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Helena realizes what happened. She and Gerard meet.

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When Helena woke again, she wasn’t in the cemetery anymore. She was in a bedroom. The walls were black and all of the furniture was black. She didn’t know how she got here.
Was last night a dream? She wondered. Did she imagine the whole cemetery scene? She remembered losing consciousness after she heard You’re mine.
She got up and opened the curtains. The brightness of the sun almost blinded her and the warmth of it felt like blistering steam to her skin. She quickly closed the curtains. What happened? She never felt the rays of the sun like this before. Sure, there were times it felt like standing near a furnace but this felt like she was leaning over a lava flow.
She turned on a light to see the room and caught something on her wrist. There were four little wounds on her wrist. Weird, she thought. I don’t remember hurting myself. She looked at her other wrist and it was the same. The hell…?
She then looked down on herself. She was practically covered with what looked like bite marks. Some were clean wounds and others were covered with dried black blood. A mental alarm blared in Helena’s mind.
It was after five and Daylight Savings ended. She was alone that night. Her abductor was fast. She woke up in a cemetery. The sun hurts her now. She’s covered in bite marks.
All that=VAMPIRE!!
A vampire attacked her!
She takes out her Siri and asks where she is now. The Siri said Ophelia’s Field.
She panics and rushes to the door. She tries to turn the doorknob but discovers that it’s locked. The next thing she did was taking out her cell phone and called her mom. “Mom! Are you there?”
“Honey, calm down,” her mother’s voice spoke. “What are you so excited about?”
“Mom, listen. I’m stuck in this weird house and I think I was kidnapped. You need to call the cops.”
“And tell them what? That your friend is taking care of you while you recover from you head injury?”
“WHAT?” She gaped.
“Your friend found you lying unconscious in Marksman Heights and took you to his house to rest,” her mother explained.
Helena froze. What did she say? Did she say he? “Mom…which friend are you talking about?”
“Your friend Gerard,” her mom answered.
“Mom, I don’t have a friend named Gerard. I don’t know anybody named Gerard,” said Helena, shaking.
“Of course you do. He told me not to worry about you. He said that he’d take care of you.”
“Mom, listen to me! I-“
“Helena, can we talk about this later? I have to get to work.”
“No! Mom, please don’t hang up! Mom-“
“See you tonight, sweetie. I love you. Bye!”
Dial tone. Helena was scared. Her mom didn’t believe her and worst yet, some guy named Gerard duped her into thinking that she was staying with a friend. She tried to call her friends and they were fed the same story her mom had. She decided to call the police.
She was relieved when someone answered, “Parker Valley Police Department. This is Officer Michael Queen speaking.”
“Yes, my name is Helena Sheridan and I’m being held hostage in a house in Ophelia’s Field. I believe its four miles away from Marksman Heights and near Holy Redeemer Cemetery.”
“All right, miss. We’ll send a police car there immediately. Now, what’s the address again?”
“Ophelia’s Field,” she answers.
There was a small pause and then Officer Queen said, “Miss, I think you may have the wrong address. Ophelia’s Field been abandoned. No one lives there anymore.”
“What? But my Siri said that’s where I-“ she didn’t get to finish because the line was cut off. She tried to dial it again but the phone said that the line was disconnected.
“No!” Helena cried and sank to the floor. She was trapped like a fly in a spider web. She looked at the window.
I could break the window, She figured.
She got and opened the curtains again. The rays burned her skin, but she toughed it out and grabbed the handle of the lamp. She broke the window and lifted the window open. The light was frying her but she thought she could find shade when she got of the house. Her freedom was more important.
She climbed out of the room and saw that she wasn’t that high up on the roof. She could easily jump down and run back to her mom and friends. She let tears of happiness.
She was about to jump down but she felt something pulling her back through the window. She was back in the room and whatever pulled her back went over to shut the window and closed the curtains, making the room dark again.
The figure turned to her, “Sit”.
Helena shook her head, “No! Tell me who you are! What are you-!”
Her body made her sit on the side of the bed. Now Helena was frightened. Her body moved by itself from the stranger’s voice.
The figure picked up the light and put it back on the table. The switch was on and figure stepped into the light.
He was fucking gorgeous, to Helena’s shock. Black hair, hazel-green eyes, pale skin, and dressed in all black, save the red tie.
“Well,” he said. “You’ve been troublesome this morning, haven’t you?”
Helena shook all over, “C-Can I-I-I a-assume y-you’re G-Gerard?”
He nodded, “Yes, but to you, I’m your master. Traditionally that’s what you call me, but I rather you call me Gerard.”
“M-Master? Y-You mean…?” Helena asked in a scared tone.
Gerard crossed his arms and looked at her seriously, “Do I need to spell it out to you? I attacked you, I took your blood, and I made you a vampire.”
Was this true? That answers everything. Why her mom and friends didn’t believe her. Why the sunlight suddenly hurts her.
“I-I’m a vampire…?” she didn’t want it to be true.
He didn’t answer. The look Gerard was giving her was answer enough.
Helena sank into her seat, tears gently falling from her eyes, “N-no. I can’t…” she started to sob, “W-Why?”
“Why not?” he said simply enough. “I get what I want. I wanted to have you and I got you.”
Helena stood up; her eyes were flashing furiously, “You have no right to make me a vampire. I’m leaving now!”
She was about to leave the room and reached for the doorknob, but her body froze and no matter how much her mind screamed for her body to move, her body wouldn’t listen to her brain. She turned her head and saw Gerard was smirking. He was doing this.
“Well, what’s wrong Sugar?” he asks innocently. “Did you have a change of heart?”
“Y-You bastard…” she said through gritted teeth. “You’re doing this…”
Gerard walked over to Helena with the same smirk on his face. He went behind her and stroked her cheek with his cool fingertips, “Haven’t you figured it out yet? You’re not going anywhere unless I say so. You’re my pretty little puppet and I’m the puppet master pulling your strings.”
He licks the shell of her ear and whispers, “You’re mine. You better get used to it, baby.”
He walks out the door and shutting it behind him along with the ‘click’ of the lock. That sound freed Helena from her paralysis. She sank to the floor.
She’s a vampire. The man who made her is keeping her here through mental force. She’s practically held hostage here. She’ll never go to school or see her mother and friends ever again.
She cried harder than before. Her heavy sadness drifted her to sleep.
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