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Helena gives in to her carnivous desires at Gerard's urging.

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Late evening finally comes when Helena awoke. Her eyes were red and still stung from crying. She got up from the floor and saw that several bags accompanied on top of the bed. Her bags.
She walked over and saw a sheet of paper on top of one bag she knows that isn’t hers. She picked it up:

You were asleep so I went to your house and grabbed your things. I left a note, informing your mother that you will be living here with me now. Dinner’s downstairs. Left you some clothes for you to wear. See you soon.

Helena opens the bag and pulled out its contents. A black asymmetric dress, lace-trimmed thigh-highs, a silver butterfly necklace, black lace-up opera gloves, and black patent-leather boots. She also found a make-up case.
They’re all Peggeri brand. One of the expensive boutiques in town. She remembers seeing all these clothes and knew that all combined had cost $6,500.
She scoffs at the stuff and tears up the note. She opened one of her bags and took some clothes out. She got changed into her green sport T-shirt with long black sleeves, denim sport skirt, and camouflage high-tops.
She moved her bags to the floor and lay down, recalling the events earlier. Realizing that now she’s screwed to be a vampire slave to a total sadist. She also recalled another thought she had earlier. How she thought Gerard was gorgeous. How she still thought he’s gorgeous.
Why are all the handsome guys always evil?
She stared up at the dark ceiling. After an hour or so, there was a knock on the door. Helena got up and walked over to the door. She opened it and there stood a man with short black hair and a blond streak.
He looked at Helena, “You’re not dressed.”
“No,” said Helena. “Any reason why I should?”
The man stepped into the room, “Didn’t Gerard leave you a note when he brought in your bags?”
“Yes he did, and I want you to tell him something…urm…?” Helena paused for a moment. “What’s your name?”
“Frank,” he answered.
“Frank,” Helena repeated and then continued in an icy tone. “Tell him that I would rather fuck a 10-year-old rotted corpse than have dinner with him.”
Frank blinked twice at her response and then said, “He knew you wouldn’t go, so he said that if you don’t get your little ass downstairs in the next 20 minutes, he’ll kill your mother and everyone you’ve ever cared about.”
Helena couldn’t believe what Frank just said. Gerard’s blackmailing her and worst yet, she knows he would do it.
With a defeated sigh escaping her lips, she sullenly said, “Fine”.
“Great,” said Frank and was about to leave the room until he turned back to Helena. “Oh, another thing. He wants you dressed”.
Arrgh, her mind groaned. Not only must she dine with the reason her life’s a living Hell right now, but also she has to be dressed up like a high-class slut.
“FINE!” she snapped and Frank left the room.
She closed and locked the door. She took off her clothes and slipped into the black dress. Next came the stockings and the boots. Then she went over to the boudoir and put on the make-up and gloves. She, however, didn’t put on the silver butterfly necklace. She went into one of her smaller bags and took out a silver cross necklace.
This should keep him at bay, she thought.
Luckily, the cross didn’t really affect her (she was a Methodist).
Finally, Helena sprayed a mist of Wind Song on her necklace. She looked in the mirror and saw that she looked beautiful.
A knock came to her door again but this time Frank just comes in, “Are you ready-I’m sorry, what’s your name?”
She turned to him, “Helena”
Frank had this weird look on his face and then said, “Anyway, let’s go down. He’s waiting with the others.”
Helena said nothing and followed Frank. As they left the room and went downstairs, Helena thought what Frank said. What did he mean by “others”?
When they reached to the floor, Helena asked Frank, “Where are you taking me?”
Frank opened the front door and pointed outside. Helena looked out and there across the road from the house stood a tall grass field.
He grabbed her hand and led across the road and to the field. “His greenhouse is at the end of the field,” Frank explained. “He calls it Masques’ Hall”.
They finally reached the end of the field and stood gigantic glass building with beautiful lights shining within it.
Frank lets go of her hand, “This is as far as I can go. Have a lovely evening, Helena”.
Not bloody likely, thought Helena.
With that, Frank turned and disappeared into the tall grass.
Helena watched him go and then turned back to the building. She took a deep breath and slowly approached to the door. The door opened slowly, bidding her to come inside. She stepped inside and was rendered speechless.
The inside was more beautiful than the outside. The floor was covered with tiles. There was a staircase made out of glass and steel. Exotic trees and flowers were everywhere. She walked further and from the corner of one tree, she saw round couches. Two women sat on those couches.
One had super short ebony black hair, deep powder blue eyes, tea rose pink lips, and alabaster white skin. She wore a lace-edged corset, a Edwardian tutu skirt, a Victorian rose necklace, crochet gloves, tights, and Goth ballet ribbon shoes; all in black.
The other seated to the right had long garnet red hair, clover green eyes, maroon red lips, and ivory white skin. She wore a punk mandarin shirt, a rivet-belted micromini skirt, opera gloves, rip-layered thigh-highs, and lace-up stiletto boots; all in the mixture of black and red.
Helena thought they were beautiful.
The redhead saw Helena and smiled sweetly at her, “Hello. Are you new? Come sit with us”.
The dark-haired girl saw Helena and smiled at her also.
Helena timidly walked over and sat down on the lower round couch.
“I’m Serafina,” the redhead introduced herself and then pointed to the other girl. “And this is Tabatha”.
“I-I’m Helena,” Helena said quietly.
Tabatha leaned towards Helena, “So how long have you been keeping Gerard company?”
Helena was taken aback a little, “Never”.
Serafina chuckled, “Never? You’re a virgin?”
A blush furrowed on Helena’s face. Tabatha swatted Serafina, “Be nice! Maybe she’s the surprise Gerard was talking about.”
“Surprise?” Helena piped.
Just then, Helena heard steps behind her, stopped, and a male voice said, “I’m glad you changed your mind about joining us.”
Helena didn’t need to turn around to know that it was Gerard. He brushed a dark lock away from Helena’s neck, “I knew you would look beautiful in that dress.”
She shivered in disgust. He walked around her went towards the other two girls.
Serafina leaned towards him and whined, “No fair! Compliment us too!”
He lifted Serafina’s chin and smiled at her, “Of course. How can I forget my other sweet girls?”
He kissed her cheek lightly and motioned for Tabatha to come over towards them so she got a kiss on her cheek too.
Gerard pulled away from them and stepped backwards so he can see all of them. “Now,” he announced. “As you two have already found out, this girl here is your new playmate. Treat her kindly as you do each other and we’ll get along famously.”
“We will,” both girls chimed.
Gerard grinned and then turned his head. He let out a whistle and then suddenly two men, one shaved blond and other with frizzy brown hair, dragged another into the room. They dropped the man to the ground.
Gerard turned to Helena, “This is Bob and Ray, my faithful cohorts. They’ve brought you your first meal.”
Serafina clapped her hands and giggled, “So that’s the surprise! We get to see her eat somebody for the first time!”
Helena froze in horror. He wants her to kill this man while he and others watched? She sank to her seat, refusing to move.
Gerard saw this and nodded at Bob. Bob nodded once and walked over to Helena. He pulls her up and drags her to man on the floor. He made her go down on her knees so she can be at his eye level.
Helena stared at the man. The man looked like he was at least 40 years old. He had a scruffy beard and thick eyebrows. Fear and revulsion shone in his eyes. Helena couldn’t blame him for being scared.
“Go on,” Gerard prodded.
“No,” Helena said. “I don’t want to-“
“Do it,” Gerard commanded. “Or I’ll make you”.
Helena was scared. If she kills this man, she’ll never live with herself. But if she doesn’t, Gerard would force her to do it with a command.
“Please don’t kill me,” the man begged to Helena. “I have a family. A wife and two little girls. They’ll miss me if they knew I was dead. Please! I’m not your enemy. I know you’re a good person deep down. Please!”
Helena felt the stinging threat of tears in her eyes. She wanted nothing more than to let the man go back to his family.
But not while Gerard was around, “Ray, help her.”
Ray went over to them and kneeled down next to the man. He grabbed the man’s wrist with a single swipe of his thumbnail, he cut the man’s wrist. The wound started to bleed and Ray brought the bleeding wrist towards Helena.
God, she could smell his blood. The scent was appealing to her. She licked her lips and her stomach growled. She felt fangs slowly coming out from behind her teeth. She heard Gerard saying, “You can’t tell me that you don’t want to taste it, do you?”
“Come on, Helena,” Tabatha urged. “Just drain him. You’ll feel better.”
“Helena?” Gerard asked in a shocked tone. Helena didn’t know what to make on that one and right now, she can’t even think straight.
The man begged to Helena again to have mercy on him and tried to struggle from Ray’s grip. The vampire in Helena started to come through her.
Finally, Helena couldn’t take it anymore and lunged forward to the man’s neck. Her fangs sank down on the jugular vein and she began to suck out the blood. The man screamed and Ray let go of his wrist. They fell backwards and Helena continued to drink. The flow of blood filled her mouth and she relished every sip, chug, and gulp. She drained him until the man stopped moving and finally went lifeless.
Helena pulled away from his neck and looked at the dead body that lay before her. She did this. She killed him. She killed an innocent man and she loved it. Blood dripped from her mouth. She shook and felt a wave of disgust and self-loathing wash over her. She hated herself.
Gerard, however, was pleased, “Very good”. He walked over to her and stroked her hair; “You’re a bloodsucker now”.
Helena clutched her fists on the ground. She wanted to kill him so much right now.
Tabatha clicked her tongue at her, “My, what a hoarder you are. Didn’t leave any blood left for us.”
Serafina scoffed, “Please, Tabby. Gerard should be the one who should complain about not having any blood for dinner.”
Gerard turned to the girls with a wicked smile on his face, “Who says I’ll go without tonight?”
Both girls saw his smile and smiled back devilishly. They crawled to the lower couches and lodged seductively. Gerard walked over to them and kneeled down to Serafina. He kissed her and she moaned with every free breath she had.
Helena watches this. She wanted to avert her eyes away, but she can’t. She continued to watch as Gerard then uses a free hand to undo the buttons on Serafina’s shirt while he was still kissing her. Once he did, his hand slipped into the opened shirt and touched her breast (To Helena’s dismay, Serafina wasn’t even wearing a bra). Serafina gasped in delight and tilted her head back to expose her throat. Gerard stops fondling her to lean his head to her neck and bite her. Serafina gasped again, but this one was in a mixture of pleasure and pain.
Tabatha sees this and leaned to Serafina. “It’s my turn”.
Gerard stops biting Serafina and went over to Tabatha. He touches her face, “Such a spoiled girl you are, Tabatha”.
“Only when you don’t give me the same,” answered Tabatha.
Gerard grins and then bites Tabatha. Tabatha moans and ran her hands through his dark hair.
While she was watching this erotic scene of seduction, Helena hated herself even more because now it wasn’t just the killing she was mad about. She felt envy because only Serafina and Tabatha were privileged to Gerard’s dark affections. She hates him beyond belief and she wants him so desperately? What was wrong with her? Does being a vampire make you lose every ounce of dignity you once had as a human?
She decided to stop watching this and go back to the house where she can wash off the blood at least. She got up and was about to leave the room until Ray said to her, “There’s a bathtub upstairs if you want to clean up”.
Before she went upstairs, Helena took one last look at the soon-to-be vampire threesome. They were paying no attention to her whatsoever and glared at the back of Gerard’s head, hoping he would feel it.

We'll be getting to the good stuff in the next chapter. Hope you like this chapter!
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