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Chapter 3

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Harry Hibiki and the Philosopher's Stone

Disclaimer: Harry Potter © J. K. Rowling and Ranma 1/2 © Rumiko Takahashi

Author note: Thanks once again to my beta Blissful Wulf, who's name I spelled wrong in the last chapter and I apologize. Also, the characters are speaking in Japanese in this chapter.

Chapter 3

Ryoga was impressed with himself. It only took a week, give or take a day, to make it back to Japan. Which part of Japan he wasn't sure but this was a good start.

"Oohh," Harry cooed, leaning back and reaching his hand out toward a falling snowflake. Ryoga chuckled and adjusted his grip on the wiggling toddler. Harry was decked out in a little snowsuit Ryoga had packed for Harry and a little hat with a gold lion on it, a gift from McGonagall-sensei.

"You'll get to play in the snow once we stop for the night," He promised his new son. Ryoga couldn't get over that, he had a son now. Ryoga never thought that Halloween night would result in this, but Ryoga had come to adore Harry during their time together. He was still worried about his direction problem, hoping that the goblins had really fixed it so he could never lose the boy. "Excuse me, which way is Nerima?" He asked a random person.

"You're in Nerima," The woman he stopped said, sighing as she recognized him as the 'weird lost boy in yellow'. Ryoga perked up, his day was getting even better. "Oh how cute, is he yours?" The woman said, noticing Harry in Ryoga's arms. Ryoga straightened up and smiled happily.

"Hai, he's mine," Ryoga said. "Can you tell me which way the Tendo Dojo is?" The woman who was much more open to Ryoga after cooing over the cuteness of the friendly toddler he had, pointed the way. Ryoga thanked her and headed the wrong way, making her sigh.

Harry looked around, clutching at his Ryoa's shirt as he took in the bright colors and strange people around him. His green eyes lit up when they passed a pet shop, tapping Ryoga on the chest.

~Ryoa, piggys!~ Harry said in English while pointing, Ryoga was starting to teach him Japanese but he had only learnt a few words so far. Ryoga stopped and looked at where Harry was pointing to, fighting to keep the grimace off his face. Even with his new cursed form, he still hated pigs.

"I see them Harry-chan," He said instead, forcing a smile on his face. There were four little piglets in the window, little snouts pressed up against the glass. One pig was white, another pig was pink while the third was pink and black. Then there was the last one, it was solid black and looked just like his old curse form! A wicked idea popped into Ryoga's head, Akane would wonder where her little 'P-Chan' had gone and when his new girl form came out, and it would, that was the nature of how things worked around here, she might put two and two together. But if she had a new P-chan, she would never know that he used to be her pet, he just had to come up with a story as to why he was cursed now.

Plus it would really fuck with Ranma's head when he saw the piglet and him together, making Ryoga smirk.

"Let's get your Aunt Akane a pet," He said as he headed inside.


Kasumi Tendo hummed as she chopped up the vegetables for dinner, a sweet smile on her face. It was late afternoon, her two younger sisters and Ranma-kun would be coming home from school soon. She hoped Akane-chan and Ranma-kun didn't get into another fight on the way, she had just had the roof repaired from the last time her little sister hit her fiancé. The young woman looked up as someone rang the bell by the front gate.

"Oh my, I wonder who that is," She said as she put her knife to the side and wiped her hands on a towel. "I'll answer it," she added as she walked past her father Soun and his friend Genma who were playing yet another game of Go.

"Welcome to the Tendo Dojo," Kasumi said as she opened the gate, another smile spreading over her face as she saw who it was. "Oh, Ryoga-kun. How nice to see you again," She stepped back so Ryoga could come in, her hand going up to her mouth when she noticed Harry with a little gasp.

"Hi Kasumi-san," Ryoga said, brushing the snow off of his shoulder with his free hand. "This is Harry. Say hi Harry-chan."

~Hi. Hi piggy,~ Harry said, holding up the black piglet that Ryoga had bought from the pet shop and let him hold. Ryoga had tied one of his bandannas around its neck; it was kinda scary how much the piglet looked like his old cursed form.

"Yeah... we found 'P-Chan' outside the gate," Ryoga quickly said.

"Oh... yes..." Kasumi said confused, she was quite sure Ryoga was P-chan. "Oh Ryoga-kun, Harry is so cute," she said, turning her attention to the toddler instead. "Where did he come from?"

"He's my son," Ryoga said, sitting his pack down in the hallway. Kasumi gasped, he didn't!

"Ryoga-kun you didn't... sleep with someone and..." Kasumi implied. Ryoga blushed brightly and quickly shook his head.

"Iie! Harry-chan is my adopted son," He assured her, waving one hand frantically.

"Oh, gomen," Kasumi said blushing. "I didn't mean to imply... Oh, well it was sweet of you to adopt him then. Can I hold him?" She asked, holding out her hands. Ryoga smiled and handed Harry over to Kasumi, the little boy giving her a charming smile.

"Here, why don't we let P-chan wonder around," Ryoga said, taking the new P-chan from Harry and putting it down on the floor. Kasumi lead Ryoga into the dining room, carrying Harry on her hip.

"I'll go get some tea," She said. "Do you mind if I give Harry-chan a cookie? I just made some today."

"Go ahead," Ryoga said as he sat down. Soun and Genma looked up curious as Kasumi walked past, Harry giggling and waving at them.

"Did Kasumi have a child?" Genma asked confused.

"I'm quite sure I would remember having a grandson," Soun said, just as confused.


"Damn it Akane! Would you just listen to me?" Ranma yelled as he and Akane entered the house.

"I don't have to listen to anything you say," Akane said, glaring at Ranma. Nabiki sighed as she followed in after them; she swore it was the same thing every day. Ranma growled under his breath, he was so sick and tired of Akane not trusting him!

"Ucchan is my best friend, she was just thanking me for helping her out the other day when Konatsu was sick," Ranma said waving his hands.

"Oh please Ranma, you would have eaten her food no matter what but you won't eat mine!" Akane said, stomping her foot. Nabiki shook her head; she knew how this was going to end. The older girl pushed past the two younger teens into the dining room so she could have her usual afternoon snack.

"Brink," The new P-chan oinked as he watched the strange humans in front of him. They were very loud.

"Oh, P-chan!" Akane said delighted as she picked up the piglet. P-chan made a questioning sound as he was cradled against the girl's chest.

'Oh great, Ryoga’s here,' Ranma thought as he rolled his eyes, watching Akane leave with the pig. 'I wonder where pig boy’s been this time.'

"Oh Ryoga-kun!" Ranma's head snapped up when he heard Akane greet Ryoga in the other room.

"Hello Akane-san," Ryoga's voice drifted out. Ranma ran over to the door, mouth dropping open in shock, Ryoga was calmly sitting at the low table in the middle of the room but that shouldn't be possible, Ryoga was in Akane's arms!

"You were gone so long, everyone was getting worried," Akane said as she sat down at the table across from Ryoga, kissing P-chan on the top of the head. "Oh, this is the first time you’ve met P-chan before, isn't it?"

"I've seen him a few times," Ryoga assured her. Ranma scowled, this had to be some sort of trick. He left the room, going to the furo and filled up a bucket full of cold water. He walked up behind Ryoga and dumped the water on top of the boy, at this point he didn't care if he gave away the secret of Ryoga's secret life as P-chan!

"Ranma! Stop picking on Ryoga!" Akane yelled in anger when she saw what Ranma had done. But Ranma wasn't paying attention to Akane; he was looking at Ryoga with an open mouth.

"Damn it Ranma!" Ryoga growled, glaring up at Ranma as she pushed her wet bangs out of her face.

"Oh my god... Ryoga what happened!?" Akane asked.

"Looks like he had a visit to Jusenkyo," Nabiki said dryly, now this was getting juicy.

"Yeah! You know me, don't ever know where I am," Ryoga said, laughing while rubbing the back of her head, jumping on the excuse Nabiki came up with. "Wasn't watching where I was going and just fell into the Nyannichuan."

"Oh you poor thing," Akane said reaching over and patting Ryoga's arm. Ranma's mouth dropped open again, she always accused him of being a pervert because he turned into a girl but she wasn't doing the same to Ryoga.

"Hey, why aren't you calling him a pervert?" Ranma asked, pointing at Ryoga.

"Because, Ryoga is a sweetheart that would never be a pervert, unlike you!" Akane yelled, standing up and pointing her finger at Ranma.

"You are so uncute!" Ranma said in anger. A battle aura surrounded Akane as she made a fist before swinging it at Ranma.

"Ranma you jerk!" She yelled, her mallet appearing at the last second and slamming into the boy, sending him outside into the koi pond.

"Ryoa!" Harry came running from the kitchen, two cookies in his hands and heading for his Ryoa. Kasumi had taken off his snowsuit and hat, leaving him his pants and little t-shirt he had been wearing under it. ~Isket!~ He said as he climbed into her lap. He recognized his guardian in both male and female forms easily.

"You got yourself a cookie?" Ryoga said with a smile, brushing Harry's wild looking hair back. Harry grinned and held one of the cookies up to Ryoga to take. She ignored the looks she was getting from the others in the room.

"There we go Tendo, it's the Hibiki boy's kid," Genma said, glad that the mystery was over.

"Hmm yes," Soun said, closing his eyes as he crossed his arms over his chest. He was glad he didn't miss something as important as having a grandchild. While Soun was distracted, Genma switched around some of the pieces.

"Ryoga-kun... who's that?" Akane said, leaning over. "He’s so cute!"

"Hi!" Harry waved and nibbled on his cookie.

"This is Harry," Ryoga said with a beaming smile. ~Harry, that's your Aunt Akane and that's Nabiki,~ she said, pointing to each girl.

"Kane and Biki," Harry repeated, giggling as Ryoga playfully ruffled his hair.

"Since when do you have a kid?" Nabiki asked, leaning closer to look at the little boy. He wasn't Japanese that much was for certain. But the kid did have the prettiest green eyes. At that moment, Ranma-chan walked back into the room grumbling as she rubbed a towel at her hair.

"Damn it Akane, do you have to hit so hard?" Ranma asked as she draped the towel over her shoulders. Harry turned towards the new voice, his little green eyes widening and a happy grin on his face.

~MAMA!!~ Harry yelled, holding his arms out to Ranma, dead silence hanging in the room. Ryoga looked amused; she guessed to a 1 year old it was easy to mistake Ranma's girl form for Lily Potter because of her hair. After all, she had noticed that Harry's mother looked like Ranma as well. The amusement only last for a moment before the room erupted in chaos.




"Pigtail girl, tis this true?" Tatewaki Kuno said as he appeared out of nowhere.

"Ranma-honey, how could you have a kid with someone else?" Ukyo said, also popping out of the woodwork.

"Saotome! How dare you cheat on Shampoo!" Mousse said as he and Shampoo busted through the wall.

"Aiyah! Say not true husband," Shampoo said with a pout. "Shampoo kill obstacle!"

"Wait wait wait! I ain't got any kids!" Ranma said, backing away from everyone and waving her hands. Harry looked around frightened at all the noises and started to cry, holding his arms out to his 'Mama' again. Ryoga growled as she saw how scared Harry was getting. She stood up, pushed Harry into Ranma's arms gently then pushed the smaller girl behind her. Ranma looked panicked as she held a crying Harry who wrapped his arms around her neck and buried his face into her chest.

"Ranma, take Harry into the kitchen with Kasumi," Ryoga growled, a faint green battle aura surrounding her. Ranma gulped, it was never a good thing when Ryoga was this angry and quickly carried the kid out of the room.

"SHUT UP ALL OF YOU!!!!" Ryoga yelled at the top of her lungs, her battle aura flaring brightly, getting everyone's attention. At once everyone who was yelling stopped, looking at Ryoga in surprise. "What the hell is wrong with all of you?!"

"The boy called Ranma 'Mama', oh how that ungrateful son of mine has shamed me," Genma said, crying crocodile tears. "How could you sleep with my son and make him bare you a child?"

"Let's get one thing straight, Harry is my son. He is not Saotome's. If you idiots ever scare my son like that ever again, I will kick every single one of your asses," Ryoga growled, punching her fists on top of the table and making it crack slightly. "That little boy lost both of his real parents in one night, the only reason Harry called Ranma his mother is because she and Harry's Oka-san both have red hair. He's only one year old, that’s an easy mistake for a baby to make."

"Just like the strong Lioness who protects her cub," Kuno swooned, making Ryoga glare in his direction.

'Kami-sama, please tell me he is not serious,' Ryoga thought to herself while everyone else in the room sweat dropped. Kuno swept up to Ryoga, grabbing her hands and held them up between them.

"Forgive me my beautiful bandanna girl," He said staring down into an un-amused Ryoga's eyes. "I did not intend to imply that the pig-tail girl has been unfaithful or that your sacrifice to your little foundling cub was meaningless." Everyone else in the room face vaulted while a tick appeared on Ryoga's forehead. She pulled free one of her hands and planted it into Kuno's face, making him sail across the room into one of the walls.

"Shut up Kuno!" She growled then turned back to everyone else.

"You know, there was another big clue that the kid wasn't Ranma's," Nabiki said dryly, her chin resting in her hand as she watched everyone make fools of themselves. She had been quite the whole time, it was pretty clear to her the little boy in the other room wasn't anyone here’s kid, he wasn't even Asian! "For Ranma to be his mother, Ranma would have to be female for, I don't know, at least 9 months. I think we would have all noticed if Ranma was stuck in girl from for that long and would have noticed her stomach getting bigger during that time." Nabiki eyed Ryoga's female form, wondering if she could make some more money by selling photos of Ryoga to Kuno since the idiot was enamored with the lost boy's girl half much like he was with Ranma's.

"Oh... I suppose you are right Nabiki," Soun said, stroking his chin with one hand while the other was holding up his arm. Ryoga shook her head and turned, walking into the kitchen.

"Ryoga, get this kid off me," Ranma pleaded as the other cursed girl entered. "Tell him I'm not his mom!" Harry was babbling happily in baby-talk to his 'Mama', telling her in his own way about his Ryoa and wanting to know when they were going to see Daddy and Pafoo and Mooey again.

"Oh my, Ryoga-kun. Is everything alright out there?" Kasumi asked, wringing her hands into her apron. She had heard all the yelling but Ranma refused to let her go out of the kitchen.

"Yeah Kasumi, everyone’s just being idiots. Oh... and I might have damaged the table some," Ryoga said, rubbing the back of her head in embarrassment.

"It's ok, we have a couple of spares, we need them when Akane-chan breaks the table on Ranma’s head," Kasumi assured her. Ryoga shook her head then walked over to Ranma and Harry.

~Hey there Chibi,~ She cooed in English, gently taking Harry from her friend/rival.

~Ryoa, Mama!~ Harry said, grinning widely as he pointed at Ranma who crossed her arms over her chest.

"I am not his mom," She said again. Ryoga scowled and flicked Ranma on the arm.

"Shut up Saotome, he's only one," She growled. "It's your hair; it's making him think you're his mother Lily."

"Oh, I'll make you two some hot water," Kasumi offered, maybe it would be easier for the cute little boy if he saw that Ranma was really a boy.

~Now Harry. Remember what I told you?~ Ryoga asked, making Harry look up at her. ~Your Mama is gone, she has gone away for a very long time and so has your Daddy. This isn't your mama,~ Harry looked up at his Ryoa, his bottom lip quivering a bit. ~I know Chibi. But she really isn't your mama; this... this is your Auntie Ranma.~ Ryoga smirked a bit at Ranma who glowered at the other cursed teen.

"I am going to get you for that bacon breath," She hissed.

~Can you say 'Auntie Ranma'?~ Ryoga continued, ignoring Ranma's hissed threat.

~Anie Rama~ Harry repeated, pouting and looking at Ranma. ~No Mama?~

~Iie, Chibi, not Mama,~ Ryoga said with a shake of her head. Kasumi took that moment to pour some of the hot water from the kettle she made over Ranma's head, triggering the change back into his male form. ~See, Auntie Ranma is just like me,~ Ryoga said as Kasumi poured the rest of the water over Ryoga to change him back as well. Harry's lip quivered again as he watched Ranma, tears welling up in his big green eyes before he started crying.

"What's wrong with him now?" Ranma asked.

"Oh the poor thing, he must miss his mother," Kasumi said as Ryoga cradled Harry and rocked him.

~Shhhh, I know Chibi,~ He cooed, rubbing Harry's back. ~You miss your mama, it's ok.~

Ryoga looked up at the other two as Harry cried into his chest.

"His Oka-san was killed right in front of him. He doesn't understand that she's gone for good," He explained softly then looked at Ranma. "Could you lead me home?"


Ranma and Ryoga walked down the road in silence, Harry napping against Ryoga's shoulder. The toddler was once again dressed in his little snowsuit and hat, tired after crying.

"So... you gonna explain what's going on?" Ranma asked, breaking the quiet. "I mean, what happened to your curse? And just what is up with the kid?"

"Yeah, we want to know what’s up too," Mousse said loudly as he, Shampoo, and Ukyo jumped in front of the two boys, making them jump back in surprise.

"Don't do that," Ryoga hissed, checking to make sure Harry was still sleeping.

"Shampoo want know how pig boy have different curse," Shampoo said, hands on her hips. It hadn't been until Kuno started to hit on Ryoga that she, Mousse and Ukyo realized that Ryoga had been a girl at the time. But clearly he was currently male at the moment. The two cursed amazons wanted to know what was going on. "Did pig boy go to Jusenkyo?"

"Don't call me that," Ryoga said as he pushed past the others. "I clearly don't turn into a pig anymore." Ranma rushed forward to grab Ryoga before he went down the wrong street.

"Now hold on sugar, we just want to know what the hell is going on," Ukyo said. Ryoga sighed then looked over his shoulder.

"Alright, I was going to have to explain it all to you guys anyway," He said. "But we're waiting until we get to my house, I'm not gonna stand out here and let Harry get a cold just because you just have to know." The others couldn't find any fault in that logic and let Ranma continue to lead the way to Ryoga's home.


"Taidaima!" Ryoga called as he opened the door, sighing sadly when no one answered back. Once again, he and his parents managed to miss each other. He and Ranma carefully took down the traps his mother set up then motioned the others to come in.

"Awooo!" Shirokuro called as she ran into the entryway, her puppies following behind her.

"Shirokuro," Ryoga said with a happy grin, kneeling down and giving his dog a one armed hug, grinning as she gave him a lick to his cheek.

"Awoo?" She asked, nosing Harry as she noticed him.

"Shirokuro, meet the newest member of the Hibiki family," Ryoga said with a grin. Harry blinked as he was woken up, his eyes lighting up as he saw Shirokuro.

~Doggy!~ He said laughing. "Inu!"

"That's right," Ryoga said, standing up. "Come on, in the living room," He said to the others.

Once in the living room, the other members of the Nerima Wrecking Crew sat down around the low table while, with his dog's help, Ryoga got them something to drink.

"Ok spill, what's the story here?" Ukyo asked. Ryoga sighed, getting Harry out of his snowsuit and setting the toddler down on the floor beside him. Harry shrieked with happiness as the puppies set upon him, all of them much bigger now. And very mobile.

"Look, about a month ago I was camping out in England and I heard this loud explosion. I ran toward the noise and found this house. Inside were Harry and his parents. His Otousan and Okasan were already dead, Harry's Okasan Lily was killed in front of him," Ryoga explained softly. The girls gasped softly while the boys scowled in anger. "Yeah, that was pretty much how I felt. See, Harry and his parents are magical. Witch and wizards are the terms they use."

"Wizards? Witches? You mean like in fantasy books?" Ukyo asked.

"Pretty much. There’s a whole big community of these types of people all over the world. It's not like here in Japan where we have people like us," Ryoga waved at himself and the other cursed teens. "Or magical fuku wearing girls running around. These people live both with us and not with us at the same time. I've accidently come across whole magical towns lots of times, it's the only reason why I know about them."

"So what has that got to do with anything," Ranma asked.

"The magical community in England was having this all out war among themselves. For whatever reason the leader, some guy who calls himself Voldemort, decided Harry and his parents needed to die," Ryoga said. "How it was explained to me was that they were in hiding and their friend betrayed them to this Voldemort bastard. He killed Harry's parents and tried to kill him. But some sort of magic his Okasan did made it backfire on him. I showed up right after and ended up taking Harry with me because I didn't feel comfortable leaving Harry by himself while I tried to go get help."

"Let me guess, you got lost," Ranma said. Ryoga rolled his eyes.

"Yes Ranma, I got lost," He said.

"Umm... Ryoga I might be wrong but one of your dogs is changing colors," Mousse said, taking his glasses off and cleaning them. Ryoga turned and shook his head with a chuckle. Harry was giggling loudly as the puppy he was holding was changing different colors.

"Alright Chibi, leave the puppy alone," He said, taking the puppy from Harry, which went back to its original color, and pulled the toddler into his lap.

"Oh Ryoga, he is so cute!" Ukyo said while she and Shampoo leaned over to coo at Harry. Harry grinned up at the girls.

~Hi!~ He said, bouncing happily. Ryoga eyed Shampoo, remembering what she said at the Tendo's.

"Back up there Shampoo, you've already threatened to 'kill obstacle' I’m not about to let you near him just yet," He growled. Shampoo blushed and sat back on her heels.

"Shampoo sorry, say in heat of moment," She said. "Shampoo promise not to hurt baby. Why he talk funny?"

"He's British, he's speaking in English," Ryoga said, tickling Harry who giggled loudly. Shirokuro pushed her nose into Harry's stomach, panting happily as he hugged her head.

"Just get back to the story," Ranma said.

"I ended up lost for about a month then a couple of weeks ago I finally came across a wizarding town or something like that, in England. There’s this big bank ran by goblins who knew who Harry was because his family are some sort of friends with them," Ryoga continued to explain. "Long story short, the lead goblin convinced me to adopt Harry because the two people his real parents picked out to take care of him couldn't anymore and there was no one else. I agreed as long as they did something about my sense of direction and my curse."

"So why didn't they just cure it?" Ranma asked. Ryoga sighed, rubbing his forehead.

"They tried; they used this special type of magic to change the shape of my curse. It would let it hold all kinds of other forms, but when they changed it to look like my normal form, the magic in the curse rebelled and forced me to change back into a pig," Ryoga said. "It hurt like hell too. So I told them just to turn me into a girl."

"Wait, you chose to turn into a girl?" Ranma asked. "Why would you do that?!"

"Ranma, I would rather turn into a girl any day of the week rather than be a pig," Ryoga said. "You complain about your curse all day long but you have it a lot easier than the rest of us. At least you're a human!"

"Oh, ok I guess that makes sense," Ranma said.

"So what about the other problem," Ukyo asked. "The whole getting lost thing."

"Oh, they couldn't find the problem there," Ryoga said making the other teens face fault. Ryoga pushed back one of his sleeves, showing off the bracer on his arm. "So they just gave me a magical bracer that ties itself to one on Harry." He held up Harry's arm with its own little bracer. "With these, I can't wander off too far away."

"So you're really gonna take care of this kid?" Ranma asked.

"Hmm, he's my son now," Ryoga said nodding. "The papers were signed and everything. I've got to teach him as much as possible."

"Why?" Mousse asked.

"The guy who tried to kill him isn't dead," Ryoga explained. "He's still alive somewhere out there, he's some sort of spirit cause of something he did and if he ever gets a body back, he's going to come after Harry."

"So you want him to protect himself," Ukyo said.

"Yeah, and it's not just this Voldemort guy, Harry is really famous cause he 'defeated' the leader of the bad wizards. Everyone is gonna want a piece of him," Ryoga said, holding Harry closer. "I won't let anyone hurt him if I can help it. I'm going to make sure he's the best Magical Martial Artist there is."

"So what does that have to do with us?" Ranma asked. Ryoga looked at his friend/rival in the eye.

"You're the best martial artist here; you know a whole bunch of different techniques and styles," Ryoga said softly. "I only know what I've picked up and what Cologne has taught me. I need your help in teaching Harry, as much as it pains me to ask this."

"Don't worry Sugar, we'll make sure this little cutie learns all he can," Ukyo said with a wink.

"Shampoo have tell great grandmother about this," Shampoo said with a frown.

"Not if she's just going to use him," Ryoga growled. "He's not a weapon or a toy." Shampoo gulped as the anger was directed at her.

"I don't think the old mummy is that heartless," Mousse said.

"Look, I'll take what help I can get as long as Harry-chan is protected," Ryoga said, smiling as Harry grinned up at him.


Author note: And we're back in Nerima. Next couple of chapters will jump around the next 10 years until Harry is old enough for Hogwarts.

I got a few more suggestions for Ryoga's future wife but Ukyo still came out ahead. So Ukyo will be Harry's new mummy.

Harry's cursed form will be coming up as well. I'm still not gonna give it away just yet but I will give out a clue. The form Harry will be getting was in Rumiko Takahashi's other series Inuyasha.

Edit 5-13-14: Not much needed to be fixed here and nothing was changed chapter wise.
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