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Let's Plunder Each Other

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(Pre-POTC2) Elizabeth wants to have some fun before she is married and tied down forever. She also needs time to think. Does she really love Will? Jack gives her the opportunity to do this, but, of...

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Chapter 1: Hysterical Confessions

Summary: (Pre-POTC2) Elizabeth wants to have some fun before she is married and tied down forever. She also needs time to think. Does she really love Will? Jack gives her the opportunity to do this, but, of course, Jack never does favors for anyone but himself. How will this help him? J&E

Disclaimer: I do not own POTC or anything related to it. I believe they belong to Disney (correct me if I'm wrong).


{I lost myself...}


The sound of girls laughing could be heard throughout the town. It was around midnight and the bright moon was hanging over all, as if watching over Port Royal and the whole world. The sky was a cloudless dark navy blue with stars scattered throughout like diamonds. The town itself was plain and nothing compared to a bustling city like London, or some other large town. But in the eyes of Elizabeth Swann, it was a beautiful place that sparkled and shined. It was her home now, and had been for years. She hated it at first but had learned to love it. Jamaica was a wonderful place.

Elizabeth was walking down the street, arm-in-arm, with two other girls. All had on quite fancy and beautiful dresses. They had long since discarded their hats, not really sure where they were. It took her a while, but Elizabeth found girls in Port Royal similar enough to her to be her friends. When most (more proper) girls got to know Elizabeth, they found her tomboyish and bold (in all the wrong ways). Most girls thought it was shameful to be seen with her, but Elizabeth found two girls like her under some unusual circumstances.

Elizabeth was bored out of her mind and had snuck off to the one tavern Port Royal had. She drank a little rum, but stayed mostly sober. She was about to leave when a song started. She searched for the source and found two girls at a piano. One was perched on top, singing beautifully, but with a slightly drunken slur. The other was playing the piano very well, despite the amounts of alcohol in her. Elizabeth thought the song was very enchanting and stayed until it was done. As the two girls laughed and left the piano to mingle, she noticed something: they were like her. Unlike other girls in the tavern they were well dressed in expensive clothes. Their faces were smooth and dainty, like those of a true lady. Their skin was white as milk, indicating that they kept up with trends. And the biggest determining factor was that they were very clean. Elizabeth, on impulse, grabbed the arm of the dark-haired one as she went by.

The girl quickly turned to face her, an angry look on her face, until she actually looked at Elizabeth, "Why, I think I know you!" She grabbed the sleeve of her friend so she would stop walking, "We only just arrived in town, but combining gossip and what few town events I've been to, I'd have to say you're the governor's daughter." She held out her hand, for a handshake, "I'm Guinevere, but please call me Gwen."

Elizabeth was a bit shocked, and just stared at Gwen's hand. It was also a bit odd to her that a woman wanted to shake hands and not curtsy. But then she realized: 1. She wasn't one to talk about doing boyish things and 2. She was in a tavern; people are usually drunk in a tavern. But Gwen seemed sober enough. She also wondered why gossip would be spreading about her. But then she came to her senses, and thought, "I just came back from being in the company of pirates! Rumors will abound, of course. Bloody gossip hounds..." She composed herself, smiled, and firmly shook Gwen's hand, "Yes, you're right. It's nice to meet you. I'm Elizabeth Swann."

The other girl came forward now, looking angry, and spoke to Gwen, "What in bloody hell are you doing?" She was obviously drunk. Very drunk. She had long red hair that had long since fallen out of the bun it had been in. Her blood-red dress made her pale skin look even paler.

"I'm getting acquainted with the governor's daughter. You should too," Gwen smiled, "I think she's our type of gal." Her friend smiled as she walked off. Gwen laughed as she spoke to Elizabeth, "Excuse my friend Elaine. I think she's had more rum than any man in here." Then, Gwen looked a bit serious, "What's a girl like you doing in a place like this?" There was a bit of a challenge in her voice that reminded Elizabeth of Jack Sparrow.

"I could be asking you the same thing. I can tell by looking at you that you're no common whore and you have a bit of money," and she added as an afterthought, "and you're pampered like a wealthy girl."

Gwen looked surprised, and then pleased, "Right you are, Elizabeth!" She put her arm around Elizabeth's shoulders, "We need to talk...I think we could be very good friends, seeing as how I think our type of women are a rare breed."

And with that, the trio became close friends. It had been a year or so since then, and Elizabeth was about to be married. Gwen and Elaine were sad to lose their friend, thinking they wouldn't see her as much after she was married, but they knew it was for the best and that Will would treat her well. But they questioned that she was marrying Will. When Elizabeth wasn't around, Gwen and Elaine would discuss how he wasn't right for her. He was too naïve and, even though it sounds good, too nice. Gwen once slipped to Elizabeth that she found extremely nice men boring. Elizabeth was silent and changed the subject, so Gwen didn't push it.

Now Gwen was laughing with her friend, going down the street, and wondering if she was marrying the right man. Gwen had asked Elizabeth about her adventure with the pirates countless times. She was one of the few people that Elizabeth told everything to. She told her all the details about the adventure and how she disliked Captain Sparrow beyond friendship, despite how he flirted with her. But Gwen knew better. Behind all the disparaging remarks were awe, admiration, and curious interest. Elizabeth liked Jack and wanted to know more about him, but she wouldn't admit it. Gwen knew how Elizabeth had always loved pirates and how she researched and read about them all, especially Jack.

As the trio neared Elizabeth's home, Gwen couldn't help but speak her mind, "You know, Lizzie, us going out to drink and all was daring and bold, and fun, I'm sure, but I just don't think it's really the proper kind of 'party' for your last outing alone," she stopped and stood in front of Elizabeth, "A girl like you needs something more exciting and extravagant. Maybe even a little dangerous." Gwen smiled mischievously.

Elizabeth smiled a small smile and looked at her feet, "I suppose you're right, but what can I do? Port Royal isn't exactly somewhere that you that sort of thing," she paused, "What are you referring to, anyway?" A quizzical look was on her face.

Gwen looked like she was thinking for a second, then her face had a look of insight, "I know! Something like when you got kidnapped by the pirates! That would be exciting!" Gwen seemed pleased with herself about this idea.

Elizabeth was open-mouthed in shock, and then laughed, "And how would I do such a thing? Go to Tortuga and wave a handkerchief while saying, 'Oh, pirates, take me!'" Elizabeth laughed, "It's a fool's errand! It's ridiculous," all of sudden, Elizabeth looked distant, like she was remembering, "But it was rather exciting...and fun."

Elaine shook her head as she walked to Elizabeth's front door, "You two and your crazy ideas!" She tried the door and opened it when she found it was unlocked, and mumbled as she went in, "...kidnapped by pirates...right...."

Gwen watched Elizabeth's "thinking" expression as they went inside, "Oh no, what idea have I put in your head now?"

Elizabeth turned around as she stepped into her doorway, and smiled big, "Just the best one I've had in a while, I think." She laughed as they went up the stairs to her room. Even though it was a bit of a childish thing, Elizabeth wanted her two friends to spend the night with her tonight, because there probably wouldn't be another opportunity to in the future if she was to be wed. Elizabeth closed her bedroom door with hope in her heart and madness in her head.


Elizabeth woke up the next morning to see that she was alone. She found a note by her bed that read: We had important matters to attend to early this morning. We thought we'd let you sleep in. Love, Gwen and Elaine. P.S. Don't do anything crazy! Elizabeth smiled and laid the note aside. She glanced at her curtains and guessed it was about 10 A.M. She groaned as she got up. Today she had to look at and try on her wedding dress for the last time before the wedding. Hopefully the seamstresses would have it right this time. Elizabeth got up and got dressed and then headed for the seamstress.

Once there, she was immediately put in the dress and made to stand still while more adjustments were made and things were added and taken away, took up or let out. This gave the bride-to-be a little too much time to think. She had gotten all the hints Gwen had been dropping lately. As much as she hated to, she had to agree with her friend just a bit: was Will right for her? She loved him, didn't she? The more Elizabeth thought about it, the more distressed she became. Here she was, in a wedding dress and soon to be married and she wasn't even sure if she loved her fiancé. She panicked and ran, forgetting that she was being fitted. She felt pins prick her in various places and heard female voices inquiring things, but she didn't care. She ran, not really knowing where she was going. She didn't look around or think about anything except for one thing: what on earth am I doing? She didn't want to be married. At least not yet. To her, at this exact point in time, marrying will was comparable to being caged for the rest of her life. She wanted to do things; she wanted to be somebody. Will wouldn't support any of her dreams and she knew it. He would think them wild. She didn't want to be practical or normal, and she never had, so why was she about to marry the most practical and normal man she knew?

Elizabeth finally stopped running when she had gone into the woods a little bit. She wasn't really sure where she was, but it was beautiful. Exotic plants surrounded her of all shapes, sizes, and colors. She noticed a large rock, a few feet away behind a tree, which overlooked a cliff ledge. The rock looked flat and stable enough to sit on, so she made her way there, pulling out pins on the way. Elizabeth had walked around the tree when she heard a male voice call her name, "Elizabeth?"

Elizabeth looked up, and her eyes got teary. She knew she had recognized that voice. It was Will. He was sitting on the end of the rock that was covered from her view before by the tree. He had on his working clothes, so why was he here? Elizabeth slowly walked over to him and sat down beside him. She looked at the scene before her and was surprised at what she saw. All her thoughts flew away; this ledge overlooked the whole of Port Royal and a good deal of the sea.

She gasped, "It's beautiful..." She trailed off, wanting to speak her thoughts from before. She wanted to tell him, wanted to ask him to wait or just forget it all together. She wasn't sure how she felt. Maybe it was just the fear of being "trapped" in one relationship forever. It wasn't that she didn't like exclusivity; she just felt she was too young to be getting married. She still had many good years ahead of her, in which she'd like to face some things on her own. And then there was her biggest dream; the one she'd had nearly all her life.

Will spoke first, "Yes, yes it is," he smiled at Elizabeth, "I come here to think. I had a few extra free moments at work, so I thought I'd come here. It relaxes me." He breathed in deep, taking in all the scents this place had to offer. Some of these were the sea, the dirt and trees around them, and other scents that drifted up from the town.

Elizabeth, trying to get closer to her topic of choice, inquired, "What did you come here to think about?" Her voice was small and unsure. Will turned to look at her, caught off guard by her question and her tone.

"Well, I..." He paused, looking at her, and then sighed, "Elizabeth, do you think we're doing the right thing? I feel great about it, but I keep getting the feeling that you don't." When she looked at him blankly, he added, "Getting married, I mean."

Elizabeth looked at him, a sad expression on her face, "I don't think we are," he looked at her, wide-eyed, and you could hear the tears in her voice, even though they weren't present on her face, "I'm not even sure I love you Will. You've been my friend all my life. I'm not sure I can think of you as more," she paused, and then continued, "We've only been together for about a year. The first half of it was great...But, I think we're too different. Don't you see what I'm saying?" She was beginning to get more emotional, more distressed by the minute. "We disagree on so much."

Will stammered and stumbled over his words, "Well, I, I guess s-so...So are you telling me that...that this has practically been one-sided all this time?" He was getting a bit angry, "How are we so different?"

Elizabeth sighed, getting a bit bolder by the minute, "Yes, I think it has been one-sided. I believe that I held the hope all my life that you were really a pirate, even though I feared it. I only actually feared it because if you would've been a pirate," she looked him in the eye, "they would've killed you when we first met. I just couldn't think of it..." She thought a moment and continued, "I hate to put it this way, Will, but we're different because I'm more of a man than you are," at that, Will's face went from shocked to curious, "I drink, I've been in fights, I love power and get it when I can, I curse, I lie, and I'm not naïve. I do strange things and love doing them. I enjoy being different from everyone else while you embrace being as normal as possible." She looked at him, completely composed (and feeling much better) now.

Will looked at his feet a moment, then at Elizabeth with glassy, tear-filled eyes, "So you're saying I'm not man enough for you?" He paused, looked away, sighed, and looked back at her, "I was afraid of this after the whole pirate incident."

Elizabeth was curious now, "What do you mean?"

Will sighed, composing himself, "I knew that while in Port Royal most of the men you knew or saw were rather plain and well-kept. These kind of men were all you knew, and I thought you fancied me some anyway, so I was sure I had a chance of being with you," he looked her in the eye, determined now, "But I knew when you met the real versions of the men you'd always read about and loved that you'd quickly forget me and chase after that ridiculous dream of piracy."

Now, he'd made Elizabeth angry, "I knew it! I knew you'd be this way! No matter how ridiculous, crazy, or outrageous my dreams may be, you'd support them, even help me with them, if you truly loved me! See, we're far too different!" She was on her feet now, gesturing with her hands and pacing behind the rock.

Will, a bit hurt, but trying to hold onto what pride he had, got up and walked a few steps, then turned around to face Elizabeth, "Well, you got what you wanted, then. You're free to go," then as the anger subsided, he added, sadly, "You'll no longer have me chasing you, bothering you, or holding you down. Good day, Ms. Swann."

Elizabeth's breath caught in her throat. That was it? Well, it wasn't as bad as she would've thought. At least they'd still be friends, right? She had what she wanted, but it didn't quite feel like she had thought it would. She sat on the rock and blankly stared at the town below. If she didn't love Will, then why did her heart feeling as heavy lead right now?


Letters were sent out to all those who had received wedding invitations, telling them that the wedding was off. Elizabeth's dress was sold to another young lady getting married, who was more than glad to get something so nice. Elizabeth told her father the news the same day it happened. She was a little hurt when he sighed what seemed a sigh of relief, then put on a mask of pity for her. She just played along and let him encourage and reassure her when she felt more like storming out of the room.

She spent the next few days in a haze, not really thinking, but then again, thinking too much. She wasn't sure if she'd made the right decision. Gwen and Elaine comforted her and backed her up. Commodore Norrington even came by one evening to sit with her and have a friendly talk. He praised her on her choice, but she could tell he wanted so badly to ask her why she had made it. She was glad he didn't. Elizabeth was happy that her friends, acquaintances, and family cared enough to stop by and console her, but all she really wanted was to be alone.

After about a week, Elizabeth was doing well. She had decided that she was right in the end, and now only worried about how Will felt and if their friendship was ruined. Her ponderings were answered one evening. She was sitting in their parlor, reading a book of Shakespearean sonnets (one of her favorite non-pirate related books), when the butler announced that she had a visitor. She smiled, wondering who it could be and got up from her chair, taking the book with her.

Elizabeth stopped in her tracks when she saw Will in the entrance hall of their home. She knew she had a shocked look on her face, but she couldn't help it. He smiled and laughed, as if to say "I come in peace." She composed herself and smiled warmly, while she thought, "I'm so glad we can still be friends!"

Will walked toward her and she ushered him into the parlor to a seat across hers. There was a small wooden table with a round top sitting between the chairs and Will laid a large rolled up piece of paper on it. "Good evening, Ms. Swann."

"How many times must I ask you to call me Elizabeth, Mr. Turner?" She laughed, as did he, "Please, do be seated." They both sat down, and he smiled as he reached for the paper between them.

"So what have you brought to show me, Will?" Elizabeth asked curiously as he unrolled the paper.

"It's a map I brought to you for you to keep." He looked at her with sparkling eyes, "It's a map of all the places we went when you were kidnapped by Barbossa and his crew." He handed the unrolled map to her. She looked it over with her mouth hanging open, "How? Oh my...Wow..."

"I thought you might like it, and I also thought that maybe you could actually use it." He said this slowly and unsurely. Elizabeth looked up at him, the wheels turning in her mind.

Her mind raced, as she thought, "He's helping me achieve my dream! Why, though? Oh, it doesn't matter!" Elizabeth got up and hugged Will tightly, "Oh, thank you! You really are my best friend, like I always thought." She held him out at arms length, to look at him, "I want to go to Tortuga! Will you come with me?"

Will, sighed, and smirked up at her, "Elizabeth, I wouldn't survive in Tortuga. You know that," he gently pushed her away as he got up, "Besides, I'm always working. Speaking of which, I need to get back to the shop. I just wanted to bring that to you."

Elizabeth laughed and smiled as she hugged him again, "Thank you so much, again, Will. I guess you're right about that. But I can't do it alone."

Will smiled as he walked to the door, "You're welcome. I have faith in you. And with your wits, you'll have someone to help you, I'm sure." He bowed, "Good day, Elizabeth."

"Good day, Will." She watched him leave with a smile. Now all her wildest dreams could come true, but still a problem or two remained. Now she had the where, but what about the who and how?


Author's Note: Ok, this is practically my first POTC fanfiction. I wrote a songifc before, but never anything like this. I'm a huge fan, but I'm not sure my writing abilities are good enough to do the movie justice. Anyway, I just thought I'd warn you that I have a tendency to get carried away and write rather "unrealistic" things, and I also am guilty of making characters OOC. I also have trouble making long chapters (I really tried hard on this one, lol). I just wanted to ask that, in the future, you always let me know when I'm doing any of these things (and anything else I may be doing wrong. Remember, reviews/constructive criticism are what help the chapters come along a bit faster. Thank you! ^_^
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