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Gerard and Helena alone in a tub.

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Helena entered the room and locked the door behind her, happy to be away from the vampire and his totally shameless whores. She looked around the bathroom. It was just as beautiful as the rest of the house. The walls were covered with maroon tiles and the floor was garnet red. A giant circular floor bath was standing before her. She went over and turned on the water.

Meanwhile downstairs, Serafina and Tabatha were sleeping peacefully on the couches. Both of their necks were pierced and spotted with dried blood. Gerard’s mouth was covered with blood.
He went over to Ray and asked in a low voice, “Is what I heard earlier true? The girl’s name is Helena?”
Ray was surprised, “Yeah. What, you never knew her name?”
Gerard shook his head, “No. I never asked her,” then he asked, “Where is she now?”
“Upstairs,” Ray said. “Man, was she pissed! She was staring daggers at you the whole time when she left.”
Gerard couldn’t believe this. She was jealous. He couldn’t help feeling a smile curling in his face. He went upstairs without saying another word to Ray.
Don’t be jealous, Helena he thought. I’ll give you all the attention you want.

Helena turned off the facets and began to undress. First she shed off her dress and then kicked off her boots. Then she took off her gloves, stockings, and underwear.
She looked down at herself and recoiled. Her chest, hands and arms were splattered with blood.Blood of the man she killed. She quickly got into the clean clear water and watched how the blood mixed with the water. She started to wash the blood off her hands and arms.
She looked at her clean hands, thinking how they will be forever stained and tainted with blood.
“You look like an Egyptian slave in a river,” Gerard’s voice chuckled.
Helena growled at Gerard as she spun around to see him. His shirt was unbuttoned and his chest was also covered in blood.
He was the last person she wanted to see right now. Why couldn’t she kill him dead?
“Shouldn’t you be with Serafina and Tabatha?” Helena asked frostily. “Perhaps they can lick the blood off you.”
Gerard showed no anger at Helena’s tone, “I thought it would feel better if you licked it off.”
Helena shook her head, “I’ve had enough blood tonight.”
Gerard began to shrug off his shirt and undo his pants. Helena felt scared and blushed when she saw Gerard naked. He was even more hotter naked, she sadly admitted to herself.
Nevertheless, she didn’t want to bathe with him and experience his eternal lust. She was about to get out, but Gerard got into the water and pulled her back into the water.
She felt tremors throughout her body. Gerard turned her around and gazed at her softly, “Relax. I’ll make you feel wonderful.”
“I-I…” Helena stammered.
“I didn’t give you any attention since I’ve brought you here and I apologize for that,” he said. “I want to show you how sorry I am.”
Helena didn’t say anything. Gerard leaned in and kissed her. Helena was shocked. He took her first kiss. She felt her defenses dying down as she melted into it.
She put her hands to his chest, dirtied her hands with blood again but she didn’t care anymore. Gerard puts a hand through Helena’s hair and gently pushes in her head to deepen the kiss.
After several minutes of kissing, Gerard pulls away and puts her on his lap.
“Let’s take this off for now,” Gerard said and pulls out Helena’s cross necklace.
Crosses don’t hurt him. So much for keeping him back, thought Helena.
He starts to lick off the blood on Helena’s chest. Helena softly moans as she felt Gerard’s velvet tongue touch her bare skin. Suddenly, she lost her sense of decency and allowed herself to be seduced by Gerard. She felt her craving grow. The solemn nameless need for blood.
Gerard must’ve sensed it too, because he finished licking the blood off and got her off him. He touched her cheek, “Drink my blood.”
Helena shook her head, “No”
“Yes,” said Gerard. “You already committed a sin. Now share your sin with me.”
Helena swallowed hard and her throat became dry. She leaned in to Gerard’s neck. She felt fangs coming out and sank them deep into his neck. Gerard hissed in pleasure and held her head to his neck.
Helena drank the slow flow of warm blood for a few minutes and finally pulled away. She licked the remaining blood off Gerard’s chest.
When she was finally done, Gerard looks at her and uses his thumb to wipe off a spot of blood from her lips. Helena leaned in and kissed him and he responded with a hard kiss.
She pulled away and felt confused and shameful, “How?” Gerard was confused by her question.
“How can I drink your blood and let you touch me after all you’ve done to me?” she asked. “Why do I hate you and want you at the same time?”
Gerard touched her face, “That’s how love is sometimes. The feeling of love and hatred at the same time.”
Helena was silent. Gerard lifted her chin, “You never been in love, have you? You feel desire and jealously, but you’re not sure if it’s love.”
Helena was stunned. How did he know so much? Then she thought, Duh, vampire.
Gerard ran a hand down Helena’s back and said, “Well, you’re already clean. Go ahead and go to the room next door. I’ll come in soon.”
Helena blinked, “Why?”
Gerard smirked, leaned in, and whispered in her ear, “Because I want to see if you love me. I’m dying to find out.”
Helena blushed like a cherry and quickly got out of the tub. She got into her dress and left the room in a flash.
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