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Chapter 8

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Harry Hibiki and the Philosopher's Stone

Disclaimer: Harry Potter © J. K. Rowling and Ranma 1/2 © Rumiko Takahashi

Author note: Thanks once again to my beta Blissfull Wulf.

Chapter 8

A few days later Remus brought Kasumi, their twins, and the Kuno siblings to Diagon Alley.

"Oh... how charming," Kasumi said as they stepped into the alley from the Leaky Cauldron entrance. She was delighted with the alley as she looked around, it was very different from what she was use to in Japan. She could see a self stirring cauldron in front of one store while in front of another were lovely little owls. Remus chuckled as he watched his wife.

"Ah! Kitty!" Tsuki said, pointing at the window of Magical Menagerie where a group of kittens were sitting in the window. He turned to look at Remus who was holding him. "Kitty Tou-san."

"Yes, that's a kitty Tsuki," Remus said.

"It's very... different... from Mahou Village," Kodachi said, her nose wrinkled slightly. While it was a colorful array of a different culture, Kodachi thought it looked a bit dirty.

"It looks like this alley is straight out of Shakespeare’s noble works," Tatewaki said as he looked around with interest. Tatewaki loved William Shakespeare’s play works and sometimes tended to speak as if he were from that time period. Not as much as the first time he grew up, but he did tend to slip from time to time.

"The British wizarding world tends to keep their traditions from around Shakespeare’s time," Remus said. "Some of your money should have been transferred from Mahou Village's Gringotts to Diagon Alley's branch so we'll start there."

They exited the bank a few minutes later, the Kuno siblings each holding a small bag full of coins.

"Alright, let’s get your robes then," Remus said as he looked at Kodachi's list. "We can get most everything else at Mahou Village but your books."

"I'll take them to the robe shop if you'll take the twins," Kasumi said. "I don't think they'll enjoy having to sit still for that long." Remus agreed, taking Miyu from his wife and sitting the toddler on his other hip. As Kasumi took Kodachi and Takewaki into Madam Malkin's, a grin crossed Remus's face as he spied Gambol and Japes, a joke shop from his youth.

"Let's go see what new jokes they have, hmm?" He said to Miyu and Tsuki who giggled. Both of the twins were just like him; already well on their way to being little pranksters.


Inside of Madam Malkin's, the gray hair woman who owned the store smiled.

"Two more for Hogwarts?" She asked.

"Yes please," Kasumi said.

"Well right this way dear, we already have a young man getting fitted," Madam Malkin said, directing Tatewaki to one of the fitting rooms. "And if you will come with me," She said to Kodachi, leading her to another fitting room, Kasumi following as she wanted see what sort of sewing the seamstress used.

In the boys fitting room, Tatewaki was told to stand on one of the stools in the room. On the other stood next to him was a boy around his age with white-blond hair that was slicked back and gray eyes. The blond boy eyed Tatewaki as the slightly taller pre-teen stood next to him.

"Hogwarts?" The boy finally asked. When Tatewaki nodded, the boy seemed to smirk a little as he continued to speak. "I am as well. My mother is next door looking at books then I'm going to get my wand. Where are your parents?"

"My mother is dead and my father is in jail for life," Kuno said bluntly.

"Oh...where your parents... you know... like us?" The other boy asked.

"The Kuno family is an old Japanese wizarding family," Tatewaki told him. He had found this out a year ago when he looked back to see how far back the Kuno name went.

"My family is pureblood as well," the blond boy said with a smirk again, missing the fact that Takewaki never said he was pureblood. "Malfoy, Draco Malfoy," Blondie said, holding out his hand for Kuno to shake.

"Tis improper to shake hands in my home country," Tatewaki said a little coldly. "I am Tatewaki Kuno, age 11," he added with a short greeting bow. Malfoy sneered slightly when Kuno didn't shake his hand but let it go with the other bowed, not understanding it was the way the Japanese greeted others. Instead, Malfoy thought the foreigner boy was bowing because he thought the blond was the superior wizard which in Malfoy's opinion he was.

"Do you play Quidditch?" Malfoy asked.

"No. But mine sister and friend love the brutish game," Tatewaki said.

"I do. It's a crime I can't play until next year," Malfoy said with a slightly dramatic sigh. "It's a shame we're not allowed to have brooms during our first year. I'm going to bully my Father into buying one for me and sneak it in. Do you know what house you'll be in?"

"Nay, but no one knows until they arrive at the school and are sorted," Tatewaki said.

"That is true," Malfoy agreed. "I'm sure I'll be sorted into Slytherin, my family has been sorted into Slytherin for generations. Imagine being in Hufflepuff! I would leave right then... OUCH! Watch what you are doing you stupid peasant or I'll have you fired!" Malfoy yelled at the girl pinning his robes. She had been in Hufflepuff when she was in school, she couldn't stand uppity purebloods like Malfoy bad mouthing her old house.

"And what is wrong with the house of the Loyal?" Tatewaki asked with a raised eyebrow. "Tis loyalty that allows the samurai to serve the Emperor so faithfully. Gryffindor is too noble a house to be a part of." He always liked the sound of both Hufflepuff and Gryffindor, especially the latter as the house of the brave, ready to protect others from the evils of the world. Malfoy sneered at the other boy, already writing the older boy off as a lost cause though perhaps he could still convert the taller boy once at the school, he was a pure blood after all and there were so few of those. "I'm sure my dear Sister will be sorted into the house of the sly and cunning. Once Kodachi sets her mind to something, she will do whatever it takes to win."

"Alright. You're done," the girl that had been hemming Malfoy's robes said as she stood up.

"I suppose I'll see you in Hogwarts," Malfoy said as he stepped down off the stool and headed out to the front where his mother was waiting after taking off the school robe.


"Cor, look at this Forge," Fred Weasley, one half of the infamous Weasley Twins, said to his twin brother George. "Starting off mighty young isn't it."

"You're right Greg," George said as he looked to see where Fred was pointing. Little Tsuki had escaped his father’s watchful eye and had been drawn in by the colorful joke boxes that were on a low shelf.

"Remember when we were that age?" Fred said with a put-upon wistful sigh. "Changing Perfect-Percy's socks into snakes?"

"Wait, wasn't that yesterday?" George asked.

"Oh yes, thank you my dear man for reminding me," Fred said.

"Hi-hi!" A little voice said at their feet. Fred and George blinked and looked down; Tsuki was standing in front of them with an innocent look on his face. While the taller red headed boys were distracted as they reminisced about past pranks, the mini-Marauder had tied their shoelaces together.

"Look Greg, it's the ickle little prankster," George said.

"Candy?" Tsuki said, holding up a slightly melted chocolate frog.

"Tsuki!" Remus said as he ran up, Miyu sitting secured on his hip. "I told you not to run off pup."

"He was just giving us some candy," Fred said. Remus sighed as he saw the melting frog in Tsuki's hand.

"Tsuki, where did you get that chocolate frog?" the werewolf asked. Tsuki giggled and stuffed the candy frog in his mouth. "Scamp," Remus said with a shake of his head while taking out his wand to clean the sticky chocolate off of his hands.

"Boys! There you are," a man's voice called from behind Remus. Remus picked up Tsuki as he stood, turning to see an older red headed man with a receding hairline. "You have your mother in a fit running off like that."

"Sorry Dad," George said.

"Just wanted to see what new stuff Gambol and Japes came up with," Fred added.

"I'm sorry if the boys were bothering you," The man said, turning to Remus. He squinted at Remus for a second then a wide smile crossed his face. "Remus... Remus Lupin."

"Hello Arthur," Remus said with a smile.

"Well, I haven't seen you since Fabian and Gideon's... well what have you been up to old man?" Arthur Weasley asked.

"This and that," Remus said with a chuckle. "I thought my children would like to see the store while my wife has our foster children fitted for robes."

"Hello little ones. They look just like you," Arthur said as he smiled at the toddler twins.

"Little pranksters they are," Remus said with a chuckle.

"Twins?" Arthur asked.

"Yes, this is Tsuki," Remus bounced the toddler on one hip. "And his twin sister Miyu."

"Oh, a girl prankster?" George said.

"You sure? She looks like one of those innocent angel types," Fred said to his own twin.

"Ah, but we looked innocent as well at one time," George said.

"Yes yes, too right Fred," Fred said with a nod.

"Wait, I'm not Fred, you're Fred," George playfully exclaimed.

"Oh! I suppose I am," Fred agreed. Arthur sighed as the twins talked back and forth while Remus watched amused.

"Boys!" Arthur said, getting their attention again.

"Yeah Dad?" Fred and George asked. Miyu, who is anything but innocent, wrinkled her nose at the funny big boys. Her wish magic caused Fred's hair to change into a shocking shade of pink while George's turned Slytherin green. Arthur snorted softly as the boys were pranked by a little girl not even half their size. Fred and George blinked, wondering what was so funny as their father snorted in laughter while the little twins giggled and shrieked loudly while Remus looked amused.

"George! Your hair!" Fred said loudly as he turned to look at George.

"My hair? What about your hair!?" George said. "It's pink!"

"Your hair is green!" Fred said, pointing his finger at his brother's hair.

"Don't worry boys, I think Miyu's magic will wear off... in a few hours," Remus said between his chuckles.

"Arthur there you are!" Arthur's wife Molly Weasley said as she walked into the joke shop with their two youngest children Ron and Ginny in tow. "I have been looking for you everywhere, have you found Fred and George?"

Ron and Ginny looked up at their older twin brothers, snorting and giggling loudly which drew Molly's attention.

"What are you two... Merlin!" Molly said when she saw the state of the twin's hair. "What did you two do now?" She said, walking up to her children.

"It wasn't us Mum!"

"We promise!" Fred and George said, holding up their hands.

"I afraid that is our fault Molly," Remus said with a polite cough. Molly turned and let out a little gasp.

"Merlin! Remus Lupin, what are you doing here?" Molly asked then cooed when she spied his twin children. "Oh, and who are these cuties?"

"Hello Molly. These are my children Miyu and Tsuki," Remus said while the toddlers soaked up Molly's fussing. "I'm afraid that your son's new hair color is Miyu's work. It will wear off in a few hours."

"They would be just like you," Molly said with a shake of her head. "Very... different sounding names."

"Their mother is Japanese, Kasumi chose their names," Remus said.

"You got married?" Molly said. "Can I hold one of them?" Remus chuckled and handed Molly Miyu who gave the red headed woman a sweet smile.

"Yes, she's here in the alley with me. We have two foster children as well, they were accepted to Hogwarts so she's with them getting robes," Remus explained.

"Oh you are just the prettiest thing," Molly cooed. She could not wait to be a grandmother but neither Bill nor Charlie, her and Arthur's oldest children, were in any hurry to give them any. "And you are very handsome." She added as she tickled Tsuki who squirmed and giggled.

"Molly-bear, we're drawing attention. I think Mr. Gambol wants us to leave," Arthur said.

"Oh yes yes," Molly said as she handed Miyu back to Remus. "Well Remus, you and your wife and of course all your children should really come and have dinner with us one night."

"I'll pass along the message to Kasumi," Remus promised. "We may take you up on that. Good afternoon Molly, Arthur." He nodded to the older wizard and witch then left the store with his twins to see if Kodachi and Tatewaki were finished getting their robes.

"Alright, come along you four," Molly said, turning back to her brood. Ron and Ginny went ahead with Arthur but when Fred and George tried to walk forward they tripped over the shoelaces Tsuki tied together earlier and ended up on the floor in a tangle of limbs when the twins grabbed each other.


Luna looked up from the painting she was doing on her wall when she heard the tapping on her window. A pretty snowy white owl gently tapped its beak against the pane again making Luna put her brush to the side and open the window for the owl.

"Hello, you are very pretty," Luna said with a smile as she gently stroked the owl's chest feathers. The owl made a 'pyee' noise, preening under the attention for a moment then stuck out its leg which had a letter attached to it. "Thank you," Luna said as she gently took the letter off and opened it.

Konnichiwa Luna-chan!

As you can see, I have a new owl. Her name is Shiroyuki, a gift from Hogwart's gamekeeper.

How was your trip to America? Did you and your Dad find the Jackalopes? My family and I traveled around a bit, we even made it to the rain forest with the snake we sprung from the zoo. He was excited at first but then a bird chased him out of the forest and he changed his mind. He lives with us now and we agreed on the name Diego for him.

I'm looking forward to Hogwarts but at the same time I'm nervous Luna. I've never been far away from my Dad since he found and adopted me. I'm sure I'll get use to it.

You can send a response back with Shiroyuki, she's the only owl that's even been able to find me. Uncle Moony says that she might be my familiar so she'll always be able to find me no matter what.



Luna smiled as she read the letter and put it to the side.

"Can you wait here Shiroyuki? I'll get you some owl treats and water then write back," Luna said. Shiroyuki bobbed her head in a yes motion making Luna beam as she headed downstairs. While she was in the kitchen, her friend Ginny Weasley knocked on the door.

"Luna! You are not going to believe what happen today," Ginny said as she let herself in. "We were at the joke shop that the twins like in Diagon Alley while getting my brothers' school supplies and these cute little babies pranked both of them."

"How did they take that?" Luna asked as she finished getting the treats and filled up a small bowl with water.

"They were shocked, they've never been pranked by someone who isn’t even two yet," Ginny said with a giggle. Luna smiled amused by the very idea and headed up to her room with Ginny on her heels. "I don't think Ron's ever going to let them forget it, their hair is still pink and green. Oh what a pretty owl!"

"This is Shiroyuki, she belongs to my friend," Luna said as she placed the treats and water in front of the owl.

"The one you write to all the time?" Ginny asked as she sat on Luna's bed.

"Hmm, yes that's the one," Luna said as she pulled a roll of parchment out to pen her return letter.

"So you said he's from Japan right?" Ginny asked as she looked at the painting that Luna had been working on, wondering why the blond was painting antlers on a rabbit. Luna hummed in agreement as she wrote. "I bet the schools there aren't as good as Hogwarts."

"He's going to a good school," Luna said absently, not telling the redhead that Harry was not going to a school of magic in Japan, he was going to Hogwarts.

"Yeah but everyone knows Hogwarts is the best school in the world," Ginny said as she lay out on the bed on her stomach and watching the dirty blond girl write.

"I'm sure the other schools in the rest of the world say the same thing," Luna said with a small laugh as she finished her letter, signing her name with a flourish. She rolled the letter up and tied it back to Shiroyuki's leg. "Have a safe trip back, there are biting pixies out and about."

Shiroyuki ruffled her chest feathers, making a barking like noise then took flight out the window. Ginny rolled her eyes as her strange friend talked to the owl like it could understand her and warned the snowy white bird about some made up creature. Once Shiroyuki was far enough away the portkey band on her ankle glowed as it activated and teleported her over the portkey space for post birds over Japan.

"So how did your trip with your dad go?" Ginny asked as Luna went back to her painting. The red headed girl listened as Luna told her about her adventures in the USA.


Cologne entered the living quarters above the Nekohanten, fresh off the plane from England. The last couple of months she had been in Hogsmeade at the newest branch of the Nekohanten looking over the restaurant and the progress of her village sisters and brothers. She also had been exploring the grounds of Hogwarts and the forest that surrounded it.

"Great Grandmother!" Spice called from the table where Remus was giving her and Harry some last minute lessons before Harry went to Hogwarts.

"Great Granddaughter," Cologne said with a smile.

"Grandmother! I didn't think you were going to make it back before I started school," Harry said. Harry had called Cologne grandmother his whole life, following Spice's example.

"Nonsense, I know for a young wizard this is a big thing for you," Cologne said with a chuckle. "Of course you'll be seeing more of me, the Cat Café is a success."

"Really," Harry asked excited. Cologne chuckled again as she nodded.

"Cat Café?" Remus asked as this was the first he heard of it.

"A basic translation of Nekohanten. I have bought and opened a restaurant in the village by Harry's new school," Cologne explained.

"Hogsmeade?" Remus asked, Cologne nodding her head. The werewolf smiled in fond remembrance. "I remember heading down to Hogsmeade from the school every year since 3rd. Three Broomsticks had the best butterbeer."

"I opened the Cat Café to keep an eye on one of my best students," Cologne explained, looking at Harry who blushed slightly. "From your descriptions of this Albus Dumbledore, I know just what sort of man he is and I do not trust him to keep Harry or my Great Great Granddaughter safe."

"Dumbledore... he's a good man but he tried to make a bad choice with Harry," Remus said with a sigh. "He's very well respected."

"Yes and that sort of power can cloud a man's mind," Cologne pointed out.

"So where is the restaurant itself?" Remus asked.

"On the edge of the village, it was the only one big enough to hold the youngsters from Joketsuzoku who agreed to work in the café," Cologne said. "We are near an old house that many in Hogsmeade swear is haunted but I have yet to see proof of this."

"The 'Shrieking Shack'?" Remus guessed, starting to chuckle when Cologne nodded.

"Oh! Isn't that the house you were telling us about in your stories Uncle Moony?" Spice asked.

"Stories?" Cologne asked. "What do you know about the house Remus?"

"The reason you haven't heard or seen anything from the Shrieking Shack is because I'm not there," Remus said between his chuckles.

"Explain," Cologne said.

"I'm not sure if the house was there already but I used it while I went to Hogwarts during the full moon so I could transform without hurting anyone. Dumbledore had the walls and windows reinforced so I couldn't escape," Remus said. "The 'haunting' was me while transformed as I had no control of myself while furry, the rumor that the shack is the most haunted place in the wizarding world was an excuse to cover up any noises I made. There is even a tunnel that runs from a place on the school grounds under a Whomping Willow to the house I use to use to get there every full moon. In fact the willow was planted at the mouth of the tunnel to keep other students away during my first year."

"I see," Cologne said the gears and cogs turning quickly in her mind. "Who owns the house itself?"

"I have no idea," Remus said with a shake of his head. "That was something that never came up, I was only told it was where I would be during the full moons. Of course, once the others found out they would let me out so we could run in the forest, after they completed the Animagus transformations of course."

"Hmmm," Cologne leaned back while taking out her pipe and lighting the sweet smelling tobacco inside. Her eyes closed as she thought over what Remus told her, letting the sounds of the werewolf talking to her two students and grandchildren, both actually and figuratively. Having a quite sure fire way onto the Hogwarts ground would be very useful and it would allow Harry and Spice a place where she could continue to teach both of them as well as Ranma and Ryoga any time they wished. She had to get in touch with the real estate agent again to see about acquiring the so called 'Shrieking Shack.'


The rest of the month leading up to September 1st passed quickly, Harry and Kodachi read ahead in their books, forcing Tatewaki to do the same when they could. Harry also practiced spells with his new Holly and Phoenix feather wand, he found that it was better suited towards defense spells and transfiguration while his original Holly and Kirin wand had always been better for charms.

"Harry I want you have these," Remus said a few days before it was time to head back to England. In the werewolf's hands was a set of books. "These belonged to your mother and father. Lily always had a knack for charms and even potions while James was better at transfiguration. These are their notebooks over years for their best subjects."

"Wow! Where did you get these Uncle Moony?" Harry asked as took the books.

"They were rescued from Godric's Hollow after the night He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named attacked you and your parents," Remus said. "Dumbledore gave the books to me for safe keeping. You're starting Hogwarts this year, I think it's time to pass them on to you."

"Wow..." Harry ran his fingers over his O'kaasan's name on the front. "Thank you Uncle Moony." Remus smiled back, thinking that Lily and James would be so proud of their little boy.


{Why are you putting thingssss in that box?} Diego asked from his corner of the room where a large flat rock was placed with a sun lamp over it.

{I'm going to Hogwartssss remember?} Harry hissed back as he packed. {SSssso I can learn more magic.}

{When are we going?} Diego asked, slithering off his warm rock and toward Harry.

{Ssssorry Diego, you can't go with me,} Harry said as he turned to look at the snake.

{Why not?} Diego asked with an almost snakey looking pout on his face. Since becoming a pet of the Hibiki family, Diego had taken a liking to traveling and seeing more of the world. To a snake that grew up in a small glass cage, traveling was a dream come true.

{Ssstudentsss aren’t allowed to bring animalsss that aren’t a cat, owl or toad,} Harry explained.

{Sssso that feathered menace getsssss to go?} Diego asked.

{Yessss, Ssssshiroyuki getssss to go to Hogwartsss with me,} Harry confirmed. {I'm sssorry Diego, not even Oreo getsss to go.}

~Harry! Dinner!~ Ukyo's voice drifted up the stairs. Harry called back as he got up, leaving his trunk's clothing compartment open. Diego watched the young wizard leave then looked at the trunk.

{I am not going to be left behind,} The Boa said to himself as he made a decision and crawled into the trunk, hiding under Harry's school robes. When Harry returned later he closed his trunk, never noticing that Diego had stowed away.


Finally it was September 1st, Harry and his family along with the Lupins/Kunos were at the train station called King's Cross. Three trolleys loaded with trunks and an owl cage were pushed ahead of the younger members of the group.

"So Platform 9 3/4... kinda a weird platform number," Harry said as he looked at this ticket.

"The platform is hidden from muggles," Remus said softly so they wouldn't be overheard. "The entrance is there," He added, pointing to the pillar between platforms between 9 and 10.

"Is it like the entrance to Mahou Village?" Kodachi asked as she looked at the pillar.

"That's correct," Remus said with a smile. "All you have to do is go through the portal. You can take it at a run if you're nervous."

"A lady never runs," Kodachi said primly. She took her cart and walked toward the pillar, the girl disappearing before she would have crashed if it had been a normal wall. Her older brother was quick to follow while Remus smiled.

"Dachi bye-bye," Tsuki said from where he was seated on Remus's hip.

"Not just yet cub," Remus said with a chuckle. He took Kasumi's hand and guided her through the barrier.

"That is very nuts," Ukyo said as she watched them. "I mean... we've done and seen some crazy things in our teen years and stuff still happens to us but walking through a solid wall is new."

"It's ok Mom," Harry said. "Mahou Village's entrance is like this. It's just a portal way."

"We need to go on Harry," Ryoga warned. It was inching closer to time for the train to leave and he could see another family coming their way with trolleys full of trunks and owl cages. Harry nodded, adjusted his grip then took a small run toward the pillar that held the portal to Platform 9 3/4. As soon as Harry hit the pillar everything was dark as he traveled through the portal. The sensation only lasted a second and soon Harry was standing on a brightly lit platform that was full of noise. The young pre-teen grinned as he looked at the crimson red train engine in front of them with the words 'Hogwarts' written in gold along the front.

"Oh wow," Ukyo said as she and Ryoga stepped out behind them with Yoshi and Keiko.

"Train!" Yoshi yelled in excitement. Keiko laughed and clapped her hands. Harry pushed the trolley over to Kodachi and Tatewaki who were with Remus's help loading their trunks into a compartment on the train. As Harry started to lift his own trunk, two twin red headed boys popped up beside him.

"That looks a little heavy for a little guy like you," One twin said.

"We can help you," The other one offered.

"That's ok," Harry said as he easily lifted the trunk. "I've got it." Fred and George's mouths dropped open as they watched Harry carry his trunk onto the train.

"He has got to have a feather light charm on that," Fred said to his brother.

"Yeah, no way that little guy lifted it on his own," George agreed.

"Fred, George!" Molly called loudly over to the noise of the platform.

"Coming Mum!" The twins called back.

"Well... this is it," Ryoga said a few minutes later when Harry rejoined them.

"Yeah..." Harry agreed as he bit his lip. "It's going to be weird being away for so long."

"It will but we'll see each other at Christmas and you'll send letters sug," Ukyo said. She pulled Harry into a hug, holding the boy she loved as if she gave birth to him. "Be good Harry and try not to get into any of the things we got into when we were your age."

"I'll try Mom," Harry said, hugging her back. "And you be good and not drive Mom and Dad crazy," he added as he kissed his little sister's head. Keiko squealed up at her brother, giving him a toothless smile. As soon as he turned to Ryoga, the man pulled him into a one armed hug, tears stinging the man's dark green eyes.

"Be good Chibi," Ryoga whispered in his ear. Harry nodded against his adopted father's shoulder.

"Ri!" Yoshi said, holding his arms out to his brother. Harry laughed as he plucked his little brother out of their dad's arms.

"I'll miss you too," Harry said. "Make sure to protect Keiko."

"Kei-kei," Yoshi said with a giggle. Harry smiled, hugging the youngest Hibiki male then handing him back to Ryoga.

Meanwhile Remus and Kasumi were saying their own goodbyes.

"Oh have a good time at school," Kasumi said with a tearful sniff as she dabbed her eyes. "Make good grades and new friends."

"Just do your best and have fun," Remus said with a smile. "You could meet lifelong friends here."

"We will do our best to make you proud Aunt Kasumi and Uncle Remus," Kodachi said, smiling up at her two guardians. Kasumi gave a soft cry and hugged her foster children close after Remus took Miyu from her. Kodachi did her best not to let any tears fall though Tatewaki didn't have much restraint. They had both blossomed under Kasumi and Remus's care, having the love of a parent they hadn't had since their real mother had died. The train gave a warning whistle, the sound echoing over the platform.

"It's almost time to go cub," Remus said from behind the other family, Kasumi standing by his side.

"Oh good luck Harry-chan," Kasumi said as she kissed Harry's cheek. "Have fun. You, Tatewaki and Kodachi look out for each other."

"We will Aunt Kasumi," Harry promised then turned back to his parents. With a deep breath, Harry touched the bracer that had been on his arm since he was one year old, an object made by goblins when Ryoga adopted Harry, the man had its match on his arm. The bracers were tied together with a spell that didn't allow Ryoga, who still got lost on regular bases, to go very far from his adopted son. The bracer was handed to Ukyo who would take it back to their home in Japan.

"Go on Chibi," Ryoga said, squeezing Harry's shoulder gently. Harry nodded and climbed onto the train, quickly joined by Kodachi and Tatewaki. Once in their compartment, they leaned out the window to wave to their families. Yoshi, Miyu and Tsuki waved back while yelling 'Bye bye' at the top of their lungs. Soon the Hogwarts Express started to pull out of the station, starting its journey to take everyone to another year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


Ron sighed as he passed by another compartment, dragging his trunk behind him. He had been kicked out of his older brother's compartment and told to go find some new friends to sit with. After seeing that their friend Lee had a horrible, hairy monster called a spider with him, Ron was only too happy to leave. But finding a compartment to sit in was a lot harder than it looked. Some had older students who didn't want to sit with a firsty, some were filled up with excited first years who had already made friends with each other and even worse there had been one or two that had pure bloods who didn't want to sit with a 'blood traitor'.

Another sigh escaped the red headed boy as he lowered his heavy trunk and rolled his shoulder. He glanced in the next compartment, this one only had three other students, maybe they would let him sit with them.

"Can I sit here? All of the other compartments I've been to so far are full," He asked.

"Sure, we have plenty of room," Harry said after looking at Kodachi and Tatewaki who nodded. Ron sighed in relief happy that he had somewhere to sit now. He pushed the door open more and dragged his trunk into the compartment.

"Here let me help," Harry said as he stood and easily lifted the heavy trunk to the overhead rack. Ron's mouth dropped open in shock, that trunk wasn't light!

"Blimey... you're pretty strong mate," he said as he sat next to Tatewaki.

"Yeah... I've been training in martial arts my whole life," Harry said with a chuckle as he rubbed the back of his neck. "A lot of it involved strength training. I'm nowhere near as strong as my dad though."

"Ah... I'm sorry, what is marshal arts?" Ron asked.

"It's a type of fighting," Harry explained then added with a chuckle, "and it's martial not marshal."

"Oh," the tip of Ron's ears went red in embarrassment. "So... anyway I'm Ron Weasley." He said, holding out his hand. Harry gave an amused smile as he stood.

"My name is Harry Hibiki," He said as he gave a bow then shook Ron's hand briefly. "We bow in Japan instead of shaking hands," Harry added as Ron opened his mouth. "These are my friends Kodachi and Tatewaki Kuno."

Both Kuno siblings stood up and bowed politely to Ron but didn't shake his hand like Harry hand.

"Are you guys twins too?" Ron asked.

"Nay, I am a year older than my sister," Tatewaki said.

"Brother dear's birthday falls behind the start of the school year," Kodachi added. Her nose wrinkled a bit as she noticed something squirming in Ron's pocket. "What is that?"

"That's just Scabbers," Ron said as he reached into his pocket and took out an old looking rat. "He use to belong to my brother Percy but since he made Prefect this year Mum and Dad got him his own owl."

"He's... a little run down looking," Harry said as he eyed the rat. He couldn't put his finger on why, but something about the rat made the hair stand up on the back of his neck.

"He's a useless lump," Ron said with a sigh. "All he does is sleep and eat."

"So you have three brothers? Those red headed twins who tried to help me are your brothers too ne?" Harry asked.

"Yeah and I have five brothers and a sister," Ron said as he laid Scabbers in his lap. "My two oldest brothers are already out of school and Ginny won't come to school until next year."

"I have a baby brother and sister," Harry said.

"Our foster parents have a son and daughter as well," Tatewaki offered up.

"Well at least they are really little and you're the oldest," Ron said with a bit of a grumble. "I'm the youngest boy and everything is handed down to me. Even my wand," he held out an old looking scruffy wand that had what looked like a unicorn hair sticking out of it.

"You sound a little jealous," Harry mused as he heard the tone in the other boy's voice. Ron blushed again, rolling his wand between his fingers.

"It's just hard being the youngest boy, nothing I'll do hasn't been done by one of my brothers. Bill was a Prefect and Head Boy, Charlie was Quidditch Captain, Percy is really smart and a Prefect and I bet he'll be Head Boy too. The twins are really popular and are pranksters and Ginny is the first girl born into our family in a long long time," Ron said with a sigh. "Only thing I'm good at is Chess."

"Chess?" Kodachi asked perking up. "I play a little chess with my guardian; do you play other strategy games like Go?"

"Go?" Ron repeated confused.

"It's an Asian board game that is known for being rich in strategy," Harry explained with a laugh. "She also likes to play Shogi sometimes, its Japanese chess."

"There's other strategy games?" Ron asked, he loved to play chess, it seemed to be the only thing he was good at sometimes. He loved coming up and acting on the different moves to a Checkmate.

"Of course, don't you play any other games other than chess?" Harry asked.

"Only other games I know are Exploding Snap and Gobstones," Ron said with a bit of a shrug. "And Quidditch of course, you guys like Quidditch?" Harry and Kodachi's eyes lit up, both enjoyed the high pace magical sport. Tatewaki rolled his eyes as the other three started talking about Quidditch and took out the book on Japanese history he had been reading on feudal Japan.

"I sometimes play Beater in the pickup games at the public Quidditch pitch back home," Kodachi said. "I use Gymnastic clubs a lot, while not quite the same it's close enough to teach me to use a Beaters bat."

"Fred and George are the beaters on the Gryffindor team," Ron said. "Those two are both a bloody menace together. Charlie was a Seeker on Gryffindor when he was in school. I'm usually Keeper when we play pickup games at homes."

"I play Seeker," Harry said. "And Chaser. Sometimes I play Beater too with Dachi but I knock the bludgers harder than everyone else so everyone prefers that I don't."

"If you’re as strong as you say you are I bet mate," Ron said with a shake of his head. "Which team do you support? I'm a Chudley Cannons fan myself."

"Toyohashi Tengu," Kodachi said.

"I prefer Japan's National Quidditch team," Harry said. "They use a lot of martial arts in their plays."

"This 'marshal' arts thing is important to you," Ron observed.

"Hai, both of my parents and lots my aunts and uncles are martial artists," Harry said. "My Dad, Mom and Uncle Ranma trained me in their styles since I was little."

"I use Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics," Kodachi said. "Tatewaki practices Kendo."

"Wow... Mum would wallop me if I tried to fight," Ron said. "I got into a couple of fist fights with my brothers. We couldn't sit for a week after she was done with us."

"It's fighting but not like your thinking," Harry said as he scratched his cheek. "We'll show you after we get to Hogwarts."

"If we're even in the same house," Ron said with a sigh. He had no idea if the other three would even be in the same house as him.

"Why does our house matter?" Kodachi asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Well... some of the houses don't get along. My whole family has been in Gryffindor for years and I bet I'm going to be there too," Ron said. "If I ended up in someplace like Slytherin I might as well go home."

"Why?" Harry said. "The whole house thing doesn't matter to us. It's just someplace we stay in for seven years, that shouldn't stop any of us from being friends."

"But... Slytherin is a bunch of slimy snakes," Ron protested.

"Snakes aren’t slimy and have you ever met anyone who was in Slytherin?" Harry asked.

"Well... I guess not. But everyone who's gone to Slytherin has been dark," Ron argued.

"Dark doesn't equal evil Ron-san," Harry pointed out. "And I doubt every witch or wizard in Slytherin is dark. Your house doesn't make you light or dark nor does it make a person good or evil."

"I guess..." Ron said, he hadn't ever thought about it that way. "But... a lot of you-know-who's followers were from Slytherin. He was from Slytherin too."

"Yes they were but Voldemort also had followers from the other Hogwarts houses too and some who didn't even go to Hogwarts," Harry pointed out. Ron's mouth dropped open in shock.

"You... you said you-know-who's name!" He exclaimed.

"It's just a name. It's like being afraid of Grandpa Happi's name, his name doesn't have power," Harry said.

"So... houses don't really matter to you?" Ron asked after a few seconds.

"Nope! Aunt Nabiki taught me never to cut off a source just because of rumors or whatever," Harry said.

"Brother and I will be in different houses, we are too different to be otherwise," Kodachi said. "I may even be in a different house than Harry-sama but that isn't going to stop me from spending time with either one of them."

Ron looked down at his lap; he had never looked at it that way before. His mother Molly Weasley had always made sure her children knew that Slytherins weren't to be trusted and his Dad Arthur, while he never verbally agreed with Ron's Mum, he never disagreed either. But the way the other two pre-teens put it made sense too, it was very confusing to Ron who had been sheltered by his parents his whole life.

"Don't worry about it, just make your own observations and decisions on a person and not their house," Harry suggested.

"Yeah... I'll try. Might be a bit hard though, gotta get my head around what I grew up with," Ron said as he tapped his forehead.

"Don't worry, we'll let you know if you're being an ass," Harry said with a grin. Ron returned the grin while Kodachi shook her head.

'Boys,' she thought to herself. Tatewaki looked over his book at the younger first years somewhat amused by all three of them. He felt for Ron, he had to work around issues of his own since deaging and having his memories removed. While he couldn't remember what caused it, he and Kodachi still had problems with the way they grew up the first time, that made him hostel at times with Ranma Saotome.

"Anything off the trolley dears?" A plump witch pushing a cart full of treats asked after pushing open the door to the compartment. Harry jumped up and looked over the choices.

"Get me a Liquorice Wand," Kodachi said. Harry nodded as he got the candy wand for Kodachi, a pumpkin pasty and a few Chocolate Frogs.

"No thanks... I'm good," Ron said a bit embarrassed as he took a corn beef sandwich out of his pocket. Harry paid for their treats and shut the door.

"That's all you got?" Harry asked as he handed the Liquorice Wand to Kodachi.

"Yeah," Ron said as he peeled back the top piece of bread to look at the meat and sighed. "She always forgets I don't like corn beef."

"Well... do you feel a bit adventurous?" Harry asked as he glanced up at his trunk.

"Hmm?" Ron looked up at Harry confused. "What do you mean?"

"Let me whip up an Okonomiyaki for you," Harry offered as he stood up and took down his trunk. Ron watched the bandanna youth as Harry opened one of the compartments in his trunk and took out a small portable grill and the ingredients to make an okonomiyaki. He quickly mixed the batter and poured it on the grill once it was heated up and soon a delicious smell filled the train compartment and wafted out the door way, reaching the noses of other students on the train. Ron's mouth started to water from the smell, he had no idea what an okonomiyaki was but it smelt good!

"Here," Harry said as he slipped the cooked okonomiyaki onto a small paper plate and handed it to Ron. Ron looked down at the plate; while it smelled good it looked a bit strange. His stomach growled, telling him to eat already. Ron lifted it and took a bite out of it, his blue eyes widening.

"Blimey!" Ron said. "It's good!"

"Thank you. Mom taught me how to make this when I was little after she and Dad got married," Harry said with a grin. The compartment door opened and a girl around their age poked her head in.

"Is that smell coming from here?" The girl asked.

"Hai," Harry said. "I'm making okonomiyaki."

"Could I have one?" The girl said, the smell reminded her she was starving!

"I'll sell you one for two Knuts," Harry said.

"Deal," The girl said. She handed him two bronzed coins and Harry made her an okonomiyaki in return. Ron watched amazed as suddenly Harry had a line of students outside their compartment door and selling okonomiyaki for two knuts each.

"Ha-has anyone seen a toad?" A shy, slightly chubby boy asked as he reached the door of the compartment.

"No sorry," Harry said with a shake of his head.

"I've lost him, my Gran is going to kill me," The boy wailed.

"Hold on a sec," Harry said and turned to the older student behind the boy who looked amused. "Do you know a spell to find his toad?"

"Maybe," The older teen said with a drawl, he was wearing a black robe with a green patch with a silver snake as well as a silver and green tie.

"I'll give you an okonomiyaki for free if you can find the toad," Harry offered. The Slytherin teen hesitated for a moment then turned to the younger student.

"What's you toad's name?" He asked.

"Trevor," The younger boy said with a sniff. The older teen nodded and removed his wand from his arm holster.

"Accio Trevor the toad," The Slytherin said with a wave of his wand. A few seconds later a large brown and green toad flew through the air.

"Trevor!" The first year boy said as he caught his pet. "Thank you!"

"My payment?" The Slytherin asked as he turned to Harry. Harry handed over a paper plate with the promised okonomiyaki then turned to his fellow first year.

"Better?" He asked with a smile.

"Yes, th-thank you," the boy said as he wiped a few tears from his warm brown eyes. "M-my name is Neville Longbottom."

"Harry Hibiki, Ron Weasley, Kodachi and Tatewaki Kuno," Harry said as he pointed at each person in turn.

"'Ello," Ron said with a wave. Kodachi primly and politely bowed while Tatewaki nodded.

"You can sit with us if you like," Harry offered.

"Oh... ok," Neville said in surprise. "I-I've got to tell He-Hermione that I got Trevor back first." He turned and quickly walked off. The line outside of the compartment had tapered off by now as well, allowing Harry to start shutting down his little grill.

"Blimey, a toad?" Ron said with a shake of his head. "Course I can't say much," He added as he looked down at Scabbers. "Useless rat."

"Well he seems to like his pet," Harry said.

"A toad isn't a horrible pet I guess. Though I prefer Mr. Green Turtle," Kodachi said.

"Mr. Green Turtle?" Ron repeated.

"My sister's pet crocodile," Tatewaki said.

"Cr-crocodile!?" Ron squawked in alarm. "You have a pet crocodile?!"

"He's very sweet," Kodachi said with a smile.

"Sister, he tried to eat me the other day," Tatewaki dead panned.

"He was only playing brother-dear," Kodachi said with a shrug of her shoulders. Ron's mouth moved up and down soundlessly and could only hope that the Kuno siblings were joking.

"Harry!" Hermione yelled as she threw open the door.

"Hermione-chan," Harry said with a grin as the bushy haired girl threw herself at Harry and hugged him tightly.

"You didn't tell me you were going to Hogwarts," Hermione said as she pulled back and punched Harry's shoulder. "I thought you were going to one of Japan's magical schools. All three of you," she added when she noticed Kodachi and Tatewaki.

"Our guardians thought we would like Hogwarts," Tatewaki said.

"I wanted to go to the same school as Harry-sama," Kodachi said.

"My birth parents went to Hogwarts, Dad promised that I would still go when I was adopted," Harry said. Ron looked at Harry confused and wondering a bit but said nothing.

"Errr... am I still allowed to sit with you?" Neville asked shyly from the doorway. Harry waved him in and moved over to make room while Hermione sat between Ron and Tatewaki. Shiroyuki pyeed and ruffled her feathers as Harry moved her cage.

"Oh how beautiful," Hermione cooed. "What's her name?"

"Shiroyuki," Harry said as he stuck his fingers into the cage and gently scratched her chest feathers.

"Shi-what?" Ron asked.

"Shiroyuki," Harry repeated. "It means 'white-snow'. She's my familiar."

"Th-those are really rare," Neville said. Harry smiled at his owl while Shiroyuki preened under the attention. The door to their compartment opened again, this time the boy Tatewaki had met at Madame Malkin's named Draco Malfoy. On either side of him were two bulky, dimwitted boys who didn't say a word as the blond walked in as if he owned the place.

"I heard that Harry Potter is on the train," Malfoy said as he looked at the other pre-teens, trying to figure out if one of the others were the famous 'Boy-who-lived'.

"Who the hell are you?" Harry asked with a frown, wondering why the blond was looking for him and who spread the rumor he was on the train under his original name. Malfoy scowled at the rude teen, he didn't see anyone that matched what everyone thought Potter looked like.

"Malfoy, Draco Malfoy," the blond said. Ron snort softly in laughter which he tried to cover with a cough. Malfoy turned toward the red head and sneered. "Think my name is funny do you? I don't have to ask who you are. Red hair, shabby clothing, only thing you can be is a Weasley." (1)

"Maybe he's just laughing at the way you introduced yourself," Harry drawled as he stood up. "What's your agent number, double-o-seven?" Hermione bit her lip to keep from snickering. Draco turned back to Harry and had to step back a bit as Harry was a bit taller than him.

"Potter's not here," He drawled then noticed Tatewaki sitting by the window. "What are you doing here with a bunch of... these sorts? You should come sit with us."

"Nay, I am not about to leave mine friends," Tatewaki said.

"You don't want to make friends with the wrong sort," Draco said.

"And what makes you think you are the right sort?" Kodachi asked as she smoothed her hands over her skirt. "I think we are capable of deciding who to be friends with."

"I think you should leave," Harry said while Ron stood up as well, ready to beat the stuffing out of Malfoy.

"What if I don't want to?" Draco said as he stuck his nose in the air. "Crabbe, Goyle, let's make ourselves comfortable shall we?" As Malfoy stepped further into the compartment, he stopped short as something whizzed past his ear. A few pieces of his white-blond hair floated down onto his shoulder.

"Another step and the next one will nick your ear," Harry said as he held up a stainless steel mini spatula. Draco blinked and turned to look, stuck in the door frame was another spatula, the end wavering back and forth beside Goyle's ear. Crabbe looked at the small odd weapon with a dumbfounded look on his face. "The next after that... well we wouldn't want to scar that pretty little face of yours do we?"

Draco looked at Harry who stared back with cold green eyes. Huffing loudly, he turned and headed out the door.

"Crabbe, Goyle. Let's go," Draco said over his shoulder. "Potter should be in another compartment."

The door slammed behind them as they left. Harry calmly reached over and removed his throwing spatula, slipping it back into a special holster under his top.

"What in the name of Merlin was that?" Ron asked as he sat back down. "Since when does a spatula do that?"

"It's a special type of spatula," Harry said as he sat back down.

"Didn't I see your mother with some of those before?" Hermione asked.

"Hai, Mom's style of fighting is called 'Okonomiyaki Martial Arts'," Harry explained. "It's a type of ninjutsu that's based around cooking. Mom fights with a giant spatula and throwing spatulas. She taught me how to use the throwing spatulas."

"That... is a little crazy," Ron said.

"That's just the tip of the iceberg," Harry said with a grin. "Uncle Ranma knows several styles of Martial Arts and is a master of Anything Goes."

Ron thought Harry and his two friends were a bit strange and knew weird things but he was use to a bit of chaos, he was the second youngest in seven children and he had a great deal of aunts, uncles and cousins. Any Weasley family gathering could descend into madness. Ron could see his life would be interesting and while he was still unsure about the Slytherin thing, he grew up hearing nothing but bad things after all, but maybe this will give him his chance to shine instead of being just like his brothers.

"We will be arriving at Hogsmeade Station in ten minutes. Please leave all luggage and animals on the train. It will be taken up to Hogwarts separately," A male voice said along the length of the train. "I repeat, we will be arriving at Hogsmeade Station in ten minutes."

"You better get your robes on," Hermione said. Kodachi stood and removed a black robe from the carryon bag.

"A lady never changes in front of a man who is not her husband," She said as she left the compartment and headed to the train's restrooms to change. Hermione and Neville left as well, both already in their robes, so Harry, Ron and Tatewaki could get changed. Scabbers was placed in a small cage, the rat never twitching once as he was moved around, and left beside Shiroyuki's cage as the train slowly came to a smooth stop.

Harry and his friends, both old and new, left the Hogwarts Express among the flood of students. All of the older students, from second year to seventh, headed over to a line of what looked like horseless carriages while over the head of the students Hagrid could he heard.

"First 'ears over here!" Hagrid called as he held a lantern up high for the children to see. "Over here! Alright there 'Arry?"

"Fine Hagrid-san!" Harry called back.

"Right. This way you lot. You'll get your first look at 'Ogwarts," Hagrid said once he was surrounded by all the first years and lead them down a path toward the lake. As they rounded the bend, everyone started to make sounds of awe as they saw Hogwarts for the first time.

"Sugoi..." Harry said in a soft voice.

"It's beautiful," Kodachi said. "Like a fairy tale castle." Tatewaki agreed with his sister softly, he had never seen anything like it. Palaces in Japan looked nothing like this.

"Four to a boat!" Hagrid called loudly, pulling the three Japanese/Japanese raised per-teen's attention back. Harry blinked as he looked at the lake and saw the little boats lined up along the shore. "No more than four to a boat!" Harry blanched as he realized that they were going to go across the lake in the boats.

"We're going in that?" Harry hissed. Last place he wanted to be was a lake of cold water when he had a water-based curse he wanted to keep secret for as long as possible.

"Come on mate, it'll be a quick trip," Ron said as he tugged on Harry's arm and pulled him over to one of the boats. He didn't know why Harry was hesitating; maybe the other boy had some sort of fear of lakes. Harry slowly climbed into the boat and tried to keep far from the edge. Tatewaki and Kodachi looked at each other, they both knew about Harry’s curse of course but couldn't tell the red head with them as they joined Ron and Harry in the boat. As there was no more room, Hermione and Neville sat in a boat with two other girls.

"Right then, everyone in?" Hagrid asked as he looked over the students under his protection. Once he saw everyone was in a boat, he climbed into a slightly larger boat and pointed toward the castle with his wand-umbrella. "Right then, forward!"

The fleet of boats started forward, Harry grabbing the seat of his boat as they drifted along. He kept an eye on both his companions and the other boats, holding his breath as they floated closer and closer to the magical castle.

"'Eads down!" Hagrid warned as they reached the outer wall of the castle that extended over the lake, ducking down himself to fit through the opening. The taller students bowed their heads to keep from hitting the low stone hangings. The boats soon docked at a set of stone stairs, Hagrid carefully helping the young, new students out of the boats. Leading everyone up the stairs to a large door, the half giant raised a large hand and banged on it three times.


Author note: I’ve read a lot of Harry Potter fanfics that bash on Ron Weasley and don’t get me wrong I like to read those sometimes but at the same time I do like Ron. I like all the Weasleys in fact. I think if giving the chance Ron has a lot of potential which is what I’m trying to do for him. Some of Ron’s beliefs is how he was raised and I can’t imagine that Molly Weasley had too many good things to say about Slytherins and now it’s countered by people who don’t really care about houses.

Also if you missed the notice this chapter replaced, the series of one shots I promised that covered in more detail the first ten years is up and I’m working on the second chapter now.

(1) It has always been assumed that Ron was laughing at the name Draco and he might have been but since the wizarding world is full of even weirder names than Draco I wonder if Ron might have laughed at the high and mighty way Malfoy introduced himself.

Edit 8-22-14: Not really anything spelling or grammar wise I could find that needed to be fixed. Changed all the ‘Alligators’ and ‘Crocodiles’ again.
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