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Life Can Do Terrible Things

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Songfic // Starring Danny and Rayven.

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Life Can Do Terrible Things

By the time I was your age,
I'd give anything,
To fall in love truly,
Was all I could think.
That's when I met your mother,
The girl of my dream,
The most beautiful woman,
That'd I'd ever seen.

"Daddy?" My son, Mikey, asked one day, as we stood before my wife, Rayven's, grave. I turn to him, the innocent little ten-year-old, with tear stained eyes and reddened cheeks. He looked so much like Rayven, same hair and same eyes, and he acted a lot like her too, he was kind and sweet, and loved to play the piano and sing whenever he could.

"Yes, Mikey?" I respond, voice broken from crying.

"What was life like, with you and Mommy?" I choked up.

"Well, let me tell you.." I say, and the story began.

She said "Boy let me tell you,
A wonderful thing,
I can't help but notice,
You're staring at me,
I know I shouldn't say this,
But I really believe,
I can tell by your eyes,
That you're in love with me."

Now, son,
I'm only telling you this..
Because life,
Can do terrible things.

"It all started," I began. "When I was young, maybe eighteen years old. I was young, and I'd seen the most beautiful woman ever, your mother. I got talking to her, and over time, we fell in love.."

Now, most of the time,
We'd have too much to drink,
And, we'd laugh at the stars,
And, we'd share everything,
Too young to notice,
And too dumb to care,
Love was a story,
That couldn't compare.

I said, "Girl let me tell you,
A wonderful thing,
I made you a present,
With paper and string,
Open with care now,
I'm asking you please,
You know that I love you,
Will you marry me?"

"Over time," I say. "I really fell for your mother. We'd do everything together, and I had fun whenever she was around. So, one day, I got her a ring, and soon enough, we got married, and after a while, we had you, our wonderful son.."

Now, son,
I'm only telling you this,
Because life,
Can do terrible things.
You'll learn one day,
I'll hope and I'll pray,
That God,
Shows you differently..

She said, "Boy let me tell you,
A terrible thing.
It seems that I'm sick and,
I've only got weeks.
Please don't be sad now,
I really believe,
You were the greatest thing,
That ever happened to me.."

"Months pass," I say, on the verge of fresh tears. "Your mother, she got sick. You were only nine when it happened, when she.. she died. She got cancer, and it wasn't able to be cured. I was there, holding her hand, the very moment she died, and you didn't understand why I was crying.."

Slow, so slow,
I fell to the ground on my knees.

So, don't fall in love,
There's just too much to lose,
If given the choise, then,
I'm begging you choose,
To walk away, walk away,
Don't let her get to you,
I can't bear to see the same happen to you.

Now, son,
I'm only telling you this,
Because life..
Can do terrible things..

"And that, is the story of me and Mommy." I say, and look into Mikey's eyes. He, too, seemed to be crying now, which made me cry even more. As we cried, Mikey wrapped his arms around me and hugged me, crying into my shoulder, and I swooped him up and carried him home, still crying. We got back home, and Mikey had fallen asleep, so I laid him down on his bed, drawing the covers over him, and kissed his head softly, before softly singing the last line of Rayven's favourite song, Terrible Things by Mayday Parade.

"Now, son, I'm only telling you this.." I cry softly. "Because life, can do terrible things.."

Be truthful. Did you cry?
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