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We're Just Two Men as God Had Made Us

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“Hey guys! Stop!” Mikey yelled as he left Laura’s side and immediately grasped Gerard, using all his force to hold him back from Frank.

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A/N: Well you guys I am finally back! I am so sorry for neglecting this chapter for so long! Hopefully some of you who were reading this are still here! But thanks to anyone who is reading! I have really missed writing. I am a bit rusty, so I apologize if this chapter isn't all that great. But R&R if you want too, I am a glad to be back!!

Chapter 26: We're Just Two Men as God Had Made Us

Rachel's POV:

Frank had broken the awkward silence we were all just soaking ourselves in. As soon as he finished his sentence I looked at the ground. I couldn't even bring myself to look him or Gerard in the eyes. I felt the cold air creep up my spine, forcing shivers through my body. I was just about to open my mouth to say something, anything that would make this whole situation less awkward, but I heard Gerard's voice boom throughout the park.

"Merry Christmas, that's all you are gonna say. That is all you are gonna say after you kissed Rachel behind my back right after we broke up!" Anger thundered in Gerard's voice, I don't think
I had ever heard such a tone from him before.

"You know what; I don't know what to say Gerard. But let's not forget you fucked things up on your own with her. For fuck sake you fucked Holly the day we broke up while you were still dating Rachel! You don't fucking deserve her, she didn't deserve that!" Frank defended himself.
I could do nothing, no one could do anything, and we all just watched everything unfold. This confrontation needed to happen at some point, they couldn't just hold all of this in. It was unhealthy, and no one would be able to stop them. Gerard walked closer to Frank.

"That's not even relevant! I wasn't myself; you know in my right mind I would do that to you Frank! You were waiting to take Rachel from the whole time! We all know the only reason you had stayed with that skank in the first place was because you couldn't have Rachel. You were upset because I had her, because she wanted me more than she wanted you!" Gerard spat back to Frank's face.

I could see how his words were cutting Frank like a knife; he had taken things too far.

"FUCK YOU!" Frank screamed.

Suddenly Frank threw a punch at Gerard and hit him in his jaw. Gerard's face was taken shocked that Frank had actually laid his hands on him.

"You little fucker." Gerard said smugly as he threw a right hook right back at Frank.

"Hey guys! Stop!" Mikey yelled as he left Laura's side and immediately grasped Gerard, using all his force to hold him back from Frank.

"No this shit needs to end now!" Frank yelled, going to lunge himself at Gerard but Bob interjected swiftly and just picked him up like a child.

I had just been standing there this whole time and this was partially my fault as well. I couldn't just watch I needed to say something. Frank and Gerard continued to scream obscenities at each other.

"GOD DAMN IT THAT IS ENOUGH!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

Everyone fell silent and turned to look at me.

"I am so tired of this bullshit, so Frank and Gerard you listen to me and you listen to me closely. This is just as much my fault as it yours. Gerard you fucking cheated on me and using the drugs as a scapegoat is complete and utter bullshit. I cared about you so much and you just threw all of it in my face because we got in a little fight. I do still care about you, but I don't know if I could even come close to trusting you again." I took a deep breath and regained airflow in my lungs and turned to Frank.

"Frank I can't lie and say I didn't do anything to let you know that I wasn't interested in you, yes I did kind of lead you on when I was with Gerard, but I did have feelings for you, just like the ones I had when you kissed me. The feelings I still have. But you both have to understand how confusing all of this is for me. Just as I am sure it is for you, and it absolutely kills me that I have had a part in turning your friendship into this pile of shit. You two should not be fighting over me. You guys should still be friends. So as of right now I am not going to be with either of you. You two need to work this shit out without being violent." I had finally finished and watched the last bit of my breath float into the cold air.

"She's right, I am sick of you too not wanting to be around each other. You guys are acting like a bunch of girls." Ray spoke up, everyone gasped, because Ray usually doesn't say really anything about stuff like this.

"I agree with my man Raymond over there, we can't invite either one of you out without one of you saying "Is Gerard gonna be there?" "I can't go if Frank is gonna be there."" Bob mocked them in the highest pitched, whiney girl voice that he could. It made me giggle underneath my breath a little bit.

"Exactly, so we are all going home, and you two are gonna stay here and sort this shit out." I said sternly.

"But what abo- "They both started.

"No, just no, I don't wanna hear a word. Just do as I said, and please don't kill yourselves in the process." I felt like a mother to two bickering children.

"Come on you guys, let's go." Laura waved and we all walked back to our homes.

Gerard's POV:

I cannot believe I just sat here and let Rachel order me around like that. I couldn't believe that I had to sit here with Frank and talk this shit out. But at the same time I was kind of grateful, Frank is my best friend and I honestly did hate that this had torn us apart. I hated myself for sleeping with his slutty ex-girlfriend. We sat on the see saw in silence. We kept pushing it up and down, sending one of us into the air at opposite times. Neither of us wanted to start this conversation, we just started up at the stars.

"So." I breathed out finally. "I am not really sure what to say."

Frank stared at me blankly for a minute; I knew he was thinking the same.

"Yeah, but she is right. We really shouldn't have let this get this far." Frank admitted. But he still wouldn't look me in the eye.

"I am really sorry Frank. I shouldn't have slept with Holly. I hate myself for doing that to you. Even if you didn't want to be with her, you still were, and I am immensely for the things I said 10 minutes ago. You are best friend. I miss us just hanging out, drinking beer, laughing our asses off at stupid shit." I spewed everything out, realizing how much of a girl I had sounded like.

We see sawed in silence for a few more minutes. I wanted Frank to at least say something to me, anything would suffice.

Frank's POV:

I couldn't believe that Gerard had just apologized to me; Gerard rarely apologizes for anything that he does. I was bewildered and didn't really know how to respond. I just let the squeaking of the see saw fill the silence while I gathered my thoughts.

"I am sorry too. I should have never even gone near Rachel; I knew how much you liked her. I should have helped you when the whole Holly incident happened. By the way, you are forgiven for that, I am sure she came on to you. I never should have kissed Rachel, and even though I did and still do have feelings for her, I should have waited it out until enough time had passed to ask your permission. I am sorry for everything said to you 10 minutes ago as well. We both have been acting like little bitches. You are my bro, and I broke guy code. I just want us to forget about all this." I felt as if I was on autopilot, the words were just flying out of my mouth without me really knowing they were. But I knew that I had meant every single one.

"So what do you propose we do about this Rachel situation?" Gerard asked, stepping off the see saw, sending my side flying back down to the ground.

"Well..." I thought as I got off the see saw and pulled out a cigarette. "I think we should go back to being friends and let her take it from there. But whatever happens, we do not let it ruin our friendship again" I said as I lighted my cigarette and inhaled the smoke deep into my lungs.

"Agreed," Gerard smiled widely. "Now what you say we get a 12 pack of beer and do some stupid shit."

"I think that sounds bitching!" I exclaimed. I was happy to have my friend back, and it honestly felt as if nothing had changed.
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