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ch 13: Sibling surprise

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Mia's POV

I received a letter from Terry. He wrote that he would be going to put on another benefit concert for the children's hospital and that he would be here tomorrow. I walk out of my room and head to the kitchen.

"Hey everyone Terry is coming back." I announce. "That's great, Mia" Kevin says. "Who is Terry?" Tracy asks. "He is my little brother.' I answer. "That's cool I wish I had a little brother growing up but I got stuck with an older one." She says. "Why didn't you tell us you had an older brother?" I ask. "I tired but I was interupted by a nighlok attack. Anyway I don't see him all that much he moved to Indiana to go to college two years ago." She answers. "Did he get a scholarship or something?" I ask. "Full ride for all four years." she says with very little enthusiasm. "Wow he must be really smart." Kevin rings in. "Yeah he got the brains and I didn't." She says selling herself short. "Come on don't talk that way- you are smart too." I say trying to make her feel better. "Thanks Mia, but I'll never be as smart as he is. He graduated high school with a 4.0 and I graduated with a 3.2." she informs us. "Hey a 3.2 GPA is good too.' I say.

Tracy's POV

"Your friend is right Tracy and I'm proud of my little sis." Said a recognizable voice. I turn around and a huge smile appeares on my face. "Chris is that really you?" I ask kinda surprised. "Unless someone is doing a really good impersonation." Chris says trying to crack a joke. I run over to him and give him a bear hug. "So I guess that means you missed me while I was away at college?" he asks. "Maybe a little." I say. "Only a little I guess I'll have to change that." He say, as he starts to give me a noogie."Come on Chris, do we really have to go to noogietown again?' I ask. "Yes, we do sis." he says as continues to mess up my hair with his fist. The trip to noogietown last a few more minutes untill he finally stops. "Why didn't you tell me that you were coming?" I ask. "I wanted it to be a surprise." he answers. " Gatcha bro, but I thought your classes at Franklin College were brutal?" I ask.

"They are but the semester just ended. I wanted to see how my little sis was doing." He answers. "I'm fine." I say. "Except for fracturing your knee cap." He says with a devilish smile on his face. "Mom called you, didn't she? "I ask. "Yup and she told me about you being a power ranger." He says. "Really?" I ask "Yup. and I'm kinda jealous because great grandpa said that you were the one to become the silver ranger and not me." He admits

"Wow, I never knew you felt that way. You should have said something sooner." I say. "What was I supposed to say Tracy? Don't follow your destiny I wouldn't have been a good big brother if I said that now would I." he says. "No I guess not" I say. "She also told me about your new boyfriend." he informms me. "Really?" I ask. He nods. "So am I going ot meet your new friends or not?" he asks. I nod and introduce him to the other rangers. Then the gap sensor went off. "Sorry big brother duty calls." I say. "No prob little sis. Now go kick some butt." He says with a brotherly smile. I smile and left with the other rangers to go battle the nighlok

Mia's POV

I thought Tracy would want to catch up with her brother after the battle but she went to the back garden with her portable speaker system and her IPod. "I wonder what she is up to." I say. Then there was knock at the door I went to answer it. I opened it and saw Terry.

"Terry I thought you were coming tomorrow?" I ask him giving him a hug. "I took an earlier flight." He answers. "Well come in." I say. We walk back in the living room. "Who is your new boyfriend?" he asks. "No this is Chris. He's Tracy older brother." I correct him. "It's nice to meet you." Terry says as he offers Chris a friendly hand shake. "Nice too meet you too Terry." Chris says accepting the hand shake. "I'll let you two talk. I'm going to check on Tracy." I say. "Ok see you later, Mia" the two of them say together.

Tracy's POV

I walk into the back garden and sit down on the beach and put my Ihome on the ground. I turn it on and put my IPod on shuffle mode. Then 'Temporary Home' begins to play and I start to sing along.

Mia's POV

I walk out to the back garden and hear Tracy singing beautifully. (I heard her sing in Spanish and her voice sounds just as beautiful in in Eniglish.) I just stand in silence and listen to her sing. I see Antonio walking up out of the corner of my eye. "Hey, Mia what are you doing?" he asks. "Antonio, you have got to stop sneaking up on people like that." I snap as I wait for my heart rate to return to normal. "Sorry about that." he apologizes. "Your forgiven." I say. "So, now what?" he asks. "I don't know." I answer. "She is about to sing another song." Antonio says. Tracy begins to sing The Climb by Miley Cyrus. "Wow she has the voice of an angel, no matter what language the lyrics are in ." Antonio says as a big smile comes to his face. "The song is done yet." I snap.

Tracy's POV

I finish singing The Climb and I press pause on my IPod and turn around. I see Mia and Antonio standing behind me. "How long have you two been standing there?" I ask. "Long enough tohear your angelic voice again." Antonio answers. I thank him for the compliment. "Has my brother told you anything else about me that you guys didn't already know?" I ask. "No, I don't think so" Mia answers

"Good." I say. "Tracy, can I ask you something?" Antonio asks. "Sure." I answer. "Why are you singing out here anyway?" he asks. "I don't know" I answer. "Can I suggest something?" he asks with a smile. "Sure." I reply. "Would you have any argument if we sang together?" He replies. "I guess not considering you have an amazing voice too. I say. "Thanks angel, so what are we going to sing?" he asks. "I have a high school musical song on my IPod that might work." I answer, "Cool let's do this." He says confidently. I search through my song list. I select "Breaking Free" and it begins to play through the speakers.

Antonio's POV

When we finished the song, I didn't notice that Jayden and the others had come out and listened to us sing. "Wow that was amazing." Mike complements. "Thanks Mike." I say. "So Tracy do you think that you might sing in the benefit concert that Terry is putting on in a few weeks?" Mia asks. "I'm sorry after what happened the last time I sang in front of a huge crowd. You should just find someone else." Tracy answers. "What happened? " I ask. "Nothing much, except the Jefferson High student body laughed at her." Chris answers as he walks up to the group.

"Gracias, por mantener la boca cerrada hermano." Tracy growls through her teeth. "You are telling me that you still haven't gotten over that yet. Come on it was three years ago." He reminds her. "Sé que, pero es vergonzoso que no obtiene." she responds. "Yes I do, listen everyone gets embarrassed now and then, but the longer you put this off the harder it's going to get." Chris says. "Lo siento gran hermano" she says with tears in her eyes. Then she pushes her way through the group and runs into the house. "I guess I messed that one up didn't I?" He asks. "Yeah, maybe a bit." Mike says.

"Mike" Emily snaps as she slaps him in the gut. "It's all right Emily. Mom was right I should learn to think though more before I speak." He says. "You are going to apologize to her aren't you?" Jayden asks. "Yes, but I'll let her calm down first." He answers. I pick up her things and take them back into the house. I set them on the kitchen counter and went to check up on her.

Tracy's POV

I can't believe how my brother acted earlier. I was still crying into my pillow when I hear a knock at my door. "Tracy can we talk for a minute." Antonio's voice rings form the other side. "No puede usted sólo me dejan en paz por favor." I yell. "I know you're upset. Chris was just trying to help." He says "Sí, derecho." I yell back. "Please let me in. I'm not going to leave until you do." he says. I finally give in and tell him that he can come in.

Antonio's POV

I enter the room and walk over to the bed. I see Tracy with her face down in her pillow crying. "Come on, Angel please stop crying. Your eyes are too beautiful to be filled with tears." I say. She slowly lifts her head off the pillow. I notice a small smile came to her face. "AW, eres tan lindo cuando dices cosas como ese." she says. "I know "I say with a smile. She pushes herself up off her stomach and rolls onto her back to sit up in the bed. I knew she had cooled down because she was speaking English again.

"Antonio, I'm sorry about before I shouldn't have done that." She says. "You don't have to apologize for the way you acted. Chris feels really bad too." I say. "I won't believe it until he apologizes for being a bad brother." She replies. "Hey, slow down there angel, I know your upset about what he did. That doesn't give you the right to call him that." I remind her. "You're right, Antonio" she says. "Listen; don't worry about the concert you don't have to sing of you don't want to. If you choose to do it I'll sing with you and everyone else will be there cheering for us." I tell her. "Can I at least think about it?" she asks. "Sure. You don't have to decide right away." I say. "Thanks" she says. "I was going out to do a little fishing. Do you want to come?" I ask. She nods "FYI I'm not very good at fishing." She admits."No worries, I'll do the fishing. You can use your animal magnetism to attract the fish to me." I say hoping that would make her laugh.

She lets out a soft giggle. "Very funny, my golden knight and it sounds like a good plan to me." She says. She gets out of bed and we walk out of her room. I grab my fishing gear and we leave the shbia house. I lead her to the new secret fishing spot I found a few days ago.



Gracias por mantener la boca cerrada hermano- thanks for keeping your mouth shut brother

Sé que, pero es vergonzoso que no obtiene -I know that but it was embarrassing don't you get that

Lo siento gran hermano- sorry big brother

no puede usted sólo me dejan en paz por favor – No can you just leave me alone please

sí derecho-yeah right

AW eres tan lindo cuando dices cosas como ese- aw you're so cute when you say things like that


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