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Helena Sheridan never wanted to be a vampire. She didn’t want to fall in love with her master Gerard, but like everything else in her new un-life, her life is no longer her own anymore.

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A row of battered olive-green lockers shone against the light of the new moon that was coming from the overhead window. It was only past 5:30 PM in the girl’s locker room at Parker Valley High School. It was quiet and empty except for one girl packing her gym bag.
She was a pretty girl, just finishing track-and-field practice with her team. Her hair was black and long, styled in a swept-back crimp. Her eyes were sea green and long black lashes. Her lips were the color of cherry blossom petals. She was wearing a dark blue sport tank, a blue-and-white racing bolero jacket, a black-blue striped tiered miniskirt, and black double-striped sneakers.
Her name was Helena Sheridan and she’s a senior at Parker Valley High School.
She zips up her bag and puts it over her back. She leaves the locker room and walks across the black top of the recreation center parking lot. Once she gets to the leafy grove of Marksman Heights, Helena gets an uneasy feeling stirring inside her. The feeling that she was being watched and followed. She starts to take shorts strides and quicken the pace so she get the hell out of Marksman Heights and get home.
A rustling sound came behind her. She turned and saw nothing. She was confused. There was wind tonight. Now she was really spooked. She started to run like something was chasing her. She looked behind and the last thing she saw before she was stopped and everything went black, was a black figure charging towards her.

When Helena opened her eyes, she wasn’t at Marksman heights anymore. She felt like she was lying on something soft yet cold. A freezing wind blew and lowly whistled through her ears. She sat up and looked at where she was laying.
It was a coffin. A pure white yet dusty coffin. The place she was in was a crypt. She shrieked a little and hopped out of the coffin like a frog on a high caffeine rush. She ran out of the crypt and saw that she was in a cemetery. But which cemetery is it?
She took out her Siri and asked, “What cemetery is this?”
The Siri answered, “Holy Redeemer Cemetery.”
That’s four miles away from home, Helena thought. She deluded that her abductor was a stupid teenage guy or guys that decided to pull a post-Halloween prank by leaving a unsuspecting girl in a cemetery four miles away from her house. She decided to run the four miles home before her abductor comes back. “Damn it,” she cursed. “My mom’s never gonna believe me!”
You’re never going to see your mother again! A voice snapped in her mind. Helena flinched. Where did that come from?
Not to ask any more questions, she started to run on the path and sped to the iron gates. When she got there, she was about to opened the unlocked gate and run to freedom.
A powerful wind came through the gates and it blew Helena away far enough so the gates’ lock mysteriously locked itself. It knocked Helena to the ground hard. She lay there, her back felt like it broke in half and her head throbbed with pain.
She heard approaching footsteps and heard a male voice above her, “Did you really think you could escape? That I would let you go after all the trouble I went to get you here with you noticing?”
She lost consciousness when she heard the voice said, “You belong to me. I own you now. You’re mine.”
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