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Gerard remembers his lost love.

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Helena went to the room next door and saw that it was a bedroom. The room was dimly lit and the bed had red and black silk sheets. She sat down on the side and came to a realization.
Just a few minutes ago, she let Gerard lick the blood off her and kissed him. She bit him and drank his blood. She said that she hated and wanted him. What the hell is wrong with her?
She should hate him. He made her into a vampire and he’s keeping her hostage here. He made her kill an innocent man. She should hate him. She has every right to hate him.
So why does she want him to make love to her? Helena concluded that since she was single for so long, she was vulnerable to even the tiniest bit of affection from a boy, even if something horrible had happened to her. It was a reasonable thought. Not the kind of thought that she wanted, but it was reasonable.
She lay on the bed. The cold air breezing through her skin and the eternal winter that is now her body temperature made Helena shivered. She crawled into the sheets and within a few minutes, she fell asleep.

Gerard was still in the bath, sensing that Helena was now asleep. He ran his hands through his dark hair.
The name of his new fledgling. The name of his dearly departed lover.
Before Gerard moved here and started his coven, he lived in Paris since 1861 and was in love with a beautiful actress.
Her name was Helena Marie Colette LeAnge.
He first met her through an acquaintance of his who dragged him to an opera house to see the novel production of Camille. The actress playing the vampire Camille fascinated Gerard. Not only was she beautiful to him, but she actually was a vampire. After the play, the acquaintance took him to meet her in her dressing room.
She was more beautiful up close. Long dark auburn hair. Cerulean blue eyes. Tea rose lips. Pale skin. She was dressed in a dark red ghost-rose cutaway dress and heeled boots.
Boujour Anton,” she greeted the acquaintance and then looked at Gerard. “Est passes-tu?
Monsieur Gerard Way,” said the acquaintance. “Mademoiselle Helena LeAnge”.
Helena smiled at him, “Enchante
Gerard took Helena’s hand and softly kissed it, “Madame LeAnge”.
“Madame?” Helena chuckled in perfect English. “What makes you think I’m not a mademoiselle?”
“What man would dishonor you by calling you what he calls a common woman?” Gerard replied.
Helena blushed, but smiled nonetheless.

It was the start of their romance.
After any play or rehearsal ended for the day, Gerard would wait for Helena by the stage door. She, in turn, greeted him with a kiss and head to wherever they planned to go that evening.
Gerard never felt such happiness in his life. Helena was stunning, astonishing, and deadly to her enemies, which were few. He felt that nothing would tear them apart.
That statement was tested in 1889 when Gerard went to the banks of the Seine to meet Helena. She told him that she would meet him there after she was done with rehearsal. He stood by, waiting patiently. Ten minutes went by and no sign of Helena. Twenty minutes. Thirty minutes. Still no Helena.
When thirty-five minutes went by, Gerard decided to head to the opera house and saw something that changed everything. The opera house was engulfed in flames. The Fire Brigade was busy shooting the fire with the hose. It finally died within an hour. According to one of the survivors, one of the stage lanterns caught fire on a curtain and only one person perished in the fire.
The name of the victim was Helena LeAnge. He said that she was locked in her dressing room.
When Gerard learned about this, he fell to his knees and shed silent tears for his now dearly departed Helena. Three days later, he sailed for America and settled in Ophelia’s Field where bloodshed and terror reigned for decades. All due because of his anguish and grief for the lost Helena.
Now, he had taken a teenage-girl named Helena and had gone second base with her. It boggled his mind that he started to have strong feelings for a girl who right now can’t figure about her current situation or her feelings for him.
Gerard got out and dried himself off. He got dressed and headed to the bedroom. He entered quietly, not wanting to wake Helena. He lay on the bed with her and watched her breathe softly. He carefully removed the sheets and stared at her slender-yet-curvy body.
He wanted to take her so badly right then and there, but he felt like he shouldn’t wake her. Then again, he is her master. There was no way she can say no to him, especially since she admitted that she wants him too.
He leaned over her ear, “Wake up, Helena.”
Helena opened her eyes in an instant. She looked up at saw him looking over her, “Gerard…”
Gerard interrupted her, “I want to make love to you. Do you protest?”
“No,” Helena said, wrapping his arms around his neck. “I want you to. I want you to take me. I want you.”
That was all that Gerard needed to plunge his mouth to hers and tossed the sheets aside. She was going to his completely tonight.
Hello Anton. And you are?
Mr. Gerard Way. Miss Helena Colette LeAnge
Madame LeAnge
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