean? This means no ficforfic's or personal stories. All stories I post will be simply for my pleasure, I will no longer ask for rates or reviews. I wont lie, I'll probably ship myself, or make myself a prominent character but hey, my decision no one else has to read it.

Boy drama: Always fun, right? So there's this guy, and I've liked him for 2 years. He's now started sitting at my lunch table, so I see him a lot more and have really gotten to know him... and he's awesome. I'm not a relationship kinda person (I'm not even sure if I could maintain one, I have an issue with people touching me, that goes bad to a childhood... not really trauma, but a bad experience), but I would be in a relationship with him. And of course he recently got a girlfriend, like 2 or 3 days ago and I have to see them make out. Ew. But whatever.

Dance: So tryouts passed, and I made JV! Last week we had our first performance and it was great!

I'm really tired so thats all ive really gotta say! My grammar and spelling sucks right now, and I'm sorry!
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