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Second To None

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Mikey is sucked into a life of danger and sin by a girl nobody would have thought wicked. Can his brother and best friend save him?

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The thing about Jenna...there wasn't a single thing. I was in love with everything about her.

In love with how she carried herself, like nobody could ever touch or hurt her. In love with the sense of safety I got when I was around her. In love with the easy walk she had that disarmed and warned everyone that she was powerful.

I lay awake at night thinking of her. Of the absolute power she held over me, my heart. Gerard and Frank thought it was some phase that I was going through, but they're wrong.

Jenna was everything to me. The only thing I would ever need to survive. If only I could get the courage to talk to her.....

Would she even look at me? I rolled over, covering my eyes with my arm. God I hope she does.

So it's kind of an intro in Mikey's pov. And yes, it's another changer like some of my other stories. But when it's Mikey's there'll be no identity thing like with the others.

But, I should really start the second chapter instead of blehing on here. So R+R and all that kinky shit.

Hugs and Watermelon,
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