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Chapter 6

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Harry Hibiki and the Philosopher's Stone

Disclaimer: Harry Potter © J. K. Rowling and Ranma 1/2 © Rumiko Takahashi

Author note: Thanks once again to my beta Blissfull Wulf and this chapter is dedicated to my reviewer jaegermonster who came up with the idea for Kodachi. I hope you don’t mind I did end up using your idea and that it was expanded on a bit.

Sorry it took a bit, but this chapter is twice as long to make up for it.

Chapter 6

"Are you sure about this Nabiki?" Nabiki turned to look at her husband with a slight smile. Ranma, who had been splashed with water on their way up the long drive, was looking up at her wife. "That goblin guy said this 'Malfoy' person is extremely dangerous."

"That's why I have you here Ranma-Baby," Nabiki said, kissing Ranma's cheek playfully. "No matter how dangerous this man is, you're still stronger, faster and even more dangerous. I know you'll keep me safe." To get a true feel of Nabiki's skills, Ragnok asked the woman if she could get Lucius Malfoy to pay on a debt that was owed to the goblins. To be honest, the debt was owed by Lucius's grandfather Armand Malfoy who had gotten into a poker game with high ranking goblins nearly 100 years ago. Neither Armand nor his son Abraxas bothered to pay anything on the debt. Now the Malfoy family debt fell on the current head Lucius who stated he had no plans on ever paying the goblins.

Gringotts couldn't force Malfoy to pay as the man had the current Minster of Magic Cornelius Fudge in his pocket and like what happen with the royalties owed to Harry, Fudge wouldn't allow the bank to collect. Nabiki on the other hand didn't work for Gringotts and she was unknown to the Ministry of Magic so perhaps she could get what the goblins wanted. Nabiki agreed to do so... for a fee... and in two days she used her skills to gather as much blackmail on Lucius Malfoy as she could find on short notice. Nabiki then recruited her husband to be her personal body guard and left their children in the care of Ryoga with a threat of bodily harm if Spice and Taji were hurt or lost.

Ranma sighed as Nabiki kissed her cheek, she still wished the other woman hadn't taken this job, and followed Nabiki up to the large front doors. The red headed woman snorted under her breath.

"This guy is showier with his money than Kuno," She muttered to Nabiki.

"He's rich and from old money," Nabiki agreed, eyeing the silver fixtures on the door that were shaped like snakes with emeralds for eyes. The door opened then by an odd little creature with large tennis-ball size eyes and large bat like ears. It was skin and bones, wearing a dirty looking pillow case of a tunic.

"Cans Dobby be helping miss?" The House Elf said in a timid voice.

"I have an appointment with Lucius Malfoy," Nabiki said as she removed a business card from a pocket of her suit, handing it to Dobby.

"Dobby announces Missy Bikiy to Master," Dobby said as he waved Nabiki and Ranma into the house. "If Missy Bikiy and miss wait here?" He popped out of the room to go find Lucius.

"Jumpy little thing," Ranma muttered softly. Nabiki hummed in agreement while her eyes narrowed in thought, the thing had been jumpy in a way that spoke of abuse. She started to look around the entry way they were in. Just like the outside of the manor, the inside screamed wealth and power. The Malfoy's were loaded and knew how to show it off, Nabiki did think it was a little tacky with the amount of snakes that were used as decorations or the amount of silver and green that showed up. She was sure it had something to do with the whole 'Hogwarts houses' thing which people here seemed to put a little too much weight on.

/'Have to remember to teach Harry and Spice that these 'houses' are not that important when making connections,' /Nabiki thought to herself. With a pop Dobby appeared back in the entry way.

"Master will see missys now," Dobby said. "If follow Dobby?" The Houself led Nabiki and Ranma to a room down the hallway of the south wing to a room that was set up as an office/study. Behind the very large desk sat a blond man a few years older than the two women with shoulder length white blond hair and cold gray eyes. He was wearing a robe that was a dark green color and fit his form perfectly. Nabiki had to admit, Malfoy carried the whole 'rich and I know it' thing better than Kuno ever did. Behind the man were two hulking men that looked a little like apes... which was insulting to apes... that looked like Malfoy's grunts.

"Mr. Malfoy, I am Nabiki Saotome," Nabiki said as she stepped up to the desk, her one hand on her hip while the other clasped her briefcase. Malfoy looked Nabiki up and down, sneering at her slightly at how muggle she looked wearing a muggle suit.

"Yes... my 9 o'clock appointment," Malfoy said, tapping his fingers on a snake headed cane next to him.

"Let’s get straight to the point shall we?" Nabiki said as she placed her briefcase on the desk and opened it. "This has to do with your debt that your family owes the goblins."

"I owe the goblins nothing," Malfoy said with a snort.

"I'm not finished," Nabiki said flatly. "You don't owe the goblins anymore but that's only because they sold the debt to me. So you owe me 45,700 gallons PLUS a 25% interest rate for the years that the debt hasn't been paid so which brings your total up to 3,027,625 gallons." (1)

"That is ridiculous," Malfoy sputtered.

"Well from what I understand that would barely make a dent in your fortune," Nabiki said in her usual try tone.

"I will not pay that or any amount," Malfoy said coldly.

"Oh really, then I guess I will have to go to the press with these photo's of you and this pretty young woman whom I'm sure is not your wife," Nabiki said as she took out a photo from under the other papers in her case, one of Malfoy getting very handsie with a very young looking red headed witch. "I believe you had a case of the roaming fingers that night," She mused, pleased with the way the man's face got a little paler then flushed in anger. He quickly reached out to snatch the photo from Nabiki's hand only to find his wrist caught in a vice-like grip by the red headed woman with her.

"Keep your hands to yourself," Ranma hissed in anger, sounding a bit like a cat. "You try that again I'm tearing your arm off and beating you with it." Ranma squeezed Malfoy's wrist slightly, making the blond’s bones creak in protest, then let him go. Malfoy glared at both Ranma and Nabiki rubbing his very sore wrist.

"Even if you had gotten your hands on this, it's just a copy," Nabiki said with a smirk. "The original is hidden away, ready to be sent to the Prophet, Witch Weekly, the Quibbler and any other paper who will pay for it."

"Surely we could come to some sort of deal," Malfoy said.

"Hmmm," Nabiki cast her eyes over the room, smirking. "Well I could knock off part of the price... if you hand over those lovely golden statues there and... I want him," Nabiki pointed at Dobby who had popped into the room with a tray of tea.

"You want this useless House Elf?" Malfoy asked, kicking out at Dobby who cringed.

"Yes," Nabiki said, eyes lit in anger. "Now this is my only offer, take it or I'm going to the papers." Malfoy gave Nabiki a cold look then took a handkerchief.

"Take it," He told Dobby, dropping it into the House Elf's hands.

"Master has freed Dobby?" Dobby said in quiet shock.

"You belong to the woman now," Malfoy said.

"Ranma-Baby, grab those statues," Nabiki said while taking a sack of galleons from Malfoy. "Pleasure doing business with you Lucy. I'll come back later about the other photos."

"You have others!?" Malfoy said as he stood in anger.

"Oh yes," Nabiki said. "You have quite the collection of lovers, lovely young women and men."

"Crabb, Goyle," Malfoy nodded to Ranma, who was already moving toward her, as he drew his wand out of his cane. "Hand the photos over!"

Two things happened at the same time then. Ranma dodged Crabb's attempt to punch her while Goyle pointed his wand at the red head. Ranma turned, striking Goyle's nose with the heel of her palm. The man howled in pain, dropping his wand as he reached up to cover his bleeding nose. Crabb recovered from his miss and turned back to face Ranma with his arm out stretched and his own wand pointed at the cursed woman. She grabbed his arm, turned so she was facing Goyle and tossed Crabb into the man. Both ape-like wizards ended up crashing into the other wall with the force of Ranma's throw.

"Avada-" Malfoy at the same time was starting to cast the Killing Curse at Nabiki, the tip of the man's wand glowing green.

"You not hurt Missy Bikiy!" Dobby yelled as he jumped in front of Nabiki and pointed a finger at Malfoy. The House Elf sent a blast of his magic at Malfoy, knocking the man back against the wall.

"Unnggghh," Malfoy groaned in pain before passing out.

"Hmmm, not bad Dobby," Nabiki said impressed. "Let’s get out of here Ranma," She said grabbing her briefcase after dropping the sack of money into it. As the pair of women left the house, Nabiki grinned coldly as she heard a woman scream.

"So Dobby... have you ever thought about being a bodyguard?" She asked Dobby as they left the Malfoy grounds.


"Sire, the Saotomes are back," A goblin guard said from Ragnok's door. The goblin chief waved for them to enter.

"How did it go?" Ragnok asked Nabiki as she entered with her spouse and oddly enough a House Elf. Nabiki smirked and took out a sack of money from her briefcase, dropping it on the desk. Ragnok opened it and stared in shock.

"This is even more than what he owed," He pointed out.

"I tacked on a 25% interest rate from over 63 years. He didn't pay that full amount but we got some gold statues out of it and the freedom of my new bodyguard," Nabiki said, nodding to Dobby who wiggled in excitement at being called Nabiki's bodyguard.

"The House Elf?" Ragnok asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Hmm, Malfoy tried to attack me after he sent his two thugs on my husband," Nabiki said.

"They weren't even a challenge, Akane could have taken them out when we were teens," Ranma said with bored look on her face as she leaned against the wall.

"Malfoy started some sort of spell that sort of sounded like abra and his wand was glowing green," Nabiki continued to explain. Ragnok scowled at the news. "Dobby didn't like that and blasted him into the wall."

"It sounds like he was going to use the killing curse," The goblin said. "Well I am double impressed Saotome-san."

"Please, call me Nabiki," Nabiki said with a goblin worthy grin. "I think we're going to be good friends." Ragnok returned the grin while Ranma shuddered, she remembered seeing that look plenty of times over the years, sometimes directed at her.


Harry Age 8

Harry kicked his feet as he sat back in the chair at Dr. Tofu's clinic. Ukyo had gone into labor in the early afternoon, his little brother or sister ready to come out into the world. Harry had been picked up from school and Ryoga was found by Konatsu and taken to the clinic to await the newest member of the Hibiki clan. Ryoga was currently in the other room with Ukyo and Tofu while Harry was in the waiting room with his grandfather and his grandparents as somehow the two elder Hibiki's had found their way there as well. Konatsu was there as well for his adopted family.

Harry sighed and looked down at the letter Luna had sent him. His friend was a little depressed right now, her mother had recently died in an accident that had to do with the woman's work and what was worse was that Luna had witnessed it. The petite blond was having nightmares and being treated with kid gloves by adults. Harry sent her kind words and encouragement in every letter he sent back to her. Luna's current letter was congratulating Harry on his new little sibling though how she already knew Harry didn't know, he thought she might be psychic or something.

The young wizard looked up startled as Ukyo screamed and cursed loudly before everything went quite for a few seconds. The silence was broken as a baby's cry rang through the air.

"Oh listen to the pair of lungs on that baby," Ayako, Ryoga's mother, gushed happily. Ryoichi, her husband and Ryoga's father, chuckled softly.

"That kid sounds just like Ryoga when he was a baby," he said.

"Ukyo was the same," Ukyo's father agreed. They all looked up as the door opened and Dr. Tofu came out with a smile.

"As you can hear, the baby is fine and so is Ukyo," Tofu Ono said pushing his glasses up onto his nose. "I hope you folks don't mind, Ryoga and Ukyo want to introduce the baby to Harry first before you come in."

"Go on dear," Ayako said, nudging Harry who grinned and jumped off his seat. He ran into the other room, drawing a laugh from the adults behind him. On the bed in the room laid Ukyo, with Ryoga standing by her side, holding a bundle of blankets in her arms.

"Come here Harry," Ukyo said with a tired smile. Harry climbed onto the edge of the bed and looked down at his baby sibling. "Say hello to your new brother Yoshi." (2)

"Hi Yoshi," Harry said softly, reaching over to gently touch one of the baby's hands. He grinned as baby opened currently blue eyes and wrapped tiny fingers around Harry's. The green eyed boy's heart busted with love for the tiny baby and he knew he would do anything to keep Yoshi safe.


A few weeks later found Harry and Spice walking home from school.

"So what's it like having the baby in the house? Does he keep you up all night?" Spice asked.

"Not really, Mom and Dad are pretty quick to see to his needs," Harry said with a shake of his head. "Aunt Konatsu is a big help too during the day."

"He's small and cute now but wait until he's older and into all your stuff. I have to put up with Taji and Makoto doing that all the time," Spice said with a roll of her eyes. She felt like an expert on this, after all she was the oldest out of three children even if all three were close in age.

"Taji just does it to annoy-" Spice blinked and turned as Harry's words were cut off midway. Instead of seeing her friends, all Spice saw was a pile of clothing and a school briefcase on the ground. The clothing was wiggling from something moving under it.

"Not again," She sighed as she knelt in front of the pile and peeled back the wet jacket and shirt. Harry's head popped out of the hole she made.

"Mwerl!" Harry meowed as he climbed out of his clothing; his bandanna tied neatly around his neck, and shook to get the water clinging to his coat off.

"You have the worse luck sometimes," Spice said as she picked Harry up and placed him on his shoulder. She looked around for the source of the water, spotting a turned over water bottle with water still dripping from it. "Come on, we'll get some hot water at the Nekohanten before we need to meet up with Pop," She said as she picked up Harry's school uniform, shoes and case.

"Mew," Harry agreed. As Harry rode on Spice's shoulder to the Nekohanten as the red headed girl ran along the side walk, still too small to run up on the fences like her father did all the time, he didn't notice the looming shadow that came out of nowhere until it was too late.

~Oh Lily-Ann!~ A female called before Harry was snatched up and hugged to some woman's chest.

"MREWLLL!!" Harry said panicked as he tried to get out of the hold, his twin tails lashing.

~Hey! Let go of my friend!~ Spice yelled in Japanese up at the woman who grabbed Harry.

~This is Azusa's Lily-Ann,~ the woman said, hugging Harry closer. Azusa Shiratori had not been seen in Nerima in a few years. The annoying, immature yet cute kleptomaniac of a girl had grown into an admittedly pretty young woman who was still childish, annoying and immature. She was also still one of the biggest kleptomaniacs ever, her collection of stolen items even larger than it had been years ago. Azusa was still figure skating though she had a different partner now, her old one Mikado Sanzenin had a identity crisis a few years ago and was currently living as a transvestite.

~No he isn't now let him go!~ Spice yelled as she reached up to grab Harry who was digging his claws into Azusa's arm in a bid to get free. Azusa merely pushed Spice away and ran off with her 'Lily-Ann' to her house. Spice landed on her rear with a grunt.

~Azusa's Lily-Ann needs a nice collar,~ Azusa said. ~And a pink bow.~ Harry mrowled in distress, he did not want to wear some pink bow!

Spice meanwhile had gotten up and tried to chase the crazy woman who kidnapped Harry. Azusa was too fast for her so Spice did the next best thing, she ran to Ucchan's.

~Aunt Ukyo! Uncle Ryoga!~ She yelled as she ran into the restaurant.

~Spice! What's the matter sug?~ Ukyo said as she caught her 'niece' as the little five year old slid to a stop. ~Where is Harry?~

~Harry got splashed on our way home from school. Some crazy lady came up and grabbed him,~ Spice explained.

~Crazy lady?~ Ryoga asked walking up. He was cradling Yoshi in his arms as the infant napped. ~Did you catch her name?~

~She kept saying the name Azusa,~ Spice said. Ryoga stiffened as he heard the name, it was the same girl who had claimed his pig form as her own pet and called him 'Charlotte'. He remembered that horrid pink collar she put on him with the heart shaped ID tag. He couldn't get the thing off of him, not even in human form. It wasn't until after he rescued Akane from the pool that Ranma found some bolt cutters and got the stupid thing off. (3)

~Why do I recognize that name?~ Ukyo asked. She hadn't been in Nerima when the incident with the Golden Pair happened.

~She's a little crazy girl who likes to steal things and give them ridiculous names,~ Ryoga growled.

~Ohhh, didn't she kidnap Kuno and that ninja guy that works for him once?~ Ukyo asked. Ryoga nodded then handed Yoshi to Ukyo. ~Hey! Where do you think you're going Sugar?~

~I'm going to rescue my son from that demon woman,~ Ryoga said in a dark tone as he grabbed his combat umbrella by the door.

~Not without me!~ Ukyo said. ~Konatsu, take and watch after Yoshi will you?~

~Yes Ukyo-sama,~ Konatsu said as he took Yoshi gently. ~I will watch after him and protect him until you and Ryoga-san get back.~ Ukyo nodded then grabbed her spatula.

~Go on home Spice, we'll take care of this,~ She told the tiny red head waiting by the door.

~Awww, but I want to help!~ Spice said.

~No Spice. This will be way out of your league. If you want to help, go home and tell your Dad what happen,~ Ryoga said. Spice pouted, she wanted to kick the crazy lady's butt, but as neither Ukyo nor Ryoga were budging on this ran out to go to the Nekohanten. Ryoga and Ukyo ran the other way to find out where Azusa lived.


Harry yowled as he scratched and bit at Azusa's hand. She was trying to put a pink collar around his neck having already untied and took off the bandanna he always wore.

'Let me go you crazy woman!' Harry meowed loudly, trying to wiggle out of Azusa's grip.

~Lily-Ann, you will look so cute with this,~ Azusa said, ignoring that her hand was bleeding and covered with deep scratches.

'NO!' Harry spat a small fire ball at Azusa. The fire ball was only what was called a 'ghost fire', it didn't give off any sort of heat just light but Harry was hoping it would startle the woman enough to let him go.

~EEEE!~ Azusa screamed startled, jerking back and letting Harry go. Harry took off as soon as his feet hit the floor, looking for a way out. ~Lily-Ann come back!~

Outside Ukyo and Ryoga stood in front of the large house Azusa lived in. Ukyo was seething, her hands holding her spatula tightly.

~Is this the house?~ She asked her husband.

~Lily-Ann! Come back!~ A voice from the house called loudly. A cat yowling loudly followed.

~It's the house,~ Ryoga said recognizing Azusa's voice. They ran up to the door, Ryoga pounding on the door.

~Yes?~ The butler said as he opened the door, a stuffy looking older man.

~Out of the way penguin!~ Ukyo said as she shoved the man out of the way and followed the sound of Azusa's voice and Harry's panicked yowling.

The pair found Harry in a room upstairs, cornered by Azusa who had a bright pink collar in her hands.

~Leave him alone!~ Ukyo yelled as she jumped between her son and Azusa. Harry cried in relief as he saw his parents.

~That is Azusa's Lily-Ann!~ Azusa said, stomping her foot like a child.

~He is not your anything,~ Ukyo said as she held her weapon protectively in front of her.

~Get away from my son and wife,~ Ryoga growled dangerously, tossing a bandanna at Azusa as she picked up a lamp to hit Ukyo with. Azusa screamed as the razor sharp cloth knocked the lamp out of her hands and turned to Ryoga, eyes lighting up as she recognized him.

~Azusa's Charlotte has come back!~ She yelled as she jumped at Ryoga only to stop as a trio of little spatulas whizzed past her.

~I don't think so crazy,~ Ukyo said, holding Harry in one arm who was glaring at Azusa from the safety of his mother's arms. Azusa saw where Harry was, her face turning red.

~Let go of Lily-Ann! Lily-Ann is Azusa's!~ She threw a fit, tossing every item she picked up at Ukyo and Ryoga as they tried to get out. Harry yelped as he jumped out of Ukyo's arm to avoid a flying cup. Ryoga and Ukyo used their signature weapons to block and knock away everything that came their way. ~Lily-Ann!~ Azusa stopped throwing things when she saw Harry-neko standing to the side and leapt at him.

'I wish I was bigger than this!' Harry thought in a panic as Azusa came at him while Ukyo and Ryoga followed after her to stop her. Suddenly Harry felt a surge of heat and power within him, a flash of flames surrounding him. In the tiny neko's place stood a much larger saber tooth black cat, his twin tails lashing wildly behind him.

"Rowrrrr!!!" He roared loudly startling all three adults. A ball of flame that was green in color built up in his mouth, roaring again as he spat the fire ball at Azusa.

"AAAAHHHH!!" Azusa yelled loudly as her hair was lit on fire, running around in circles as she patted her head, trying to put the flames out.

~Let’s get out of here,~ Ukyo said as she grabbed Ryoga's arm after watching Azusa run around like a crazy person. ~Come on Harry.~ Harry followed Ryoga and Ukyo downstairs, growling at the butler as they passed. At the gate he stopped, he didn't want to run around Nerima as a giant cat. At this thought another flash of flames surrounded Harry, the fire ball shrinking and leaving the small Harry-neko behind.

"Mewl" He meowed in surprise.

~This cursed form of yours is better than we thought,~ Ryoga said as he picked up Harry. ~Lets go home huh Chibi?~ Harry mewled and nodded his head.


Luna was frowning at the red headed girl standing across from her.

"Come on Luna, it'll be fun," Ginny Weasley said holding a 'Harry Potter' doll in her arms. Ginny was a girl who was the same age as Luna that lived in the same town on the other side of the field. Ginny had six older brothers. The three oldest: Bill, Charlie and Percy, were all currently at Hogwarts while Ginny's other three brothers: The twins Fred and George and the youngest boy Ron were still at home. As the only girl other than her mother in the house Ginny often came over to the Lovegoods to play as Luna was the only girl in the town the same age as her since her brothers didn't want her to play with them.

The problem was the only thing Ginny wanted to play was house where she was married to 'Harry Potter the boy-who-lived'. And quite frankly Luna was tired of playing that game.

"Let's play something else," Luna said with a shake of her head. In another life Ginny would have been Luna's only friend growing up and would have played whatever Ginny wanted to keep the red headed girl happy. But this Luna had another friend, a boy from Japan who could turn into a two tailed kitty-cat. And Luna was always getting letters from Harry who told her stories about his parents and their friends and even the adventures he got mixed up in. This Luna was a lot braver and wasn't afraid to stand up to her other friend because she knew she wasn't alone. "We can play martial artist!"

"Martial whatis?" Ginny asked.

"My friend sends me letters all the times about his family, they are all martial artists who can fight without magic," Luna said as she took out some of the letters from Harry. "Look, like this one. His uncle got into a fight with this girl who uses a ribbon as a weapon. And this one is about Chinese Amazons," Ginny read the letters curiously, as the only girl her mother always told her she had to be all lady like and everything, not able to rough house with her brothers or get dirty because girls didn't do that. But Luna's friend spoke about girls, grown up girls, who could kick boy’s butts!

"Ohhh, we can play like we're Amazons!" Ginny said with a grin. Luna smiled dreamily and nodded. The girls got up and ran out of the room, Luna stopping to speak to her dad.

"Father, Ginny and I are going outside to be Amazons," The pretty blond girl said.

"Alright Tomato," Xenophilius said with his own absent smile as he waved the girls off. Ginny and Luna ran outside, the Harry Potter doll laying forgotten on the floor, Luna taking charge for the first time ever in their games.


It was the crying that caught Harry's attention. He was currently in the park with Ukyo and Yoshi, the last few months having gone by as they always did, pure chaos. It was currently very early spring, the air starting to get warmer as the last of winter went away. Yoshi, his little baby brother, seemed to love to ride in his stroller through the park. Harry's adopted mother and his little brother were by the fountain while Harry ran around and played. When he neared the tree line was when he heard the crying.

Harry felt he couldn't just leave whoever was crying there alone, what if they were hurt?

~Hello?~ Harry asked as he stepped into the trees. ~Are you ok?~ The cry stopped for a moment before a voice replied.

~Go away,~ the voice sounded very cultured. ~It's nothing.~ Harry followed the voice until he found a little girl that was the same age as him. She was very pretty with long black hair pulled up in a ponytail that was slightly to the side. She was wearing a black dress with roses stitched on, her knees pulled to her chest.

~Are you alright? I heard you crying,~ Harry said as he knelt beside the girl.

~I told you it's nothing... it's just... it's just my father,~ The girl said softly.

~Your dad is mean to you?~ Harry guessed. The girl hugged her legs tighter and turned her head to the side. ~Come on, we can get my mom and dad to help.~ Harry stood and held his hand out to the girl.

~I don't think your parents will be able to help,~ the girl said softly, looking at Harry's hand.

~Sure they can, my dad is really strong,~ Harry said with a smile. The girl hesitated then slowly took his hand. ~My name is Harry.~

~I am Kodachi,~ The girl said as she got to her feet. Harry held fast to Kodachi's hand as he lead her out of the wooded area and over to the fountain where Ukyo was. Kodachi's eyes widened when she saw Ukyo, gripping at Harry's hand tighter.

~Mom!~ Harry called as he ran up. ~My new friend needs help, her dad is being really mean to her. He made her cry!~ Ukyo turned to Harry and Kodachi, gasping loudly and pressing her hand up to her mouth.

~Ku-kuno Kodachi?~


Kodachi sunk down slightly in her seat as everyone in the Nekohanten spoke all at the same time loudly.

"Quite!" Cologne said loudly, getting everyone's attention. "Perhaps we should let Miss Kuno explain what has happen."

Tatewaki and Kodachi Kuno hadn't been seen in years, the crazy brother and sister pair had disappeared around the time of Ryoga and Ukyo's wedding. No one had really thought much on it figuring that they had found some sort of life outside of Nerima. So it was a shock to see Kodachi again, only she was 8 instead of in her 20's.

"It happened almost 4 years ago," Kodachi said her hands clasped in her lap. "I found some odd mushrooms by Mr. Green Turtle's pond and I used them in the dinner I made for my brother and I." Ryoga sat up in alarm and shared a look with Ranma, they were starting to guess what happen. "As we ate dinner we both blacked out and when we awoke, Tatewaki and I were children."

"Kuno's got a kids body too?" Ranma asked. Kodachi nodded her head.

"Father found us not too long after and has kept us locked up in the house since," She continued.

"Why?" Ukyo asked. Kodachi shrugged her shoulders.

"I do not know, but Father has always been strange," She said. "Father and I got into an argument this morning and.... he struck me."

"Your Father hit you?" Ranma said with a scowl, not sure if he felt surprised or not. Principle Kuno had always been crazy but then again the man always acted like he cared for his two children. "Why? What were you fighting about?"

"It's... something odd happened this morning," Kodachi said. "Somehow I changed one of our servant’s hair color but I do not know how. Father went ballistic; he always does every time something odd happens. After he struck me... somehow I ended up in the park, I appeared with a pop."

"It sounds like accidental magic," Remus said from behind the group. Everyone turned to look at Remus who smiled slightly. "Sorry, I came looking for Harry and Spice when they didn't show up for lessons. I only heard the last part."

"Explain what you meant," Kodachi said, looking up at the werewolf.

"Accidental magic, all magical children have the ability," Remus explained. "Young children have problems controlling their magic, it's tied into your emotions. It's perfectly natural."

"But... but I do not have any magic," Kodachi said shaking her head franticly. "Magic isn't real."

"Of course it is. It's normal for someone your age for your magic to go a little out of control," Remus said, sitting down in a chair next to Kodachi. "There isn't any reason to be afraid."

"Ah Remus, Kodachi is the same age as us," Ranma said. "She got de-aged cause of some magic mushrooms." Remus frowned and turned to Kodachi again.

"Did you ever get a letter from a school to learn magic? Did any owls every fly to your home when you were close to this age the first time?" He asked.

"Ye-yes? I think so?" Kodachi said with a frown. "I vaguely remember a group of owls flying around our home when Tatewaki turned 11. Then again around my 11th birthday. Both times Father took the letters and I didn't see them again. I have never got to any school other than St. Hebereke's School for Girls. My brother has always gone to the schools in Furinkan."

"That is very dangerous," Remus said with a shake of his head. "If you had no training of your magic then it could turn against you and even drive you insane."

"So... you're saying that Kuno-baby and Kodachi here are nuts because of their magic?" Nabiki asked.

"It could be one reason," Remus confirmed. "Why did your father take the letters? He had to know what they were."

"Magic isn't real," Kodachi said with a shake of her head again. "It can't be, Father told us again and again that it isn't real!"

"This is nuts," Ranma said with a shake of his head. "I remember Principal Kuno, he was a bit of a nut job but he always seemed to like his kids."

"Don't believe everything you see Ranma-sama. Father," Kodachi spat the word like a curse, "is anything but a kind and loving man. He puts on that act for the world to see so they wouldn't look too closely at him, will not question anything that he does. The best time of our lives was when he traveled to Hawaii and left us behind. The only reason he came back was because Tatewaki had started to look into the family finances and Father didn't want that."

"She's got a point," Nabiki said. "He locked up his kids, made sure they wouldn't learn magic, and Kodachi even said he hit her today. That doesn't sound like a loving father to me."

"Kodachi, what your father did is wrong but I assure you magic is real. Here, watch," Remus took out his wand and transfigured a cup on the table into a rabbit. Kodachi's hands shook as she reached out to touch the rabbit, the fur was soft under her hands. While she was still touching the rabbit, Remus reversed the spell, leaving the girl touching a cup.

"Oh Kami-sama," She said, face pale. The dark hair girl sat back in her chair, her mind racing, she tried to deny it but after what Remus just showed her everything else that showed her magic had been real over the years came to mind. The incidents when she was a child the first time where she or Tatewaki made strange things happen before their father would yell at them for it. She had a very vague memory of her mother holding a stick like the one Remus held. Then one last one, a few years ago, came to her. Her dark eyes widen and turned their gaze on Ranma. "Yo-you and the pig tailed girl... yo-you and her are the same person. I-I remember you change i-in front of me. Bu-but I could not... could not accept that...."

"That's right Kodachi, that girl is my cursed form. I change into a girl every time I get hit with cold water. So does Ryoga and Ukyo," Ranma said slowly. "They change genders too."

Kodachi looked over at Ryoga, making the connection very quickly.

"You are the bandanna girl my brother spoke of so often," Kodachi buried her face into her hands, her whole head was spinning as she tried to manage all this new information in her mind. "Tachi! What about my brother? While we are sitting here, Tatewaki is still with our father!"

"Well... after all we've learnt, we can't really just leave him there," Ranma said with a sigh, he never thought he would suggest going to save Kuno of all people but this afternoon brought a new light to the Kuno siblings.

"Are you gonna so save him Uncle Ranma?" Harry asked. He had been listening in from the doorway when he should have been upstairs with the Saotome kids and Yoshi. "If Kodachi's daddy is so mean, he could hurt her brother." Ranma sighed again, looking at the others.

"What choice do we have?" Ukyo said with a shrug. "We can't send Pain-in-the-butt-rose back and can't leave Kuno there either. They're both kids now, it's kinda wrong to do so."

"Yeah you're right Ucchan," Ranma said. "Alright, I'll go save Kuno then."

"I'm going with you," Remus said as he stood. "It's clear their father knows about magic, I want to know why."

"Fine" Ranma said. "Me and Remus will be enough for this. We'll be back soon."


Ranma jumped over the wall surrounding the Kuno property while Remus spelled the gate open.

"It's really quiet," Remus said, straining his ears to catch any sound.

"That doesn't mean much, all of the Kuno servants are ninjas," Ranma said, waving for Remus to follow him to the back door. The door was thankfully unlocked and the pair slipped into the house. Ranma glanced through a doorway that lead to the kitchen, running around was Kuno's old servant Sasuke Sarugakure who looked haggard and worn out. "Sasuke," Ranma hissed.

Sasuke jumped at the sound and turned to the doorway.

"Ranma Saotome? What are you doing here?" He asked, motioning for Ranma and Remus to enter the kitchen.

"We know about Kodachi and Kuno," Ranma said.

"You found Mistress Kodachi?" Sasuke asked, sighing in relief when Ranma nodded. "Thank Kami, I was worried when she disappeared. She hasn't shown any magic for years until she and Master Tatewaki were suddenly children again."

"You know everything that goes on here, is any of it true what Kodachi said? And if so, why haven't you stopped it?" Ranma asked with a frown. Sasuke's shoulders sagged as he looked at the floor.

"The Sarugakure line has always served the Kunos, we are bound to listen to the head of the house. When Mistress Miyu, Mistress Kodachi and Master Tatewaki's mother, was alive she was the head of the house. But when she died, her husband took over as Master Tatewaki was too young," Sasuke explained. "Master Kaitou is not a Kuno by blood but I am still bound to listen to the head of the household. With both Master Tatewaki and Mistress Kodachi children again they cannot take the position away from him."

"What about the whole keeping them from learning magic," Remus asked. Sasuke sighed and sagged again.

"I don't know why he did that. When he married Mistress Miyu, he knew she was a witch," He said then clasped his hands over his head. "Please, save Master Tatewaki!"

"That's what we're here for," Ranma said. "Where is he?"

"I am not sure; Master Tatewaki went looking for his father when he found out Mistress Kodachi was gone," Sasuke said. "Ranma... I know you won't need it but be careful. Master Kaitou has employed a group of ninjas that are much more loyal to him and are more successful fighters than any of the ninjas that served the Kuno Family had ever been."

"Thanks for the warning," Ranma said then motioned for Remus to follow him again. Ranma stretched out his senses to read any Chi nearby.

~Where is Kodachi!?~ A young male voice could be heard as they neared the center of the house. ~What did you do with my sister?~

~Don't worry about your sister Tachi,~ an older male voice said, one Ranma recognized as Principle Kuno from school. ~The little bitch will show up again soon, she always does.~

~Do not call Kodachi a bitch,~ The younger voice said. ~Why do you torment us like this? You use to do the same to Mother!~ A slap sounded from the room followed by a sound of surprised pain. Ranma growled and burst into the room.

"Leave him alone!" Ranma yelled as he jumped in front of little Kuno who was lying on the ground holding his cheek.

"Saotome?" Kuno said in surprise, looking up at his once rival.

"Oh Mr. Saotome," Kaitou Kuno said, plastering a smile on his face. "What brings you to see the big kahuna? Finally getting that hair cut ya?"

"Cut the act," Ranma said as he slipped into a stance. "Kodachi told us everything." While Ranma distracted the elder Kuno, Remus slipped over and pulled Tatewaki up off the floor.

"So dat little bitch let slip the big kahuna's plans?" Kaitou asked with a sneer. He held up a hand and snapped his fingers. "Say hello to me bruthers then." A trio of black clad ninjas surrounded Ranma. Ranma eyed each one, it was clear the way they stood and held themselves that they had real training. Not enough to make Ranma worry but he had to take out the trio before anyone got hurt.

As Ranma threw himself into battle with the ninjas, Remus kept an eye on the elder Kuno while he held the younger back.

"Let me go," Tatewaki said as he struggled in Remus's grip. He wasn't sure what he was going to do, Kuno was still not a fan of Ranma's but right now his beef was with his father.

"Com'here Tachi," Kaitou said when he noticed his son was still in the room. "You need to learn your lessons again." Remus snarled and pointed his wand at the man when he stepped closer. Kaitou's eyes widened in surprise. "You wanna dem freaks!"

"You're a sorcerer," Tatewaki said at the same time, struggling even more.

"I'm a wizard, there's a difference," Remus corrected. Tatewaki stilled, wondering what the difference was.

"I'ma not gonna let you take mhy boy! I swore I stop that before he could learn any of that freaky stuff!" Kaitou said as he took out a gun and pointed it at Remus. Ranma saw this out of the corner of his eye and swore loudly, he needed to end his fight quickly.

"Tenshin Amaguriken!" He yelled, striking the nearest ninja quickly and knocking the man out. He turned and started to gather blue color chi in his hand as the other two ninjas rushed him. "Double Moko Takabisha!" He yelled as he shot two equally strong chi blasts at his remaining opponents.

"Expelliarmus!" Remus yelled in the meantime. The spell slammed into Kaitou, knocking the Hawaiian shirt man back on his ass while his gun flew out of his hand and landed across the room. "Incarerous!" Ropes sprung from his wand and wrapped around Kaitou.

"Wow, not bad Remus," Ranma said as he saw what the werewolf had done while he was taking out the ninjas.

"I knew I should have gotten rid of you two," Kaitou spat out, dropping the fake accent. "When you two turned into little brats again, turned out just like your bitch of a mother." Tatewaki tore himself from Remus's hold and brought his hand across his father's face.

"Do not speak of O'kansan that way," He growled.

"I'll speak of her how I like," Kaitou said. "If she just did as I told her I wouldn't have needed to get rid of her. Always lording over me because she could use magic and I couldn't."

"Wait, you told me Mother died because of magic that is why it is evil," Tatewaki said.

"What did you do to your wife?" Remus asked as he stepped behind Tatewaki, placing his hands on the boy's shoulders which were shaking in anger.

"I guess it doesn't matter now," Kaitou muttered. "I had my wife killed so I could have unlimited access to her money. The bitch always lorded over me that she was a witch and I was determined her brats wouldn't learn that crap."

"You... all these years... you told Dachi and I that magic is evil..." Kuno said his emotions making him drop his usual way of speaking. "And it was you!? You killed our mother? Made our lives hell?"

"Like I cared for either you or your sister," the elder Kuno said.

"I think we have enough to turn him over to Japan's Aurors," Remus said as he held up his wand again. "Stupefy!" a bolt of red light slammed into the man, knocking him out.

"Hey Kuno, are you alright?" Ranma asked as he watched Tatewaki. The de-aged Kuno stared at his father for a moment before turning to Ranma.

"Saotome I have lived the last four years in the body of a child, just found out my father is the reason my mother died and that magic, something he has beat into my head as evil and the cause of Mother's death had nothing to do with it other than he hates it," Tatewaki said.

"So that's a no," Ranma said making Kuno sweat drop.


The Kuno siblings sat side by side on the couch at the Nekohanten's in the living space above the restaurant. Kaitou had been arrested by Aurors for the hand in the death of a witch and what he did to his children.

"So what do we do now?" Ranma asked.

"I would suggest an aging potion but no potions have been invented yet that won't wear off in time," Cologne said. "It will take time to invent one."

"So we're stuck like this," Tatewaki said.

"In time you two will re-grow into adults," Cologne said. "I assume you have grown since you were de-aged." Tatewaki and Kodachi nodded slowly.

"But what do we do?" Kodachi asked.

"If I might suggest something?" Remus spoke up, stepping up when everyone's attention turned to him. "You both have been robbed of your chance to learn magic because of your father and it is very dangerous to leave a witch or wizard untrained unless your magic is bound by a healer."

"You said our magic drove us insane," Kodachi said. Remus nodded his head.

"It's a possible side effect," The werewolf said. "I think you two should take this chance to re-grow up as you should have been, allow yourself to learn magic as you should have."

"I... am having a hard time working my mind around what Daddy taught us," Tatewaki said, rubbing his forehead.

"Well... I have a suggestion for that as well," Remus said. "There is a way to remove memories and store them. The memories wouldn't be gone completely from your mind but muted until they are returned to your mind or viewed in a pensive."

"So... you are suggesting our memories from the last few years be removed?" Kodachi asked.

"Around or close to the age you are now, before your father brain washed you both," Remus confirmed. "Of course this is just a suggestion and your decision in the end. If this doesn't sit well with you then we can look for another way."

The Kuno siblings talked into the night and after hours of talking it over decided to go with Remus's suggestion. Kodachi saw this as her second chance and hopefully things would turn out better for her. But she had one more thing she wanted to do.

While Tatewaki memories were being removed by a qualified healer, Kodachi approached Ranma who had been speaking to Ryoga. Yoshi, who was cradled safely in his daddy's arms, squealed happily at seeing her.

"Kodachi," Ranma said as he noticed her.

"Ranma-sama... I have thought long and hard about this and I am sorry..." Kodachi said in a slightly dramatic tone. "But our love isn't meant to be."

"Wha..." Ranma started to say, confused. Kodachi reached up and pressed her finger tips against his lips.

"Shush! I know it is hard but I wish for you to remember me the way I once was, not as how I am now," Kodachi said. "Farewell!" She turned and bounced out of the room with a shower of black rose petals following in her wake.

"Um...." Ranma stared at the doorway Kodachi exited for a few seconds then turned to Ryoga who was laughing softly. "What the hell just happen?"

"I think you just got dumped by Kodachi," Ryoga said with a smirk.


After Kodachi and Tatewaki's memories were modified, Remus and Kasumi volunteered to foster the Kuno siblings so Remus could start their reintroduction to magic. So far things had been good though both Kuno's personalities stuck around.

"You what him to get a new wand?" Ryoga asked surprise. Remus thought getting Kodachi and Takewaki their own wands would let settle their magic and so was suggesting the same for Harry as well. "What about the one he's been practicing with?"

"Well... it was He-who-must-not-be-named's wand first," Remus said. "Harry might have won the wands alliance but it didn't choose him so it's not aligned with his magic. So it would be better if Harry has a wand that does."

"Oh, I guess I see," Ryoga said. "But what about the whole have to be 11 years old thing?"

"That is a rule in England but honestly it's because of muggleborns," Remus said. "Most pureblood families either buy a wand early or have their children use family wands until time to go to a magical school. We don't have access to the Potter Vaults so we can't look for an old family wand that would take Harry."

"Huh... well when do you want to take him?" Ryoga asked.

"This afternoon after school," Remus said.

Later that afternoon Remus led the way to Mahou Village to get Harry, Kodachi and Tatewaki their own wands. Spice was still too young for a wand of her own so she was left behind. Ryoga was there as well.

"Taro Shijo's shop is right down here," Remus said as they walked down Yummei Lane. "His work is as famous as Ollivanders, the wand maker back in the UK. Ah, here we are," He opened the door, a bell ringing above them.

~Ah customers,~ A man said as he came from his work shop in the back. ~I am Shijo Taro, what can I do for you gentlemen?~ Taro Shijo was a man with white hair that was streaked with silver. The man's eyes were yellow, a side effect from his demon blood that allowed him to work in crafting his wands.

"My name is Remus Lupin," Remus said with a smile. "These are my foster children Tatewaki and Kodachi Kuno."

"Kuno?" Taro stepped closer and peered down at the de-aged siblings. "I excepted to see you two some years ago but you never showed. How is it they are still children?" He asked, turning to Remus.

"Magic mushrooms that can change people's ages depending on how tall the mushroom is," Ryoga answered for Remus. "I accidently ate some a few years ago and spent a few weeks as a five year old until I ate one that was high enough to restore me to my real age. They decided to re-grow up because of what happened to them."

"Oh yes, I remember reading something about that in the paper," Taro said. "Well I am sorry for what happened to your mother Mr. and Miss Kuno. I remember selling your mother her first wand, an Apple wood with the heartstring of a drake."

"Arigato Gozaimasu," Kodachi said as she and Kuno bowed.

"Alright, so all three of you children are getting wands?" Taro asked. "Who would like to go first?" The Kuno siblings were still hesitating a bit over the idea of using magic so Harry stepped forward.

"I will," Harry said with a smile. Taro returned the smile and started giving Harry different wands to test. After a lot of wands Harry was finally matched with a Holly wood with the tail hair of a Kirin. Afterwards the other two children each stepped forward to retrieve their wands as well.

In the end Tatewaki was paired with Kashi, or White Oak, with the wing feather of a phoenix. (4)

Kodachi's on the other hand was Ebony wood and had the core of poisonous spine from a Manticore. (5)

"Now you three need to be careful with these. I know you have some idea about that Harry but these are tools not toys," Remus said as they left the wand shop.

"Hai Uncle Moony," Harry said.

"Hai Remus-san," The Kuno siblings said.


A couple of months later the weather started to really warm up. Summer was starting to settle in and soon school would be out. Harry and Ryoga would be on their yearly summer travels again, Yoshi still a little small to go with them.

At this moment in time, a white robed figure was sneaking around the Nekohanten. Mu-Zu, or just Mousse as everyone in Nerima knew him, was currently looking for Ranma. Mousse after all these years was still in love with Shampoo and had been forced to accept the fact she was married to Ranma and in a triad relationship with Nabiki. That didn't mean he liked it as he thought Ranma should focus all his attention on Shampoo if he had to be married to her. As it was, the duck cursed man had a plan to 'punish' his rival.

He had been to Jusenkyo recently and now had several bottles in his procession. Two were full of water from the spring of the drowned girl while three others had waters from the spring of drowned man. A 6th bottle contained waters from what the guide described as the spring of the really fluffy bunny-rabbit. Mousse’s plan was the used the 6th bottle on Ranma, replacing the man's girl form with a rabbit while the rest of the bottles would cure the rest of the cursed members of the Nerima Wrecking Crew as well as Ryoga's adopted son leaving Ranma as the only cursed member. Well him and his father, as Mousse forgot about the elder Saotome male. Mousse was convinced Ranma would die of embarrassment if he was a cute little harmless bunny.

'Where are you Saotome?' Mousse thought to himself, squinting his eyes as he tried to make out the room as once again Mousse was not wearing his glasses. He caught a flash of red out of the corner of his eye, sneaking closer. 'There you are,' He reached into his robe and took out a bottle, popping the top off.

"HAHA!" Mousse yelled as he jumped out and dumped the contents of the bottle on the red head in front of him. ~Now your life really will be hell Saotome!~

"AAHHH!" Mousse blinked, that sounded like a boy's scream, Ranma shouldn't be able to scream if he was a rabbit.

"What the hell Mousse!?" Ranma's voice yelled behind him.

"Aiyah! Mousse you stupid idiot! What did you do to my daughter!?" Shampoo yelled. Mouse blinked again and pulled his glasses down so he could see. In front of him was a 5 year old boy who had purple streaked black hair and wearing a little Chinese dress. He paled as he realized he had cursed Ranma and Shampoos daughter Spice with Nannichuan.

"Oh crap," He muttered then took off as a sword swung down, hitting the space where he had been standing.

"Mousse come back! Shampoo kill!" Shampoo yelled as she chased after him. It showed how angry Shampoo was, she had learned how to speak proper Japanese and English since being married but had slipped back into speaking in the third person in her anger. Ranma growled and wanted to join his Amazon wife in killing her tribe mate but had to calm down his daughter turned son who was still freaking out in shock.

Shampoo chased Mousse out to the park, the male Amazon dodging each of Shampoo's swipes of her sword.

"Stand still stupid duck!" Shampoo yelled. Mousse thrust his arms out, sending a wave of chains to wrap around the female Amazon's blade.

"Shampoo I'm sorry. I didn't mean to curse your daughter!" Mousse tried to say. While he hated Saotome for stealing Shampoo from him but he would have never hurt her children on purpose.

"You should have left my family alone!" Shampoo growled, yanking at her sword and pulling Mousse off his feet since the blade was still wrapped up in his chains. "You never got through your thick skull I not love you and I would never marry you! Now you curse my daughter for petty revenge against my husband!?" As Shampoo slung Mousse away, the other bottles in his robe slid out of his sleeves.

"No!" Mousse yelled as the bottles hit the ground one by one, the glass shattering. The dry ground soak up the water quickly, leaving nothing behind but glass shards and damp dirt. Shampoo tackled Mousse as he flipped and landed on his feet, the purple haired woman wrapping her legs around his chest and trapping his arms against his side. She pressed the sharp edge of the sword against his neck.

"Shampoo!" Ranma ran up and caught his wife's wrists, keeping her from cutting off Mousse’s head. "You don't want to kill him."

"Yes I do!" Shampoo growled.

"No you don't. If he killed or seriously hurt Spice I would help you kill this idiot but all he did was curse Spice," Ranma said. "It's not worth killing Mousse over." Shampoo huffed, still angry but finally withdrew the sword from Mousse’s neck. As soon as she stood up, Ranma grabbed the back of Mousse’s robes and yanked him to his feet.

"You're not off the hook duck boy, Cologne wants to talk to you," He said, dragging the quite Amazon male toward the Nekohanten. "Nabiki got a few words for you too," Mousse gulped, he wasn't sure what was worse, Cologne or Nabiki.

"You stupid, stupid boy!" Cologne yelled as the trio entered the restaurant. She hopped over and started hitting Mousse over the head with her staff. Nabiki glared at Mousse, her arms crossed over her chest. "I should banish you from the tribe! I should trap you in your cursed form for the rest of your life! What do you have to say for yourself Mu-Zu?"

"I didn't mean to curse Shampoo's daughter," Mousse said as he struggled out of Ranma's grip. "I only meant to curse Ranma."

"But of course you didn't have your glasses on did you, you stupid boy," Cologne said as she hit Mousse over the head again. "So you mistook Spice for Ranma in female form. What form did you mean to curse Son-In-Law with?" Mousse looked away, muttering the answering very softly under his breath. "Speak up!" Cologne rapped her staff on his head once again.

"A rabbit ok!" Mousse said with a yell, turning to face the group again. "A fluffy bunny rabbit. I would have picked cat but even I'm not stupid enough to trap Saotome in the Neko-ken for good. Then I brought enough spring of drowned girl and man to cure everyone so Saotome would be the only cursed one."

"Give me the other bottles Mousse," Cologne said holding out her hand.

"They fell out of my robes during my fight with Shampoo and broke," Mousse said. Cologne narrowed her eyes and struck out, sending Mousse to the floor then searched his robes. A moment later she came up with a bottle much to Mousse’s surprise since he thought that all the bottles had broken.

"It seems one bottle of Nannichuan survived," She said. "I think I shall hold on to this. Now what to do with you."

"Use that shiatsu technique that Shampoo used on Akane," Nabiki suggested. "I wouldn't mind him suffering but Mousse just can't seem to accept our lives are happy. So I want him out of our lives for good."

"Hmm... that is a very good suggestion," Cologne agreed. "When I noticed how bad your obsession had gotten I should have used the Xai Fang Heng Gao on you then. You young ones go on, I will take care of this." Nabiki nodded in satisfaction and left with her husband and co-wife.

"No! Don't take my memories of Shampoo!" Mousse’s voice echoed through the Nekohanten.


A few hours later Ranma walked into the kitchen of the Nekohanten, stopping short as he saw Mousse in the kitchen with Cologne. Mousse glanced over at Ranma then turned back to Cologne, there was no light of recognizing Ranma in the taller man's eyes, reminding Ranma of Akane when the same shiatsu technique was used on his ex-fiancée.

"Thank you for delivering the message from the elders Mousse," Cologne said calmly. "I think you should return to the village."

"Of course Elder," Mousse said in a calm tone. He turned and left the room, paying no attention to Ranma.

"Guess that shiatsu thing worked," Ranma said as he leaned against the counter.

"Yes, Mousse just came to a little while ago, I had years of memories to modify," Cologne said with a sigh. "I know you would have liked to have your revenge but this is the most ideal situation"

"Yeah, I understand," Ranma said. "So I guess Mousse isn't gonna bother us anymore"

"That is correct, I doubt Mousse will ever come here again. I have sent word to the other elders to keep Mousse around the village just in case," Cologne said. "You have proved that the Xai Fang Heng Gao can be broken without using the cure."

"So what are you going to do with that bottle of Nannichuan?" Ranma asked curious. Cologne chuckled and took the bottle out of her sleeve.

"I could give it to you Son-in-law," She suggested. "You finally have the cure for your curse right in front of you." Ranma stared at the bottle for a moment then shook his head.

"No... every time a cure pops up something always happens," Ranma said. "This time cause of that idiot duck Spice got cursed. And what about the others? Ryoga, Ukyo and Harry? Or Shampoo? Hell, what about Pops?" He shook his head again. "No, I've learned to live with turning into a girl."

"That is very mature of you Ranma," Cologne said. "I shall store this away then. It could come in handy one day." She left the room to put the bottle of Nannichuan into a safe place. Ranma watch her leave, feeling that he might have given up his last chance of ever getting rid of his girl form. In his youth he would have jumped at the chance but now... no he couldn't do it without the others and more importantly the kids cured as well.

Still, he had in time come to accept his female half and would use that to help Spice accept her new male form.


"Where are we going?" Harry asked as he followed Ryoga down a cobblestone street. As soon as they had reached this odd little village Ryoga had gotten excited and started to look for something.

"A store, I hope it's still there," Ryoga said as he stopped and looked around. He had been hoping they would stumble across this little village for the last couple of years. He was being as careful as he could not to get lost, mostly letting Harry lead the way. His green eyes lit up as he caught sight of the sign he was looking for. "There!" he said pointing.

"What's so special about this store Dad?" Harry asked as they headed toward it.

"It's the same store I got my bandanna from," Ryoga told Harry, reaching up to tap the yellow with black box-strips cloth he always wore since he was sixteen. Most everyone in Nerima still didn't realize how special the cloth was, Ryoga had found this same store when he was about 16 after he had been cursed with his original pig form. (6)

He had explained to the woman in the store that he ideally wanted something he could have multipliable pieces off but didn't have to carry so many bandanna cloths on him at one time. All for the use of the Iron Cloth technique which was one of his main mode of attacks. Luck was on Ryoga's side that day, the owner of the store had been a witch. She had Ryoga pick out a swatch of cloth that he liked and had enchanted it with a type of copy/cloning spell that was anchored with a set of runes sewed into the cloth. As long as the original cloth was tied to Ryoga's head, he could pull off as many bandanna cloths as he needed to use without ever running out. (7)

Most people assumed to this day that Ryoga wore a bunch of bandannas but in truth it was just the one. Pulling at the bandanna would active the spell but untying it from his head would leave just the one. His close family knew how it worked after he had explained it but most others did not.

"Does that mean I'm gonna get my own?" Harry asked excitedly. Ryoga smiled and nodded, Harry had for years worn the same style bandanna as his, a copy of his original, but Ryoga wanted to get Harry his own now, letting Harry chose what style he wanted. He planned to start teaching the Iron Cloth to Harry this summer like his father did when he was young. The pair entered the store, a small ding ringing out as the door opened.

"What can I do for you gentlemen" A smoky voice asked a woman came out from behind a curtain. Her skin was a soft brown color and was dressed in silks and soft cotton. She had a large piece of cloth wrapped around her head, inky black hair spilling out of its fold and was wearing several chains, large bracelets and necklaces made of gold and crystals. "You look familiar sir, have I... oh I recognize that cloth. Has it served you well?"

"Hai," Ryoga said with a nod, the witch looked the same as she did almost 10 years ago. "It's been great. I would like for my son to get one as well," He said, placing his hands on Harry's shoulders.

"Wow... you're pretty!" Harry said, looking up at the witch with wide green eyes. The witch chuckled and leaned forward, part of her cleavage showing.

"Why thank you little wizard, you are a handsome young man yourself," She said with a smile, making Harry blush. "So you would like a special cloth just like your father?" She asked as she stood again. Harry nodded eagerly, following behind the witch as she motioned for the pair to follow her to the counter. She took out a book and laid it on the counter top, it was full of different cloth swatches. "Chose which pattern that calls out to you."

Harry started to flip through the book, looking at the different cloths inside. Some were plain solid colors while others had a wild set of patterns on it. Harry even saw the one like his dad wore as he flipped through the book. He was trying to find a pattern that called out to him and it was near the middle of the book before he found it.

"I like this one," He said as he pointed at one of the swatches. The pattern was a blueish black background with green lightening strikes all over it. The witch nodded with a smile and took the book.

"Wait here gentlemen, I shall return shortly. I assume it will be the same enchantments as your own?" She asked Ryoga who nodded.

A little while later the witch returned to the front of the shop, a square of cloth in her hand decorated with the pattern Harry picked out.

"Here you go young one," She said as she handed the cloth over to Harry. He grinned and ran over to the mirror he spied on one of the walls while Ryoga paid the witch. The youth pulled his old bandanna off, looking at himself in the mirror. He reached up and traced a finger over the odd lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead, the one he got the night his birth parents were killed. He knew there was something wrong with it, even after all these years it still looked like a fresh scar. Ryoga had promised Harry he would tell the boy the secret behind the scar when he was older. Harry shook himself out of his thoughts and tied his new bandanna around his forehead.

"Looks good on you Chibi," Ryoga said as he came up behind Harry. Harry grinned up at Ryoga's reflection and reached up, tugging at the bandanna. The lightening bolted cloth seem to twist around Harry's head as an identical one came off in his hand. Ryoga chuckled then thanked the witch before leaving with his son.


Harry age 9

Kasumi smiled happily as she swept around her kitchen as she made dinner for her family. She had just gotten back from the doctor an hour ago, not Dr. Tofu as he still couldn't seem to speak straight when she was around and she had wanted to know why she had been sick in the mornings lately, and had received the most wonderful news.

"You seem to be glowing with happiness Kasumi," Remus said with amusement as he watched his wife from the kitchen doorway. The werewolf wizard was still amazed that a beautiful kind woman like Kasumi married a monster like him. Well not so much a monster any more since he had made peace with his werewolf side.

"I got the most wonderful news today," Kasumi said as she walked over to wrap her arms around her husband. Remus wrapped his arms around her in return, burying his face in her neck as he loved her sweet scent.

"Hmm... your scent is a bit different," He said after a moment, another benefit from merging with his wild side was that Remus's senses were much better. "Are you using some sort of perfume?"

"No my silly wolf," Kasumi said with a sweet laugh. "I was going to wait until dinner but I'm too excited to wait. We're going to have a baby."

"Baby?" Remus repeated in shock. He always wanted to have children of his own one day, but always thought that dream was impossible thanks to what he was. "But... but..."

"Are you not happy with the news husband?" Kasumi asked with a pout, she had been so sure Remus would be so excited. He was great with the other children in their life after all.

"Oh Kasumi, no no that's not it," He quickly assured her. "The idea of having a baby with you is a dream come true but... what if they inherent my curse?"

"Why would it matter? We would still love them anyway," Kasumi said, her smile returning. "Silly wolf, worrying over something like that. This will be your cub, no matter if he or she is a werewolf like you."

"Oh yes, you're right I am a silly wolf," Remus said with a laugh. He did feel silly, he knew his beautiful Kasumi had no problem with his werewolf side, even called him a cute wolfie, and as they lived in Japan he knew any children they had wouldn't have the hard time they would have back home in England. "You are a treasure," He said softly, cupping her cheek. Kasumi smiled up at Remus.

"I cannot wait to tell Father, he is looking forward to more grandchildren," She said with a happy giggle as she pulled away to finish making dinner. "Away with you silly wolf, let me finish." Remus laughed and left Kasumi to her domain.


Harry laughed loudly as he threw another snowball at Spice who dodged out of the way before throwing her own. The Nermia Wrecking Crew and their families were currently at a ski resort high in Japan's mountains. It was the same ski resort that the group had gone to when the Amazons had came to Japan after Shampoo had been cursed and Ranma had to deal with the Cat-Tongue. (8)

"Eat snow Hibiki!" Spice yelled as she launched another snowball at her friend. Harry laughed as he ducked down. The snowball sailed over his head and hit Kodachi in the back of hers.

"EEKK!" Kodachi screamed loudly. "How dare you strike me?" She said as she turned to face the other two.

"Lighten up Dachi," Spice said with an eye roll.


Spice yelled as a snowball nailed her in the face, knocking the 6 year old over into the snow.

"Like that?" Kodachi asked as she brushed the snow off her gloves while Harry laughed.

"That is playing dirty," Spice said as she sat up, a grin on her face. The two girls and one boy squealed loudly as they had a snowball fight, Oreo barking loudly as he jumped up to try and catch the balls of wet snow as they sailed over him.

"Hey, be careful with that," A girl said from the ski lift above them as the trio played.

"It's not my fault, the chair keeps jerking around," The boy with her said. He was holding an insulated bottle of water in his hand. A strong gust of wind blew the chair around again, knocking the boy's arm against the side of the chairlift and causing him to lose his grip. The opened water bottle spun in the air as it fell, spilling the water inside on the kids below.

"Ekk!" Kodachi said as the cold water poured on her head. Spice groaned as he shifted to his male form while Harry disappeared in his clothing.

"Harry... Spice... Kodachi..." Ukyo called as she and Ryoga walked through the snow looking for the kids. Yoshi was strapped to the front of Ukyo's chest, dressed warmly in a little jumper and knitted hat, squealing loudly as he watched the skiers go by.

"Over here!" Spice called as Harry climbed out of his clothing and shook the water off of his fur.

"What happened?" Ukyo asked as they found them.

"Some jerk dropped a water bottle and we got splashed," Spice said as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Well we came to find you guys to call you in anyway," Ukyo said. "It's lunch time. You two can get some hot water back at the lodge."


"Mew," Spice and Harry agreed while Ryoga gathered up Harry's clothing.

"AAHHHHH!" A young girl's scream rang out over the mountain, everyone's head snapping up to watch as the owner of the voice slid down the snowy path out of control. The girl was heading straight toward a cliff with no way to stop herself. Behind her a man and a woman were franticly chasing her.

"Hermione!" The woman screamed loudly as they were too late to reach the girl and she went over the side screaming again. Harry didn't even take a second to think, as soon as he noticed where the girl had been heading, the demon-cat cursed boy started running for the edge of the cliff changing into his large saber toothed form mid-stride.

"Harry!" Ryoga and Ukyo yelled as they chased after their son but were unable to stop him from jumping over the edge. As soon as Harry hit empty air, green fire sprung up around all four of his paws and a matching ribbon of green fire surrounded each of his tails. He started running in the air as he dove toward the screaming falling girl.


A few minutes before hand....

Hermione Granger loved the trips she took with her parents every year. Her parents, Dan and Emma Granger, wanted to broaden their daughter's world view and to give her a treat since they knew she had a hard time at school. Not academically of course, Hermione soaked up knowledge like a sponge. No, it was because Hermione had a hard time making friends at her prep school. Because she was so smart she tended to be a bit of a know-at-all driving other girls in her class away from her. (9)

There were also the... odd things... that tended to happen around Hermione that neither of her parents could explain.

Usually their trips took place during the summer time but this year the Grangers, who were both dentists, had a very important conference they had gone to during the time they usually took their yearly adventure so this year they decided to take it during the winter time. Hermione was very excited to hear they were going to Japan and had dove into any book she could get her hands on to learn the traditions of the Japanese and how to teach herself how to speak Japanese.

Part of their trip involved spending a couple of days at a ski resort where Hermione's parents were teaching her how to ski.

"Now Hermione be careful hunny," Emma said as they got off the ski lift at the top of the hill. "This run is a little steeper than the one yesterday."

"I'll be careful Mum," Hermione said, she was still a little shaky on her skis but she was still able to stand upright.

"Don't worry dear, Mione will be a pro in no time," Dan said with a laugh. Emma gave her husband a small smile and took up a place on one side of their child while Dan took the other.

"Remember, cross your skis at the tip if you want to slow down," Emma said.

"I remember Mum," Hermione assured her, eager to go. Dan laughed again and pushed off, Hermione right behind him. Emma chuckled and shook her head before taking off after her husband and daughter. At first everything went well, Hermione's parents guided her down the path as she gained more confidence.

Everything changed as Hermione swung around a tree just on the edge of the path, hitting an icy patch that sent the young girl sliding out of control.

"AAHHHH!" Hermione screamed as she tried to stop, brown eyes going wide in fear as she saw she was heading straight toward the edge of the cliff and was unable to stop herself.

"Hermione!" Emma screamed as she saw what was happening to her baby girl. She and Dan gave chase, pushing themselves to catch up with their daughter only to scream in horror as Hermione went over the side of the cliff. Hermione started to scream again as soon as she hit open air, eyes wide as she fell toward the ground that was far under her.

'Oh my god I'm going to die!!' Hermione thought to herself, eyes screwing shut as tears leaked out. So she was very surprised as she suddenly landed on something soft, her breath knocked out of her at the sudden stop.


Harry ran for the falling girl, just barely registering that he was flying in midair without a broom. The girl was falling fast but he was faster damn it! The large flying neko demon passed Hermione and got up under her, stopping her fall and saving her life. Harry glanced over his shoulder for a moment to make sure she was secured then started to fly back toward the cliff.

Hermione meanwhile opened her eyes, shaking as she realized she wasn't a greasy spot on the bottom of the mountain path. She looked down to see what she was laying on, which looked like some big cat like creature. She also noticed that they were still up in the air!

"AHHH!" Hermione screamed again, her hands digging into Harry's black fur. Harry's ears flatten against his skull as she screamed, that hurt at close range.

"Could you not scream in my ear?!" Harry asked loudly over the wind, blinking green eyes in surprise as he noticed he really did speak out loud instead of just thinking it. Huh... he didn't know he could talk in his cursed form. Hermione's screams cut off, the frightened girl looking at her savior in shock.

"You... you just spoke!" She said.

"Yeah, I'm just as surprised as you are," Harry said, he was almost back to the path above them. Hermione glanced down and whimpered in fear, clinging tighter to Harry. "Hey don't worry, I got ya,"

"You got me? Who's got you!?" Hermione asked as she realized Harry was /flying through the air. /(10)

Harry didn't answer as they reached back up to the cliff edge, landing on the snowy ground close to both of their parents. As soon as Harry's feet touched the ground the green flames that had been swirling around his feet and tails went out.

"Hermione!" Emma yelled as she rushed forward and grabbed Hermione as soon as the girl slid shakily off of Harry's back, Dan right behind her. "Oh my god, I was so frightened when I saw you go over the edge, I thought I lost you!"

"Mum I'm so sorry, I just lost control," Hermione said as she hugged her mother back just as tightly.

"Harry," Ukyo yelled as she wrapped her arms around Harry's furry neck then slapped him on the back of the head. "Don't you ever do that again!"

"You scared us to death," Ryoga said. "What were you thinking jumping off the cliff like that? You're too young to even think about controlling a fall like that and not getting hurt."

"I'm sorry, I just sorta acted on instinct," Harry said, his parents’ mouths dropping open.

"You.... you spoke!" Ukyo said.

"That was so cool!" Spice said as he and Kodachi ran over.

"Harry-sama you were flying!" Kodachi said.

"Yeah, you had this flames all around your feet and around your tails," Spice added. Meanwhile the Grangers finally calmed down from Hermione's near death experience and turned to the other group.

"Oh.. my..." Emma said while Hermione gaped as she fully took in what had saved her, too scared at the time to fully process what was happening. It was a black furred giant saber tooth cat with two long tails. On top of that, he was talking to a young boy and girl with two adults nearby.

"Th-thank you," Hermione said as she stepped forward, recovering a bit from her shock. "For saving me I mean."

"You're welcome," Harry said.

"Errmm, maybe we should take this all inside," Ukyo suggested. "You two need some hot water," She added to Spice and Harry. The Grangers agreed with going inside, taking their skis off so they could walk to the nearby lodge. Hermione gave a short scream as green flames surrounded Harry, thinking the cat had been killed. Instead she saw a much smaller version of her rescuer sitting in the snow. While Harry's large saber tooth from looked fierce, the smaller form looked like a cute kittenish cat. The purple and black hair boy picked up his friend and let Harry ride on his shoulder.


Back in the lodge the Grangers were introduced to the whole group, as well as magic. Harry was changed back first since Ranma couldn't be in the same room as him while in his cursed from.

"So... so you're really a human?" Hermione asked once Harry was back to normal and dressed.

"Hai," Harry said. "I'm Harry Hibiki by the way," He added, giving Hermione a short bow.

"Oh!" Hermione said, remembering her manners. "My name is Hermione Granger." She copied Harry bow which made him laugh softly which made Hermione frown in return.

"You need to clasp your hands in front of your stomach, only boys let their arms hang by their sides," He told her when he saw the questioning look in her eyes.

"Oh," Hermione said.

"Ahhh, hot water," Spice said, catching Hermione's attention, as the young boy poured the water over his head and turned in a red headed young girl.

"So... so that's magic?" Hermione asked, turning back to Harry with wide eyes.

"Yeah, me and Spice are both cursed to turn into what you saw when we're splashed with cold water. Hot water turns us back," He explained. "Not just us either, my parents, Spice's dad and one of her moms and her grandpa all are cursed too."

"So... magic is real. Is that all it can do?" Hermione asked, eager to learn something new. As she bounced in excitement several items around her started to float without her knowing.

"Hermione!" Emma yelled as she noticed, this was not the first time it happened. Hermione noticed and blushed bright as the items floated back down. Emma was worried about what these new people would think.

"It's alright Dr. Granger," Remus said when he noticed the looks. "That's perfectly normal for an untrained witch."

"Witch? Like in fairy tales?" Dan asked. "So magic really is real?"

"Well yes, I'm a wizard. Harry, my niece Spice and my two foster children Tatewaki and Kodachi are all witches and wizards themselves," Remus said with a nod. "It's nothing to be afraid of, she's just a young muggle-born witch."

"Muggle-born?" Emma asked.

"Muggle is the word we use for someone who is non-magical. A muggle-born is a witch or wizard who is born to non-magical parents," Remus explained. "How old is your daughter?"

"She turned ten in September," Emma said.

"Well then don't be surprised when in the summer before her 12th birthday a teacher comes from a school called Hogwarts with a letter for her," Remus said with a smile. "Muggle-borns always have a teacher come from the school to hand deliver the letters so the teacher can explain magic to them. Magical children start school at 11 years old."

"Can... can you explain more about this?" Dan asked, glancing over at Hermione who for the first time in a long time was getting along with a group of children around her age.

"Sure, it's always overwhelming for muggle parents," Remus said, motioning for the two dentists to follow him where Kasumi was sitting.

"Hello," Kasumi said with a smile.

"Oh! How far along are you?" Emma asked as she noticed the healthy glow and rounded stomach Kasumi sported.

"Almost 5 months," Kasumi said with a blissful smile, rubbing her belly. "It's Remus and my first child." Emma grinned and started talking with Kasumi, all thought about speaking about magic gone for the moment.


"What is it?" Hermione asked as she poked the okonomiyaki in front of her. It reminded her a bit of a pizza.

"It's okonomiyaki," Harry said as he cooked up another one for Spice. Ukyo had started teaching him how to cook almost as soon as she started to travel with him and his dad. "It's good, try it."

Hermione, who was used to trying new foods when they traveled, picked up the okonomiyaki and took a bite. Her brown eyes lit up and quickly took another.

"Hmmm," She said.

"Yeah, not as good as Aunt Ucc but Harry's is pretty good too," Spice said.

"Mom's been cooking this a lot longer than me," Harry said as he made up another one.

"This is so nice," Hermione said with a little sigh.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked. Hermione bit her lip; she hadn't meant to say that out loud.

"Well... I don't really have any friends back home... they all think I'm weird because I like to study," Hermione said, looking down at her plate. She was worried that these two were going to shun her now that they knew.

"I like to read history and about defensive charms," Harry said. "Me and Dad travel all around the world during the summer. One time we were in America, we met this lady who knew my dad when he was younger. I think she might have been in love with him. She had this bull called Gertie."

"Gertie?" Hermione asked with a small giggle. Harry nodded his head.

"Yeah, her dad kept calling my dad 'Joe' for some reason," Harry said with a tilt of his head. Hermione giggled again while Spice snickered. As the group laughed and talked, Ukyo watched them with a smile.

"Oh I am so happy to see Hermione getting along with children her age," Emma said, having finished speaking to Kasumi some time ago.

"Harry has this ability to make friends no matter where he goes," Ukyo said with a laugh, bouncing Yoshi in her arms as the napping baby fussed.

"Oh I hope they can keep in touch, Hermione has so few friends," Emma said.

"Harry has a couple of pen pals he writes to all the time, I'm sure he'll get your daughter's address as well," Ukyo said.

And indeed Harry did, promising to write Hermione when the girl left with her parents to go back to their hotel. Now that she knew some of the strange things she did was magic, she didn't feel so odd any more. In fact she couldn't wait to start Hogwarts, the school she heard mentioned.


A few weeks later, at Ucchan's, the house hold was woken up by a panicked female scream from the bathroom. Ukyo, who was in his cursed male form, was the first one in.

"What happened? What's wrong?" He asked seeing his husband, who was also in her cursed form, sitting in the middle of the furo. Ukyo blinked as his brain caught up with him, Ryoga was female and was sitting in the middle of a hot bath. "Sugar?"

"I'm not changing back!" Ryoga said, crossing her arms over her bare chest, even though Ukyo had seen Ryoga's breasts plenty of times. Ukyo's brain worked overtime as it woke up, this was very similar to what happened to him almost two years ago, when he didn't change into his cursed from. Ukyo started laughing as he realized what was happening. "It's not funny! Something's wrong!"

"No it's not Sug," Ukyo said as he slipped into the furo with Ryoga, changing back into her real form, and hugging the other girl tightly. "I think our experiments last night had an unexpected result."

"... Huh?" Ryoga blinked, not quite understanding just yet. Ryoga and Ukyo have every now and then, since they both had gender changing curses, experimented with them. Last night just so happen to be one of those times, with Ryoga in his female form and Ukyo in her male. The end results of the night was not something either had thought about.

"Remember when I was pregnant with Yoshi.... or when Ran-chan was knocked up with Spice..." Ukyo clued her husband in. Ryoga blinked as she caught up, brain frying as she figured out Ukyo was telling her that she was pregnant then proceeded to faint. "Well... that went well," Ukyo said as she caught Ryoga before the other woman could slip under the water.

"Mom is Dad ok?" Harry asked a little while later after Ukyo got Ryoga out of the tub and into bed.

"She will be Harry, she's just had a little shock earlier," Ukyo said, patting the bed for Harry to sit next to her. "Your dad... well she's pregnant so she's going to be female for a while."

"So I'm gonna have another little brother?" Harry asked.

"Or a little sister," Ukyo said with a nod.

"Cool," Ukyo laughed softly at how excited Harry looked.


Later that same day Kasumi sat on a padded table at Japan's wizarding hospital. It turned out the doctor she had been seeing was a squib and when he found out Kasumi was married to a werewolf wizard recommended that she go to a mediwizard/witch instead.

This was her first trip to her new doctor.

"Good afternoon Lupin-san," The healer said as she stepped into the room. "How are you feeling?"

"Very well, I'm not having any morning sickness anymore," Kasumi said.

"Good, good," The healer said. "Well lay back and we'll have a look at the little one."

Kasumi laid back, letting the healer lift part of her gown. The healer waved her wand over Kasumi's rounded belly. A light swirled around Kasumi then flew to a piece of paper which the healer picked up to read.

"Well Lupin-san, it looks like you’re having twins," the healer said, smiling as Kasumi gasped happily. "Would you like to know the sexes?"

"Yes, please," Kasumi said. She was told she was having one of each and that both babies were growing nicely. So far neither child showed signs of being a werewolf. The healer prescribe a few potions.

When Kasumi got home she was all smiles.

"What did the doctor say Kasumi-san?" Tatewaki said as he saw his foster mother. The two Kunos were healing nicely from what happened to them, having Kasumi and Remus as positive parent figures helped greatly. Kodachi looked up as well eagerly.

"The doctor informed me I am having twins, both a boy and a girl," Kasumi said as she rubbed her stomach.

"Did I hear correctly, I am going to have two new grandchildren?" Soun said as he walked into the room.

"Yes Father," Kasumi confirmed with a smile. Soun started to cry tears of happiness, Kuno and Kodachi dodging out of the way of the stream of tears while he engulfed Kasumi in a hug.


Luna hummed to herself as she worked on carving a rune-charm into the bottle cap she was holding. She planned on putting the charmed bottle cap on a necklace for Harry's little brother Yoshi. Harry's last letter mentioned that now that Yoshi was starting to walk, it was obvious that the toddler had inherited the Hibiki family curse as the little boy was getting lost.

Luna knew it wasn't just a curse that was causing the born Hibiki's to lose their way but a little creature. It reminded her at first of a Wrackspurt she saw sometimes until she remembered that Wrackspurts were invisible. It took time but she discovered that the creature was a Nergal, not to be mistaken with a Nargel, that was causing all of the problems. Nergals were tiny little creatures that tended to cluster around a person's head and cause them to get lost. Nergals mostly affected muggle-men when they traveled it seemed. Most of the time Nergals only stuck around for a short time then moved on to another victim but for some reason they seemed to like making a colony around certain people or in this case a certain family.

The charm Luna was making would start to clear up the Nergals that were starting to make their home on little Yoshi before it got too bad. Luna would have to find or make something stronger for Harry's father and that would take time but she could help little Yoshi now and Harry's future sibling when that baby was born. Luna smiled to herself as she finished carving the runes and held up the bottle cap, yes this would help ward off the Nergals. She started humming again as she made the bottle cap into a necklace then channeled a little bit of her magic into the rune after borrowing her father's wand.


Harry looked curiously at the bottle cap necklace Luna had sent a few days later. The note that came with the package said that it was for Yoshi and would help with the 'Nergals'. Harry had no idea what a Nergal was but it wasn't the first time Luna mentioned some odd creature or animal he'd never heard off.

"Yoshi, come look what you got," He said, grinning as Yoshi toddled over.

"Nii!" Yoshi said as he tumbled into his big brother's arms. Harry laughed and held the necklace up for Yoshi to see. "Ohhh, pwetty."

"Luna-chan said it's for you," Harry said as he tied the necklace around Yoshi's neck. The toddler giggled as he tried to look down at the bottle cap resting on his chest.

"What's that?" Ukyo asked when she came into the room, noticing the necklace.

"Luna-chan sent it," Harry said. "She said it was for Yoshi and something about Nergals. I don't know what she meant but Yoshi likes it."

"Pwetty Kaa-san," Yoshi said, holding it up for Ukyo to see.

"Very pretty," Ukyo said in a serious tone, nodding her head.

It was a few days before anyone noticed the affect the charm seemed to be having. Yoshi didn't seem to be getting as lost as he had been weeks before but then again, the tiny boy followed either Ukyo or Harry around as much as he could so it wouldn't be until he was a little older that everyone would see that his sense of direction was nowhere near as bad as most Hibikis.


The rest of the year passed by quickly. In spring Kasumi gave birth to her twins, which Kasumi and Remus names Miyu for the girl and Tsuki for her brother. Kasumi was the one who picked the names, she thought it was perfect to name both children after the moon. (11)

When summer came around, it was decided with Ryoga pregnant that it would be better for her to stay close to home. Harry understood since he didn't want anything to happen to his soon to be youngest sibling. So instead he spent the summer visiting Japanese historical sites with Remus and the Kuno siblings. He also continued to exchange letters with both Luna and Hermione.

It was also becoming clear that Yoshi didn't lose his way as badly as Ryoga did, while the tiny boy could still get turned around easily he could still make it from point a to b in a short amount of time. He never let anyone take his charm off that Luna made for him.

Near the end of August Ryoga finally went into labor. Once again the elder Hibiki's and Ukyo's father was waiting in Tofu's waiting room with Harry, Yoshi and Konatsu. This time when Dr. Tofu called Harry back, little Yoshi clung to his hand as they joined their parents.

Ryoga laid on the bed, looking very tired.

"Ucc... I have a whole new respect for women..." Ryoga said. Ukyo laughed and leaned over, kiss her spouse.

"But worth it ne?" She said, looking at the bundle in Ryoga's arms. "Three perfect kids."

"Here they are," Tofu said as he led Harry and Yoshi into the room.

"What did you have?" Harry asked as he ran up to the side of the bed while Ukyo picked up Yoshi and placed the boy on her hips. Ryoga smiled and rubbed a finger over the baby's chubby cheek then turned so Harry could see.

"This is your sister Keiko," She said. Harry grinned and touched Keiko's little hand. Just like with his little brother, the ten year old fell in love with his little sister. Unknown to all of them, the magic that Lily Potter used extended to the newest member of the Hibiki family. The rest of the year passed quickly as they adjusted to another baby, Harry learning all he could from his teachers, until the following summer arrived. A whole new adventure was soon starting for Harry Hibiki and his friends.


Author note: So ends a very long chapter. Next chapter we’re heading into the start of books finally. Mousse is gone for good, I thought it was kind just to take his memories of Shampoo. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed traveling through the years of Harry growing up and hope everyone likes all the young next gen children.

All side stories will be covered in the one shot series, I already have a list going on what needs to be covered.

(1) I have no idea if I figured that up right.

(2) There's no special reason why I chose the name Yoshi, I just always like it the name.

(3) They never explained how they got that collar off of P-chan's neck. I doubt Azusa gave up the key so I figured they used bolt cutters. Don't know why they didn't do that in the first place.

(4) White oak is what bokkens are made from. Kuno's weapon of choice is a bokken. A phoenix feather because of the phoenix that hatched on his head.

(5) I chose ebony because the wood is black. Manticore core is because she's a master of poisons.

(6) In the flash back when Ryoga is cursed, he was wearing a black bandanna/headband.

(7) I've always seen other writers make it to where Ryoga is wearing a lot of bandannas but I think he's just wearing one that happens to be magical. When Azusa unties the bandanna around his neck when he's P-chan to put the collar on him, it's only one bandanna that falls, not several.

(8) In the anime, the NWC went to a ski resort during the cat tongue arc.

(9) It's never mentioned just what the Grangers names are. Emma and Dan are fandom names.

(10) Hermione suddenly channels Lois Lane.

(11) Miyu means 'beautiful moon' while Tsuki just means 'moon'

Edit 8-21-14: Good gods, I forgot how long this chapter is. Just a few spelling mistakes was all that really needed to be fixed on this chapter.
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