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ch 12: Nighlock nightmare and the truth reveled

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AN: this chapter takes place three dyas after the surgery


Tracy's POV

Antonio invited me to come along on one of his fishing excursions. We had just got to the stream. Antonio took out a fishing rod, baited the hook, and cast the line into the water.

"Nice day isn't it." Antonio says. "Yup" I say. "So, when was the last time you have been fishing?" He asks. "I was six." I answer. "That long huh." He jokes. "Very funny, Antonio." I say, as I tried to push into the stream "Hey, you're going to scare the fish away." He whines. "Don't worry the fish will come back." I remind him, as I finally manage to push him into the water. He splashs around for a few minutes. I decide to help him out of the water. "So, how's the water Antonio?" I ask. "Maybe you should join me and see for yourself." he answers, as he pulls me in as well. "Antonio, you are so going to get it." I say, as I splash some water in his face.

We have a water fight for a few minutes. "Hey, what about fishing?" I ask. "I can fish anytime, but this is more fun." He answers with a smile as he splashes me again. "I couldn't agree more." I say. The water battle goes on for a few more minutes. Antonio gets out of the water first and grabs a hand towel to dry his hands off, so he can get a better grip to help me out. "Well I guess we should head back home, huh?" I ask

"Not if I can help it rangers" rings an evil voice. "So much for the nice day" Antonio mumbles under his breath. "What do you want nighlok?" I ask. "To destroy you pesky samurai rangers." the nighlok answers . "I don't think so nighlok, Go, Go, Samurai!" I yell. "Samurai morpher, Gold Power." Antonio yells as he pulls out his morpher . We stand ready to battle. The nighlok is as tough as any other we have battled until it launches a silk like substance form its hands trying me against a tree. "That's one ranger down and one more to go." The nighlok says evilly. "Don't bet on it nighlok" Antonio yells as he charges in towards the nighlok.

I struggle to get free, but the more I do the strand just gets thigher and thighter. I was forced to watch Antonio fight for me and I could tell he was starting to get tried. "Antonio, don't give up! I know you can beat this freak." I yell. "I don't think so, Silver Ranger your gold friend is about to meet his end." the nighlok says. The nighlok charges in fast and slashs Antonio across the chest with his claw and he flies backwards. The he hits a tree hard. He lays on the ground, demorphed. "Antonio!" I yell. "Sorry ranger. You friend is defeated." The nighlok says as it laughs manically. "No you're wrong! Antonio, please get up Antonio!" I yell.

I wake up screaming, drenched in cold sweat, and my heart is beating like a drum. "Man why do good dreams turn into bad dreams so fast." I say as I wipe the sweat off my forehead. I look over at the alarm clock it reads three am. I slowly get out of bed and head to the kitchen.

I was getting a glass down from the cupboard. "Hey, angel" said a recognizable voice. I jump and drop the glass, but I catch it in my right hand before it hits the floor. I set it back on the counter. I turn around and see Antonio standing in the doorway. "Dang it Antonio, you have got to stop doing that." I snap. "Sorry I didn't mean to scare you" he apologizes. "Don't worry about it. What are you doing up anyway?" I ask. "I heard you scream I just want to make sure you're ok.' He answers. "No te preocupes mi Caballero dorado estoy bien sólo tuvo un mal sueño que es todo." I say. I try to make it sound like it wasn't a big deal but the nightmare was starting to get to me because I was speaking Spanish. I knew that Antonio could tell that something was wrong. He walks over to me and pulls me into a hug."You want to talk about it? " he asks.

I look up at him. "¿que usted realmente desea escucharlo?" I ask. "Yes. Not that I don't like to hear you speak Spanish angel. Could you please tell me in English." he says. I smile and tell him about my nightmare. "I hate nightmares that start off like that." He says with smile. "Me too, do you think that anything in the nightmare could come true in real life?" I ask. "I hope so" he replies. "Antonio!" I snap. "Relax angel, you didn't let me finish. I hope the first part of it does come true because it sounds like we had a lot of fun." He says with a smile. "Yeah, me too considering we never had a date yet." I say. "Wait, what about the walk in the park?" he asks. "Oh yeah I forgot." I say. Antonio chuckles then kisses me on the forehead.

Antonio's POV

We walk the back way to look up at the stars. "Wow I can't get over how beautiful the stars look tonight." she says. "Don't you mean this morning?" I say correcting her. "Right I knew that" she says. "Tracy can I tell you something?" I ask. "Sure, what is it Antonio?" She answers very concerned. "I had the exact same nightmare a few nights ago. The only difference was I was the one tied up and you got hurt trying to protect me." I say. "Wow, that's kinda wierd." She says in shock. "I hope something like that never happens." I say, trying not to sound like a scared child.

"Why?" she asks. "Because I would never be able to forgive myself if you ever got hurt trying to help me." I answer. "Antonio that's one of the risks that comes with being a samurai." She says kinda sounding like Jayden. "I know, but I just really care about you." I remind her. "I know that Tony." she says with a smile. Then she pulls me in close and kisses me on the lips. We push away from each other and I see that sparkle in her eyes that always reminds me how beautful she is. "You are the best boyfriend I ever had." she says sweetly. We stay outside for a few more minutes before we head back inside.

Tracy's POV

I walk into the kitchen and the room is filled with the smell of chocolate chip pancakes. "This is the third morning in a row. Ok, something is wrong, I just know it." I think to myself. "Sweet more chocolate chip pancakes coming though." Mike says sounding like a child on Christmas morning. "Hold up Mike, there is something wrong with this picture. Ok mom what up?" I ask. "There is something I wanted to tell you. I thought it would be easier if everyone knew the truth." My mom says in an ashamed tone. "What do you mean mom?" I ask not liking the way mom said her last statement. "I'll tell you after breakfast." She answers.

We all enter the kitchen and eat breakfast. "Ok mom, can you please tell me what wrong." I say. She hands me an old black and white picture and I see a man with the snow leopard zord in his hand. "Who is that man mom?" I ask. "That is your great grandfather Frederick" she answers. "What does this have to do with me? "I ask. "Sweetheart, you becoming a samurai ranger wasn't a fluke." She answers. "Wait you are saying that I was always meant to become the sliver samurai?" I say in shock.

"Yes, sweetheart." She says. "Why didn't you tell me this before?" I ask. "Believe me sweetheart, your dad and I meant to tell you this earlier. We didn't know how to tell you." She answers. "You guys kept this a secret form me my whole life. You and dad have always taught me to be honest with others. All the times I asked about the family tree, everything you told me wasn't true." I say trying to keep my composure. "Tracy, everything we told you about the family was true. You have every right to be upset with us, but you have to understand we didn't want to put you through all the difficult samurai training as a child, we just wanted you to have a good childhood." she explains. "I never had that mom, and you know it. Not having many friends, getting teased a lot by the older kids in the neighborhood and at school, and never making a sports team at school just because I was smaller than everyone else, having to hear you and dad brag about your son all the time, and not to mention all the funerals I had to go to. So thanks for the good childhood mom." I say with tears in my eyes. Then I get up from my seat and run out of the room. "Tracy, come back" Antonio shouts. "Relax Antonio, let her go. She just needs a little time to cool down." my mother tells him. They leave the room to start their morning training session. "I hope that Tracy doesn't stay mad at me forever" My mom thinks to herself.



Caballero dorado estoy bien sólo tuvo un mal sueño que es todo- don't worry my golden knight I'm fine just had a bad dream that's all

¿que usted realmente desea escucharlo? - You sure you really want to hear it?


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