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Chapter 4

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Harry Hibiki and the Philosopher's Stone

Disclaimer: Harry Potter © J. K. Rowling and Ranma 1/2 © Rumiko Takahashi

Author note: Thanks once again to my beta Blissfull Wulf

Chapter 4

After a while, the other teens left the house, leaving Ryoga and Harry alone with the dogs. Luckily for Ryoga, his mother Ayako Hibiki came home while he was there. It was a tearful reunion between mother and son, even more so when Ryoichi Hibiki came home as well. Ryoga was thrilled; he hadn't seen his father in years, only having spoken to his dad on the phone a few times.

Ayako and Ryoichi were thrilled to find they had a grandson now and very proud of their son when Ryoga explained what had happen and why he had his chibi. He also had to explain his curse to his parents; Ayako teased Ryoga about how nice it was to have a daughter as well as a son.

Yes, Ryoga had left home a happy person, his mother had gotten his baby things out of storage for Harry to use, the toddler thrilled with his new toys.

A couple of weeks later found Ryoga on a street corner with a map held out in front of him. Harry was in a toddler sling on the front of his chest; a young mother he met suggested the device so he could carry Harry and still have both of his hands free.

"Now where are we?" Ryoga said as he tried to make head or tails of the map. Harry was giggling and pulling at the edge closest to him.

"You know that you’re reading a map of Okinawa right?" A voice asked in Ryoga's ear. Ryoga jumped slightly and turned to face an amused Ranma.

"Anni Rama!" Harry said excitedly, holding his arms out. Ranma scowled slightly, he was male right now and he was being called 'Auntie', or as close as a one year old could get.

"Why did you have to teach him that?" Ranma asked annoyed.

"It's cute," Ryoga said as he took Harry out of his sling and handed the toddler over to his friendly rival. "We're not in Okinawa are we?"

"No we're in Juban," Ranma said with a sigh as he took a moment to figure out how to hold Harry. Ryoga blinked, he was excepting Ranma to tell him he was back in Nerima.

"Why are you in Juban?" He asked. Ranma sighed softly and gave Harry back to Ryoga.

"Come on, I'll explain inside," He said, grabbing Ryoga's arm and dragging him down the street to one of the houses. "This is my mom's house," he explained as he dragged the other boy inside. Ranma called out he was home as he toed off his shoes in the entry way. (1)

"That was quick," Nodoka Saotome said as she exited the kitchen, dressed in her usual kimono and smiled at Ryoga and Harry. "I see you brought one of your friends over."

"Yeah," Ranma said, rubbing the back of his head. "Mom, you remember Ryoga? This is his kid Harry."

"Hi!" Harry waved and grinned.

"How sweet," Nodoka said. "Well I'll bring you three some snacks in a few minutes." Ranma nodded and dragged Ryoga into the living room.

"I thought your mother lived with you at the Tendo’s?" Ryoga asked as he put his pack down then sat at the table. Harry was let loose and set out to explore the room.

"They just got finished rebuilding not too long ago," Ranma explained. "Mom wanted to get out of the Tendo Dojo when they finished. And after what's been going on, so did I."

"What happened now?" Ryoga asked, wondering what could have happened, he was only gone for two weeks!

"Well for starters, I ain't engaged to Akane anymore," Ranma said. "Things have been really going downhill since the failed wedding. In fact, Mom said all engagements are called off until we sort out this mess."

"Living with the Tendo’s allowed me to see how Akane treats my son," Nodoka said as she came in with a tray of tea and snacks. "Her mother would be ashamed at how Akane has been acting."

"So that's it, after everything?" Ryoga asked surprise.

"With Akane yeah," Ranma said as he grabbed one of the cups of tea. Ryoga called Harry who rushed over to sit in his Ryoa's lap. "I still might have to marry either Kasumi or Nabiki."

"We have a written contract with the Tendo’s, something the other girls don't have," Nodoka said as she sat down across from the boys.

"So you break it off with Akane and I get dumped by Akari," Ryoga muttered as he fed Harry a piece of cake. Ranma blinked, not sure if he’d heard the other boy right.

"Akari dumped you?" He asked in surprise. "Why?"

"Err..." Ryoga looked over at Nodoka, he had no idea how much Ranma's mother knew about everything.

"Excuse us for a moment Mom," Ranma said as he stood up, tugging Ryoga up with him.

"I can look after your son while you speak with mine," Nodoka offered, wanting to hold Harry since it would be awhile before she got any grandchildren from Ranma. Ryoga smiled slightly and handed Harry over.

"Be good Harry-chan," He said, gently tapping the boy on the nose and making the little wizard giggle and scrunch his neck. Ranma continued to drag Ryoga into another room so they could talk.

"Ok P-chan, spill," Ranma said once they were out of the room. "What is up with you and Akari? I thought you two were set up for life or something."

"So did I," Ryoga said with a sigh as he leaned back against the wall. "Akari wasn't too happy about my curse being changed."

"She's unhappy that you don't turn into a pig anymore?" Ranma asked with a raised eyebrow.

"It was one of her favorite things about me. Said it made me the perfect man for her, even though she knew I hated it," Ryoga grumbled. "She may have been able to live with my new girl form but Harry accidently blasted Katsunishiki back when the pig did something that scared him. She didn't like Harry so much after he attacked one of her 'precious pigs'," Ryoga sneered the last words. "We got into a fight about it and ended our relationship."

"Wow, I didn't know you had it in you," Ranma said. "Well look at this way, now you haven’t got anything in your way to Akane now," He said, slapping Ryoga's shoulder as he tried to cheer the other boy up.

"I don't think that's going to work either," Ryoga said with a shake of his head. "Maybe I'm just destined not to have anyone to love. But at least I've got Harry now." Ranma wasn't sure why Ryoga didn't think it would work with Akane; he remembered the future he saw in the magic Mirror were Akane and Ryoga looked happily married with three boys. He then remembered that had been a nightmare he had and never really happened. (2)

"Well don't give up Ryoga," Ranma said making Ryoga's lips quirk slightly and nod. He lifted his head as he heard the joyful laughter from Harry in the other room and headed out to see what his son was up too. "Ryoga! You're heading for the bathroom you idiot!" Ranma said as he chased after the other teen.


Harry’s 2nd birthday - the beach

Life went on pretty normally after that for the most part, Ranma returned to the Tendo's but this time with an open engagement until he chose one of the Tendo sisters to marry. Ukyo was informed that her own engagement to Ranma was not going to happen and Genma would be returning her dowry that was stolen. The girl hadn't been happy and refused to talk to Ranma for a while... but in time they were friends again though not as close. Shampoo on the other hand refused to give up her claim on Ranma.

Ryoga continued to send Minerva McGonagall regular updates about Harry, along with pictures, to a muggle post box that Minerva's personal house elf got the mail from and delivered to her at Hogwarts so she could bypass Albus. The Headmaster was none the wiser and was still searching for Harry.

It was now Harry's 2nd birthday. The Crew decided to visit the beach for the week, Ukyo and the Amazons setting up stands along the boardwalk.

Minerva had been invited as well and was currently walking up the beach wearing an old fashion swimsuit and large brim hat to block the sun. Luckily Harry's birthday fell on the same day that Albus had to deal with the meetings of the IWC and wasn't around to know about her trip. Not that it was any of his business what Minerva did during the summer when she was off. So with a translation charm cast on herself and a gift for Harry in her hands, Minerva set off for Japan.

"Damn it Kuno, leave me alone!" Minerva looked up, seeing a girl wearing a black one piece swimsuit and a familiar black and yellow bandanna fighting alongside a shorter red headed girl with her hair tied back in a braid. The smaller girl was also wearing a one piece that had the word 'boy' on the front.

"Pig tail girl! Bandanna girl!" A young man waving around some sort of wooden sword yelled. "Come with me my loves, I will protect you from the vile Saotome!" Both girls growled and kicked out at the same time, catching Kuno in the middle and sending him to the other end of the beach.

"Fuck he's getting annoying!" Ryoga said, trying to calm back down. Ever since Kuno had seen her female form, the older boy pursued her much like he did Ranma, refusing to believe that Ryoga's two forms were the same person. Ryoga just considered herself lucky that Kuno didn't try to fight her as a boy as well.

"Now you know how I feel," Ranma said with a smirk.

"Don't rub it in Saotome," Ryoga said turning to face the other cursed girl. "Ugh, I'm going to find Harry."

"Hold on, let me help you before you go wondering off and end up in China or something," Ranma said, grabbing Ryoga's arm. "The girls kidnapped Harry, so they're over there."

The two cursed boys-turned-girls found Ryoga's adopted son with Akane and Ukyo building a little sand castle.

"Ryoa!" Harry said, grinning up at Ryoga as she knelt down beside the toddler.

"Hey there chibi," She said, ruffling the boy's hair.

"Hey Sugar," Ukyo said, looking up from the sand castle they were making. Akane glared at Ranma and turned her head away with a huff while Ranma rolled her eyes. They weren't set to marry anymore but the pair still couldn't get along. Harry tugged on Ryoga's arms, waiting to be picked up.

"Are you making a sand castle?" Ryoga cooed as she picked up Harry. Harry giggled and held Ryoga's cheeks between his hands.

"You are so good with him Ryoga," Ukyo said.

"Yeah, you make a very good daddy," Akane agreed giving the bandanna girl a smile.

"Daddy!" Harry repeated, giggling loudly and not noticing the amazed look from the teens.

"Wha... what did you call me?" Ryoga said softly.

"Daddy!" Harry said again, giving Ryoga a wet kiss on her cheek.

"Ooohh how cute!" Ukyo squealed with girly excitement.

"Excuse me," Minerva said as she walked up to the group of girls, smiling as Harry saw her and yelled 'Mimi!'

"McGonagall-sensei, I'm glad you could make it," Ryoga said standing up and turning around to face the older woman.

Minerva smiled and said "And here's the birthday boy." Harry grinned up at her and held out his arms.

"Mimi!" Harry said as the professor took him. "Daddy! Gots Mimi!" He told Ryoga.

"Oh.... he's calling you 'Daddy' now?" Minerva asked in shock while Ryoga blushed slightly.

"He just started... that's alright ne?" Ryoga asked she knew Minerva taught and was friends with Harry's real father James.

"Well you are his father now," Minerva said after a moment.

"Excuse me, just who are you?" Ranma asked. "You seem to know Ryoga pretty well."

"McGonagall-sensei knew Harry's birth parents and I thought she would like to come to his birthday party," Ryoga said. She had almost mentioned that Minerva was the one that changed her curse but since Akane was right there, managed to stop herself. "Hey Harry. Why don't you tell McGonagall-sensei who everyone here is?"

"Dat Anni Rama. Dat Anni Kane," Harry said, pointing at Ranma and Akane. "Dat Anni Ucc."

"I hate you so much right now," Ranma growled in Ryoga's ear while Minerva looked at the group of teenage girls curiously. She had been a bit startled when she’d first seen the red headed girl next to Ryoga but the child was much shorter than Lily had been and her eyes were blue not green.

"How about we get some cake and open presents," Ryoga said a smirk on her face as she ignored Ranma. Akane and Ukyo got up and lead Minerva to the picnic table that was set up for the party.

"So who is she really?" Ranma asked once the others were out of ear shot.

"I wasn't lying; she did know Harry's Otousan and Okasan," Ryoga said softly. "She’s also the one who changed the shape of the curse."

"Really, that was her?" Mousse said just behind Ryoga and Ranma, making them jump and spin around, glaring at Mousse and Shampoo.

"Why do you two do that?" Ryoga asked.

"Maybe lady change Shampoo's curse? Shampoo no want to be little cat anymore," Shampoo said, watching Minerva with a curious look.

"I’d like it if you weren't a c-cat either," Ranma muttered under her breath. "Let's go P-chan, your little boy is waiting on his 'daddy' for his cake," She said, grabbing Ryoga's arm and dragging the taller girl to the table.

"Meh, you can only ask her but it wasn't just her, the goblins helped too," Ryoga pointed out over her shoulder.

Harry was plopped down in Ryoga's lap as soon as the lost cursed girl sat down and Kasumi brought out a cake for the birthday boy. Harry gave a baby squeal of joy as he blew out his candles and was fed chocolate cake by his new daddy.

Harry's gifts had a pretty large range from toys to clothing; Minerva brought some wizarding story books for Ryoga to read to Harry.

"Sweeto!" Happosai said as he bounded to the middle of the group. "Don't forget my gift!" He handed Harry a package before the rest could stop him. Harry tore off the bright color paper to reveal... a pair of little girl panties.

"Oh my!" Kasumi said as she saw the gift. "Grandpa, I don't think that is a proper gift for a little boy."

"Nonsense," Happosai said with a wave of his hand. "He's not old enough to get his own silky darlings but he can start his collection!"

The group either sweat dropped or face faulted at Happosai's words while Ryoga growled and clenched her fist. Minerva sniffed in disapproval, hiding her wand under her arm and pointing it at the little panties, transfiguring them into a rabid little dog then setting it on Happosai.

"Hey! Ouch! That is not the way to treat panties!" Happosai said as he hopped around while the panties dog bit at his ass. The attack had taken him by surprise until he was able to bat the dog away.

Later, Ryoga was pulled aside by Cologne.

"My Great Granddaughter informed me about your wish for the boy here to gain some training from me," Cologne said nodding to the sleepy toddler in Ryoga arms.

"Only what you feel you can give us," Ryoga said, rubbing Harry's back.

"Hmm, I have thought it over and spoken to my fellow elders," Cologne said. "We have decided that I will teach a few tricks to the boy."

"Thank you Elder Cologne," Ryoga said gratefully, she looked down and smiled as Harry yawned and buried his face into his daddy's chest.

"Your friends are right, you do make a decent father," Cologne said as she watched the fanged youth take care of the toddler. "Have you considered taking an Amazon bride?"


Age 3

Harry giggled as he chased after Oreo, the last puppy left over from Shirokuro's last litter. Ryoga decided to take the puppy with them last time he was home as Harry seemed to love the mutt. The puppy had its own unusual color scheme, black on both sides with a strip of white down the middle from the tip of its nose to the tip of its tail. It made the puppy took like the American cookie Oreos hence the name. The puppy yipped as he and Harry ran between the chairs and tables of Ucchan's, chasing after Konatsu as the ninja moved around cleaning up.

"They are so cute," Ukyo said as the pair ran past again. "So when are you going to start training him?"

"Soon, it’ll just be the small easy stuff to start with. Ranma's not really in a state to help right now," Ryoga said with a smirk. Ukyo laughed and shook her head.

"I can't believe Nabiki and Shampoo got him.... er her... to agree to carry the first baby," she said with amusement.

"I still can’t believe Ranma is married to both of them," Ryoga said with a shake of his head. Not long after the summer that Harry turned two, Ranma announced that he and Nabiki had decided on marrying, fulfilling the Saotome/Tendo agreement. Most surprising of all was when they made a deal with Cologne for Ranma to be married to Shampoo as well though it was only legal in China in her village. In Japan, she was Ranma's 'mistress' which somehow worked out for all three of them.

"You look depressed," Ryoga stated as he watched Ukyo. Ukyo sighed and leaned again the counter.

"Sometimes, I really wish Ranma chose me but he seems happy with Nabiki and Shampoo," Ukyo said. "It hurts; part of me still loves him. I can't believe Shampoo still managed to get a piece of Ranma even though he's with Nabiki. Sometimes I just want to get away from seeing him all the time and how happy he is. You're the only one who is as happy as Ranma since you adopted Harry."

"Harry just radiates happiness and it's hard to feel lonely when you’re traveling with a 3 year old," Ryoga said. "Before traveling aimlessly was a chore, just trying to find my way home. But with Harry, it's kinda like seeing the world for the first time. He loves to travel to new places."

"Hmm, you do go to a lot of places," Ukyo said, looking thoughtfully at Ryoga. She had had an idea for a while now; she wanted to get away from the heartache of seeing Ranma all the time looking happy with his/her two spouses. She couldn't really heal from that seeing them all the time. She wasn't going to give up her restaurant but she had been teaching Konatsu how to use the grill and the ninja was quite good at it. Of course he had to cook for his stepmother and stepsisters when he was living with them.

Ukyo wanted to travel a bit, she had a new yatai from Genma when he was forced to give back her dowry by his wife and since he destroyed the original one had to buy a whole brand new one for the girl. And if she traveled with Ryoga, it was a sure thing Ukyo would get away for a while.

"Hey Sugar, how would you feel if I tagged along for a while?"


Harry age 4

Harry sat watching his daddy and Aunt Ucc as they sparred with each other nearby. His aunt had been traveling with them for a while, always selling her yummy okonomiyaki from her cart.

"Do you think Aunt Ucc is gonna be my new mommy Oreo?" Harry asked his puppy. Oreo yipped and waged his bi-colored tail. "Daddy said a very bad man made my old daddy and my old mommy go away. So Daddy Ryoa takes care of me. But I dunts has a new mommy."

Harry looked over at Ryoga and Ukyo again as they sparred. His daddy was starting to teach him how to fight too. Still, he wanted to know if his Aunt Ucc was going to be his new mommy.

His little friend Spice had two mommies and a daddy, though her daddy was sometimes a mommy too. Harry only had a daddy now, he liked Aunt Ucc, and she took care of him like a mommy.

"Come on Jackass, don't hold back!" Ukyo yelled, bringing her spatula down on Ryoga's umbrella.

"If I don't hold back, I'm going to really hurt you," Ryoga said as he brought up his weapon again then flipped up and over Ukyo's head as she threw a handful of little spatulas at him, the woman cursing at him the whole time, using words along the lines of 'you fucking jackass!'

"Daddy, what does fucking mean?" Harry asked tilting his head as the two adults froze as he picked out that one word out of Ukyo's triad.

"Harry, do not ever repeat that," Ryoga said firmly. "That is a bad word that little boys don't need to say."

"Oh... Daddy?" Harry asked again, making Ryoga turn back to him. "Is Aunt Ucc gonna be my new mommy?" Ryoga and Ukyo coughed and sputtered caught off guard by the question. "Cause I wants her to be my new mommy."

"Harry, it's not that easy Chibi," Ryoga said as he picked up Harry and sat the little boy on his hip.

"Why not?" Harry asked, tilting his head to the side. "Dunts you like Aunt Ucc?" Ukyo laughed softly as she watched the flustered Ryoga try to answer Harry.

"Yeah Sugar, don't you like me?" She asked, fluttering her eyelashes at Ryoga who went beet red.

"I likes you Aunt Ucc," Harry said, grinning as Ukyo took him from Ryoga.

"Well maybe you should be my little boyfriend then," Ukyo said, carrying him back to their camp. He giggled as Ryoga followed them, sputtering and blushing hotly. Little Harry didn’t know that he’d planted the idea in both of Ukyo and Ryoga's minds; they had been good friends and partners in splitting up Ranma and Akane in their youth. Ukyo even liked Ryoga though her heart belonged to Ranma at the time. But Ranma was no longer an option for her and who did she have left other than Ryoga besides a cross dresser and a ninja that acted like a woman at times after her attention.


Ryoga nervously straightened his tie in front of the mirror, Ranma watched from where he was leaning against the wall next to the door.

"Calm down already P-chan," Ranma said as he finally pushed away from the wall and went over to slap Ryoga's hands away.

"I can't help it, what if she decides she doesn't want to marry me after all," Ryoga fretted making Ranma roll his eyes.

"Look, I don't know what Ucchan sees in you sometimes but for whatever reason the last couple of years you dragged her out of that funk she was in after I told her we couldn't get married," Ranma said, putting his hands on Ryoga's shoulders. Ryoga chuckled weakly, rubbing the back of his neck.

"It's Harry's fault. He kept asking me if Ukyo was going to be his new mom and kept pointing out why she would be a good one," Ryoga said. "Guess I agreed with him."

"Look Ryoga, Ukyo ended up falling in love with you and she adores Harry," Ranma pointed out. Ryoga started to fidget again making Ranma sigh and slap him upside the head. "Calm down, you'll see. Ukyo is gonna come down that aisle all dressed in white and you'll forget about all your worries. Hell, even all your family somehow managed to make it, if that's not a sign I don't know what is."

"Yeah... I haven't see my whole family together like this in years," Ryoga said, thinking of all his cousins, aunts and uncles waiting outside with his mother and father.

"There you go. Come on, I have to make sure you make it to the altar," Ranma said as he grabbed Ryoga's arm and guided him outside to where the wedding was taking place.

Meanwhile in the other part of the house, Ukyo stood in front of her own mirror looking at herself in her wedding dress.

"You look very pretty in that Ukyo," Akane said as she and Kasumi helped her put on her veil.

"Yeah... I didn't ever think I’d be able to wear this," Ukyo said in wonder.

"Well I think you're lucky, Ryoga-kun is very sweet and he's been in love with you for years," Akane said making Ukyo chuckle, she didn't think it was years since Ryoga use to be in love with Akane but since Akane never seemed to notice how Ryoga felt for her, it was the girl’s loss and her gain.

Soon it was time for the wedding itself, Ryoga stood at the altar with Ranma as his best man. Of course he had been Ranma's best man too, Nabiki wanted to go with a western style wedding when she married Ranma. Mousse and Konatsu stood as the other groomsman since Ryoga didn't have many male friends and they all refused to invite Kuno to the wedding. Ryoga looked out at the rows of guests, seeing all his relatives eagerly waiting for his wedding to start. Also in the crowd was Minerva McGonagall, wearing her best robes, she helped him so much and his regular letters to her helped forge a bond between the pair.

Minerva lied to Albus, telling him one of her cousins was getting married that lived in America. Albus had no real interest in Minerva’s relatives, just giving her a smile and asking her to wish which ever cousin it was to have a happy wedding. If he knew that Harry was going to be there it would have been a different story but since he didn't know....

Soon the music started and Ryoga turned toward the doors of the house. Harry lead the way proudly with a pillow in his little hands with the rings on top and carefully leading one of his cousins that were the same age as him acting as the flower girl. Behind them were the bride’s maids Kasumi, Akane and Shampoo. Nabiki was unable to be a bride’s maid; she was currently knocked up with her and Ranma's first child carried by her. She had a front row seat holding Spice who was the baby that Ranma was tricked into getting pregnant with by Nabiki and Shampoo.

The music changed to a wedding march and soon Ryoga's breath was caught in his throat. To him Ukyo was the most beautiful thing in the world, gliding up the aisle on the arm of her father. It may not be the man that he chose for his daughter, but Ukyo's father come to like Ryoga and approved of him as his future son-in-law. Ukyo was soon across from Ryoga at the altar, her brown eyes looking up into Ryoga's green ones as the priest had them recite vows and exchange rings.

When the priest asked if there was anyone who was against the marriage, a large flower vase wiggled then busted apart as Tsubasa Kurenai in a white dress leapt out.

"I object!" He said as he landed in front of Ukyo and Ryoga. "Ukyo, you should be marrying me!"

"Go away Tsubasa," Ukyo hissed, she didn't have her weapons on her to knock the cross dressing boy away. Tusbasa opened his mouth to object again but Mousse, who had his weapons hidden under his robes, came to the rescue as he tied the other man up and tossed the bound man away. Ukyo and Ryoga gave the male Amazon a grateful look then turned back to the priest.

"Errr... does anyone else have any objections?" The priest asked. When no one stepped up and said anything the priest nodded and turned back to the couple. "Then I pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride." Ukyo leaned forward and kissed Ryoga deeply, smiling into the kiss as Ryoga pulled her closer. They could hear everyone cheering happily, Harry's cheers the loudest.


The reception was in full swing, everyone laughing and smiling. Nabiki was wondering around the table with the wedding gifts, curious to what everyone gave Ryoga and Ukyo. Off to the side was a barrel, one that looked just like the one that had been at Ranma and Akane's failed wedding.

"Hey Ryoga, I think you'll want to see this," Nabiki called. Ryoga came over curious to what Nabiki meant, Harry on his hip. "I think the Jusenkyo guide sent you a wedding gift," She said, patting the barrel.

"Really?" Ryoga said excited, maybe now he could just be cured for good, no more changing shape every time he was doused with cold water. Nabiki turned the barrel slightly so the words 'Nannichuan' was showing. /'I'm gonna have to ask McGonagall-sensei if it's safe to use the water while the curse is still under the magic she used,' /he thought to himself. He didn't notice Genma behind them who also saw the barrel of Nannichuan. Being the greedy panda that he was, Genma was already planning on stealing the water for himself.

"Pop, what are you up too?" Ranma asked suspiciously as he noticed his father sneaking around.

"Heeheehee, nothing boy. Nothing at all," Genma said, spinning around and laughing nervously while rubbing the back of his head.

"Yeah right," Ranma said, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Ranma, come dance with Shampoo," Shampoo said as she tugged on Ranma's arm toward the area roped off as the dance floor. Ranma gave Genma one last look before letting his Chinese lover drag him off.

Ryoga was explaining the barrel of water to Minerva when he heard the commotion by the gift table. He turned and cursed as he saw Genma and Mousse fighting over the barrel. Many people were running away from the fight.

"Wait you two! Stop!" Ryoga yelled as he handed Harry over to Minerva and ran toward the fight to stop it alongside Ranma.

"Ukyo!" Tsubasa yelled as he made it back to the wedding after Mousse threw him out.

"Tsubasa, go away!" Ukyo yelled. "I'm married now! You need to leave me alone." She was backing away from the pleading Tusbasa. She didn't notice that she was getting closer to the fight behind the cursed male members of the Wrecking Crew. Ranma and Ryoga were trying to stop Genma and Mousse from fighting over the barrel of Nannichuan which was high in the air above the fight. "I don't love you, I never did!"

"But Ukyo, I love you. We're perfect for each other!" Tusbasa begged this was his last chance to convince the woman he loved that they belonged together!

"No! Mousse stop!" Ranma yelled as Mousse threw a batch of knives at Genma just as the barrel reached its arch and was now falling toward the ground. The sharp knives passed through the barrel, busting it open and spilling the contents on top of the pair below. Tusbasa, already being a male to begin with, wasn't affected by the cursed waters. Ukyo on the other hand....

"U-Ukyo?" Ryoga asked in stuttered shock. Ukyo turned a fire in his eyes as he glared at the other four. As a male, Ukyo looked very much like the male disguise he had worn growing up. He was taller and a filled out a bit, his wedding dress stretched across bigger muscles.

"Ranchan... Sugar... move," Ukyo hissed, voice a little deeper now. Somehow, even in his anger Ukyo realized that his new husband and his best friend had only been trying to stop the fight, nor were they the ones who busted the barrel over his head. Ranma and Ryoga looked at each other then quickly moved out of the way as Ukyo stalked over to Genma and Mousse. What followed was a very violent encounter that isn't suitable for younger audiences; the end results were Genma and Mousse needing to go the hospital for their injuries. And not one single person at the wedding could blame Ukyo, they had messed up her special day after all.


(From now on, "talk" is English and ~talk~ is Japanese)

Harry Age 5

~Don't wonder off too far Harry,~ Ryoga said as Harry asked to go exploring with Oreo. Harry turned around and waved to show he’d heard, smiling at his adopted father, two little cute fangs peeking over his lip. Harry’s canines started to grow in as fangs when he lost his baby teeth, a result of the little boy's accidental magic changing the shape of his teeth when he wanted to look more like his daddy.

~Where do you think we are this time?~ Ukyo asked as she set up the yatai to make them lunch. Ryoga shrugged, he never knew where he was or where he led his family most of the time. This was their one last trip this summer before they settled back at Ucchan's Okonomiyaki for the rest of the year so Harry could start school. Luckily with the bracers, as long as Harry was in one place, Ryoga couldn't wonder too far off so Harry could regularly go to the school unlike Ryoga who had always gotten lost.

Meanwhile in another part of the same wood; Remus Lupin groaned as he came too, holding a hand up to block the sunlight that was filtering through the trees above him. The night before had been the full moon and Remus, who is a werewolf, had spent the night tearing around the woods with his mind taking the backseat in his own head as his werewolf mind Moony took over. These days the full moons were harder on him without his pack brothers and Moony had attacked his own body when the werewolf had nothing to attack.

'The ward that kept me locked in must have failed,' Remus thought, he remembered locking himself in the small cabin he had lived in the last few years, always locking himself in during the full moons. His locking ward had to have failed this month if he was outside.

"Are you ok mister?" Remus looked up in shock at the young voice. A young boy was standing a few feet away with a black and white dog standing by his side. The boy was wearing a shirt with a Japanese kanji on the front and jeans. He was also wearing a yellow bandanna with black strips, a silver bracer adorned with red and gold stones on his arm, and when he smiled, two little cute fangs peeked over his lip.

"Wh-what?" Remus said, looking up into the boy's eyes. He froze as familiar green eyes looked down at him. 'It can't be... Harry has been missing for 4 years, there is no way he's wondering around the middle of the woods,' Remus thought, his mind racing. The little boy looked a bit like James and he had Lily’s green eyes but... it was impossible!

"I said are you ok?" Harry said, kneeling down so he was more eye level with Remus. "You don't look ok. You look like you’re hurt bad."

"It... it's nothing," Remus said as he slowly sat up, hissing softly in pain. His whole body ached from the night before; he had scratches and bite marks that were still bleeding a bit.

"I'm gonna go get my daddy," Harry said as he stood. "Stays with him Oreo," The boy said to his dog.

"Awoo!" Oreo said, moving so he was sitting next to Remus. Harry ran back to Ryoga and Ukyo, yelling 'Daddy!' loudly.

Ryoga jumped up as Harry ran back into the camp screaming for him.

~Harry what is it?~ He said as he knelt down to catch the boy as Harry tripped in his haste to get to him.

~There's a man back there, he's got cuts all over him and he's bleeding,~ Harry explained, pointing the way he came. ~He needs help.~

~Better go see what's up Sugar,~ Ukyo said. Ryoga nodded, grabbing his umbrella then he had Harry lead him back to Remus.

Remus at the same time was sitting up, checking over his injuries.

'I managed to mangle myself pretty good this time,' He thought with a sigh. He needed to get out of here before that little boy who may or may not be Harry came back with his father. He was naked for Merlin's sake; he didn't think that would go over very well with the boy's father.

"Awoo?" Oreo watched as Remus braced himself against the nearest tree, trying to pull himself off the ground. The bi-colored dog placed his paw on Remus's chest, pushing him back down; the man didn't need to move.

"Look, I need to be going," Remus said, feeling silly for talking to the dog.

"Awoo," Oreo said firmly, his paw still resting on Remus's chest.

~There he is Daddy,~ Harry said as he came back, pointing at Remus. Ryoga's eyes widen, grabbing and pulling Harry behind him when he saw Remus was nude. Remus gulped at the look in the other man's eyes, his legs pulled up so nothing was showing and holding his hands up in surrender.

"Nothing happened, he found me like this," Remus quickly said, wishing he had his wand with him. "I don't want any trouble." Ryoga looked Remus over, Harry was right; the man was covered in scratches that looked like they were made with large sharp claws and also what looked like bite marks. The other was also covered in scars, some of which looked like they were years old.

"Harry's right, you do look like you've been mauled," Ryoga said, missing the widening of Remus's eyes when Ryoga called Harry by his name.

"We gots to take him back right Daddy?" Harry said, tugging on Ryoga's arm. "And makes sure he gets better."

"Yeah... Harry turn around a moment will you," Ryoga told Harry. Harry giggled and turned his back to the two men. Ryoga took off his yellow tunic shirt and gave it to Remus for the man to put on. While both of them were about the same height, Ryoga was wider than Remus because of his muscles so the shirt hung off of one of Remus's shoulders and hung low enough to cover Remus when Ryoga helped him stand up.

"Ok Chibi, you can start leading us back to camp," Ryoga said.

"Ok, come on Oreo," Harry said, calling his dog over.

"Awwooo!" Oreo panted happily as he ran around the group as Harry lead Ryoga back to camp.

~Is everything ok Sugar... Kami-sama, what happened to him!?~ Ukyo asked as she turned from her yatai.

"I don't know, I think he was mauled by a wild animal," Ryoga said as he helped Remus to sit on a log.

"Look, I appreciate the help but it's really nothing," Remus said.

"It doesn't look like nothing hun," Ukyo said as she knelt down next to Remus and pulled back one of the sleeves of the shirt he was wearing. "Those look pretty bad."

"It's not really anything I can help," Remus said. "I just need to rest and I'll be ok in a couple of days."

"You get attacked regularly?" Ryoga asked as he took out a first aid kit from his pack. He tossed it to Ukyo who started to bandage up the other man.

"It's complicated," Remus admitted, he didn't want to tell this nice couple that he was a werewolf. And he had to find out how they got his cub.

"I'm Ryoga Hibiki, this is my wife Ukyo and our son Harry," Ryoga said, proudly smiling down at Harry. Ukyo looked up and noticed the longing and curious look in Remus's amber toned eyes.

"You know Harry don't you!" She realized.

"Umm...well.... ahh..." Remus grasped for words, holding up his hands then dropped them with a sigh. "I do, I was a friend of his parents." Ryoga narrowed his eyes, thinking about the conversation he’d had a long time ago with the Goblin leader Ragnok. Ragnok had told him Harry's godparents were unable to take care of him, one friend was dead to the world and the last was unable to take care of Harry because he was...

"You're the werewolf friend!" Ryoga said, pointing at Remus. Remus's mouth dropped open in shock.

"How..." Remus asked he tried to keep his werewolf status as quiet as possible.

"Ragnok mentioned you. Not by name just that the Harry's Otousan and Okasan had a werewolf friend that couldn't take him," Ryoga explained.

"Ragnok... the leader of the goblin nation and director of Gringotts Ragnok?" Remus asked in disbelief. This man was on a first name basis with Ragnok? "Wait, just why do you have Harry anyway?"

"Cause he's my Daddy," Harry said.

"I saved Harry that Halloween night and ended up adopting him," Ryoga said. "Ukyo adopted him when she married me." Ukyo nodded her head in agreement.

"Why... why didn't the goblins tell anyone that Harry was alive and found? Just why did you adopt him?" Remus asked.

"To keep him safe. McGonagall-sensei told me if I hadn't adopted him, he would have been sent to his Okasan's sister," Ryoga said.

"Petunia? Albus was going to send him to Petunia?!" Remus asked horrified. "Lily never wanted Harry to live with her sister, she hates magic!" Albus wanted them to find Harry so he could place Harry someplace safe. But with Petunia? Remus blinked as he realized that Ryoga mentioned Minerva. "Minerva knows you have him?"

"Yes, she was there when I signed the adoption papers," Ryoga said. Remus sighed and dropped his head in his hands.

"So you knew my first Mommy and Daddy?" Harry asked.

"Yes, we went to school together and I was very good friends with them," Remus said, he had no idea what to do, he knew who had Harry now but if Albus was just going to hand his cub over to Lily's sister... He lifted his head and looked at Harry. The little boy looked healthy and very happy with his adopted parents. "Can we move this to my cabin? I'm starting to feel uncomfortable with just a shirt on."


Remus came out of his bedroom, showered and dressed feeling a lot better now that he had a healing potion in him.

"Here," He said as he handed Ryoga his shirt back.

"So you're not going to tell anyone about Harry here, ne?" Ukyo asked, looking over at Harry who was playing with Oreo. The boy was giggling as he made a ball float above his dog.

"No... Knowing where he could end up I couldn't send the cub to Petunia," Remus said with a sigh as he sat down at his shabby little table. "Hmm, Harry seems to have a bit of a handle on his magic."

"He practices a lot," Ryoga said. He studied Remus for a few second. "You seem depressed," He said, he knew when another person was depressed since he suffered from it himself.

"My pack is dead and the only member still alive other than the cub betrayed or killed the others," Remus said bitterly. "I'm a werewolf, my life sucks. I can't keep a job because of the full moons, I can barely get by as it is."

"That sucks," Ukyo said. "You could work for me. I run a restaurant in Japan; my other employee Konatsu could use the help."

"... You would just up and hire me after meeting me less than an hour ago and knowing that I'm a werewolf?" Remus asked.

"Err... maybe we should explain what our lives are like and what Nerima is like for you to understand," Ryoga said.

A couple of weeks later Remus was now living in Nerima, fully employed by Ukyo with full moons off every month. He was also employed as a magic tutor for Harry as well as Ramna's oldest child Spice who had shown her own signs of accidental magic. Remus got along with everyone in Nerima but it was sweet Kasumi who caught his attention the most. Kasumi never got together with Dr. Tofu and Kasumi found Remus sweet and an intelligent older man. Kasumi's sweet nature attracted Remus though for the longest time he tried to fight it, he didn't want to taint Kasumi.


Harry Age 6

"What are you doing?" Harry stopped his katas and turned to see who’d spoken to him. It was a girl that was about a year younger than him with wide blue eyes and pale dirty blond hair. She had a string around her neck with a turnip hanging from the string. "Is it a dance to ward off warspouts?"

"What? No, I'm practicing katas," Harry said, tilting his head as he looked at the younger girl. "Who are you?"

"My name is Luna," The blond girl said with a dreamy smile. "I'm looking for a Crumple Horn Snorlax, have you seen one?"

"I'm not sure what that is," Harry said with a shake of his head. "I'm Harry."

"Awoo!" Oreo said, his tail wagging happily.

"This is my dog Oreo."

"Pleased to meet you Oreo," Luna said, shaking Oreo's paw when he offered it. "Would you like to help me find a Crumple Horn?"

"Ah... sure," Harry said, taking Luna's hand and running off with her to explore.

Meanwhile Ryoga and Ukyo had found Luna's father Xenophilius Lovegood and they didn't know what to make of the man.

"Yes I hope to interview the leader for the fire Veela," Xenophilius said, an absent smile on his face. "Of course all Veela are able to use fire but these Veela are really rare, they swear they are related to phoenixes."

"Wait... you want to interview the Phoenix People?" Ukyo asked, looking at the man like he was crazy once she figured out just who he was talking about.

"You really don't want to talk to them, and I don't think Saffron is able to give an interview anyway," Ryoga added.

"Have you met the Fire Veela then?" Xenophilius asked excitedly, taking out a pad of paper, he could add this couples interview for the Quibbler. As the man opened his mouth to start questioning Ryoga and Ukyo, a high pitch scream echoed through the valley while at the same time Ryoga was pulled slightly to the side, Harry had reached the edge of the distance he could go from Ryoga. The three adults looked at each other and took off in the direction of the scream. As they rounded the bend, they found themselves in Jusenkyo training grounds just in time to see Luna yell and push someone into a nearby spring.

"Luna!" Xenophilius yelled and he ran toward his daughter.

"Harry!" Ryoga yelled as he looked around for his son.

"Awooo!" Oreo was standing by a pool near the cliff where Ryoga had fallen off over 7 years ago. The dog was whining and pawing at the edge of the pool. Ryoga carefully ran over to the pool, collapsing to his knees next to it.

In the pool Harry felt like he was on fire, letting out a scream of pain as his body twisted and was forced into a shape that was not his own. Finally the pain stopped and Harry started to float to the top of the pool. Ryoga sobbed softly as something floated to the top, carefully fishing out the tiny body from the pool.

"Harry?" Ryoga asked, gently cradling the form to his chest.

"Mewl?" Harry blinked big silted green eyes and turned them to his dad. His daddy looked so big!

~Ohh Mr. Customer fall into spring of Nekomata, tragic story of a Nekomata that fall into spring 600 year ago. Now who ever fall into spring take form of a Nekomata,~ The Jusenkyo guide said as he showed up, holding up a sign that had the Chinese name for the spring on it. Harry's cursed form was a small slender medium fur length black cat with two furry tails and Harry's bandanna tied around his neck. (3)

"Oh Harry," Ryoga said sadly, he never wanted his son to have to live with the horror of having a Jusenkyo curse.

~What did you do to my daughter!?~ Ryoga looked up, cursing softly as he recognized the Phoenix woman who had flown in and landed by the spring where a young girl was climbing out of, it was Kiima the commander of the royal guard for the Phoenix People.


Author notes: This is the first time I even jumped months at a time to span years in a chapter and I may do a series of one shots to further explain how some of the incidents mentioned fully happened. Ukyo gaining a Jusenkyo curse is my beta's idea.

(1) I have no idea where the Saotome home is, but I've seen other fics place it in Juban so I did too.

(2) Episode number 64, Ranma Goes Back to Jusenkyo at Last. Ranma has a dream/nightmare where he and Genma use the magic mirror and arrive in the future where Ryoga and Akane are married with triplet boys who are also cursed to turn into pigs.

(3) So Harry's cursed form is the Nekomata, with is a two tailed Bakeneko, just like Kirara/Kilala from Inuyasha. He'll have some of the powers Kirara had blended with the powers I found listed on Wikipeida for the Bakeneko. He'll be ablt to shape shift into a sabertooth large from that can fly with fire around his feet and able to breath fire but in his small form he can only use what is called 'ghostly fireballs' or hitodama which is a ball of fire that can float in midair. It won't be good for attacks but if he needs light, it will be good for that I guess. Bakenekos/Nekomatas are also able to talk and reanimate and control a fresh corpse by leaping over it.

And so Remus is added to the cast, I think he would vouch for Ryoga and Ukyo to keep Harry since Harry is happy and well taken care of and I'm sure Lily would never want to her son to live with her bitch of a sister. With a bunch of water cursed people, a werewolf is not really going to stand out in Nerima and Ukyo was quick to hire Konatsu so I think she would be just as quick to hire Remus. I think Remus and Kasumi could work out as a couple.

Edit 8-17-14: not much needed to be fixed thanks to my wonderful beta but I did change the word ‘yatta’ to the correct word ‘yatai’.
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