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Half A Week At My Dad's...

by Hozzie 1 review

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I thought spending a week at my Dad's would be fun but honestly I am SO bored. I've watched a lot of American Horror Story and The Big Bang Theory and tomorrow I'm getting up at 6AM to watch Supernatural... Which tells you that I'm extremely sad.

At least I'm not laaazy like my step-sister Big Holly. I woke up at 7AM yesterday and through the slot in her door I could see that she was asleep. I got home from school at around 4PM and she was still asleep. Then she came downstairs at 5PM, had dinner and at 7 she said "Well that's enough socialising for one day." and went back upstairs? O.o

Is it bad that I've lacked motivation with writing stories lately and an episode of The Simpsons actually gave me a pretty idea...? No, it's not a story based on something that happened on a Simpsons episode it just kind of came out of no where ;L I'm not gonna post it though because... I dunno, I just don't want to :')

Also do you know what sucks... Misha Collins will be in the same country as me on Friday, Saturday and Sunday... Literally only an hour away from me... AND I CAN'T MEET HIM D:

So yeah...

Until next time,

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