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ch 11: super dino day

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Tracy’s POV
I got a call from my old karate teacher and he said that he was coming next Friday to test me for my black belt. I'm very nervous because I haven't practiced since becoming a ranger. I got a text form Kira saying that the team is meeting for a training session in the woods outside of town. I put my phone in my pocket and head out to training.

Dr. O’s POV
I called the others ranger and tell them to meet in at the woods outside of town. While Ethan and Conner are sparing I look over towards Tracy. I see her pacing back and forth looking very nervous. “Tracy are you going to join us?” I ask. “Oh yeah sorry I was just thinking about something.” She answers. While she is sparing with Trent I could see that she had to have some training in karate because she is doing moves only someone with a brown belt would know. A few minutes later she pins Trent to the ground. “Did you know that Tracy could fight like that?”Conner asks. “Nope I’m just as surprised as you.”Ethan answers. “Tracy you can let him up now.” I tell her.“Oh right sorry Trent.” Tracy says as she helps Trent back to his feet.

“Tracy do you have a black belt in karate?”Conner asks. “Sorry to disappoint you Conner but I’m a first degree brown belt.” She answers. “Wow Tracy that great.” I complement. “Thanks Dr.O but I’m really nervous about next Friday.” She says. “Why?” I ask. “My old karate teacher is going to be flying in next Friday to test for my black belt.” She answers. “Isn’t that good?” Conner asks. “Well yes but there is no way I’m going to be ready in time.” She answers. “You will be” I say.

“How Dr. O?” she asks. “Because I’ll help you get ready I am a 5th degree black belt myself.” I answer. “Really you would do that for me.” She says. I nod. “Do we get to see break boards?” Conner asks. “I don’t know if I can still do that I am a little rusty.” She answers. “There is one way to find out” I say. I walk to the jeep and took a board out from the floor of the back seat. Then I walk back over to them with the board in my right hand.

“Tracy you ready.” I ask. “As ready as I’m going to be.” She answers. I held the board up and nod. She let out a kiai and as her hand struck the board and broke it in half. “Well at least I still can break a board.” She says with smile. “How does the test for your black belt even work?” Conner asks. “Let’s see I have to do a lot a katas and some other things too that I can’t remember off the top of my head.” She answers. “It’s supposed to be hard?” Conner asks. “Yes Conner that’s the point getting your black belt is a huge deal.” She answers. “Didn’t your teacher give you a list of things he expects you to know?” He asks continuing the game of 20 questions. “Yeah he did I forgot I put it in my bag.” She tells him. She walks over to tree where she left her book bag. She opens the front pocket and takes the list out. She walks back over to Conner and hands him the list. “Wow you have a lot of work to do.” He says. “Thank you captain obvious" Tracy says being sarcastic. Then bunch t-drones showed up.

“Hello rangers I hope I’m not interrupting anything.” Elsa says. “Elsa give up you’ll never get the gems back.” Tracy says confidently. “Think again ranger girl t-drones attack.” Elsa yells. The t-drones rush in and as Tracy battles the t-drones. She did a perfect tornado kick knocking several of them to the ground. “Well I guess I still got It.” she says with a smile. “Rangers you may have handled the t-drones but how will you handle this,” Elsa says as Mesogog newest creature appeares. “Like I didn’t see that one coming you guys ready.” Conner says. We morph and battle the monster.

Tracy’s POV

This battle is taking a lot longer than it usually dose and I'm starting to get tired. “Aw dose the pink ranger need a nap.” Elsa taunts. “Keep dreaming Elsa this battle is far from over.” I say. I feel a sudden rush of power then spikes appear on my uniform. “Hey guys check it out.” Conner yells. “Yeah looks like Tracy just got her super dino powers” Ethan says. I attack the monster and cause some major damage. “You just got lucky pink ranger we’ll be back.” Elsa yells as she escapes into an Invisi-Portal. We all powered down and went back to the lab.

We're sitting in the lab. I’m trying to figure out what happened to me during the battle. “Dr. Oliver what was with the sudden rush a power?" I ask. “That was your super dino powers.” he answers. “Ok that’s cool. I don’t mean to sound rude or anything but when do I get bike not that I don’t like riding double Trent on his ATV no offense.” I says. “None taken" Trent replies. “I wouldn’t worry Hayley is working on it right now.” Dr. Oliver tells me.

“Sweet” I say happily. “I know this is random but Tracy did you forget that the homecoming dance is this Saturday?” Conner asks. “Oh crud yeah thanks for add more stress to my schedule Conner.” I snap. “Sorry I was just trying to help.” Conner says. I know” I say. I start to think about homecoming at my old school. I miss spirit week and the pep rally on Friday before the big homecoming football game against our rival school. I wish I was still there with them.I’m not just going to miss homecoming with all my old friends there winter fest, all the toher spirit week, getting to vote for our senior song, being the first to get a sneak peak at the year book, and missing out on the senior prank (not like I would be the one to actually be there when even one else is pulling it off or anything).

“Tracy earth to Tracy.” Conner says waving his hand in front of my face. “Sorry I was just thinking about my old school again.” I say. Then the computer scene starts to light up “Incoming video message” appeares on the scene. “I wonder who could be calling” Dr. Oliver says smiling. He presses enter on the keyboard and I see Sarah’s face on the scene.

“Hey T-dawg” she says. “HI Sarah how’s JHS holding up without me?” I ask. "It’s doing all right but the hallways aren’t the same without your smiling face.” she answers. “Thanks Sarah so anything interesting happen since I left?” I ask. “Well there was a huge food fight in the cafeteria and several kids got suspended.” she replies. “Wow it was that bad” I say. “Yup anyway how is Reefside High?” she inquires. “It’s nice” I answer. “I’m just curious what about your new man?” she asks with a smile. “How did you know about that?” I reply “Sorry I got in touch with your friend Kira on facebook and she kind of told me.” She replied. “Oh I’ll tell you about him later I promise.” I tell her. “I hate to cut this conversation short but I really should get back to doing my homework. Tracy remember.” She says. “VICTORY that’s senior battle cry” we say together.

We wave goodbye as she signs off. I look over at my new friends. “You guys planed this didn’t you?” I ask. “Actually it was Hayley’s idea we just helped it along.” Ethan answers. “Well thanks that it the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.” I tell them.

Dr. Oliver POV

“Tracy I’m glad to see the smile back on your face again." I say. “Thanks DR.O but I better head to the mall.” She says. “Why?” I ask. “So I can buy a new dress to ware to homecoming of course.” She answers. Hayley walks in with a remote in her hand. “Tracy before you go I think there is something you might want to see this first.” Hayley says with a smile. Hayley presses a button on the remote and one of the walls in the HQ opened up revealing the pink raptor cycle. “Thanks Hayley you rock” Tracy says. “No prob just doing my job.” Hayley replies. Tracy heads back up stairs and goes out to her car. Hayley follow behind her. Hayley asks if she could tag along to help her pick out a dress. Tracy has no arguments and tells her get in. They both drive off to the mall.

Hayley’s POV

I knew that Tracy was happy to have another girl with her to help her pick out a dress. “Tracy you all most ready?” I ask. “Yup” she says as she opens the dressing room door. She walks out in a fuchsia gown with pink roses going down the right side and had sliver sequins around the bust area. “What do you think?” She asks. “It beautiful Tracy you look like a princess” I tell her. “Thanks Hayley” she says smiling. She turns around to look at herself in the mirror. She seemed happy with it. “What’s wrong you don’t like it?” I ask. “I do it’s just I kind of hoped that my mom would be here to help me.” She answers.

Tracy's smile turns upside down so I walk over to her. I plac my hand on her shoulder. “Just think of how happy your mom will be when she see you on homecoming night.” I remind her. She smiles again and we continue shopping. She tries on two other dresses. One was baby blue the shirt is puffy and has sliver glitter along the bottom that kind of looks like it's sprinkled with fairy dust. The second one was gold one shoulder and had sequins zig zaged down the dress. “Which one are you going to get?” I ask. “I don’t know I can’t decide” she answers. I have a feeling that she is going to pick the fuchsia dress. We walk to the checkout line and Tracy has the pick dress in her hands. “Nice choice” the cashier says. “Thank you” she says with a smile. Tracyhand the cashier the money for the dress and we leave the store.

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