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Chapter 5

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Harry Hibiki and the Philosopher's Stone

Disclaimer: Harry Potter © J. K. Rowling and Ranma 1/2 © Rumiko Takahashi

Author note: Thanks once again to my beta Blissfull Wulf

Chapter 5

The Jusenkyo guide looked around uneasily, one of those Phoenix ladies was standing next to the girl who fell into the Nyannichuan and across from them was one of the Mr. Customers that fell into the Heitowennichuan almost a decade ago holding the little Mr. Customer that was just cursed.

"Kiima," Ryoga said, holding Harry closer to him. Kiima's eyes narrowed as she recognized one of the humans that attacked Mount Phoenix 7 years ago. An able fighter as she remembered, all of them had been though Saotome had been the best. The fighters had left on good terms with them but she didn't like them all that much.

"Ryoga Hibiki," She said a bit coldly. Off to the side, Xenophilius was all but quivering in excitement, a real Fire Veela; he had to interview her for his paper. Kiima ignored him, turning instead to her daughter, her own hatchling that she laid and raised herself to take place among Saffron's ranks. "Cho, what are you doing down here?"

The girl Cho pouted a bit.

"I just wanted to see the springs Ma Ma," Cho said pouting. "Then these two landlings showed up." Harry hissed, he and Luna had been here first!

~Little Mr. Costumer, here hot water change back,~ The guide said as his now teenage daughter Plum brought a kettle. The hot water was poured over Harry, making the little boy yelp as he was naked. Ryoga pulled a shirt out of his pack and draped it over his son.

"Harry, can you tell us what happen?" Ryoga asked.

"It happened like this..."

~ Flashback ~

Luna and Harry giggled as they ran through the underbrush, trying to find this Crumple Horn animal. As they came out of the other side of the bush they were looking out over Jusenkyo training grounds. Harry had heard enough stories from his Dad and Uncle Ranma to know not to go anywhere near those waters.

"Be careful Luna-chan, you don't want to fall into the water," He said as he grabbed Luna's hand and pulled her away from the pools and toward the shack he could see, Oreo following behind him.

~Oohh, little Miss and Mr. Customer,~ The Guide said as he saw the pair of them. ~You smart, not go near waters. Is very bad, tragic tragic stories.~

~Don't worry, we won't,~ Harry assured him.

"Excuse me, have you seen a Crumple Horn Snorlax?" Luna asked politely. Plum who was walking by stopped and looked curious.

"I don't think we have any," Plum who luckily could speak English answered.

"Oh... well we will keep looking then," Luna said, heading toward the springs. They were making such pretty colors!

"Luna, wait!" Harry said, chasing after her. "Be careful, falling into one of these springs is bad."

~Oh look a couple of Landlings,~ a voice said from above, a girl who was part sea bird landing in front of Harry and Luna.

"Ohhh, A fire Veela," Luna said with a dreamy smile. The girl, who was Cho, scowled.

"What is a 'Veela'," She asked as she switched to English. The little blond girl was strange, even for a landling.

"Are all fire Veela stuck in bird form like you? Of course, you’re not all the way bird like a normal Veela, are you just a little angry?" Luna asked, tilting her head to the side. Harry looked up at Cho who was getting a cross look on her face.

"Look here Human, I don't know what you’re talking about. I am from the Phoenix tribe, not a 'Veela'!" Cho said pointing her finger at Luna. Luna seemed to ignore her and kept asking question after question until Cho screamed and flew up into the air. "Shut up!"

Cho aimed her foot talons at Luna, she was going to make this pitiful landling girl be quite!

"Leave her alone!" Harry said as he jumped up and knocked Cho back. Harry landed and took up a loose stance in front of Luna. Oreo stood by his side, his hackles raised as he growled and snarled at the girl.

"Fine, you want to fight?" Cho growled as she landed and took up her own stance. "My mother is the head general of our god Saffron, she taught me a few tricks."

The pair started to exchange kicks and punches, nowhere near the level of their parents but still impressive for their ages. As they fought, both Phoenix girl and wizard boy got closer and closer to the pools. Cho finally gained the upper hand and pulled a powerful punch into the middle of Harry's chest, throwing him into the air. She jumped up after him and kicked him in the middle, sending him across the training grounds where he fell into a pool. Cho landed and started to laugh loudly.

Luna got an angry look on her face, Harry was her friend and this bird girl hurt him and was now laughing about it. While Oreo, who had been hanging back to protect his master's friend, howled and chased after Harry to the spring, Luna yelled and pushed Cho into the nearest spring, which was when Harry and Luna's parents showed up.

~ End Flashback ~

"Cho, is this true?" Kiima asked. "And I know if you lie to me daughter." Cho looked down at her human feet, digging her toe into the dirt.

"Yes Ma Ma," She said softly. "It’s true." Kiima sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose. The tribe didn't need the Kami-slayer to come back and attack them for attacking one of their own.

"Cho, I told you not come down here to the springs," She said firmly. "I was to bring you when you were older." The fact her daughter was cursed with a human from didn't bother Kiima too much, Cho would have taken up a human curse when she was older like all the tribe.

"I just wanted to see what the training ground looked like," Cho said, looking up at her mother.

"And you shouldn't have attacked the landlings," Kiima continued, ignoring Cho's protests. "I told you to control your temper. You are in trouble hatchling." Cho pouted and crossed her arm over her chest while Kiima turned back to Ryoga and Ukyo. "You have to excuse my daughter Hibiki, she did not mean to curse your son."

"Too late now, he's cursed," Ryoga said, placing his hands on Harry's shoulders. "But your brat better stay away from my son." Kiima nodded, taking the steaming kettle from Plum and pouring it over Cho. The girl changed back to her natural form and the two flew off.

"Wait!" Xenophilius yelled as they left. "I want to interview you for the Quibbler!"

"You don't want to interview them," Ukyo said with a shake of her head. "Those guys don't want anyone to know about them and if you try they might kill you." Xenophilius sighed in disappointment.

"It's ok Daddy," Luna said as she tugged on his hand. "We'll find something else to write about."

"Of course Turnip," Xenophilius said with a smile.

"These two are so weird," Ukyo whispered into Ryoga's ear who nodded his head.


"Ok so this is my address so you can send me letters," Harry said as he gave Luna a scrap of paper with the address to Ucchan's on it. "You'll have to use muggle mail... you do know how to use muggle mail right?"

"My mother does," Luna assured him. "I'll write you often and tell you all of my adventures you just remember to tell me yours." Harry nodded with a smile. While the guide and Ryoga had fished out Harry's things from the spring, the pair of children had been stowed away in the guide's hut for safety. They played and bonded under the watchful eye of Luna's father who was happy that his little tomato had a friend.

"Time to go Harry," Ukyo called.

"Coming Kasan!" Harry called.

"Goodbye Harry," Luna said as she hugged Harry. Harry grinned, hugging the small girl back then pulled away. Oreo barked and licked Luna's cheek. "I will miss you as well."

"Come on Oreo," Harry said as he ran toward his parents. The Jusenkyo guide watched them leave and wondered why they didn't ask to use the Nannichuan to cure the little Mr. Customer.

'Oh well, if they don't ask, it's not my fault,' He thought with a shrug.

Once they were out of the valley Ukyo looked over at her husband.

"How do we keep ending up at Jusenkyo? It's like a magnet!" She asked.

"I don't know," Ryoga said with a sigh and a shake of his head. "Ranma is going to freak when he sees Harry's cursed form."

"I know, poor Ran-chan," Ukyo said with a laugh.


A few weeks later Harry was digging in Ryoga's travel pack, he was looking for matches so they could light up campfire. His parents had been splashed by cold water from a passing car which Harry managed to avoid luckily. He found an odd, narrow box at the bottom of one of the pockets.

"Harry, did you find the matches?" Ryoga asked as she finished building the fire pit.

"Not yet," Harry said absently as he opened the box, inside was a wand like his Uncle Moony's but this one was a much darker color than his uncles. Harry had only held Moony's wand a couple of times to practice a spell the werewolf had been showing him and Spice. Harry took the wand out of the box, gasping as a shower of silver and green sparks came out the end.

"Harry what are you doing?" Ryoga asked as she came over to see what was keeping Harry. She groaned softly as she saw the wand in Harry's hand, she had forgotten about that thing.

"Dad, why do you have a wand?" Harry asked curious. Ryoga sighed as she sat down beside Harry.

"Remember what I told you about the night I found you?" She asked.

"Yeah, you found me at my old house with my birth parents after that bad wizard attacked us," Harry said. "He killed my first Mom and Dad and tried to kill me."

"Yes... You see Harry that is Voldemort's wand," Ryoga said as she plucked the wand out of Harry's hand. Harry's frowned in confusion.

"Why do you have the wand that killed my first parents?" he asked. Ryoga sighed, rubbing the back of her neck.

"I found it by the pile of ashes Voldemort turned into," She explained. "I didn't know what it was at the time. The goblins took it to check what sort of magic he used then cleansed it of all the old magic."

"Is that why it doesn't feel dark?" Harry asked, he would have thought a wand that killed his mom and dad would have felt evil but all he felt was a warm feeling.

"I think so," Ryoga said. "The goblins returned the wand to me; they explained that since you defeated Voldemort, you won the alliance of his wand. Any fight it would have had with you using it was taken out when they cleansed it," Harry looked down at his lap, he wasn't sure he wanted to use the wand that had belonged to his parent's killer.

"Harry, look at me Chibi," Ryoga said softly as she gently tilted Harry's head back with two fingers under his chin. "If you are uncomfortable with the wand, we can snap it in half and never have to think about it again."

"Can... can I think about it first?" Harry asked softly. Ryoga nodded her head, putting the wand back into its box and the box into her pack. She grabbed the matches and went back to the fire pit to leave Harry to think.

"Is he going to be ok?" Ukyo asked as she returned. He had heard some of the things his husband and adopted son were talking about.

"I think so, I forgot I even had the wand after so many years," Ryoga admitted. "I don't blame him for being upset after finding the weapon that killed his Okasan and Otousan."

"I don't either," Ukyo said as he set the water filled kettle on top of the fire then sat down beside his spouse. He laid his head on Ryoga's shoulder; Ryoga was still a little taller than him while in girl form while he was male.

Later that evening Harry came up to his parents holding the wand box again.

"Did you decide want to wanted to do Chibi?" Ryoga asked he and Ukyo had switched back to their real forms earlier in the day.

"Yeah... I thought about it really hard and.... it really wasn't the wands fault that the bad man killed my birth parents, it's just a tool ne?" Harry said, hugging the box to his chest.

"That's right. It's sort of the same as my battle spatula or your dad's umbrella," Ukyo agreed.

"Well... I thought maybe I can sorta honor my parents and thumb my nose at Voldemort by using his old wand only for good stuff," Harry said.

"That's very mature of you Chibi," Ryoga said with a smile. Harry gave Ryoga and Ukyo a smile, glad that his new parents understood.


Remus fidgeted a bit as he nervously waited for Kasumi in the living room. Soun, Kasumi's father, gave Remus a smile over his news paper before turning his attention back to it. Since moving to Japan, Remus's life had really changed. He was surprised at how werewolves were treated here; it was loads better than how they were treated back in the UK. While not everyone liked werewolves, just like not everyone liked Demons, most of the Japan wizarding world didn't care that he turned into a dangerous beast every full moon.

In fact Remus had been approached by the local pack who offered to help him to learn how to live with the wild side of himself. With therapy and meditation, Remus was closer everyday to merging with Moony, something he didn't think would be possible. Once both sides of Remus were one, the full moons would go easier for the man and he would no longer feel the need to kill and eat human flesh.

Yes, life was really good for him right now. Tonight he had a date with Kasumi and he had something he wanted to ask the sweet, kind woman.

"I'm ready," Kasumi said as she came down the stairs, dressed in a flattering dress that slightly hugged her curves.

"Have fun Kasumi," Soun said as he looked over at his oldest daughter. She looked so much like her mother right now, Soun had to fight not to cry. Remus stood and offered his arm for his girlfriend who smiled brightly and took it.

"I'll be back late Father," She said over her shoulder. Soun waved as the pair left, mixed tears of joy and sadness escaping from his eyes in rivers.

Remus treated Kasumi to a restaurant in Mahou Village, the woman knowing all about the magic village since her niece was a muggleborn witch. Later that night Remus and Kasumi were walking in Nerima park the moon hanging overhead in a silver sliver crescent in the sky.

"Kasumi.... I wanted to ask you something," Remus said as they stopped by the fountain in the middle of the park. Kasumi turned to her date, soft brown eyes meeting Remus's amber toned ones.

"Yes Remus-chan?" She asked she loved spending time with Remus. The man was one of the sweetest and smartest men she ever met. At one time, she thought that she might be with Dr. Tofu who had been really nice and quite funny. But the man hadn't seem interested, always acting a bit funny whenever she visited, not ever realizing that it was her that made Dr. Tofu act that way. But the doctor missed his chance with Kasumi as she was now dating Remus.

Kasumi gasped as Remus dropped down to one knee and took a box out of his pocket.

"Kasumi... I know I turn into a beast once a month and I'm not the richest person in the world but... would you marry me?" Remus asked as he opened the box and presented the ring inside to Kasumi. It was a simple ring, a thin gold band with a single diamond in the middle. Remus's steady job at Ucchan's and his side job of tutoring little wizards and witches allowed the werewolf to live comfortable now. He had gotten his side job when Harry and Spice told their wizarding friends in Mahou Village about their awesome 'Uncle Moony', several parents approached him to teach their children as well.

"Oh Remus..." Kasumi knelt down in front of Remus and leaned forward, catching him by surprise as she kissed him. "Yes you silly wolf," she said when the kiss broke. Remus confessed to Kasumi that he was a werewolf a couple months after they started dating. Remus grinned and slipped the ring on Kasumi's finger.

Later on when Soun was told, the man nearly flooded the living room with tears of joy that his oldest daughter had found a good man to marry.


Harry Age 7

Ukyo yawned as she woke up, sitting in her bed while rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. Ryoga huffed softly in his sleep, the arm that was draped over Ukyo's waist curling around her. She chuckled, detangling her husband's arm from around her and headed for the bathroom so she could get ready for a day of running her restaurant. Ryoga would wake up soon to start Harry's morning training before the boy headed for school.

She dumped a bucket of cold water over her head to start her wash, scrubbing the dirt from her form as her mind wondered. It took a few moments for her to notice something was... off. Ukyo blinked and looked down; she was still in her normal female form even though she had poured cold water on herself.

'Wha... curses don't just cure themselves like that?' Ukyo thought, confused and slightly panicked. She rinsed off and rushed into her room, Ryoga watching her with a groggy look.

~Ucc?~ He asked as she dressed in a hurry.

~I'll be back in a bit Sugar, it's nothing to worry about,~ Ukyo said as she finished and ran out. She stopped long enough to tell Konatsu, who still lived at Ucchan's, to make sure Harry got up soon since the boy loved to sleep in. Ukyo then ran to the Nekohanten, knocking on the door to the back. The door opened a moment later, Ranma on the other side holding a squirming toddler.

~Ucchan? What are you doing here?~ Ranma asked as he let his best friend in.

~I need to see Cologne,~ Ukyo said.

~She's in the kitchen,~ Ranma said, jerking his head in the direction of the kitchen.

After the wedding/joining of Ranma, Nabiki, and Shampoo, the building next to the Nekohanten was bought and redesigned both buildings into one. Cologne and her grandson Poe continued to live above the restaurant while Ranma and his family lived above the second half of the building which was turned into a dojo for Ranma to teach from.

~Dad! Taji stole my doll again!~ Four year old Spice said as she ran into the room with her younger brother Taji following her. Spice was Shampoo's splitting image when the Amazon had been that age but had Ranma female form's bright red hair. This was because Ranma was Spice's mother while Shampoo, thanks to the instant Nannichuan, was the father. There was, somehow, a little Nabiki in there as well. Spice was also a muggleborn witch who had her 'mothers' passion, drive and learning curb for martial arts.

Taji was Ranma and Nabiki's son and the boy was already showing he had his mother's brains. Lastly was the toddler Ranma was hold, his and Shampoo's second daughter, this time he was the dad, Makoto.

Ranma sighed, going to break up the fight between his older children.

Ukyo shook her head in amusement then headed into the kitchen were Cologne was making breakfast.

~Well child, what is it that is troubling you?~ Cologne asked as the younger woman entered.

~I think... I think something is wrong with my curse,~ Ukyo said. ~When I washed up this morning the cold water didn't change me. I want to think I'm cured but it doesn't work that way does it?~

~Hmmm... tell me child, have you and your husband been intimate lately?~ Cologne asked as she left the food to simmer and turned to Ukyo.

~Wha... that isn't any of your business!~ Ukyo said as she blushed hotly. Cologne chuckled softly and filled up a glass with cold water. Hopping over she poured it over Ukyo who stayed female.

~I will take that as a yes,~ She said with another chuckle. ~It's nothing to worry about child. In about 9 or so months, you'll be back to normal. The same happen to Son-in-Law and Shampoo after all.~

~9.... months?~ Ukyo repeated, thinking about the connection to both those words and what had happened to Ranma and Shampoo. 'They only stayed in girl form that long because they were....'

~Figured it out yet?~ Cologne asked.

~Are you saying that... I'm pregnant? Me and Ryoga are having a baby?~ Ukyo asked in a hushed voice. Cologne smiled and nodded her head. A smile spread over Ukyo's face before yelling in joy. ~Thank you Cologne!~ she called over her shoulder as she ran out.

~What did Ucchan want?~ Ranma asked, carrying Spice into the kitchen over one shoulder.

~Dad! Put me down!~ Spice said as she tried to wiggle out of his hold.

~Nothing to worry about son-in-law, she just got some good news. I'm sure she will tell you soon enough herself,~ Cologne said as she turned back to cooking.

Meanwhile, Ukyo ran back to her own restaurant. As soon as she saw her husband, Ukyo tackled him and kissed Ryoga over and over.

~Ukyo? What... has... gotten... into... you...~ Ryoga managed to ask between kisses.

~The best news ever, we're going to have a baby!~ Ukyo said happily.

Outside birds took flight into the air startled as a loud voice yelled in joy.


"So there is a baby growing in here like with Ma Ma before Makoto came?" Spice asked, touching Ukyo's slightly rounded stomach.

"Yes, Harry's little brother or sister is in there," Ukyo said with a smile. Harry had been very excited when he found out a couple of months ago that he was going to be a big brother. Ryoga was excited as well, he loved to caress his wife's stomach as their baby grew.

"Oh it's so exciting Ukyo-chan," Kasumi said with a smile. They were at Kasumi's bachelorette party, two days before her wedding to Remus Lupin.

"Yeah, Ryoga is excited to have another kid and I know Harry is looking forward to being a big brother," Ukyo said with a smile. "We're thinking about buying the building next door and converting it to an apartment, let Konatsu have the space above Ucchan's to himself."

"He still hasn't moved out?" Nabiki asked as she sat down beside her older sister.

"We're pretty much his family, he doesn't have anyone else really," Ukyo said, "just that horrid step-family of his that abused him. He's a great help with Harry and he does a good job running Ucchan’s when we're traveling during the summers."

"That's gonna slow down with the baby right?" Akane asked.

"I won't go with them the first year or two but Harry learns a lot of stuff when he travels with Ryoga," Ukyo said. "When the baby is old enough, we'll rejoin them."

"How come Harry gets to learn more than me?" Spice asked, tugging on her mother's arm.

"You're going to learn plenty, your Dad and Ma Ma will see to that," Nabiki said as she patted Spice's head.

"I just hope she doesn't get a big head like Ranma," Akane said.

"She will, she's every bit Ranma's child," Nabiki said with a chuckle. "Come on, this night is for Kasumi-neechan. It's time to open her gifts." The other girls got Kasumi a range of things, mostly for her new home as she was moving in with Remus. Nabiki's gift though had Kasumi flushing brightly as she held up a very skimpy sexy teddy.

"Nabiki!" Kasumi said as she quickly placed the teddy back in the box.

"Don't be such a prude Kasumi," Nabiki said. "It's for your wedding night and if you can't wear a sexy teddy for your husband, who can you wear it for?"

Kasumi just blushed harder and put the box to the side.

A couple of days later Kasumi was at the Tendo dojo getting ready for her wedding. Unlike Nabiki's western style wedding, Kasumi wanted a traditional wedding so her sisters were helping her into her wedding kimono which was white with light pink sakura petals along the bottom and the arms.

~Oh Kasumi-neechan,~ Akane said as she and Nabiki stepped back. ~You look so beautiful in that.~

~Thank you Akane-chan,~ Kasumi said with a soft smile.

~Remus isn't gonna know what hit him,~ Nabiki agreed with their younger sister. ~Come on we need to get to the temple.~ They left Kasumi's bedroom and went down stairs where Soun was waiting for them.

~Oh Kasumi, you look just like your mother!~ Soun said, tears already starting to build up in his eyes. ~She would be so proud of you.~

~Do you really think so father?~ Kasumi asked softly.

~Yes, if only she was here to see this,~ Soun said softly. ~Well come, my future son-in-law is waiting.~

Meanwhile at Remus's apartment, the werewolf was standing in front of the mirror in his room looking at himself. He was clad in his own wedding kimono, slowly running his hand through his gray streaked hair. He never thought he would be here, getting ready to be wed. He also never imagined that he wouldn't have his three best friends by his side.

But James was dead and Sirius in jail. Peter he wasn't 100% sure about now, Ryoga had shared what the goblin leader Ragnok had told him when Harry had been adopted. Remus wasn't sure what to think of that tale. He wanted to believe that Sirius was innocent, and it would fit as he had always been sure that Sirius would never betray James like that. But then again, he hadn't thought Peter would either. For now he was on the fence until he saw proof one way or another, Sirius never had a trial so there was no way to know now.

"Uncle Moony!" Harry yelled as he ran into the room. "Are you ready?"

"Yeah cub, I'm ready," Remus said as he smiled down at his pack's cub. He might not have the other Marauders but he did have Harry and his new friends and family at least. He took Harry's hand and walked with the tiny boy out of the room. Both parties met at Nerima's Shinto shrine where a Shinto priest and a wizarding priest were waiting as well as the remaining members of the Nerima Wrecking Crew.

Remus and Kasumi's wedding went off without a hitch, married under both ways by both priests then left for their honeymoon later that afternoon.

Kasumi did end up using Nabiki's gift, much to Remus's delight.


Severus Snape, youngest Potion Master in over 100 years and potion professor at Hogwarts, scowled as he followed Minerva into her quarters.

"If you had better control over your students, I wouldn't have given them such a long detention," Minerva said with her own scowl.

"Do not speak to me about controlling my snakes Minerva," Severus said, sweeping a look over the room. He had never been in the older woman's quarters before, he had followed her inside while speaking to her about his students. "You have no control over your lions."

"I don't allow my lions to get away with everything like you do Severus," Minerva said as she started to make herself a cup of tea, not noticing as the dark man walked over to her fireplace where a couple of the photos that Ryoga sent to her over the years were set up.

"Minerva who is this?" The woman turned and nearly had a heart attack as she saw that Severus was holding a photo of Harry and Ryoga. She hadn't thought about the photos when she allowed her fellow professor into her rooms.

Severus meanwhile was drawn in by young boy in the photo who was sitting on the shoulder of a young man, who had the greenest eyes that he had only seen on one other person... but surely this wasn't Lily's son! Minerva would have told Albus if she knew where the missing Potter brat was.

"That is my cousin," Minerva said, quickly thinking of a story. "Harry Hibiki with his father Ryoga."

"The boy does not look Asian," Severus pointed out, though there was some resemblance between the boy in the photo and the man. Both had dark shaggy hair, the man's eyes were green and both had what looked like fangs. "And 'Harry' is not an Asian name. In fact, if I'm not mistaken it's the name of a certain other brat."

"Really Severus, do you think Lily and James’s boy is the only child in the world named Harry?" Minerva asked. "Ryoga married my cousin from America when they were young. Sadly she passed away when Harry was a baby so Ryoga has been raising my younger cousin by himself until he remarried."

Severus hummed to himself; he supposed that was a reasonable explanation... the boy and the man did look alike a bit. The rest of the boy's look had to come from his mother... and Minerva wouldn't hide something like this from Albus... Severus allowed himself to believe Minerva’s made up tale, not wanting to believe that the little boy in the photo, Harry Hibiki, was in fact Lily's son Harry Potter. He put the photo back down, putting it out of his mind and going back to the argument/talk he was having with his fellow professor.

When the younger man left, Minerva sighed in relief as she leaned back against her quarter’s door, she had nearly had a panic attack when she saw Severus with the photo of Harry. She knew that she was very lucky that the man decided to believe her story rather than trust his own eyes. Hopefully, Severus would put the whole thing out of his mind.


"Are you sure you'll be ok by yourself Ucc?" Ryoga asked softly as they walked down the hallway. Ukyo was around five months along, her belly getting quite rounded. It was the start of summer and time for their yearly travels around the world.

"I've still got 4 months before the baby comes Sugar," Ukyo said. "It might not be safe for me to go with you two, but Harry has been looking forward to this and I've got Konatsu here to help me. I'll be fine, go enjoy yourselves."

Ryoga looked torn, he used the summer time to teach Harry as many different types of martial arts that they came across and different spells as well. But he didn't want to leave his pregnant wife behind. Though to be fair if he hadn't been anchored to Harry he would be lost by now and away from his wife.

"Go on you jackass," Ukyo said with a laugh, pushing him toward the door where Harry and Oreo were waiting. "Harry, take care of your Daddy ne?"

"Hai Kasan!" Harry said cheerfully. Ryoga sighed and followed Harry out, grabbing the boy's hand to lead once they were out of Nerima; he had to be leading the way to be able to end up in another place.

A couple of weeks later found Harry and his dad in Diagon Alley, some place Ryoga hadn't been in years.

"Wow... everything is so old looking," Harry whispered to Ryoga. They had been in magical settlements before. Mahou Village was a common stop as it was near their home in Japan and they had been to ones in America before, all of which were very modern looking. Diagon Alley on the other hand looked like it was still stuck in medieval times or sometime around it.

"It looks like it did last time we were here," Ryoga said.

"Oh Daddy, there's a book store!" Harry said excitedly as he noticed Flourish and Blotts. He grabbed Ryoga's hand, pulling him toward the bookstore. He loved to read new spell books. Once inside Harry made a beeline to the Defense section. Ryoga chuckled in amusement and started to look around as well.

After looking around for a while, there wasn't much that really caught Ryoga's attention since he couldn't use magic himself, something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye. It was a section of books, all with Harry's original name slapped on the covers. He picked up one and started to read it, his eyes narrowing as he got further and further in. Ryoga looked at a couple of other books, all of them told some bullshit story about his son and Harry's first parents and the wizard that had killed them.

"I want to get these books," Harry said as he walked over, a couple of books of charms and defense spells in his arms. "What are those?" he asked as he saw the books. "Why do they have my name on them?" Luckily no one was around to hear Harry ask that question.

"I don't know why, but we'll find out," Ryoga promised his son as he picked out a couple to buy, he remembered being told that Harry was famous... but he didn't know it was this big. He needed advise on this and the only person he could think of that would be able to do something about someone using Harry's name without permission was... Nabiki Saotome.


Nabiki frowned as she picked up her phone and checked the caller ID.

~This better be good Hibiki, I was about to leave,~ She said as she answered. Ryoga got a cell phone a few years ago to keep in contact with everyone.

~It might make you some money,~ Ryoga said from the other end. ~Harry and I are in Diagon Alley, it's the street the magical community uses here in England. We found a bunch of books with Harry's original name on them telling a bunch of fictional stories about him.~

"Hmm," Nabiki's interest was piqued, leaning forward as she took notes. ~Anything else?~

~While we were leaving the alley, I also found toys and other products with his name and suppose-ive likeness slapped on them,~ Ryoga said.

~Alright, you said you were in England? Just make sure you two stay there, I want to see this myself,~ Nabiki said. She hung up and told her executive assistant she was leaving for the evening and to arrange a flight to England in the morning.

Instead of going home, Nabiki headed to the Dojo. Her father still lived here as well as Kasumi and Remus. Original the happy couple had planned living in Remus’s apartment but Soun had insisted that Kasumi and Remus live there as the house would be too empty with just him. Plus it was pretty clear that Soun was unable to live by himself after being taken care of by his daughter for so many years since his wife’s death.

~Nabiki-chan,~ Kasumi said as she opened the door. ~What brings you here?~

~Just a friendly visit,~ Nabiki said. ~And I need to speak to Remus about something.~

~Well he's in the room he set up as a study to work on his books,~ Kasumi said, leading her sister to Remus's work room. ~Remus-chan, Nabiki is here to see you.~

"Oh, hello Nabiki," Remus said as he put his quill to the side.

"I just got a call from Ryoga today. He said he was in Diagon Alley," Nabiki said as she lounged in a chair across from Remus. "And he found something of interest there. So when were you going to tell us that those wizards in England were using Harry's name and likeness."

"It slipped my mind," Remus confessed with a sigh. "After that Halloween, I couldn't stand to stay there anymore. Dumbledore sent me out to find Harry since he was missing and no one knew where the cub was. I never went into the alley and no one mentioned how big their worship of the cub has gotten. You knew he was famous there."

"Yes... Ryoga mentioned it," Nabiki agreed. "I should have seen this coming. Well I'm going to do something about it," She said as she stood.

"You’re going to stop people from selling the stuff in Harry's name?" Remus asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Hell no, I'm going to make sure Harry gets his cut," Nabiki said with a smirk. "And my cut as well as his agent. If they don't want to pay then they don't get to sell."

Remus shuddered at the look on Nabiki's face, she reminded him so much of a goblin at times it was scary!


Nabiki arrived in England early the next day, with Ranma in tow with their two oldest children.

"I didn't know you were going to bring Ranma and the kids," Ryoga muttered to Nabiki when he saw her.

"This is a good opportunity for the kids to see how to twist the smucks around their fingers first hand," Nabiki said with a smirk and a shrug. "Ranma-baby wouldn't let me take the kids without him. Not only that but Spice wants to go to the same school as Harry, this is a good chance to see where she'll be in a few years." Ryoga sighed but couldn't fault the logic. He turned his head to watch Harry and Spice gleefully and happily greet each other, reminding himself to keep an eye on them in case they had some insane plan.

"So, show me these things you were telling me about," Nabiki said, getting Ryoga's attention back.

"Harry, it's time to head back to the alley," Ryoga called. Harry grinned; he couldn't wait to show Spice the weird old alley.

"What leg are you trying to pull P-chan?" Ranma asked a little bit later as they stood outside the Leaky Cauldron at Charing Cross Road. All Ranma, Nabiki and their son Taji could see were a bookshop and an old record shop. Ryoga, who had known about magic for years and was in fact a small part of a magic creature himself thanks to his wolf demon blood, could see the pub alongside Harry and Spice. Ryoga rolled his eyes, even after all these years Ranma couldn't drop the whole 'P-chan' thing even though his curse form was no longer a pig.

"What are you talking about Daddy?" The little red headed girl next to Harry asked. "It's right there!" Spice pointed out the Leaky Cauldron to her parents. Ranma and Nabiki blinked, much to both of their surprise there was a dingy little pub with a sign in the shape of a cauldron hanging above the door.

"That was not there before," Nabiki said.

"It was there the whole time," Ryoga corrected. "You just couldn't see it unless it was pointed out to you." Nabiki had to admit Ryoga was right about that. She followed the two men and children inside, holding Taji close. The inside was not much better than the outside; the pub was dark and looked dirty. It looked like it came from a history book on the dark ages. All around were men and women dressed in dress looking robes, there was even a woman in the corner that looked like something out of a fantasy book!

"What can I get you folk?" A balding older man asked from behind the bar, cleaning a glass with what looked like a dirty rag. Nabiki had to fight to keep the look of disgust off of her face.

"We're just passing through, we want to get to the alley," Ryoga said. The barkeep smiled, showing a month with very few teeth inside.

"Ahh, taking yer little ones on a day trip?" The man asked, looking down at Spice and Harry.

"EErr yeah. Can you show us how to get into the alley mister...?" Ryoga asked.

"Just call me Tom," Tom said as he put the glass and rag off to the side. "Follow me." Tom figured that the whole group was from out of town, he got people like that all the time. The group was led out into a small courtyard in the back with nothing but a trash bin in the area. Nabiki and Ranma both wondered how the hell they were suppose to get to this alley place through there.

"Now pay attention," Tom said as he took his wand out of a pocket. "You just tap yer wand on the correct brick," he showed them how to find the brick, three up and two across from the trash can. "And the wall opens like this!" Tom tapped his wand against the brick, causing it to sink in before the bricks started to pull away, opening the alley up to the group. Ryoga and Harry already had seen this trick before, from the other side of the doorway. "And there you folk go! Welcome to Diagon Alley. When yer done for the day just stop by me pub on the way out for dinner."

"Ok, that was somewhat impressive," Nabiki said once Tom had gone back inside and was out of earshot.

"Wait until you see the rest of the alley," Ryoga said with a chuckle.

Diagon Alley was very different from the streets of Mahou Village, someplace both Ranma and Nabiki as well as Shampoo had been to plenty of times since they found out their oldest was going to be a witch. While it held some of the same sort of shops: potions, cauldrons, a couple of stores for brooms and much more, the alley did it in a much different way. It was right out of a fantasy book Nabiki had sometimes read! Ranma nearly had a panic attack as a cat came racing out from one of the shops, his fear of felines acting up.

Nabiki also saw what Ryoga had called her here about. A few shops boosted 'Harry Potter' or 'The Boy-who-lived' products, mostly the book stores and the toy store she saw. She picked up one of the books that supposedly told the tale of what happened the night Harry's first parents were killed. The face on the front of the book only had a passing resemblance to Harry, Ryoga mentioned it looked a bit like the photos of Harry's father James but with green eyes that were not the same shade as Harry's. The toys and dolls she found all had a bird nest of hair, Harry's was grown out enough to be a bit shaggy looking, and for some reason were all wearing glasses. Now Harry did have a pair of glasses but he only needed them when he had to read, otherwise he didn't need to wear them.

Nabiki quickly figured out where they were getting this image of Harry from when she found a picture of Harry with his first parents, James Potter had bird nest hair and wore glasses, all the makers of the toys and books did was make James Potter look younger and made the eyes green.

"These things are going to give people the wrong idea about how Harry really is," Ranma said as he flipped through one of the books, nothing in there was true! The one he was reading was going on about Harry rescuing a witchy princess in a far off land while riding a phoenix, didn't these people know the boy was only 7!? Even Ranma with all the training Genma put him through couldn't have done any sort of adventures like this!

"So can you fix all this Nabiki?" Ryoga asked.

"I can... we can make sure people know that this stuff should be fantasy and make sure Harry gets a profit off of all this," Nabiki said, toss the doll she was holding back into a bin. "He'll never lose the celebrity status he has here but he can learn how to use it to get what he wants."

Ryoga sighed it wasn't quite what he had in mind.


A few days later, Ragnok raised an eyebrow as he looked down at the report the Potter accounts manager handed him. Harry Hibiki-Potter's vaults had tripled what they had been days ago, all the money coming from the people who sold and made items in their client's image. The goblins had tried several times to either get the people to stop or pay a fee to use Harry's image. But since Harry was a celebrity in the wizarding world, their efforts had been shot down by the Ministry of Magic again and again.

"Are you sure that this is correct Rustyspoon?" Ragnok asked as he looked up at the other goblin.

"Yes, someone has gotten the humans to pay the royalties they owed to Mr. Hibiki-Potter" Rustyspoon said, amazement in his voice.

"Do we know who?" Ragnok asked.

"A human woman was all we were able to get out of the humans we questioned. Asian, early 20's. The owner of the pub mentioned that she came in with her husband and their two children a few times," Rustyspoon said. "He also described someone who matches the description of Hibiki-Potter's adopted father who was traveling with a seven year old boy."

"Really... I think I'd like to meet this human woman then. I believe that the tracing spell on Mr. Hibiki is still active, our owls should be able to find him," Ragnok said. Rustyspoon nodded, knowing a order when he heard one and quickly left to send off the owl.

Later that day Ryoga entered Gringotts with Nabiki and Harry. Ranma had been left behind at the hotel they were staying in to watch after Spice and Taji.

"We're here to see Ragnok," Ryoga told one of the guards by the door. The guard, who remembered Ryoga from seven years ago, quickly nodded and waved for the three humans to follow him.

"Sire, the humans are here," The guard said at Ragnok's door.

"Ahhh, Hibiki-san," Ragnok said with a toothy smile as he stood up to greet the boy, now a man, who impressed him years ago. "And you must be Harry," He greeted the boy standing by Ryoga.

"Hi!" Harry said with a bright smile.

"And you would be?" Ragnok asked, looking up at Nabiki.

"Nabiki Saotome," Nabiki said with a smirk, holding out a hand to shake Ragnok's. Ragnok took Nabiki's hand shaking it.

"So how did you manage to get those royalties paid?" Ragnok couldn't help but ask, burning with curiosity. Nabiki smirked and told the goblin just how she got all the makers and sellers of Harry Potter mech to pay the money they owned Harry, including a percentage from not paying for so long! Ragnok was impressed, Nabiki was as ruthless and feisty as any female goblin he had met. Ryoga and Harry watched as the Ice Queen of Nerima talked strategy and business with the Goblin leader. In the process a vault was arranged for Spice to use while she was at Hogwarts and Nabiki agreed to... take care of others that the goblins had trouble with for a hefty fee. The matching smirks on Nabiki and Ragnok's faces made Ryoga shudder, wondering if he made a mistake introducing the pair.


Author note: Whew, another couple of years covered. Harry's cursed from wasn't in here much but I'm trying to cover several important points in time within a couple of chapters. His demon cat form will show up more in the next chapter with will cover the last couple of years before Hogwarts and the start of book one.

I'm glad most everyone likes the Kasumi/Remus pairing. As for Akane and Mousse, no I haven’t really given much thought to who they would end up with. Maybe I'll address that later.

So anything I missed or need to expand on will be in the one-shot series when I start writing it which won't be until Harry is well squared away in Hogwarts.

Edit 8-19-14: Just a few little mistakes fixed here and there. I changed the Potter vault manger’s name from Ironheart to Rustyspoon since that’s what I was calling him in the side stories, I forgot what I had named him at the time, and I like the new name better. Also rewrote a couple of parts around Remus and Kasumi's wedding, some of the stuff written didn't match up but it's fixed now.
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