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'But don’t worry… I don’t plan on being a bad influence to them, and getting them all stoned and drunk mother… I shall be home for tea and I shall tell you about these delightful people. K ...

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spoiler underneath

(warning; SPOILER. do not read if sensitive to drug use.)

‘Frank Anthony Iero, where on earth do you think you are?!’ my Mum shouted down the phone angrily.

‘Out mother dear. Out from underneath your busy feet and doing something constructive. Finding friends that sort of thing! But don’t worry… I don’t plan on being a bad influence to them, and getting them all stoned and drunk mother… I shall be home for tea and I shall tell you about these delightful people. K bye.’ Was my simple sarcastic response before I hung up.

I looked up to find Amy and Zoë looking partly confused, and partly like they were going to burst out laughing. They chose the second one.

‘Frank… what… do you normally speak to your Mum like that?!’ Amy asked once she had stopped laughing. To which I replied ‘only when she is being rather bitchy darling, and taking away my rather fantastic guitar and splendid board. Tis such a shame.’

We proceeded to walk up a long hill, to where there was a rather large group of people, whom I have to say… intimidated me rather a lot.

‘Oi, we have a newbie…’ Zoë said before he walked over to a dorky looking boy, who was wearing a grey beanie, and had a pair of glasses on then covered a set of straightened bangs down the side of his face. She leant down and kissed him on the lips, before sitting on his lap.

Every single person in the group turned around to look directly at me.

‘Umm… hi, I'm Frank Iero…’ I said before going red.

Everyone looked at me blankly before a tall boy with very long black hair, that had a blond streak in it walked over. He had bright blue eyes, and ridiculously tight trousers that had a red bandana hanging from the back pocket.

‘heyya… my name is Andy… so… not many people dare talk to Zoë… so how did you two get talking?’ this was just the start of a long conversation we had, that soon the rest of the group joined in.

There was a vast range of people here… and I knew all their names by the end of the conversation… Ray was the tall one with the big ass afro and a love for guitar and his well-matched girlfriend Amy who fondly kissed his cheek every now and again in between playing with her red hair! The one that kissed Zoë was called Mikey, he played bass which was awesome, and he was brothers with the older ne… Gerard his name was who loved comic book and misfits. Kelly was the quiet girl who had the mousy brown hair and sat curled up next to Gerard (but they were just friends). Jai and Lucy were dating, and found it hard to keep their tongues in their own mouths… this was partly cute… partly gross. And last but not least there was Joe and Ryan, who were also dating.

I was never going to remember all that. Ever.

It was nearing four o’clock when Zoë whispered something in mikey’s ear, who nodded eagerly. ‘Hey Frank… you know how you told your Mum you wouldn’t get us stoned? Well… we’re getting stoned anyway… join us if you dare.’ she then pulled out a zip lock bag full of what looked like cannabis and a grinder, and then threw it over to Andy, who pulled out papers and roach card.

‘Hey bitches… I came prepared!’ I said pulling a ready rolled joint out of my inside pocket.

‘I call dibbs!’ was heard from three other people who turned out to be Gerard, and Jai and Lucy. I was surprised at the fact that most of the people here were actually okay with it, but then I realised where I was now. I wasn’t at home, I didn’t have to be sneaky, and here… even the police did this.

It’s strange… Mum would yell at me for sharing a mini with Pete and Patrick… but this has helped me find a bunch of new friends who would surely help make this place more enjoyable. I’m sure they would all love Pete and Patrick too!

‘Light ‘em up then guys!’ Zoë yelled lighting hers, and inhaling deeply. I lit mine and put it to my lips. I was saving this for later, but I really didn’t care. I inhaled and felt the rush of blood to my face and my insides went all warm. Man, this is why I did this, no matter what my problem was I could push it all to the side using this. It was my little escape.

I exhaled and passed it on to Gerard, watching the smoke twirl in front of my eyes and into the sky.

We shared the rest, and sooner or later we were all laid on each other listening to some of Amy’s music and eating the massive pile of food Ray had produced from hi bag. We were all laughing and talking and just generally having fun!

I was laid across Gerard's lap, and I had my feet across Andy, who had Kelly lain on him and asleep, and everyone else was all doing the same. Jai and Lucy were kissing passionately… again, as were Ray and Amy. And so was Joe and Ryan… although it was a bit rougher that the passionate kissing that was happening between the others, so every now and again someone would call over to them; ‘keep it at least PG-13’ to which they replied; ‘nope, boring’ which earned an ‘ewwww’ from everyone else.

I enjoyed this atmosphere, it was a lot more chilled out than back in Florida. I think that these people may have helped my opinions about this place change greatly.

and there you go, i will carry on writing more of this after it gets a reveiw... my offer for a return r+r is still there... -ebony xo
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