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Chapter 7

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Harry Hibiki and the Philosopher's Stone

Disclaimer: Harry Potter © J. K. Rowling and Ranma 1/2 © Rumiko Takahashi

Author note: Thanks once again to my beta Blissfull Wulf.

Chapter 7

The Dursleys of number 4 Privet Drive were, in their opinion, perfectly normal. The man of the house Vernon Dursley, a large man with no neck but many chins and sported a mustache that made him look like a walrus, worked as a director at a company called Grunnings that dealt in drills. His wife on the other hand, Petunia Dursley, was a housewife who resembled a horse who loved to gossip. They had one son named Dudley who was already well on his way to being bigger than his father and if you asked any of the kids at his school or who lived in Little Whinging, he was one of the biggest bullies around. Yep... a perfectly 'normal' family....

Well thankfully this story isn't about the Dursleys!

Harry Hibiki grinned as he sat outside the London Zoo waiting for his two friends. It was the summer before he started his magical education at Hogwarts, the same school where his birth parents James and Lily Potter attended in their youth. He was waiting outside the zoo with his adopted father Ryoga Hibiki and his little brother Yoshi and baby sister Keiko. His adopted mother Ukyo was inside the zoo setting up her cart, she had been asked by the zoo manager to run her okonomiyaki yatai as part of a culture display on animals from Asia. In exchange she was given a free day's pass to the zoo for her family and a couple of friends.

Harry who had two friends living in England invited Hermione Granger, a muggleborn witch starting Hogwarts the same time as him, and Luna Lovegood, a somewhat spacey pureblood who wouldn't start school until the next year.

The 10 year old jumped as with a bang a large green triple decked bus appeared nearby.

"London Zoo," An older man said as he stepped off the Day Bus, a green counterpart to the purple night time bus named the Knight Bus. A young girl with pale dirty blond hair jumped off the bus steps, waving at the conductor then turned toward the group waiting on her.

"Luna!" Harry called with a grin as he jumped up and ran over to the girl.

"Harry," Luna said with a smile, letting Harry sweep her into a hug. "Thank you for inviting me. Father is busy getting the next issue of the Quibbler out so he is glad that I'm out. Do you think they will have any Snarkletooths here?"

"I have no idea what that is," Harry said, "but maybe. I've never been to the London Zoo." He led his little friend over to his dad and siblings. "Luna, meet Yoshi and Keiko."

"Hi!" Yoshi said with a giggle. Keiko just gurgled from her carrier on Ryoga's chest.

"Oh, I have something for your sister" Luna said as she reached into her pocket. "Another charm to keep the Nergals away before they start to nest."

"I don't know what you did with the bottle cap necklace but it really helped Yoshi," Harry said. "He loves to wear it, he never lets Mom or Dad take it off.”

"It wards off Nergals" Luna said as she handed the necklace to Ryoga.

"Arigato," Ryoga said as he took it. It was smaller than Yoshi's, perfect size for a baby girl's neck. It was fastened on, Keiko giggling loudly as Ryoga tickled her neck.

"You're welcome Mr. Hibiki."

"Harry!" Hermione's voice called loudly from behind them. Harry turned and grinned as she ran up, her mother Emma walking right behind her. "This is so exciting; I've never been here with friends before."

"Thank you for inviting Hermione," Emma said. "Will you be alright watching all of them?" She asked, eyeing the chattering children.

"We'll be fine Granger-san," Ryoga assured her.

"Alright, I'll be back this afternoon Hermione," Emma said. "I need to leave now; I have an emergency root canal this morning."

"Alright Mum," Hermione said.

"Hermione, this is my friend Luna," Harry introduced Luna while the adults were talking. "Luna, Hermione."

"Hello," Hermione said.

"Hello," Luna said with her signature dreamy smile.

"Come on, let's go," Harry grabbed Yoshi's hand and walked the boy up to the zoo entrance, the girls right beside him. They ended up behind a family that had a large loud man, a skinny woman and their just as large son and a ratty looking boy.

"Uggh, how disgusting," Hermione whispered to Harry and Luna as she watched the large blond boy stuff a chocolate bar in his mouth. Harry's nose wrinkled as he watched the other boy.

Soon the kids were exploring the Zoo, Yoshi laughing and squealing happily as he watched the monkeys.

"Monkey Nii-san!" Yoshi said as he pointed.

"That's right Yoshi, that's a monkey," Harry agreed, Hermione cooing over how cute he was.

"Oh he's grown so big," Hermione said. "And your little sister is so cute!"

"Keiko is the princess of the house," Harry agreed with a laugh.

"Kei-kei princess," Yoshi repeated.

Unfortunately they kept running into the group with the large boy and his ratty looking friend. The boys were rude and kept making fun of the animals. Harry nearly gagged when he heard the horse looking woman called the large boy her 'little Didums' like he was a baby.

Around lunch time the group headed for Ukyo's yatai.

"Hey sugs," Ukyo said with a smile as they walked up. "How are you liking the zoo?"

"It's great mom, except we keep running into this group with this really fat kid," Harry's said.

"Was he with a man fatter than Genma and a skinny horse face woman?" Ukyo asked. The kids nodded eagerly. "Ugg, they were here earlier. They were so rude and those kids were such little brats," she said with a disgusted look on her face as she made okonomiyakis for all three of them and Yoshi.

"Yum!" Yoshi said, sitting at his mama's feet to eat.

"Harry, can you get Keiko's bottle?" Ryoga asked Harry who nodded and dug into a bag he took out from under the yatai. He came up with the pre-made bottle of juice, handing it to Ryoga. "Here you go princess," He cooed, smiling as Keiko grabbed the bottle and eagerly sucked the juice down.

"So where to next?" Harry asked the girls.

"We could go the reptile house," Hermione suggested, looking at a zoo map down in her lap she got at the entrance.

"Maybe they have a runespooner," Luna said with a smile.

"I don't think they will Luna-chan," Harry said. "That's a magical snake after all."

"Too bad, I bet they have the most interesting conversations," Luna said with a sigh. Harry wasn't sure about that, he had met a runespooner before. One of the heads reminded him of Luna but the other two did nothing but bicker.

When lunch was done the group headed for the reptile house. Inside was much cooler, a relief from the warm weather outside. Harry grinned as he lifted Yoshi so his little brother could see the turtles swimming around in one of the tanks. Ryoga stood to the side of the room, looking down into an enclosure that featured two large crocodiles. They were nowhere near as large as Mr. Green Turtle but Ryoga stepped back anyway.

Hermione was reading some of the information off a plaque for one of the lizards out loud when the family from before came in.

"Not them again," Harry groaned softly.

"Just ignore them," Hermione said with a sniff.

"Look at the pansy over there Dud," The rat boy said with a snicker.

"Hanging around with a couple of girls, going to have a tea party girly boy?" The fat boy, Dud as the other boy called him, taunted out loud. Harry rolled his eyes and turned away, he was around enough girls that could easily kick the fat boy's ass without even breaking a sweat to know there was nothing girly about hanging around with girls. Dud's father gave a loud laugh at what his son said.

"That's my boy Dudley," The man said, patting a meaty hand on Dud’s, or Dudley’s it seemed, shoulder.

The two boys soon lost interest in Harry and the girls as they started to look at the snakes. The rat boy and Dudley were tapping on the glass of a Boa Constrictor enclosure, trying to get the snake to move as it was just laying coiled up in a pile.

"Dad! Make the snake move!" Dudley whined. The large man came over and started tapping on the glass and yelling but the snake just ignored them and didn't move. "Boring," Dudley said as he hopped down from the rail and ran off with rat boy to another part of the reptile house.

"Ruddy snake," The large man muttered as he followed the two boys. Harry, Yoshi and the girls headed over to the snake wall to look at the poor Boa the other two boys had bothered.

"Look Yoshi," Harry said, helping Yoshi to stand on the railing. Yoshi giggled and started to make hissing noises.

"Those two boys are riddled with Red headed imps," Luna said as she glanced over her shoulder.

"I can't believe they banged on the glass like that. Or that the one boy's father did it, it says quite clearly 'do not touch the glass' on the tank," Hermione said with a huff.

"I don't think they care," Harry said. "Watch this." The girls turned back to him and watched as Harry leaned a little closer to the tank.

{I bet you get that all the time,} Harry hissed in Parseltongue. The Boa lifted its head from its coil and looked at Harry. It winked its eye then seemed to give a snakey version of a shrug. Hermione gaped as she watched the snake while Luna looked at Harry in surprise. {It mussst be boring to sssit around in there all day. What wasss it like in Brazil?} The snake turned and pointed its nose at a plague on the wall that read it was bred in captivity.

"Harry, how are you making the snake do that?" Hermione hissed.

"He's a snake speaker," Luna said in awe. She heard plenty of stories about Parselmouths, mostly about how they were evil according to 'light' witch and wizards. Luna knew it wasn't a dark ability, or even a light one, but to see Harry openly use it was shocking. Of course Harry was from Japan, it could be Parselmouths weren't seen as evil there.

"A what?" Hermione asked, turning to Luna.

"I'm a Parselmouth," Harry explained. "I can magically talk to snakes. It's a type of 'green' magic and an off shot of 'beast speaking'. Just don't go telling people, for some reason English wizards think it’s evil."

"Why?" Hermione asked with a frown.

"Salazar Slytherin, one of the founders of Hogwarts, was a Parselmouth and he is historically seen as a dark wizard," Luna explained to Hermione. "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was a Parselmouth as well so it is mistakenly seen as a dark and evil ability."

"That's just silly," Hermione said.

"It is silly, in India Parselmouths are prized for their ability to speak to snakes and Native Americans in North America who are Parselmouths are usually healers," Harry said then turned back to the snake.

{What are you and the femalesss talking about?} The Boa hissed.

{My friend with the bussshy hair is a new-blood witch,} Harry hissed back. {Ssshe hasss never ssseen a ssspeaker before.}

"Look at that Dudley!" Harry just had enough time to grab Yoshi and jumped out of the way as Rat boy and Dudley came running back over, pushing Hermione and Luna to the floor. The two boys ignored the girls as they stared at the boa.

"Ow!" Hermione yelled, sitting up. She glared at the two rude bullies, wishing with all her might that they were really face to face with the snake. She was only a little surprised as the glass on the tank disappeared, causing rat boy and Dudley to fall in with a yell. The boa took its chance to escape, stopping by Hermione on the way.

{Thanksss Amiga,} The snake hissed then started to slither toward the door. {Brazil here I come.}

Harry helped Hermione and Luna off the ground while the horse face woman screamed loudly.

"Ahhh! My baby is trapped!" She screeched as she pounded on the glass that had reappeared on the tank while the man bellowed.

"What did you do?!" The man bellowed as he came toward Harry and the girls, his fist raised in the air. Harry stood protectively in front of his friends and his little brother. In a blur of yellow and black, Ryoga jumped in front of the kids, catching the large man's fist in one hand.

"Don't you fucking touch my sons or those girls," Ryoga growled, squeezing the fist he caught until the man yelled in pain.

"Vernon," The horse face woman hissed. Ryoga shoved the man toward his wife then turned toward the kids.

"Let's go," He said, letting them lead the way out of the reptile house, picking Yoshi up and setting his toddler son on his hip. Keiko squealed happily and reached toward her brother.

Harry led them back to Ukyo's cart.

"What is going on? I saw a bunch of zookeepers running around," Ukyo asked as soon as she saw them. The kids explained what happened from the fat kid pushing the girls down and the glass disappearing on the snake tank to the fat man taking a swing at them until Ryoga crushed the other man's hand.

{Hey,} Harry blinked and turned toward the voice in the nearby bush. {I just realized I have no idea where Brazil isss.}

{The zoo keepersss are looking for you,} Harry hissed back.

{I know, but I don't want to be put back in that cage,} The boa said.

"Harry is that the snake?" Hermione hissed when she noticed what Harry was doing. "We need to tell the zoo personal."

"No," Harry said quickly, turning back to Hermione. "Hermione he, I think it's a he anyway, said he doesn't want to be back in that tank."

"But Harry that snake belongs to the zoo," The bushy hair girl said with a frown.

"Come on Hermione-chan, do you want to be stuck in a tank all day with people staring at you or tapping on the glass?" Harry asked. Hermione frowned and crossed her arms over her chest.

"You freed the snake, do you really want to force him back into his prison?" Luna asked as she picked up the snake from the bush.

"Kami-sama, what are you three doing!?" Ukyo yelped when she saw the snake.

"We're freeing a prisoner," Luna said with a smile as she walked over to the yatai and placed the boa into storage space under the cart. Ukyo sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose.

"That snake better not try to eat any of us," She told Harry.

"This is wrong," Hermione said with a scowl. "We're stealing a snake."

"No, he's just hitching a ride," Harry said with a grin. "It'll be ok Hermione-chan, don't worry."

"Ok, we better leave now while everyone is still running around," Ukyo said as she started to pack up the cart. Soon enough the group was outside waiting in the parking lot outside of the zoo, the boa safely hidden in the storage compartment in the yatai. Hermione's mother came to pick her daughter up, Emma asking Hermione how the trip to the zoo went. Hermione happily told her everything but the part about springing the snake from the zoo. Luna with Harry's help called the Day Bus so she could go back home.

"I had a lovely time Harry. I look forward to your next letter," Luna said as she turned to smile up at the older boy. "Father and I will soon be heading for America to look for Jackalopes."

"Have a good time Luna-chan," Harry said with a grin.

"I hope you find Mr. Snake a good home," Luna added over her shoulder as she climbed onto the bus and paid the conductor. Harry waved as the bus disappeared with a crack.

"Alright, let's head for the hotel," Ukyo said, taking Yoshi from Ryoga, the toddler laying his head on his mother's shoulder with a cute yawn. "I can't believe you stole a snake," She added under her breath with a shake of her head. Ryoga chuckled, ruffling Harry's hair.

"Never a dull moment, huh Chibi?" He asked.

"Nope" Harry agreed. "Spice is gonna be disappointed she missed all this."


A week later the Hibiki family somehow made it to South America in Brazil. The boa from the zoo was draped over Harry's neck, looking out at the thick rain forest in front of him.

{Sssso beginsss my new life. I am a wild sssnake now!} The boa said as he slid down to the forest floor and slithered into the rain forest.

"Guess he's happy now," Harry said a bit sadly. Oreo whined, pawing Harry's leg in comfort.

{AAAHHHH!} Harry blinked as he heard the snake scream and come slithering out of the rain forest in a hurry. {I changed my mind! I changed my mind!} The snake 'yelled' as he headed for Harry, a bird from the rain forest chasing him. Oreo growled and barked loudly as he jumped up, snapping his teeth at the bird while the boa quickly climbed up on Harry, hiding under the boy's shirt.

"I don't think the snake wants to live here," Ryoga said with amusement as Oreo finally chased off the bird.

{I didn't know there was giant birdssss here that wanted to eat me,} The boa said, sticking his head out of Harry's shirt collar.

"Well what do we do with him? Return him to the zoo?" Ukyo asked.

"Can't I keep him Mom?" Harry asked, petting the snake. "He won't hurt anyone as long as I asked him not to." Ukyo sighed and looked at Ryoga.

"He can talk to snakes," Ryoga said with a shrug. "It's not any worse than Kodachi's pet crocodile."

Ukyo sighed and turned to Harry.

"Alright, but even the first time he tries to eat Yoshi or Keiko, I'm going to make a snake okonomiyaki out of him," Ukyo said firmly.

"Hai," Harry quickly said then told the boa he was going to stay with them.

{You won't ssshove me in a little cage right?} The boa asked.

{Of courssse not. Assss long assss you don't try to eat anyone, you can go around freely,} Harry assured him.

{Alright then, you have a deal,} The boa said.


Minerva McGonagall sighed as she leaned back in her chair at her desk at Hogwarts, stretching her arms over her head. She had been working the last two days on the letters sent out to the returning students and had started on the letters going out to the first years. She was watching the auto quill as it wrote out the address to each student so she could grab the ones for the muggleborns. They had to be approached personally after all.

'The amount of students this year is so small,' Minerva thought sadly, the war had been in its worst years when these children were born after all so it was really no surprise that this year’s class size would be small. She had a feeling that next year would be small too then they would begin to have much larger groups of first years as there had been a baby boom after Voldemort’s fall. She sat up as she realized the quill was reaching the 'H's, a quirk to her lips as the name Harry Hibiki-Potter wrote itself out on the envelope with no address, a side effect of being near his adopted father. She snatched the letter up as soon as the quill moved on to the next student, this one would have to be sent a different way than the others.

Now that she had the letter she wanted, Minerva turned to the letters from parents and guardians from other countries that were requesting admin into Hogwarts for their children. It didn't happen often, parent usually preferred their children to go to schools closer to home, but they did get at least one request a year. Why one of the girls starting her second year, Cho Chang from Ravenclaw, was an example as the girl lived in China.

"Let's see," Minerva said as she looked at the requests, surprisingly there were three request letters this year. One for a girl named Su Li from Hong Kong... oh twin girls from India... and one from Japan for two children living with... Minerva nearly dropped the last note when she read the name at the bottom.

Remus Lupin

"Well... Seems like young Mr. Lupin managed to surprise me once again Elphinstone," Minerva said to the photo of her late husband that sat on the corner of her desk. She knew that Remus had found out that Harry was adopted and even made friends with Ryoga and his wife Ukyo. They didn't contact each other to keep Albus in the dark as long as possible. Minerva wasn't sure what her friend and boss would do if the man knew about Harry, she was sure that he still wanted the boy to live with Lily's awful sister and her husband. Minerva did know Remus had gotten married to that sweet Kasumi girl and had sent a wedding gift even. And now here was a letter that requested his two foster children, a brother and sister pair named Tatewaki and Kodachi, to join Hogwart’s ranks. There was something familiar about those names but she couldn't put her finger on where she’d heard them before.

As Minerva stood with the request letters in her hands, Albus's phoenix Patronus came flying through the wall.

"Minerva, would you join me in my office please," Albus's voice requested from the Patronus before fading away.

"Well that is convenient," Minerva said as she left her office since that was where she was heading anyway. She quickly reached the gargoyle guardian, giving the stone beast the password. "Chocolate Frogs." The gargoyle moved to the side, letting the deputy headmistress ride the stairs to the top.

"Come in Minerva," Albus said before she could knock.

'I've got to figure out how he does that,' Minerva said as she opened the door.

"You wanted to see me Albus?" She asked out loud.

"Yes yes, sit down. Lemon drop?" Albus offered, holding out the tin of his favorite candies.

"No thank you Albus," Minerva said. "What is it that you wanted?"

"You're working on the student letters correct?" Albus said as he closed the tin and put it to the side. "I would like for you to send this one out as well." He handed a letter to Minerva who looked at the name on the front - Harry Potter. There was only a name on the front, no address. "That should hopefully reach young Mr. Potter."

"Yes.. well... I'll send it out with the rest of the letters," Minerva said as she tucked the letter away in her robe. She knew that it wouldn't work but she wasn't going to tell her boss that. "I have request letters for five students this year. One from China, two from India and two from Japan."

"Ah five? Very good," Albus said with a smile. "Take care of those would you Minerva?"

"Of course Albus. I figured I could take the two in Japan while Pomona and Filius visit the children in India and China?" Minerva slyly suggested. If she went to Japan, she would be able to visit with one of her former Lions and would be able to present Harry with his letter in person.

"That's fine, I'm sure you can take care of everything," Albus said, dismissing his deputy. Minerva smiled and stood, thanking the older man and left the office. As she rode down the stairs, a cat like grin crossed her face. This all worked out rather well!


Meanwhile down in Hogsmeade...

"As you can see, the building is on the edge of the town but still close to the shops," Lysander Foggerty, a real estate wizard from London, said as he opened the door to allow the person with him inside. "What sort of store are you planning to make Madame... Kolon?"

"It's Cologne," Cologne said as she hopped into the room. "I wish to open a ramen shop, I have opened one in Japan a few years ago and it is quite popular." The Amazon elder looked around. The building was a little bigger than the Nekohanten which pleased the old woman. “My great-great granddaughter will be going to the school nearby and I wish to be nearby in case of emergencies.”

"A ramen shop?" Lysander repeated. He had no idea what ramen was to tell the truth. "Yes... well... Come this way, the living quarters are on the first floor," He led Cologne to the upper level of the building where she quickly checked out all the rooms.

"Yes... yes I think this place will do nicely," She said after a few minutes. Cologne had come up with the idea of opening a second Nekohanten in the wizard village near the school her student Harry would be attending the next seven years and where her Great-Great Granddaughter would be going as well. She wished to keep an eye on both of them as she didn't trust the man named Albus Dumbledore one bit.

She also planned on bringing some of the younger female, and even a few male, members of the tribe here to help. Attractive waitresses and waiters would help make sure the restaurant would stay in business but Cologne hoped they could find powerful wizards and witches to help add to the gene pool of the tribe.

"You will?" Lysander said. "Wonderful. We can return to my office and begin the paperwork." The wizard was very glad to make a sale, he wasn't sure what to make of this shrunken older woman who he thought might be part goblin not unlike his old charms teacher Professor Flitwick but a sale was a sale!

They traveled by floo to Lysander's office in Diagon Alley where Cologne paid for the building in full with gold she had exchanged at the goblin's bank after exchanging a few jewels she brought with her. Once the paperwork was finished, the Amazon went back to the goblin run bank to start the process of warding the new Cat Cafe and getting it ready for business soon enough. Now she only had to pick which tribe members would come to live and work there.


A few weeks later Minerva finally was able to travel to Japan. She had to wait until all of the first year muggleborn students had been approached with their invitations to Hogwarts. A few weren't able to afford the old school’s fees so they were instead directed to some of the smaller day schools in London instead. Pomona and Filius had of course helped her as they were also head of Hogwarts houses. The fourth house head, Severus Snape, had not been included. The foul mood man was the last person any of them wanted greeting new students so they left the Potions Master to stocking up potions for Poppy Pomfrey in the hospital wing.

Pomona Sprout had volunteered to speak to the Patil family in India while Filius Flitwick visited the Li family in Hong Kong. That of course left her to visit Remus Lupin and his family as well as the Hibiki's just as she planed.

Minerva straightened her robe as she reached the gate to the Tendo Dojo. This was the first time she had seen her once student in almost 10 years since the Potter's death and the disappearance of the youngest Potter. She rung the bell hanging on the gate and waited.

~Yes, can I...~ Remus asked as he opened the gate door. "Professor McGonagall!"

"I haven’t been your professor in years," Minerva said with a smile. Remus smiled sheepishly but motioned for the witch to enter. "I think you earned the right to call me Minerva."

"Please take off your shoes Profess... Minerva," Remus reminded her. "What brings you here?"

"Your request for the two children under your care to be admitted into Hogwarts," Minerva said as she took her shoes off then took the letter out of her pocket.

"I didn't know there was a visit involved with that," Remus said as he lead her into the living room/dining room area. Soun, whose hair was streaked through with silver now but still had all his hair, was already at the table reading his daily paper. He lowered it so he could see who came into the room.

"McGonagall-san," He said in greeting, remembering the Scottish woman from the few times she had come to Nerima.

"Hello Mr. Tendo," Minerva said as she sat down at the low table. "Goodness this is much lower than I'm use too."

"Hello McGonagall-sensei," Kasumi said with a smile as she brought in a teapot. "I'm happy to see you again."

"Thank you Mrs. Lupin," The older woman said with a smile then turned to Remus. "Yes, we visit the families when we receive request of this nature to fill out paperwork for the school and to arrange payment of school fees."

"Ah... I guess that makes sense," Remus said. Minerva smiled and took out two scrolls for Remus to fill out.

"These names are very familiar but for the life of me I can't remember where I heard them," Minerva said as she watched Remus fill out the paperwork.

"Tatewaki was once my sister’s and Ranma's schoolmate and Kodachi is his sister," Kasumi explained. "They got into a spot of trouble with a mushroom that can change your age."

"Kasumi’s right, some sort of magic mushroom that de-aged them to around Harry's age," Remus added. "We found out about them around 3 years ago and found out their father was... less than pleasant. He hadn't allowed them to attend any schools of magic and even brainwashed them into thinking magic was either bad or didn't exist."

"Oh my," Minerva said. She remembered who they were now, or at least who the boy Tatewaki was. The strange sword wielding boy that proclaimed to love Ryoga and his friend Ranma's female forms. "How did they end up in your care?"

"Their father found them after they accidently de-aged themselves and kept them locked up," Remus said with a sigh. "Kodachi managed to escape and we found out what was happening to them. After their father was sent to jail I suggested they relive their years growing up so they could learn how to wield their magic. They agreed and let a medi-wizard remove their memories from their years with their father. Tatewaki and Kodachi know that they use to be adults but chose to re-grow up. Kodachi is a very good friend of Harry's in fact, she's the one that suggested they attend Hogwarts."

"That's horrible," Minerva said with a shake of her head. She blinked as she heard a sound from the other room that almost sounded like crying.

"I'll be right back," Kasumi said as she stood up and left the room.

"That will be Miyu and Tsuki," Remus explained as he put to the side one scroll and started on the other. He just managed to finish the second scroll, putting it to the side, as two squirmy toddlers set upon him.

"Dadie!" Miyu said as she climbed into Remus's lap while Tsuki clung to his back.

"Oh my… you have children?" Minerva said in surprise as she looked at the two tiny children.

"Yes, this is Miyu," Remus said with a smile, smoothing his daughter's hair back as she gave Minerva a sunny smile. "And the monkey on my back is Tsuki. They are my mini-Marauders." His old teacher groaned softly.

"Merlin, more Marauders. I will hopefully be retired by then," She said making Remus laugh.

"Come and give your grandpa a hug," Soun requested, holding his arms out to his grandchildren. The twins giggled and ran over to Soun.

"Stache rub!" Tsuki said, unlike the rest of Soun's grandchildren, Tsuki liked his grandfather's mustache rubs. Soun was happy to oblige, lifting Tsuki up and rubbing his cheek against the toddlers, making the boy laugh loudly as the hair of the mustache tickled him.

"Taidaima!" Two voices called as the front door opened.

"Okaeri Nasai!" Kasumi called back. "Tachi, Dachi come in here please." Tatewaki and Kodachi Kuno came into the living room.

"Kodachi, Tatewaki, this is Professor Minerva McGonagall. She teaches at Hogwarts and brought your letters," Remus said. Kodachi's eyes lit up, clasping her hands under her chin.

"Truly? My brother and I will joining Harry-Sama at his school?" She said excitedly. Minerva turned to Remus and mouthed 'Harry-sama?’ Remus just shrugged his shoulders; Kodachi had called Harry that since her memories were erased.

"Yes, here are your acceptance letters," Minerva said as she stood and handed a letter each to the Kuno siblings. Kodachi eagerly opened her letter, reading it quickly then looking at the list of equipment. She frowned as she reached the part about pets. It said they were only allowed a cat, owl or toad. She saw nothing about crocodiles. Oh well, she wasn't about to leave Mr. Green Turtle behind, she would just have to sneak him in.

"Thank you McGonagall-sensei," Kodachi said with a bow. "I look forward to joining your school."

"So do I," Tatewaki said as he tucked his letter away. "My dear sister and I have been looking forward to this. We shall not disappoint you. Uncle Remus should know where we shall buy our things."

"I think we can arrange a trip to Diagon Alley," Remus said with a chuckle.


An hour later Minerva left the Tendo Dojo and headed to Ucchan's Okonomiyaki. She was excited to see Harry in person again, it having been a few years since the last time. She had gotten plenty of letters from the Hibiki’s as Harry grew up complete with photos but there was nothing like seeing James and Lily's boy for herself.

~Welcome to Ucchan's!~ Ukyo said cheerfully as the door opened. She blinked then grinned as she saw who entered her door. "McGonagall-sensei," She said in greeting as she recognized the woman.

"Mrs. Hibiki," Minerva said with a smile. "I brought young Mr. Hibiki's Hogwarts letter, is he here?"

"Yeah, he and Ryoga are out back," Ukyo said. ~Konatsu, take over the grill.~

~Hai Ukyo-sama,~ Konatsu said as he put the dirty plates he was carrying into the sink and came over to the grill.

"You're lucky; this is one of the few times we make it home during the summer," Ukyo said as she led Minerva outside to the back of the store. "Harry, you got a visitor!"

"Mimi!" Harry said with a large grin, his fangs cutely showing.

"Harry," Minerva said with a smile of her own. "Are you ready to go to Hogwarts?"

"Hai!" Harry said, taking the letter that Minerva gave him.


Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore

(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock,

Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Mr. Hibiki-Potter,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on 1 September. We await your owl by no later than 31 July.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

"I accept!" Harry said not seeing a reason send an owl when Minerva was there. "I can't wait Mimi, I've been looking forward to this for years."

"Now remember Harry, you cannot call me 'Mimi' during school hours, you must call me Professor McGonagall," Minerva said in warning.

"I'll remember," Harry promised. "Do you think I can get the things I need in Mahou Village?" he asked as he looked at the equipment list. "Or do I need to go to Diagon Alley?"

"I would suggest Diagon Alley, you need to go to Madame Malkin's for your school robes," Minerva said.

"Alright. When can we go?" He asked his parents excitedly.

"How about around your birthday Chibi," Ryoga suggested. Harry agreed, looking down at his letter again. He could not wait to go to Hogwarts!


The Keeper of Keys and Grounds of Hogwarts Rubeus Hagrid, or just Hagrid, the friendly half giant that worked for Hogwarts stopped as he headed to the Three Broomsticks. He had been heading there to get himself a giant size pint of ale when he heard his name.

"I'm telling you she was as big as Hagrid," A wizard said as he gossiped with his friend. "Pretty, but big."

"All those girls that work at that Cat Café are pretty," The other wizard said with a dreamy look. His friend agreed with a nod.

"Yeah, that might be my new favorite place to eat," The first wizard said.

Hagrid was now curious, someone as large as him? There weren't many half giants around, in fact Hagrid had never met another one like him. Of course there was Olympe Maxime but since he had never met her or even seen her before, the woman didn't cross his mind.

"Wha' you two yammering on 'bout?" Hagrid asked. The two wizards jumped, they had been so focused on their conversation and thinking about the pretty girls from China they hadn't noticed the very tall man.

"Hagrid!" The first man said. "We were just talking about you."

"You got to see it Hagrid, they got all these pretty girls working at this new restaurant on the edge of town," The second man said. "This git here says one is as tall as you."

"She was!" The first wizard said. "Go see for yourself, it's down that way." He pointed toward the edge of Hogsmeade. Now very curious, Hagrid told the two wizards goodbye and headed in the direction he was pointed in. He rounded the corner and saw the newest shop in Hogsmeade, the sign on top proclaiming it as the 'Cat Café'. Standing in front was a pretty young woman and young man who were calling people in.

"Sir, come have too too good ramen!" The girl said, waving and calling to Hagrid as she caught sight of him. "Come! Come!" Hagrid stooped slightly to enter the door, inside the restaurant was cool and decorated with Chinese art and lanterns. The half giant admired the dragon art on one of the walls.

"Nihao, welcome to the Cat Café," A voice said from behind Hagrid. He turned and looked down, surprised as he looked at a healthy pair of breasts. He blushed brightly behind his bushy beard as he lifted his head to look at a pretty giant of a woman in the eye. "Expecting someone a little shorter?"

"Err... Sorry 'bout that," Hagrid said, rubbing the back of his head. "'M Hagrid, Keeper of the key and grounds keeper up at H'gwarts"

"My name is Cinnamon," The Chinese giantess said with a smile and with a slight accent as she bowed. "Come! Let me show you to your table." Hagrid followed his fellow half giant over to a table were two other waitress's pushed together a couple of chairs for the man. From the kitchen Cologne chuckled as she watched, she had been correct, the girls and two village boys she had brought from the village had helped to bring in people. Many of them had ended up liking what was on the menu thankfully so they would be repeat customers. She hadn't been sure about bringing Cinnamon along as well, while pretty and a very good fighter most men were turned off by the woman's size. Then she’d heard that a man working at the nearby school was quite large. Cologne was happy to see the two half giants had already hit it off, the girl taking her break so she could talk to Hagrid.

The Amazon elder turned back to the stove, satisfied with the way everything was turning out. The younger amazons were already searching for husbands/wives to bring new blood into the tribe and she was close to her student's new school so she could keep an eye on Harry.


A couple of weeks later Harry entered the Leaky Cauldron with Ryoga. Ukyo and his siblings were back in Japan so the father and son were alone to get the items on his school list. Remus and Kasumi would be bringing Tatewaki and Kodachi later so they could get their robes and books.

"Mornin'," Tom said as they sat at his bar, giving them a nearly toothless smile. "I hadn't seen you two in a while."

"We're here to get Harry's things," Ryoga said.

"I'm starting Hogwarts," Harry said with a grin.

"Well ain't that nice. I went to Hogwarts myself," Tom said with a fond smile. "In Hufflepuff I was. You gents want breakfast before you start yer shopping?"

"We ate already but we could do with one of those butter beer things," Ryoga said. Tom smiled and nodded, getting out two chilled bottles of the popular drink and taking two silver coins from Ryoga. Ryoga and Harry talked softly about where they wanted to go and what to pick up. The first stop would be Gringotts of course; Harry would use the key to his Godfather's Sirius Black's vault. Nabiki had been very clear on this in case someone was watching Harry's trust vault, they didn't want to tip their hand too soon. Dumbledore might not have a legal leg to stand on to take Harry away from his family but they didn't want to show their hand too soon either.

"Ah Hagrid!" Tom suddenly called. "The usual?" The Hibiki boys turned toward the person Tom was talking too.

"Whoa, he's tall," Harry said with wide green eyes.

"Not today Tom," Hagrid said in a booming voice. "Got important business for H'gwarts. Maybe later."

"He's going out the back, let's go so he open the door for us," Harry said as he hopped out off his seat and lead his directionally challenged father to the back door.

"Err? Goin' into the Alley?" Hagrid asked as Ryoga and Harry joined him.

"Yes, we're getting my things for Hogwarts," Harry said with a grin. Hagrid laughed, his kind black eyes twinkling merrily.

"The names Rubeus Hagrid, The Keeper of Keys and Grounds of Hogwarts," Hagrid introduced himself, holding his hand out for Harry to shake.

"Pleased to meet you Hagrid-san," Harry said taking hold of the much larger hand with both of his own, for going the usual bow. "My name is Harry Hibiki. This is my dad Ryoga!"

"Just Hagrid is fine," Hagrid said, his eyes misting just a tiny bit at the name 'Harry' but knew that this couldn't be James and Lily's boy. He held his hand out to Ryoga who easily met his giant strength grip with his own, surprising Hagrid a bit. "How 'bout I give you and yer Da a tour of the alley and h'lp get all yer things for Hogwarts?"

"We wouldn't want to be a bother," Ryoga said politely. "We've been to-"

"It’s no bother at all," Hagrid said, cutting Ryoga off. The half giant turned to the wall, taking out a pink umbrella as he mumbled under his breath. Ryoga and Harry looked confused and curious at the umbrella. Both father and son each had an umbrella as well, Ryoga had his signature red combat umbrella while Harry had a small, lighter forest green version on his back. Hagrid tapped the end of the umbrella on the bricks that opened the wall, grinning merrily as the bricks pulled back. "Welcome to Diagon Alley 'Arry."

Harry grinned as he looked out over Diagon Alley, he had been there a couple of times before but it was always something to see. Harry and Ryoga followed Hagrid toward Gringotts, the youngest male waving happily at the goblin guards while Ryoga nodded. The guards nodded back as they respected Ryoga as a warrior. Hagrid noticed the gesture, wondering what it meant as he had never seen a goblin act like before.

"Ye can exchange yer money at the counter there," Hagrid told Harry and Ryoga.

"Oh we don't need to, I have a vault," Harry said. Hagrid just nodded and followed the other two up to one of the goblin tellers.

"Can I help you?" The goblin teller said, peering at Harry over the edge of his desk.

"Hi, I need to withdraw from vault 303," Harry said with a smile.

"Do you have your key?" The teller asked. Harry nodded and handed the key that Sirius Black gave Ragnok 10 years ago for the Hibiki's to use over to the goblin. The teller checked the key, nodded to himself and handed the key to Harry.

"Griphook!" He called, a younger goblin coming over. "Take them to vault 303."

"Thank you," Harry said with a wave. The goblin looked up at Hagrid next.

"I need to take you-know-what 'ut of vault 713," Hagrid said as he took the letter from Dumbledore out of one of his many deep pockets and handed it to the goblin. The teller read the note then looked up at Hagrid.

"You shall go with Griphook as well. Hurry or you will miss the cart," He said as he pointed in the direction where Griphook was already leading Harry and Ryoga to the carts after hearing his instructions. Hagrid quickly followed after them, sharing a cart with Ryoga and Harry.

"I like Gringotts carts," Harry said as he sat behind Griphook, having rode the carts in Japan's Gringotts plenty of times. The goblin just smirked and pulled the lever to make the cart go. Harry whooped as the cart raced through the tunnels while Ryoga calmly sat in his seat and Hagrid clung to the sides of the cart.

"Vault 303," Griphook said as the cart came to a stop. Harry jumped out after Griphook, handing the goblin the key to open the door. Inside was a tidy sum of gold, silver and bronze coins which Harry filled a bag up with. He hopped back in the cart next to his adopted father.

"Can't you go slower?" Hagrid asked as Griphook rejoined them.

"Sorry. One speed only," Griphook said with a smirk as he pulled the lever again, Harry could have sworn they were going even faster. Hagrid thought so as well, his face getting a green tint. The cart dove into the deeper tunnels, Harry swore that he saw a flash of fire in one of the tunnels that they passed, as they headed for vault 713.

"Vault 713," Griphook said as they came to a stop. Hagrid pulled himself out of the cart, leaning against the wall while Griphook used his magic to open the door as this vault was under much heavier security.

"So what happens if someone is stupid enough to try to break in?" Harry asked, he had always wondered about that.

"The vault door traps them inside the vault", Griphook said as he finished unlocking the door and letting the door swing open. "We check for intruders in about... every ten years or so," He added with a smirk while Harry watched Hagrid enter the vault. Inside there was nothing but a single tiny package wrapped in brown paper. Whatever the item was, it was placed in Hagrid's pocket quickly. The ride back up to the surface was just as quick as the ride down.

"Thank you Griphook," Harry said as they left the tunnel area and headed back to the lobby. "May your vaults be filled with gold," He said in parting, having learned the phrase years ago. Griphook bowed to the young wizard as he left with Ryoga and Hagrid.

"W'll I guess 'Arry's next stop shou'd be Madam Malkin's for his robe,s" Hagrid said once they exited the bank. "It's right over there.... I hope you don't mind iffen I he'd in for a pint do ye? I 'ate those bloody carts."

"It's fine," Ryoga assured the much larger man.

"Wonderful," Hagrid said. "As soon as I'm better I'll join you and take you both 'round the alley." The half giant headed for the Leaky Cauldron to grab himself a pint to steady his nerves.

"Well he's nice at least," Harry said as soon as the man was out of earshot. "Should we tell him we really don't need him to guide us around Dad?"

"No," Ryoga said after a few seconds. "It seems to make him happy to guide us around. Let's go get your robe Chibi."

The bell over the door rang as father and son entered Madam Malkin's.

"Hogwarts dear?" A plump woman with graying hair asked as soon as she saw them.

"Hai," Harry said.

"Well just step up on the stool in the back," The woman said as she motioned into the back while Ryoga sat on a stool next to the window. In the area in the back stood another boy with dark skin and short dark hair on a step stool while a young witch fitted a robe he was wearing.

"Hogwarts as well?" The boy asked a slight accent in his voice that sounded a tiny bit Italian.

"Hai," Harry said as he stood on the stool next to the other boy. The elderly witch from the front came in and directed a measuring tape to fly around the boy.

"I am as well," The dark boy said as he watched Harry out of the corner of his eye. "Blaise Zabini," He said after a few minutes, turning to Harry slightly and holding out his hand.

"Harry Hibiki," Harry said, bowing at the waist and ignoring the other boy's hand. Blaise's eyes flashed as Harry didn't take and shake his hand.

"It's rude to ignore you better’s hand even if the bow is a nice touch," He said.

"We don't shake hands in Japan," Harry said with a shake of his head. "It's rude to touch other people you don't know in such a manner. We greet each other with a bow instead. And who says you're my better?"

"Oh," Blaise said, he didn't know much about Asian culture but he had seen a Chinese girl earlier in the day do the same thing. "I'll let it pass then... You don't look Japanese."

"I'm adopted," Harry said with a shrug of his shoulders, careful not to disturbed the witch who was working on fitting his robes work.

"Ah... who are your real parents then?" Blaise asked. "Were they... like us?"

"Like us? If you mean that they were a witch and wizard then yes," Harry said.

"Hmm, it's a shame they have to let them in," Blaise said.

"Them?" Harry asked.

"You know, muggleborns," Blaise said in a way that he wished to use another word.

"You mean the new bloods," Harry said. "You know that it's been proven that if you trace a 'mundane born' bloodline back you'll find magical ancestors don't you?"

"What do you mean?" Blaise asked with a frown. He had never heard that before.

"Just what I said. My dad and I travel a lot during the summer, a wizard in America discovered that all 'muggleborns' as you call them are descended from 'squibs' so there isn't such a thing as muggleborn, just a magical family able to use magic again."

"Hmm," Blaise frowned, he would have to think on that and see if it was true. "So what house do you think you'll be in? My family is usually either in Ravenclaw or Slytherin."

"Don't know," Harry said. "It doesn't really matter to me in the end."

"So you would be fine with Hufflepuff?" Blaise asked with a raised eyebrow.

"You’re done dear," The witch attending Blaise said.

"Well I suppose I'll see you at Hogwarts then," Blaise said as he stepped off the stool and headed into the changing room to change back into his regular robes.


Harry finished up at Madam Malkin's, his school stuff tucked under his arm. Outside of the store Hagrid was waiting for them with three ice cream cones. They sat on a bench outside of the stores enjoying the treat while Hagrid told Harry and Ryoga about himself and about Hogwarts.

"So you know a lot about magical animals?" Harry asked as Hagrid talked about some of the creatures he took care of back at the school.

"A bit," Hagrid said. "A 'ot of animals are misunderst'od, like dragons. Blimey... I would like to have a dragon," The half giant said in a dreamy tone.

"I think I saw a dragon in the tunnels at Gringotts," Harry said.

"Ye likely did," Hagrid agreed. "Well, let's get the rest of yer things." The large man led the father and son pair around the shops. Harry picked out his potion ingredients at Slug and Jiggers Apothecary but skipped Potage's Cauldron Shop as Harry already had a cauldron and other supplies he needed.

The stop at Flourish and Blotts took a little while as Harry eagerly looked through the books after getting the ones he needed for school. Quills and the telescope were skipped over as Harry planed on using normal pens and to get a telescope from the mundane shops. They stopped at the luggage store to get his trunk, a nice one with three compartments.

"That j'st leave yer wand," Hagrid said after they finished at the other shops. "Only one place to get a wand, Ollivander's."

"Hagrid, I really don't need to get a wand," Harry said with a shake of his head since he already had one. In fact, he had two: One he had gotten from wand maker Taro Shijo while the other use to be Voldemort's.

"Nonsense," Hagrid said, brushing off Harry's words. "Eve'yone needs a wand."

"That's not what..." Harry tried to say before he was pulled into the dusty shop. Ryoga sighed as he followed them in, Hagrid was nice but the man didn't seem to listen sometimes.

"Rubeus Hagrid," An older man, Garrick Ollivander, said as he stepped out of the backroom of his shop. "Oak, 16 inches. Wand served you well until you were expelled."

"Yes sir," Hagrid said. "Kept both pieces I did."

"You're not using them of course," Ollivander said, casting a side glance at the pink umbrella that Hagrid carried.

"Of co'rse not," Hagrid said as he hid the umbrella from view. Harry's attention was peaked; Hagrid had his wand in his umbrella? The boy wondered if he could do that with one of his wands. "It's a little crowded in h're, why don't I step outsi'e," The half giant offered, he wanted to head over to the pet shop, little Harry said he had a pet already but a dog wouldn't be allowed into Hogwarts unless it was his familiar and it didn't sound like it was. So, as a welcome to the wizarding world present, the kind large man decided to get Harry a pet he could bring! Not a cat of course, he was allergic to the ruddy things and toads were useless but an owl, those were bloody useful and he could use it to send mail to his parents.

Ollivander chuckled and turned to Harry.

"Now, this one is your wand arm?" He asked as he sent his measuring tape to start measuring Harry.

"I'm ambidextrous but I mostly favor my right hand," Harry said as the tape flew around him. "I'm sorry Ollivander-san, we tried to tell Hagrid-san but I don't need to get a wand, I already have one."

"Really, may I see it?" Ollivander asked as he turned away from the shelves of wands. "That's enough," He told the measuring tape which went slack and fell to the floor. Harry shrugged and flicked his right hand, his holly and Kirin wand sliding out of a holster he had on his arm. He handed the wand to Ollivander handle first.

"Ah yes, one of Taro's works," The elderly man said with a fond smile. "A fine wand marker, holly and .... a tail hair of Kirin." Ollivander waved the wand, sending a wave of bubbles out of the tip. "Yes, as always Taro's wand is wonderful." He handed the wand back to Harry who slipped it back into the holster. "You have a fine wand and it's bonded very nicely with you but will you permit me to fit you with a wand as well? Call it fun rivalry to see if I can find a better fit."

Harry looked over at his dad who shrugged.

"Your call Chibi," Ryoga said. "He won't get in trouble for having more than one wand will he?" he asked Ollivander.

"I cannot sell two wands to anyone in my shop at one time until you are an Auror or a hit wizard," Ollivander said. "But I can sell a wand to someone who already has one from another wand maker." The man walked over to the shelves of wands and started taking down boxes. "Try this, willow with a tail hair of a unicorn, a distant cousin of the Kirin," he handed the wand to Harry to who gave it a wave. A vase on Ollivander's counter burst into pieces.

"No no... Not that one," He said to himself as he took the wand and handed another to Harry. "Holly and dragon heart string." This one was snatched from Harry before he could even wave it. The man seemed to get more and more excited as he brought wand after wand out for Harry to try. Most of them were either made out of holly wood or had unicorn hair. A couple had Kirin cores but those hadn't worked either. Soon there was a large pile of wands lying on the countertop.

"Ollivander-san, I don't think we're going to find a wand," Ryoga said as he eyed the pile, Harry hadn't tried that many wands in Taro's shop.

"Just one more chance," Ollivander requested as he looked at Harry again. "Hmm... I wonder..." He disappeared behind the shelves for a few minutes then came back with a dusty box. "Holly with the feather of a phoenix," He said, handing the box to Harry. Harry took the wand out and gave it a wave, gasping slightly as the magic rushed up to met him while a wave of gold and red sparks showed from the end of the wand.

"Wonderful!" Ollivander said with a delighted clap. "And very curious..."

"I'm sorry, what's curious?" Harry asked as he turned away from the wand to look up at the man.

"I remember every wand I have ever made," Ollivander said as he gazed at the wand. "And every wand I have come across. The Bowtuckle who allowed me to take wood from his holly tree allowed me enough for two wands. Some of it I gave to Taro who made your first wand. The phoenix who gave the feather for that wand gave another feather, just one... that feather belonged to the wand that gave you that spot of dark magic there Mr. Potter," Ollivander said, looking at Harry's bandana covered forehead.

Ryoga grabbed Harry and pulled his son back against his chest.

"How did you know?" Ryoga asked softly with narrowed eyes, a faint aura surrounding him.

"I am part fae and I am able to see magic, it helps with my wand making," Ollivander said, holding up his hands. "I've met you before, when you were a wee baby. You came in with your father James Potter, he needed a new wand as his old one was broken on the job. I can also see the magic behind the spot on your forehead; do you have a mark or scar there?"

"Hai, a lightning bolt shaped scar," Harry confirmed. "You won't tell anyone will you?"

"I, Garrick Ollivander, do swear that I will keep the secret of..." Ollivander took out his hand to make his oath then looked at the pair.

"Harry Hibiki-Potter" Ryoga said his chi calming down and aura fading away.

"The secret of Harry Hibiki-Potter," Ollivander finished the tip of his wand flashing. "Now, Mr. Hibiki, He-who-must-not-be-named did great things... terrible but great... I think we shall see great things from you as well... that will be seven Gallons."

The wand and a second wand holster was paid for, the two Hibiki's quickly exited the store.

"Th're you are," Hagrid said in a booming voice as he saw the pair. "Didja get yer wand?"

"Hai," Harry said, holding up his new holly and phoenix feather wand. "What's that?" He asked, pointing to the covered cage Hagrid was holding.

"It's fer you," Hagrid said with a beaming smile, handing the cage over to Harry. Harry slid the cover off and cooed at the beautiful Snowy owl inside who blinked large, intelligent looking amber eyes at him. Harry swore he could almost feel a connection to her right away.

"Hagrid-san, she's beautiful," Harry said, pushing his fingers through the bars so he could pet her chest feathers. "Are you sure you want to give her to me?" He asked, looking up at the half giant.

"Yer said you won't be able ter bring yer dog," Hagrid said. "Owls are dead useful. She'll be able to deliver mail fer ya, I even got the shop keeper ta put a portkey band on 'er so she can fly back and forth from where eve' you live quickly and not havta fly fer so long."

"If you’re sure," Harry said, looking at his new owl again who barked happily.

"Arigato Gozaimasu," Ryoga said up to Hagrid who just smiled, guessing that the other man had said 'thank you'.


"Mom! Look at my new owl!" Harry said as he ran into Ucchan's the next day. Ukyo looked up from the grill and smiled as Harry proudly held up his arm so his adopted mother could see. "Her name is Shiroyuki, isn't she great?" (1)

"She's very pretty," Ukyo agreed, laughing as the owl seemed to puff out her chest as she was admired. Ryoga followed Harry in; holding the cage Shiroyuki had been in.

"I'm going to show Yoshi and Keiko," Harry said, running off into the back.

"Shiroyuki?" Ukyo said after a few minutes, looking at Ryoga amused.

"What? It's a nice name," Ryoga said. "Harry picked it out."

"He gets your naming habit then," Ukyo said with a chuckle while Ryoga looked confused.

"What's that suppose to mean?" Ryoga asked with a frown.

"You named your dog 'Shirokuro' Sugar," Ukyo said. "You named your dog 'white-black' and now your son named his owl 'white-snow' and you don't see how funny that is?"

"There's nothing wrong with Shirokuro's name," Ryoga said, defending his elderly dog while Ukyo laughed.


Author note: And we're finally starting the first year of school. As Harry went to Diagon Alley before his birthday he didn't run into Malfoy, instead he runs into Blaise Zabini.

(1) Shiroyuki is Hedwig just in case no one got that, she just has a different name. Harry was raised by a man who named his white and black dog 'Shirokuro (white-black)' so it only makes sense that Harry would do the same type of thing and name his snowy owl 'Shiroyuki (white-snow)'

Edit 8-22-14: More minor edits in grammar and spelling. Also changed all the ‘alligators’ to ‘crocodiles’ due to the fact that until recently I always thought Kodachi’s pet Mr. Green Turtle was a alligator but learned while trying to figure out just how large he is that he’s a crocodile. I also added ‘Green’ to his name as I was just calling him ‘Mr. Turtle’ and his full American name is Mr. Green Turtle.
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