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I Won't Ever Bow

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I can't believe it!

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I walked up to Jenna, my heart racing and my mind spinning. "H-hi Jenna." I stuttered. She looked at me over her shoulder.

Her red lips parted in a smile that melted my heart. She turned to face me, waving away the group of roughly dressed boys in front of her. "Hi Mikey." Even the way she said my name made me feel like I was less than her. "What's up?"

"I-I was wondering if y-y-you wanted t-to h-hang out w-with m-me?" I asked, my nerves so on edge I felt like I was going to vomit.

"Sure thing." She said brightly. I stared at her, my mind numb with shock. "Mikey?" she waved her hand in front of my face.

"Great! How about tonight?" A small grimace took over her face. "Not a good time?"

"No. I have something going on tonight, but I can go with you tomorrow. Where are we going?"

"My house? The mall? I didn't really think of anything. Sorry." I blushed, ducking my head. She laughed.

"It's okay. Ya know, I never noticed how cute you are, Mikey." I looked at her, my eyes wide. "I'll see ya tomorrow." she ruffled my hair.

I stood there, stunned, as she walked away. I can't believe it! She said yes! When I could finally move, I walked home, my body so light I could have sworn I was dead.

"What's that look for?" Gerard asked as I passed him on my way to my room. I looked at him.

"What look?" I sighed. He laughed and pointed at me.

"It looks like you just got laid." he said, his voice killing my mood. I glared at him.

"I have a date, thank you. With Jenna Phillips." I smirked. He dropped his book and stared at me.

"No. Fucking. Way!" he gasped, his hands falling.

"Yep. We're coming over here and we're gonna hang out." I crossed my arms. He relaxed.

"Hang out? That's friend-zone, Mikes." he sighed and shook his head. I glared at him again and walked up the stairs to my room.

"It's not friend-zone. Well, not for me..." I started pacing, biting my thumb nail. "What if she thinks it is though?" my feet were rooted to the floor as I said that.

"Oh God what have I done?!" I fell over onto my bed with a huff.

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