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ch 9: day before the concert

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Tracy's POV

Kira and I are at the cyberspace doing a final run through for the concert tomorrow."Tracy you excited?" Kira asks me knowing full well what my answer will be. "More like nervous." I answer. "Remember I'm going to be there on stage with you" she reminds me. "Right." I say smiling back at her. The band starts to play "Good Girl".

The song ends. Kira told the band to head back home to rest up for the concert tomorrow. "Hey Tracy that was great." She comliments."Thanks Kira I just hope it will sound that good at the concert." I say. "Don't sell yourself short ok. the concert will be amazing." She says encouragingly.

Then I see Mike walking over with a smoothie in his hand. "Hey Kira how long has Mike been here?" I whisper/ask her."Not to long I think Hayley let him in when we were practicing." She answers. "Great." I say sarcastically. "Good luck." She says slyly. "Wait where are you going you can't…" I say.

Normal POV

Kira walks over to Hayley. "Kira what are you planning?" Hayley asks. "Just watch and find out." She answers smiling. Mike handed the smoothie to Tracy. She thanks him. "I guess you heard that last song huh?" Tracy asks. He nods."I never knew that you sing like an angel." Mike says. "Thanks that's really sweet." Tracy says. Tracy takes a sip of the smoothie.

"I have something that I wanted to ask you." he says blushing."What is it?" Tracy asks as she takes another sip "Would you be my date to the homecoming dance next Saturday?" he asks. Tracy starts to choks on the smoothie. "You ok?" he asks. "Yes and you really want to go with me?" she says. "Yes I do why are you so surprised?" he asks.

Tracy sets the smoothie down on the table. "Because you are such a sweet guy. I never thought someone like you would ever want to go the dance with someone like me." she answers."Why not you are smart, funny, really talented." he compliments."I'm not that smart" she says modestly. "I forgot modest too." he adds. She chuckles a little.

"And have a really cute laugh." he continues."Are you done complimenting me yet?" Tracy asks trying to make it sound like she sick of hearing him compliment me."Yes, considering I can't think of anything right now." He admitts. "Mike I have one more thing I want to say to you before I answer your question." Tracy says as she takes a deep breath.

Tracy's POV

"What is it?" He asks. "I really like you." I say hoping that I just didn't make the biggest mistake of my life. "I really like you too." He says smiling. We stand laughing for a few minutes. "So will you go to homecoming with me?" he asks again. I nod.

"There is only one problem." I say. "What's that?" he asks. "I can't dance" I admit. "That makes two of us." he jokes. Mike moves closer and our eyes meet for the first time. Then I feel his lips press against mine. I never felt something like this before the spark is so strong. I feel the butterflies in my stomach flutter like crazy. I just ignore them. "So this is what a first kiss is supposed to feel like." I think to myself. When the kiss ends Mike and I have a big smile on our faces.

"Well I guess I'll see you later angel." he says sweetly. "Wow I have a pet name already boy you work fast don't you?" I say making a joke. Mike laughs."Yes, I'll see you at the concert tomorrow night." he says happily. I nod and he turns around to leave. I sit down at the table to finish the smoothie Mike gave me. Hayley and Kira walk over to me.

"Hey guys" I say still smiling like a love sick puppy."So Tracy was I right about Mike?" Kira asks. "Yes Kira" I answer. Then I hear my phone go off I take it out of my purse to answer it.

"Hello" I answer. "Hey Sweetie" my mom's voice came from the other end. "Hey mom, what's the scoop?" I ask. "Your dad and I have an early birthday present for you." She answers. "Early birthday present really?" I say happily. "Yes so when are you coming home?" she asks."We just finished up. I'm heading there now." I tell her. "Good see you soon." she says quickly. I hang up and put my phone back in my purse. "Wait tomorrow's your birthday?" Kira asks kinda of surprised. "Yup" I say happily. "Why did you tell us?" Kira asks. "You never asked." I say. Hayley could tell if Kira continue to ask me questions. I'm going to explode form excitement. She offers to give me a ride to my place.

Hayley, Kira, and Me pull up into the driveway in Hayley's car. The first thing I see is a yellow Chevrolet Malibu parked next to my mom's car. My mom is standing next it. I get the car. I run over her. "Thank you mom" I say giving her a bear hug. "I take it you like your gift?" my mom says smiling."Yes, this is the best birthday present ever." I say smiling. "Happy Birthday. I thought you would say that. Why don't you take it for a spin around the block?" She offers. "Can I?" I ask. "Sure go for it." she says as she hands me the keys to my car. I walk over to my new car. I unlock the driver's side door and climb inside. I put the key in the ignition and start it up. The engine purrs like a kitten and I roll down the window. I buckle myself in and put it in reverse. I slowly back out of the driveway then put it in drive. As I drive away my mom can hear the shrieks of delight as the car fades from sight.
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