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Late Night Thoughts...

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It's not exactly late it's 10.45PM but I got into bed at 10 so I could get up early and watch Supernatural but these stupid thoughts have been playing in my head and I've been crying and I need to let this all out so I'm sorry... It's another stupid step-dad rant.

It's just he gets mad at me for the most STUPID things. Last week when I was getting ready to go to my Dads, I put my shoes on the floor to put them on and he glared at me and went "Do you know how to put shoes down!?" LIKE WHAT THE FUCK!? THEY'RE MOTHERFUCKING SHOES, THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG WAY TO PUT THEM ON THE FUCKING FLOOR!

Then like I was extremely grateful that he drove me, Jess J + Sam to Birmingham for the WATIC concert however it was not necassary for him to be such an asshole the next day. Me, my Mom and him went out for dinner and she went to the bar to order our food. My step-dad knocked her bag off the table and as he went to get it he said "I really appreciate your help Hollie." I knew he was being sarcastic so I just replied "You're welcome." And he said "Oh whatever, you're just back to being a selfish brat now you've got what you want." So I was like "Yeah, I'm just the worst person ever." And he said "Yeah, you are actually." Then when my Mom came back he stormed off to get some money from the cash point which was like a twenty minute walk away...

Or that time I went into the living room to get my laptop back and I could hear his music playing but the light to the garage was on so I wondered which room he was in so I kind of walked round the corner slowly and he said from the garage "I love how you walked around so slowly." And I started to explain but he interupted me and went "Whatever. Have you been touching my stereo?" And I hadn't so obviously I told him that and he started full on yelling at me "Well I set the volume to 15 like I always do and when I came back it was on 27 so why have you been touching it!?" And I was like "I haven't..." and he was like "Well you better fucking not have." I ran off to my room and cried because I had basically been yelled at for NOTHING. And then I told my Mom and she just said "Well you did borrow his batteries once." Oh no, I borrowed his precious batteries. I put them back didn't I? Jesus Christ.

And I love how he's always calling me useless and selfish and in the past he went as far to call me fatty but he would never talk to his own daughters like that. And he preaches at me saying I wouldn't talk to my Dad the way I talk to him. I don't 100% like my Dad but at least he treats me like a person...

Oh and the one that absolutely wins them all is the time I ate his twix bar and him and my Mom had a full on arguement about it :3 I'm not even joking. There was screaming, shouting, swearing... Basically, I was at an all day rehearsal and I forgot to bring my lunch so Mom packed me one and dropped it off. Inside, there was a mini twix bar. I ate it. My step-dad saw the empty wrapper when I got home and started yelling that I had eaten one of his chocolate bars. It wasn't the fact that someone had eaten it, it was that I had eaten it. Yes. My Mom and my step-dad had a full blown arguement... Over a twix bar.

There's also the way that I will come home and yes there will be dirty dishes on the side... But I don't notice them. How many of you when you get in and you're home alone honestly think about cleaning up straightaway!? I'm sixteen, I don't give a shit if someone washes the dishes or not and then he moans that I ignore everything and I'm just lazy and blah blah fucking blah.

It's not even just me, he sometimes talks to my Mom like that. My friends Dad came to pick her up from my house once and so my Mom talked to him for a couple of minutes then came back into the living room and my step-dad was instantly all "oh my god you were flirting with him."

This rant has gone pretty far so I'm not gonna go into detail on the fact that he once went BESERK on holiday because me and Jodie wanted him to come on stage with us but he wouldn't and then screamed at us all for the rest of the night... Or how he called my Mom a slut in front of all her friends when he was pissed... Or how Jodie convinced me to watch Paranormal Activity 3 with her and he started yelling at me for borrowing 'his' DVD. He nearly did that with Paranormal Activity 4 until I reminded him that actually, Mom had paid for that.

Basically, I don't wanna live with him anymore but I wanna stay with my Mom. And I don't want my Mom to be alone and unhappy but I really wish she would leave him. It's not really something you can tell your Mom though, is it? I mean I've told her how he makes me feel and she tells me to ignore him and I've pointed out to her that I shouldn't have to ignore him. I mean, it's my house, I don't wanna come home and be insulted. She thinks I sit in my room all night because I'm antisocial but honestly, I would love to spend time with them but I know I'm gonna get insulted or yelled at for no apparent reason. And everytime she's like 'oh I'll talk to him about it' and he's always like 'oh sorry, I'll change' and it works for like a week and I think everything's gonna be okay but then he goes back to being horrible again.

Alright. I feel a bit better now. I'm gonna try and get some sleep.

Love Hozzie
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