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Chapter 9

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Harry Hibiki and the Philosopher's Stone

Disclaimer: Harry Potter © J. K. Rowling and Ranma 1/2 © Rumiko Takahashi

Author note: Thanks once again to my beta Blissfull Wulf.

Author Note 2: I made a mistake in the last chapter, I have always thought that Mr. Turtle was an alligator but I have recently discovered that he is in fact a crocodile and his name is Mr. Green Turtle in the English version of Ranma 1/2. I found this out while looking up some information on the animal to get an idea just how large he is. So yeah, he's a crocodile not an alligator as I called him in the last chapter. (edit 5-22-14: This has been changed in the earlier chapters during the cleanup process)

Author Note 3: And shout out to reviewer chaosglory626 on ff . net who correctly guessed the Kuno’s house placement.

Chapter 9

Minerva, with a look of calm that she didn't possess, waited in the anti-chamber for Hagrid to return with the first years. She had always had a bit of excitement in her when the students returned, she really did love teaching after all, but this year was different. Not only was Harry coming to the school, which in itself would be something since he was the 'Boy-Who-Lived', but they also had that blasted object of Flamel's in the school.

The Scottish witch huffed softly to herself, she and a great deal of the other teachers were not happy about the Philosopher’s Stone being in the school. Even worse, instead of keeping it a secret and hidden somewhere like his sock drawer, the Headmaster was going to all but announce that the famous stone was inside the school! She knew from years of experience that telling a bunch of children and teenagers not to go somewhere would ensure that that’s the first place they would go!

Even worse were the protections put in place to keep the stone safe. Minerva wasn't sure what the others had put in place but she didn't think her giant wizarding chess board was a very good idea. It seemed... so easy to get by. Not that chess in itself was an easy game, not everyone knew how to play. But Minerva knew You-Know-Who did, the man had been too smart not to, so she failed to see how the game would stop him. The Deputy Headmistress hoped that the rest of the traps weren't as low key as hers, otherwise someone like a third, or Merlin forbid, a first year could pass them! Once again, Minerva wondered if Albus was losing his mind.

Back to Harry, oh that was going to be a can of worms. She knew the boy was nothing like what the wizarding world thought he would be. Or what Severus expected of him either, she wondered how her younger co-worker would react when he found out her 'young cousin' and Harry Potter were the same person. And then there was Albus... Minerva sighed to herself, she had no idea how her old friend would react. He would at least be happy that Harry was alive, she knew that much. But still, she already had a letter written out for Ryoga and his young wife Ukyo to come to the castle since she knew Dumbledore was going to want an explanation.

Minerva was startled out of her thoughts as three loud bangs came from the door leading down to the lake under the castle. She quickly straightened her hat and smoothed down her green robes before opening the door where Hagrid was waiting on the other side with the first years.

"'ere's the first years Profess'r McGonagall," Hagrid said.

"Thank you Hagrid, I'll take it from here," Minerva said. Hagrid nodded and squeezed himself through the door, leaving the anti chamber to the Great Hall. Minerva turned back to the students that were filing into the room, looking them over. She spotted Harry and Remus's two foster children right away with Molly and Arthur’s youngest boy as well as the poor Longbottom boy right beside them. She spotted families that she knew so well, Amelia’s niece Susan... the Malfoy heir was there as well, his hair standing out like a beacon. She also spotted the Greengrass Heiress and the Zabini boy. Oh, and there was Helga Hufflepuff's descendant Smith. Yes, quite a mix this year for a class so small.


Harry watched as the door opened with McGonagall on the other side, fighting to keep a smile off of his face at seeing his Mimi. After all no one was suppose to know he knew her already, not yet at least.

"'ere's the first years Profess'r McGonagall," Hagrid said.

"Thank you Hagrid, I'll take it from here," McGonagall said. Harry saw Hagrid nod then leave through the smaller door. Once Hagrid was through Harry and the other first years started to file into the room. He stood with Kodachi, Tatewaki, Ron, Hermione and Neville, looking up at Minerva as she gazed back at them.

"Welcome to Hogwarts," Minerva said, her voice cutting through any chatter in the room. "The start-of-term banquet will begin shortly, but before you take your seats in the Great Hall, you will be sorted into your houses."

Everyone's eyes were on the witch, her very being letting everyone know that she was not a witch to mess with.

"The Sorting is a very important ceremony because, while you are here, your house will be something like your family within Hogwarts. You will have classes with the rest of your house, sleep in your house dormitory and spend free time in your house common room," Minerva continued. "The four houses are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Each house has its own noble history and each has produced outstanding witches and wizards.

"While you are at Hogwarts, your triumphs will earn you house points, while any rule-breaking will lose house points," The professor waved her hand at the four large jars along the wall that had the name and colors of each house on each, none of which had any points within them. "At the end of the year, the house with the most points is awarded the House Cup, a great honor. I hope each of you will be a credit to whichever house becomes yours."

The first years broke out in whispers among themselves; Harry could hear some of his fellow students guessing what house they would end up in.

"The Sorting Ceremony will take place in a few minutes in front of the rest of the school," Minerva said with a slightly raised voice, getting everyone's attention again. "I suggest you all smarten yourselves up as much as you can while you are waiting." Minerva’s eyes lingered on Neville's cloak, which was fastened under his left ear, and on Ron's smudged nose. "I will return when we are ready for you."

Minerva turned and left through the large doors that lead into the Great Hall, the noise from the other students coming through the doors before being cut off again as they closed.

"How do you think they sort us?" Ron asked as soon as the door was closed. "Fred and George said you have to wrestle a troll."

"I doubt we are going to wrestle a troll," Harry said as he reached up and pulled at his bandanna, pulling one off. Holding out the cloth in front of him, Harry used one of his wands to cast a soft water spell then handed it to Ron. "You have dirt on your nose."

"Err... thanks mate," Ron said as he used the offered cloth to clean his face, wondering how the other boy pulled his headband off but still had one on.

Harry could hear Hermione whispering spells she already knew under her breath while Kodachi calmly reached up to straighten Neville's cloak.

"Hibiki," Harry blinked and turned around when someone spoke behind him. It was the dark skinned Italian boy from the robe shop, Blaise Zabini.

"Zabini-san," Harry said with a short bow. Ron watched Harry, he knew of the Zabini family, or at least Blaise's mother who was rumored to be a black widow among men. She was rumored to have had four husbands already, all of whom had died and left all their gold to Mrs. Zabini. On top of that Zabini were a well known dark pure-blood family, the type that didn't mix with muggleborns. Ron almost opened his mouth to say something then quickly closed it. He remembered what Harry said on the train, just because someone was dark didn't mean they were evil.

"I read the book you mentioned," Blaise said. "It was... very enlightening."

"I hope it proved helpful," Harry said.

"It has... shown me I might be wrong," Blaise admitted. "For now I will keep an open mind until I see more proof."

"I can respect that," Harry said. "If you continue to look, you will find other sources that all agree with what the book said." Blaise nodded and turned away, set upon by Malfoy as soon as he was a few feet away. Harry could hear the blond asking the boy why he was talking to 'blood traitors' and 'mudbloods'.

"Harry... that was Zabini," Ron said softly. "He's... well he's from a pureblood family that doesn’t really like to mix with muggleborns. And his Mum is rumored to be a black widow."

"Don't judge someone just by their family Ron-san," Harry scolded lightly. "Judge a person for themselves. He may not become a friend but don't judge him until he does something."

"Sorry," Ron said, blushing to the tip of his ears.

"Don't worry, just giving you some food for thought," Harry said with a smile.

"So what book is he talking about anyway?" Ron asked.

"Hmm, a book written by an American on how there isn't such thing as 'Muggleborns' but that they are descended from Squibs," Harry explained.

"Really? Is that tr-" Ron was cut off mid-word as a couple of people screamed. Harry and Ron looked up as several ghosts floated through the wall.

"We should give him another chance," A portly looking ghost dressed up like a Friar said to another ghost dressed like an English Gentleman.

"My dear Friar, we have given Peeves plenty of chances and... oh my, who are all of you?" The gentleman ghost said as he came to a stop.

"We're waiting to be sorted," Harry heard a hesitant girl say from the crowd of other first years.

"Oh, new students!" The Friar ghost said excitedly, floating down closer to the students. "I hope you're in Hufflepuff, my old house you know."

"Move along now," McGonagall's sharp voice said from the door. "The Sorting Ceremony's about to start."

Some of the ghosts bid the student's farewell as they floated through the wall into the Great Hall while all of the first years lined up to head into the hall.


Eyes turned toward the line of First years as they walked up between the middle house tables within the Great Hall. Harry looked up at the ceiling that looked like the star filled night.

"It's enchanted to look like the sky outside," Harry heard Hermione whisper. "I read it in 'Hogwarts: A History,"

"Really? How lovely," He heard Kodachi said. "I wonder if it's possible to recreate the charm. I know my roses would love it."

The line of students came to a stop in front of a three legged stool with a raggedy looking wizard's hat on top. After a few seconds, a rip in the front opened and began to sing.

Oh you may not think I'm pretty,

But don't judge on what you see,

I'll eat myself if you can find

A smarter hat than me.

You can keep your bowlers black,

Your top hats sleek and tall,

For I'm the Hogwarts Sorting Hat

And I can cap them all.

There's nothing hidden in your head

The Sorting Hat can't see,

So try me on and I will tell you

Where you ought to be.

You might belong in Gryffindor,

Where dwell the brave at heart,

Their daring, nerve, and chivalry

Set Gryffindors apart;

You might belong in Hufflepuff,

Where they are just and loyal,

Those patient Hufflepuffs are true

And unafraid of toil;

Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,

if you've a ready mind,

Where those of wit and learning,

Will always find their kind;

Or perhaps in Slytherin

You'll make your real friends,

Those cunning folks use any means

To achieve their ends.

So put me on! Don't be afraid!

And don't get in a flap!

You're in safe hands (though I have none)

For I'm a Thinking Cap!

The patchy brown hat appeared to bow to each of the tables then became still once again. Minerva picked up a scroll and turned to the First years.

"We just have to try on a hat?" Ron hissed softly. "I'm going to kill Fred and George."

"When I call your name, you will put on the hat and sit on the stool to be sorted," She said as she unrolled the scroll. "Abbott, Hannah"

A little girl with blond hair walked up to the stood, the Sorting Hat placed on her head by McGonagall when she sat down.

"Hufflepuff!" The hat called after a few seconds. The house by the far wall with the yellow and black banners over it clapped as Abbott ran over to join them.

"Bones, Susan"

A red headed girl was the next to be sorted, joining Abbott a few seconds later. One by one the First Years were sorted, each table clapping as a new student joined them.

"Granger, Hermione"

Harry looked forward as Hermione ran up eagerly to the stool and took the hat from McGonagall, jamming the hat on her head. Hermione appeared to argue with the hat for a few seconds before the hat called out "Gryffindor!"

Hermione looked satisfied as she handed the hat back to McGonagall and joined the red and gold table.

"Greengrass, Daphne"

A pretty young blond girl walked gracefully up to the stool, sitting down with her hands folded in her lap and her ankles crossed.

"Slytherin!" The hat called within a few seconds. Harry had noticed that the hat sometimes called out a house almost right away while other students took a few seconds. At the front of the hall, Minerva hesitated for a second before calling out the next name.

"Hibiki-Potter, Harrison"

Up at the table Albus Dumbledore nearly choked on his drink and the twinkle in his eye died for a moment before he quickly regained his composure. At least on the outside, inside his mind was racing. Down the table Severus Snape was looking at Minerva in shock then looked quickly at the student that was walking up, recognizing him as the boy in Minerva's photos.

"Did she say Potter?"

"The Boy-Who-Lived?"

"Wait, Hibiki? I thought his mother's last name was Evans."

"Maybe he was adopted?" Harry heard the comments from either side of him as he walked to the stool and let the hat be placed on his head. The last thing he saw before the hat covered his eyes was the shocked look on people's faces.

"Hmm... Difficult... very difficult," a male voice said in Harry's mind. "Not a bad mind and you have plenty of courage... oh ho, you have lots of talents don't you. My yes, you have plenty of cunning in you... What's this? You threw yourself off a cliff to save someone you didn't even know? Well I think there is only one place that can handle you. Better be... Gryffindor!" The last part was called out loud to the Great Hall. Everyone was quiet for a few minutes before the Gryffindor table erupted in cheers and clapping.

"We got Potter! We got Potter!" Ron's older brothers chanted loudly. Harry removed the hat and bowed politely to it before heading to his new house, sitting down next to Hermione.

"Welcome to Gryffindor," A red headed boy who looked like he was related to Ron said as he shook his hands. "I'm Percy Weasley, Gryffindor's Prefect."

"Good job mate,"

"You pulled a good prank on everyone," The twins said.

"What's with,"

"The 'Hibiki' thing?"

"Can you just wait until after the sorting?" Harry asked with a raised eyebrow. "I'd like to see my friends get sorted too." The twins blushed slightly but grinned widely as they settled back down. Harry turned back to the front of the hall to see the rest of the sorting. He had a feeling Ron and maybe Neville would have questions for him, he could already see Hermione out of the corner of his eye wiggling with questions that she wanted to ask. "Later Hermione-chan."

Once the hall had somewhat calmed down Minerva looked down at the list and called out the name 'Hopkins, Wayne.' Albus's eyes narrowed just a bit, Minerva was much too calm about the fact that the Boy-Who-Lived had shown up out of nowhere and with a different last name. She had already known about all this and had kept it hidden from him for some reason. He barely noticed as the Hopkins boy was sorted into Hufflepuff only to be followed there by a 'Jones, Megan'.

"Kuno, Kodachi," Minerva called loudly. The dark hair Japanese girl walked up to the front of the hall and sat down primly on the stool much like Daphne Greengrass had earlier. The Sorting Hat was sat on her head, slightly cocked to the side thanks to her ponytail.

"Well well, what a mind," The hat said in Kodachi's head. "You have quite the past my dear."

"I do not remember most of it and I would like it if you do not disclose any of it," Kodachi said softly. "Nor my brother’s."

"Do not worry, anything I see stays between you and I," The hat assured her. /"Hmmm... You are filled with ambition and are quite clever. You do have quite a bit of loyalty in you but... ah you know how to wield power and use that to be a leader. You have traditions that you follow. And...hmmm... oh yes, you have the determination and resourcefulness to get what you want. My dear, the only place for you is /Slytherin!" the hall yelled out the last one, this girl just about had every quality that Salazar valued. The hat was removed from Kodachi's head while the green and silver table clapped politely. She walked over to the table and sat beside Tracy Davis and across from Milicent Bulstrode.

"Kuno, Tatewaki."

A few students spoke quietly among themselves as they tried to guess where the tall brown haired boy would go as he sat down on the stool and let the hat be placed on his head. Many were guessing that he would join his sister in Slytherin; after all it was rare for what they thought were twins to be sorted into different houses.

"You have quite the past as well," The Sorting Hat mused as he sorted through Tatewaki's memories. "You have high values of loyalty and of bravery... you are dedicated and will stand up to what /you think is right..." The hat considered where to place Kuno for a moment as he looked at the memories again, mostly the ones that was blocked to Tatewaki which still affected him to this day. It wasn't just about sorting people where they fit in; sometimes he sorted someone where he thought would help the student. "Yes... yes... I believe that you will find what you need in/ Hufflepuff!" Close knit and family like, the Hufflepuffs would help Kuno heal from the actions of his past.

Tatewaki took off the hat and, like Harry, gave it a bow before joining the black and yellow table.

"Welcome to Hufflepuff," A third year boy with brown hair and warm gray eyes said as Kuno sat down. "Cedric Diggory," the boy held out his hand to Tatewaki with a grin.

"Don't be silly Cedric, he's Asian, they don't shake hands," a second year girl named Leanne Byington who looked at least half Asian said. (1)

"They don't?" Cedric asked surprised. Behind them the sorting continued on as 'Li, Su' came up to the stool. Cedric had been taking the time to introduce himself to each of the new students to welcome them to their new family.

"She is correct, we prefer to bow," Tatewaki said. "Tis considered improper to touch another in such a familiar way."

"Ah... like this?" Cedric asked as he leaned forward. Tatewaki's lips twitched slightly, Cedric was the first one to try to bow back to him.

"Hai, that is close," He agreed as he bowed back. Meanwhile Su Li joined the Ravenclaw table letting Neville take her place.

Neville nervously licked his lips as the hat rooted around in his head.

"Hard working, you know your way around a garden," /The Sorting Hat said. "Very kind and I can see you can be very loyal given the chance."/

"S-so I'm headed to Hu-hufflepuff?" Neville asked, his Gran would be so disappointed!

"Now hold on just a second," The hat said soothingly. /"I believe I'm the one who does the sorting around here...hmm... yes, there is a healthy dose of hidden bravery and courage. I think that you will do best in /Gryffindor!" Neville startled, he didn't think he belonged in the house of Lions, he wasn't brave even though he wished to be. But he wasn't going to let the hat change its mind, jumping up and running over to his new house table with the Sorting Hat still on his head. He blushed hotly when he realized that he still had the hat and nearly tripped over himself to go back over to Professor McGonagall and handed it over to her. The tips of his ears became red and he ducked his head down as he heard some of the students in the Great Hall laugh. Kodachi gave some of her fellow Slytherin first years a cold look when they snickered.

Minerva called up the next few students until she reached 'Weasley, Ronald'. Ron gulped and walked up to the stool. The hat dropped down over his eyes and the gravely 'voice' of the Sorting Hat seemed to speak into his ear.

"A troll eh?" The hat asked amused when he saw that Ron had thought he was going to have to wrestle a troll to be sorted.

"I'm going to kill Fred and George," Ron muttered.

"Brave words, I know just where you belong. Gryffindor!" The hat called out loud before speaking softly to Ron again before he was lifted off the boy's head./ "Heed the words of your new friends, the world isn't black and white Mister Weasley."/ Ron couldn't help but muse over the words; Harry had said dark didn't mean someone was evil after all. And speaking of Harry... he couldn't believe that he was Harry-Bloody-Potter! Why hadn't the other boy said something? Ron walked over to the red and gold table, sitting down on Harry's other side and across from Neville.

"Why didn't you tell me you were Harry Potter?" Ron hissed softly as soon as he sat down.

"Would it have mattered?" Harry asked while 'Zabini, Blaise' was called up to be sorted in the background. Ron blinked in surprise at the question, unable to come up with a response right away.

"Harry, why didn't you say you were famous here?" Hermione asked. "I read so many books about you and-" She stopped mid sentence when Harry held up a hand.

"You mean all those fairy tale books?" He asked.

"Fairy tales?" Ron asked. Harry didn't get a chance to answer as at the front of the Great Hall Albus Dumbledore stood, gathering everyone's attention to him.


After Albus recovered from discovering that Harry was now safely within the school and that Minerva had known where the boy was the whole time, the Headmaster took the time to observe the 'Boy-Who-Lived' without looking like he was staring at the youth.

Harry Potter looked very healthy so who ever had him had at least taken care of him. He was pleased to see the boy was in Gryffindor and seemed to have already made some friends with the Wealseys, a very light family, the Longbottom boy and what he was sure was a Muggleborn. Albus was afraid that so many years away from his mother’s sister's family that Lily's Blood Ward protection may have faded away by now. With so many students in the hall he wasn't able to scan Harry to see if the ward was still in place or not.

Albus made note to speak to Professor McGonagall after the feast to find out why she had hidden from him where the Potter boy was and who raised him so he could speak with them. He needed to stress that it was very important that Harry lived with Petunia from now on.

Further down the table Severus's mind was still spinning at he gazed at Lily's son. A very large part of him wanted to hate the boy straight off the bat as he was James Potter's son. But looking at Harry Potter, 'Hibiki-Potter' slipped in absently, he could only see some of Potter in the boy.

Of course, now that he knew the boy was really Lily's son and not Minerva's cousin's son like he allowed himself to believe for so many years, he could see parts of Harry's father in him. The messy black hair, the shape of the boy's face but he could see parts of Lily as well.

The boy's eyes of course were the most prominent feature that he got from Lily Evans. They were the same shade of green and were almond shaped just like his mother’s. He had Lily's nose as well and even her smile by what he could tell when the boy smiled and clapped for one of the students that he had come in with. Well not completely like Lily's, Severus spied those odd fangs that he knew neither Lily nor Potter had had but the man who raised Lily's son did. Severus could pick out other things that made Harry Potter 'Hibiki-Potter' look like his birth parents but plenty that made him look like the man in the photo. Severus decided for now to observe the boy until he could tell who the boy was more like.

Meanwhile next to Severus, the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor Quirius Quirrell glanced every now and then at Harry, his head aching as his master raged when Voldemort heard his enemy's name called to be sorted.

"Welcome!" Albus said as he stood up after Blaise joined the Slytherin table. All eyes in the Great Hall turned to him as his voice rang over them. "Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts! Before we begin our banquet, I would like to say a few words. And here they are: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! Thank you!" Albus sat down again as the House Elves in the kitchen the floor below the hall sent up the feast they had prepared.


"A little... strange isn't he?" Harry said after the Headmaster had spoken and the food appeared.

"He's a little mad," Percy said. "Brilliant... but mad."

"What is that?" Harry heard someone asked and turned his attention back to the table. His eyes lit up as he saw that among the traditional British dishes were sekihan, chrashizushi, curry rice, a couple of different types of sushi and a few other dishes that Harry was familiar with. He glanced up at the table and met Minerva's eyes. Her lips quirked in a small smile and a very slight nod let him know that she had been behind the added dishes. Harry then looked over at the Hufflepuff and Slytherin tables where he could see the Kuno's enjoying the surprise foods as well.

"It's dishes served in Japan," Harry explained to whoever called out, a sandy haired boy that had been sorted along with them, as he fixed up his plate with both the Japanese foods and the other foods. Traveling around the world had given him the chance to try different types of foods. Ron, who had liked the okonomiyaki that Harry had made him on the train and always willing to try any food once, followed Harry's example filling up his plate. Hermione added a little bit of sushi to her own plate.

"Oh, I'm Seamus Finnigan," the sandy hair boy said. "I'm a half and half. Me dad's a Muggle; Mam's a witch. Bit of a nasty shock for him when he found out," he added when he turned back to the dark skin boy next to him named Dean Thomas.

"So you didn't really answer my question earlier," Ron said through a mouthful of food making Hermione wrinkle her nose in disgust.

"Could you swallow before speaking? I don't want see food," Harry said flatly. "I didn't say anything because I didn't think it mattered. My last name is Hibiki-Potter since I was adopted but I prefer to go by Hibiki. Everyone here thinks that they know me because of a few books and stories that people made up about me."

"But those books were written by experts," Hermione said defending her beloved books.

"Hermione-chan, you've known me for two years," Harry pointed out. "We've exchanged a lot of letters over those years, did any of those books sound like the life I had growing up?"

"Well... no, they didn't," Hermione said as she realized Harry was right. None of the books talked about him growing up in Japan or that he had a curse that turned him into a talking two-tailed cat.

"Anyway, with all the hype about the 'Boy-Who-Lived' crap, would you have acted differently if you knew?" Harry asked Ron.

"Errr... I might have," Ron said with embarrassment, his Mum had read stories about Harry Potter to him and his sister Ginny growing up and it had painted a much different picture of who Potter would be. Harry Hibiki was not really anything like the stories. "I guess I see what you mean."

"I want to make friends for who I am, not from some silly title that somebody came up with," Harry said, waving the chopsticks that he had found beside his plate. "I was a year old when Voldemort attacked my birth parents, I couldn't have done anything to him. Whatever happened to defeat the kusoyaro, I bet it was something my Otousan or Okaasan did, not me."

"Huh... never thought of it that way," Ron said as he scratched the side of his head.

"Harry, language," Hermione hissed as she understood that kusoyaro meant 'fucking bastard'.

"Anyway, just think of me as me, not the made up title," Harry said.

"Ok, I'll try my best mate," Ron said with a grin with Harry returning the wide grin.

"Blimey you got some fangs on you," Seamus said when he noticed the elongated canines Harry sported.

"One of my uncles thinks that I might have used accidental wish magic to have them grow in like that," Harry said with a laugh. "So I would look more like Dad."

"The birds are going to go crazy over you when you get older," Seamus said with his own laugh. Harry shrugged as he wasn't really into girls, or boys for that matter, right now. He glanced up at the Head Table while he ate, giving his new teachers a curious look. He could see Hagrid at the end of the table in a large chair made just for him, the half giant looked like he had been crying a bit but looked happy overall. He had no real idea who the rest of the teachers were other than Minerva, though the short teacher who looked like he could be descended from Goblins had to be Professor Flitwick. Harry recognized him from stories from Remus's school days. Harry's eyes drifted to the other end of the table. There was a pale skinned, dark haired man sitting next to another man wearing a purple turban. Harry's green eyes briefly met the dark haired man's black eyes then moved to look at the back of the other man's head as his eyes roamed around.

"Ow," Harry said as he looked away quickly, reaching up to rub at his forehead under his bandanna.

"Alright there mate?" Ron asked when he noticed.

"I think so, I just got a sudden sharp pain in my head," Harry said as the pain ebbed away.

"Ma-maybe you're just tired," Neville suggested.

"Maybe, I'm still adjusting to this time zone," Harry said, the pain was gone now and he figured Neville was right. He turned to Ron's brother Percy and asked, "Who are those two men at the end of the head table? The one with the black hair and the one with the turban?"

"The black haired teacher is Professor Severus Snape," Percy explained. "He teaches potions and is the head of Slytherin."

"I heard of him, he's supposed to be a right terror," Ron said while Neville gulped in fear, the man looked very frightening to him.

"The other one is Professor Quirius Quirrell, he used to be our Muggle Studies teacher but it was announced at the end of last year that he would be taking over defense this year," Percy continued. "Right after Professor Potts left in fact."

"The curse got him," One of the twins said.

"A stray spell from a fight in the DADA room got him pretty good," The other twin said.

"Curse?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, there's a rumor that DADA is cursed," Fred explained.

"No teacher has ever lasted more than a year in a long time," George added.

"I wager old Professor Quirrell will be its next victim."

"There's no such thing as a cursed position," Hermione scoffed.

"I agree but we have had a different DADA teacher every year," Percy said. "It's very odd." The main course was taken off the tables and replaced by deserts much to Ron's delight.

"My that looks good," A voice said from behind them. Harry jumped a bit in surprise and turned his head to look, one of the ghost from before was looking longingly at the piece of cake Ron had.

"I suppose it is a bit hard for you," Harry said politely.

"It is, I haven’t been able to eat in nearly 500 years," The ghost said. "So- new Gryffindors! I hope you're going to help us win the house championship this year? Gryffindor have never gone so long without winning. Slytherins have gotten the cup seven years in a row! The Bloody Baron's becoming almost unbearable - he's the Slytherin ghost." He pointed over to the silver and green table where a gaunt looking ghost that looked like he was covered in blood was floating at the table by Draco Malfoy, who looked very uncomfortable with the Baron being there.

"How'd he get all that blood on him?" Ron asked.

"No one knows, nobody’s brave enough to ask him," The Gryffindor ghost said.

"Excuse me, but who are you?" Hermione asked.

"Oh where are my manners. I am Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Propington, at your service," The ghost said with a bit of a flourished bow.

"Wait, I know who you are, you're Nearly Headless Nick!" Ron said as he pointed his fork at Sir Nicholas. The ghost gave a sigh and rolled his eyes heavenward.

"I prefer to be called Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-" Sir Nicholas started to say before he was interrupted by Seamus.

"Nearly headless? How can you be nearly headless," the Irish boy asked. The ghost sighed again and reached up to grab a hold of his right ear.

"Like this," Sir Nicholas said as he tugged on his ear and pulled his head to the side, showing the students that his head was hanging on by only a small piece of skin. Several of the girls looked sick and pushed their plates away from them while Ron looked a little green himself. "The executioner's axe was very blunt you see, took forty-five hacks to kill me," He added as he righted his head back onto his neck.

"Attention please, everyone!" Albus called out over the room as he stood again. The tables were cleared of all the food that had been there, sent back to the kitchens. "Now that we have all been fed and watered, I have a few start of the year announcements.

"Firstly, Mr. Filch has added more items that are banned from the school. The full list can be located on the door to his office. I would also like to remind the students that magic in the hallways between classes is against school rules. Secondly, the Forbidden Forest is just that, forbidden. No one is allowed within the forest without a teacher," Here the headmaster gave an amused look Fred and George's way. "Thirdly, Quidditch trials will be held in the second week of the term. Lastly, this year the right side of the third floor corridor is strictly off limits. Anyone who does not wish to die a horrible, painful death should stay away."

At first some of the students began to laugh, thinking it was a joke but the serious look on both the headmaster's face and the professor’s quickly had them changing their minds.

"Odd, he usually gives a reason when we are told to stay away from somewhere," Harry heard Percy say behind him softly.

"And now, before we go to bed, let us sing the school song!" Albus said with a smile as he removed his wand from his sleeve and with a wave, the words appeared floating in the air. "Everyone pick their favorite tune, and off we go!"

Harry noticed that several of the teachers covered their ears before the students busted out singing.

"Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts,

Teach us something please,

Whether we be old and bald,

Or young with scabby knees,

Our heads could do with filling,

With some interesting stuff,

For now they're bare and full of air,

Dead flies and bits of fluff,

So teach us things worth knowing,

Bring back what we've forgot,

Just do your best, we'll do the rest,

And learn until our brains all rot."

It was a very odd song, and Harry could see why the adults had covered their ears. Listening to all the students sing the song to different tunes, Harry had playfully sung it to the opening song of Dragon Ball an anime he and Spice loved to watch back home, and he swore Hermione was singing to a Beatle song. The twins sung the song the longest, singing it to a slow funeral march, Dumbledore conducting them with his wand as if he was a band director.

"Ah, music," Albus said as he wiped the tears from his eyes. "A magic beyond all we do here! Prefects, please lead the first years to their dorms!"

The new fifth year Prefects at each table stood and told the first years to follow them out of the great hall, each group taken the long way to their new houses. Once the first years were gone, the rest of the students filed out of the house, taking the shorter way to their houses.

"Minerva, I would like a word with you," Albus said softly to the transfiguration professor as she stood, who gave a simple nod and left the room.

"I would like to sit in as well Headmaster," Severus said.

"Very well," Albus said, trusting Severus and knowing the younger man would have his back no matter what. "After you speak to your new charges."

Severus nodded and swept out of the Great Hall, his black robes billowing behind him.


Tatewaki followed his fellow Hufflepuff first years out of the Great Hall. The two Prefects leading them took the lot of firsties down a nearby stairwell, going down just one floor, down a corridor past a painting of a large bowl of fruit and to a nook on the right side.

"Alright you lot," the friendly 5th year Prefect said with a grin. "This is the entrance way to 'Hufflepuff Basement'. Now pay attention, the way to enter is to tap on this barrel," he pointed to the barrel two from the bottle in the middle of the second row, "with your wand in the rhythm of our founder's name. Like this."

Tap-Tap Tap-Tap-Tap he gently tapped his wand against the surface of the barrel, making sure all of the first years got the rhythm down.

"Just remember which barrel it is and the rhythm," the female Prefect with them said as the lid of the barrel swung open. "If you tap the wrong lid or use the wrong rhythm, you'll be doused in vinegar and barred access to the Basement." The Prefects had each student crawl through the barrel into the Hufflepuff common room. Tatewaki did find the idea of crawling through a barrel a little undignified but wisely kept his mouth shut.

After crawling through the short tunnel to the common room, Tatewaki dusted the dirt off his robes as he looked around. Hufflepuff Basement was very... earthy and homey. It was round and had a low ceiling, round windows in groups of three were placed around the top of the room. The windows were dark at the moment, it was night time outside after all, but when the sun rose Kuno was sure the common room would be filled with warm sunlight.

There were many different types of plants all around the room, some of which Takewaki swore were dancing, and had several comfortable looking overstuffed sofas and armchairs spread across the space. There was also a honey colored, wooden mantelpiece that Takewaki stepped closer to examine. It had several badgers carved into it and under the mantelpiece was a portrait of a woman who gave the Japanese youth a kind smile.

All in all, it was nothing like anything Takewaki was use to. It was a far cry from the Kuno estates and from the Tendo Dojo where he had lived the last three or so years.

"Oh, that's a portrait of Helga Hufflepuff," a girl with lovely red locks said as she came over beside Tatewaki. "My auntie told me it would be here." The girl had introduced herself at dinner as Susan Bones, she was the niece of the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement Amelia Bones. "Everything is just how Aunt Amelia described it."

"It is very different from how I grew up," Takewaki said. He quite liked Susan, she was a very outspoken girl, yes, but seemed to be very kind. He had liked talking to her and her friend Hannah Abbot. They had exchanged some stories about their childhoods and the girls knew a bit about how he had grown up rich but under a very unloving and even murderous father, then taken in by Remus Lupin, who had gone to Hogwarts in his youth, and his wife alongside his younger sister. It was a surprise too many that Kodachi was not his twin like many thought, he would turn twelve near the end of the month. Of course, he left out that he had already grown up once before and had been de-aged in a freak accident and ended up having his memories voluntarily modified, there were just some things that you didn't share.

The conversations in the Basement died down as a squat, motherly woman with gray hair entered the room.

"Welcome to Hogwarts and to Hufflepuff," the woman said with a warm smile. "I am Professor Pomona Sprout; I am a Mistress of Herbology which is something I hope all of you will take a great interest in." Many of the students in the room laughed softly as she smiled warmly again, giving her new first years a mothering look. "We here in Hufflepuff are often looked down upon by the other houses, that is sadly true, but in reality we are just one warm happy family. We stand up for each other as family but are also encouraged to make friends with the other houses if we can. So my little Cubs, do not be afraid to be yourselves and make as many friends as possible while working hard.

"Now, spit-spot, off to bed you lot," this got another round of laughter as Professor Sprout rhymed. "The tunnels to the left lead to the girl's dormitories while the right leads to the boys. No one can enter the other genders tunnels. The older students will lead you Cubs back to the Great Hall in the morning for breakfast where I will hand out your schedules. Off you go now," she shooed the tired first years down the tunnels to their rooms.

"I feel like I'm a hobbit," One of the boys in Tatewaki's year, muggleborn by the name of Justin Flinch-Flentchley, said with a laugh as they walked through a round doorway. Tatewaki noted the very posh way the blond boy spoke, taking it that he wasn't the only rich boy in their house. (2)

"And just what is a 'hobbit'?" Another boy asked in a drawling, snooty tone. "Never heard of them."

"It's a race of short little people that live in houses under hills and stuff," Justin said. "I'm Justin Flinch-Flentchley by the way, and you are?"

"Zacharias Smith," The other boy said as they arrived at a room marked 'first years' on the door. "Helga Hufflepuff is my ancestor."

"So is 'hobbit' another word for dwarf?" another boy named Ernie MacMillian asked.

"Nay, they are a race of people that live in the same world as dwarfs but are a separate race," Tatewaki piped up. Remus had given him The Hobbit to read some time ago, he hadn't liked it as much as Shakespeare’s works but it was entertaining in its own way. "They are from a work of fiction called 'The Hobbit'."

"The author wrote other books too, the Lord of the Rings comes right after," Justin said with a grin, glad that someone else had read the books. "Read those yet... errr... I didn't catch your name?"

"Oh, just some silly muggle thing," Zacharias said with a snort as he looked around the shared dorm room. "I am taking this bed here," the boy announced as he dragged his trunk to the foot of the bed he wanted.

"Nay, I hath only read the first book," Takewaki said. "I am Takewaki Kuno," he added with a greeting bow to Justin while Zacharias just snorted. Kuno could already tell he was not going to like this other boy.

"You should read the others," Justin said. "Mind if I take this one?" He asked, pointing to another bed that was far away from Zacharias Smith. Takewaki quickly took the bed next to it and looked around. The room, like the common room, was warm and cozy with a little plant above each bed. The beds themselves were sturdy four posters beds, with no hangings around them unlike most of the other houses, and each was covered with a handmade quilt. All together, Tatewaki was finding Hufflepuff house to be a cozy, welcoming, for the most part barring the baka Smith, place. He could easily get use to this and hoped his sister was adjusting to her new house just as well.


Kodachi and the other first year Slytherins were lead down further under the school by their Prefects to the dungeons. They passed through several twist and turns, Kodachi noted as many landmarks as she could so she wouldn't get lost, she swore they passed the same portrait twice. Finally the group came to a stop in front of a blank stretch of wall.

"Ok you lot, you better remember where the entrance is and the password because we're only to tell you this once," the hulking male Prefect said. Kodachi squinted as she looked, she could make out a very faint outline of a blocky looking snake, not noticeable until you were really looking. "The current password is 'Wolfsbane', the password changes every fortnight, you are responsible to finding out what the new password is." As the Prefect spoke, the bricks in the wall behind him pulled back, dust floating in the air as a passageway open. Kodachi was in the middle of the group as it entered, glancing back at the wall once they were in the common room.

Unlike the outside of the door, which had been just a blank wall, the inside had a large bookcase built inside the wall on either side of the door, filled to the brim with books. A candle was mounted on either side of the entryway, which was now closing back up, and along the bottom of the wall was a large snake in the shape of an 'S'.

"Everyone is to stay in the common room until Professor Snape arrives," the female Prefect informed them. "The First Years are to sit near the fire."

Kodachi cast a look around the common room as she headed to find a place to sit by the fireplace. It was large and very dungeon-like, globes hung off the ceilings that gave off a soft green light and large windows along the wall that looked out under the lake next to the school, Kodachi could see a school of fish swim by. This pleased her a bit, Mr. Green Turtle would have a place to swim around and she would be able to see him from the common room and maybe even from where she slept. Along the wall she spied tapestries that played out different adventures.

The dark haired girl took a seat in one of the elegant leather chairs by the fireplace, which had a portrait of a snake above it and skulls of unknown animals along the mantle. There were other chairs and even couches like the one she sat in spread across the room, all of them made out of the same green leather. The Slytherin Dungeon was a very grand but cold place.

"I can't believe that mudblood was Potter," Kodachi heard that blond twit Draco Malfoy grouse as he sat in another one of the chairs across from her, acting as if he was a spoiled prince. "You would do well to stay away from him Kuno."

"Do not presume to tell me what to do little boy," Kodachi said in a cool tone as her eyes narrowed, Malfoy sneered at her when she called him a 'little boy'. "I have known Harry-sama much longer than I have known you and I shall decide for myself who I grace with my time."

"Potter may not wish to spend time with you," Daphne Greengrass said as she smoothed out her skirt. "Gryffindors do not usually spend time with Slytherins. We are 'slimy dark snakes' after all."

"He wishes to be called Hibiki, not Potter," Kodachi said. "It's a very simple thing to remember. Harry-sama will not let a little thing like different houses stand in his way nor shall my brother."

"That duffer? He's a lost cause, sorted into the house of idiots and losers," Malfoy said with a snort.




Everyone blinked as suddenly Draco Malfoy was on the floor, wrapped up tightly in some sort of ribbon. Eyes followed the ribbon up to the other end in Kodachi Kuno's hands, who stood over the Malfoy heir.

"No one calls Brother Dear an idiot except me," Kodachi said coldly. "Do not speak against my brother ever again."

"Miss Kuno, if you would kindly untie Mr. Malfoy?" the smooth, dark voice of Severus Snape asked as he stepped out from the shadows. Many of the first years shifted under the gaze of their head of house but Kodachi only sniffed and unwrapped her gymnastic ribbon from around Malfoy with a flick of her wrist. The ribbon was tucked back into a pocket as the girl sat back down, sitting primly as if she hadn't just tied someone up and threatened them.

Kodachi observed the man as Snape walked to stand in front of the fireplace, his robes billowing around him.

"I am Potion Master Severus Snape," He said in a sinfully dark voice as he looked down at the group. He was tall with a roman nose that was slightly crooked and shoulder length black hair that was slightly greasy. Kodachi knew who the man was as soon as he said his name. Her Uncle Remus had mentioned him in a few of his stories from his days at Hogwarts, somebody who had been the main target of his and his friends, which included her Harry-sama's birth father, pranks. But Kodachi recognized him for another reason, he was a world renown Potions Master, the youngest in decades. Kodachi loved potions, poisons were her specialty, and could even out brew Harry who had been taught by Potion Mistress Cologne personally. "Slytherin house is to always present a united front as the other houses look down upon us as dark. As such, any scrabbles or disagreements are to be settled within the Slytherin Dungeons," Snape continued, looking at Kodachi and Malfoy in turn.

"We have won the House Cup for over seven years; we shall continue to earn that cup for yet another year. My door is always open to all of you, Slytherin is family. You would all do well to remember that," The dark haired man looked at all his first year snakes in the eyes. "Everyone is to be in the common room before breakfast so schedules can be handed out. The Prefects will lead you for one week to and from your classes but after that you are on your own. And mischief is to be done where none can see you; you will be punished for losing points. Prefects, make sure the first years are in bed within the hour." Snape turned on his heel and walked out of the common room, heading up to the Headmaster's tower.

"Ok, you heard him. Time for bed," one of the Prefects called out. "Girls to the left and boys to the right."

Kodachi walked down the hallway indicated by the Prefects to a nearby room with the word 'First years' beside the door. Inside the room was much like the common room, stone and dungeon like with the same light orbs hanging from the ceiling. She could see out into the lake where the giant squid swam past their window.

The room had six four poster beds within it, each with thick green velvet drapes surround them. Kodachi walked over to the one with her trunk at the end, between Daphne Greengrass and Milicent Bulstrode. Bulstrode was a bit on the chubby side, with shoulder length black hair. A little homely looking but Kodachi thought she might grow into a handsome young woman one day and the girl had a good bit of intelligence in her eyes. Kodachi would rather be bedding by this girl than the pug nosed one glaring at her from across the room.

"Her name is Pansy Parkinson," Greengrass said when she noticed Kodachi glancing Parkinson's way. "She fancies herself as the future Lady Malfoy."

"I see, and I suppose she was less than impressed when I taught that ill mannered cretin a few manners," Kodachi guessed as she took her nightgown from her trunk.

"Yes, but I can't wait until a repeat performance," She heard Daphne say with a touch of humor in her voice. Kodachi only smirked as she stood and walked over to the bathroom to change into her night clothing.

A couple of hours later, once everyone was in their beds fast asleep, Kodachi peeked out from behind the drapes around her bed. All five of the other beds had their drapes drawn close, Kodachi could even swear she could hear snoring from at least two if not three of the other beds. Nodding to herself she slipped out from the curtains around her bed and knelt in front of her trunk. She twisted the key three times to open the secret compartment within it. The trunk had once been her mother’s, giving to her by the Kuno family servants. Lifting the lid, Kodachi smiled down inside.

"Shhh, it's ok Mr. Green Turtle," She whispered in a cooing voice as she reached in and picked up her pet crocodile. Mr. Green Turtle was currently several times smaller than his real size, Kodachi had fed him a shrinking potion so she could sneak him in the school inside of her trunk. The shrunk crocodile made a hissing noise as he was picked up but didn't try to bit his owner. "Don't worry baby, you'll be back to normal in a few days."

Kodachi cooed over her pet, kissing him on the end of his snout as she closed the lid to her trunk and locked it back. With Mr. Green Turtle cradled in her arms, Kodachi slid back into bed to go back to sleep, petting the crocodile until she nodded off.


Meanwhile in Nerima, Tendo Dojo...

~Umm... Master Remus?~ Remus blinked and looked down at Sasuke Sarugakrue, the loyal Kuno family ninja, who was standing before him wringing his hands in worry.

~Sasuke? What's wrong?~ Remus asked worried.

~Mr. Green Turtle is missing,~ Sasuke said.

~Mr. Green Turtle? Kodachi's pet crocodile?~ Remus asked with a frown. That had thrown him for a loop when he found out his foster daughter had a real live crocodile as a pet. The thing was huge and had to be kept on the Kuno estate. ~How do you lose a giant crocodile?~

~I don't know but he's not in any of the ponds or streams on the grounds,~ Sasuke said. He wasn't a huge fan of the lizard, Mr. Green Turtle liked to use him as a chew toy. ~The last time I saw him was before Mistress Kodachi left for her school. She came to visit him.~

Remus buried his face in his hands, not sure if he wanted to cry or laugh as he realized that Kodachi had somehow snuck her giant pet crocodile into Hogwarts.


Harry chatted happily with his fellow first years as Ron's older brother Percy led them to the Gryffindor Tower. They passed by several different portraits, many of which greeted the new students happily. Down one of the hallways they had to stop because of a floating stack of sticks. Percy sighed and stood in front of the first years.

"Get out of here Peeves," Percy called. Whatever was holding the stack of sticks just started to cackle and sing a dirty lyric. "Now Peeves before I call the Baron!"

"Prefect Percy is no fun, has a stick up his bum!" The school's poltergeist sang but did fly off, dropping the bunch of sticks on the kids as he passed. Neville yelped in fear and held his arms above his head. (3)

"You want to watch out for Peeves," Percy said with a sigh. "The Bloody Baron's the only one who can control him, he won't even listen to us Prefects."

Percy lead the rest of the way to the tower now that Peeves was gone, coming to stop in front of a portrait of a large woman dressed in an elegant pink dress on the seventh floor.

"Password?" The woman in the painting asked.

"This is the Fat Lady, she guards the entrance to Gryffindor Tower," Percy said. Harry noticed that the so called 'Fat Lady' glared at Percy's back. She hated being called the Fat Lady, but as no one knew her name she was always called that. The glare quickly morphed back into a smile as Percy turned to her and said, "Caput Draconis."

The portrait swung open, letting the students into the Gryffindor Common Room. It was already filled with older students who were happily catching up and some doing last minute summer homework. Harry grinned as he looked around; the common room was very warm and inviting. A little too much red and gold, which were the house colors, but still cozy looking all the same.

"This is nice," Harry said as he sat down in one of the red overstuffed chairs.

"I can't wait for classes to start tomorrow," Hermione said excitedly as she sat down on the arm of the chair. "Which class do you think we'll go to first? I'm very excited about all of them, I read all the books already."

"I think I'm looking forward to Potions and DADA, but I think I'll be decent at charms and transfigurations," Harry said.

"Potions? With that greasy bat Snape?" Ron asked with a wrinkle of his nose.

"Grandmother Cologne is China's leading potion mistress, she taught me how to brew potions since I was little," Harry said with a shrug of his shoulders. "My uncle also said my Okasan was very good at Potions also so I'm hoping I inherited her skills. Isn't there any classes you are looking forward too?" Ron shrugged slightly.

"I don't think I'll be good at anything," He said. "Most of this stuff goes a bit over my head."

"That's not the attitude to have," Hermione said with a frown.

"It's ok Hermione-chan, not everyone enjoys school like you do," Harry said, putting a hand on her arm then turned back to Ron. "You never know what you can do unless you try. If you think you're going to fail then you are."

"I'm looking forward to Herbology," Neville said softly.

"I'm a bit rubbish at that myself. I can tell the difference between different plants in the wild but I've never been good at growing anything," Harry said. Ron just stayed quiet, he’d never had the chance to really try any magic and he wasn't sure if he would be good at anything.

"First years!" Percy called, gathering their attention. "Curfew is in an hour, the girl's dorms are the left staircase and boy's the right."

"I guess we should go unpack our trunks," Harry said with a sigh.

"Oh good idea, I want to make sure everything is ready for class," Hermione said as jumped down off the arm of the chair and headed for the stair case.

"Mental that one," Ron said with a shake of his head.

"She just likes to learn," Harry said in her defense. "There's nothing wrong with it." He stood from the chair and led the way up the staircase to the first year's room. The room had five beds spaced around evenly, each with a trunk at the end of the bed. Ron walked over to his and petted his rat Scabbers who was asleep in the middle. Seamus and Dean entered a few minutes later, laughing and joking merrily. Harry chuckled as he listened to them while opening the compartment where he had packed his clothing. As the lid of the trunk opened, Harry yelped in surprise and fell backwards as Diego popped his head out, a pair of Harry's boxers hanging off his head.

Harry's yell drew everyone's attention, all of them yelling in surprise as Seamus, Ron and Neville moved as far as possible from the snake.

"Is that a boa constrictor?" Dean asked in surprise.

"Diego!?" Harry asked once he got his wits back.


Author Note: All of the information on the Hufflepuff Basement and Slytherin Dungeon I got from Harry Potter Wiki which in turn looks like they got a lot of information from Pottermore. Looking at photos of Hufflepuff common room, I'm reminded of the Hobbit homes from the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies.

(1) The character Leanne is a real student at Hogwarts but was never given a last name and never really listed what year and house she was in. In the book she may have been a Gryffindor and in Katie Bell's year but in the movies she was a Hufflepuff and the same year as Harry Potter. I went half way on both by making her a Hufflepuff but the same year as Katie Bell which makes her a year in front of Harry. The actress that plays her, Isabelle Laughland, kinda looks like she might be part Asian. I'm not saying that she is but that is what it sorta looks like to me so I made Leanne part Asian and got her last name from a list of British family names.

(2) Justin Flinch-Flentchley is said to have a very posh accent so it's a common theory that he's from a well off if not rich family in the non magical world.

(3) I can't remember what it is that Peeves said during this part of the book.

Edit 8-25-14: Nothing much fixed here.
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