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Ch 12: Black belt test part 1

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Dr. Oliver's POV

I spent the past week helping Tracy prepare for her black belt test. I'm amazed at how fast she seemed to 'relearn' the things she thought she had forgotten. Tracy amazed herself too when she noticed how her stamina had improved over the course of the week. Today is the day she and she felt that she was ready. She spent the night last night so I walk to the guest room. I knock on the door and didn't get a response from Tracy on the other side. I slowly open the door to see her still completely comatose on the bed. "I should have guessed that considering the alarm clock didn't even wake her up." I think to myself.

I walk over to the bed and tried to wake her up. "Hey there soon to be black belt rise and shine." I say. Tracy rolls onto her back. "How do you know I'm going to get my black belt?" she asks still half asleep. "I just know" I reply. "Is that your dino intuition" she jokes while trying to keep a straight face. "Well at least your sense of humor is still intact. Now time to get ready for school." I say as I watch her wipe the sleep from her eyes.

She slowly gets out of bed and I notice her favoring her right shoulder a little. I ask her if something is wrong. She tells me that she just slept on it wrong. I leave the room so she could change for school. A few minutes later she comes down stairs with her book bag in her left hand. She's wearing a shirt that said 'I'm too pretty to do math' and a pair of jean shorts. We ate a quick breakfast and head to Reefside High.

Tracy's POV

I get out of my car as I close the driver's side door the pain in right shoulder is worse than before but I just ignored it slung my book bag onto my back. I walk into the school and when I get to my locker. I notice a rose taped to the door and a necklace (with a heart pendent and my birthstone outlining the outside of it) wrapped around the handle. "Mike" I whisper as I remove the rose from the door. A small card falls to the floor as the rose comes completely off the door. I set my bag down and the rose on top of it. I pick up the card and read it. "Tracy I'm sorry I missed your birthday last week so happy belated birthday. Don't worry about homecoming tomorrow it's going to be great. PS good luck on your black belt test too. Love Mike" I close to card with a smile on my face. I unravel the necklace form the handle and put it into my pocket before I open my locker to put everything away except for my science book.

I close my locker and head to class. I'm still really nervous about my black belt test after school. I didn't see Mike come up behind me. "Hey Darlin did you like your surprise this morning?" he asks. I jump a little and drop my book. I quickly turn around. "Dang Mike warn a girl next time huh." I snap. "Sorry darlin I didn't mean to startle you like that."He saya as he picks up my book. "It's ok and I loved your surprise especially the necklace." I say. I take it out of my pocket and try to put it myself. I'm having a tough time so Mike hands me my book I give him the necklace. He draps the necklace around my neck and clipa the two sides of the chain together. He lets the chain drip off his finger tips and it seema to melt into my chest perfectly. "We better get to class before were late." He says. I look at my watch and notice that he was right. We head to class hand in hand.

The school day seemed to drag on today. I'm sitting in English class waiting for the bell to ring. I'm tapping my fingers on my desk to kill time after miss May collects the Romeo and Juliet books from the class. "So your Black belt test is today right?" Mike asks as he set his hand on top of mine to stop me from tapping. "Yes, I have to head to the karate school right after the last bell and I'm really nervous." I reply. He asked me if it was all right if he came to watch. I told him sure. A few minutes later the bell finally rang and I pick my things to leave the room.

Mike's POV

I felt weird driving Tracy's car to the karate school but she changed into her karate uniform which meant she didn't want to drive (the real reason is that she was just too nervous to drive). We pull to the school and see Dr. Oliver standing next to his jeep. I put the car in park we exit the vechial. "Well it's time" where the first words I heard her say since we left her house. The three of us walk inside the school.

Tracy's POV

I walke into the testing area and see my old teacher. "Tommy Oliver is that really you?" my teacher asks as he walks over to Dr. Oliver giving a friendly hug. "In the flesh it's great to see you too Jason" Dr. Oliver replies. I look over at Mike and he looks like a star struck fan as he hears my master name. "Mike earth to Mike you in there" I say as I wave my hand in front of his face. Mike stands like that for a few minutes and I'm getting sick of it. I jab my elbow into his gut. He winced in pain. "What was that for?" he says trying to catch his breath. "To get you back to reality" I say with a smile. "Did you have to hit me that hard?" he asks. "To be honest Mike that was jab wasn't even at full strength" I admite trying to keep a straight face. He watched me practice in the park a few times so I know that he knows how strong I am.

Dr. O. and my karate teacher spent a few minutes going down memory lane. I couldn't believe everything I was hearing. I didn't know that my science teacher was a power ranger legend. I got so distracted by all the stories I forgot how nervous I was about my test. Mike looks over at me and he can tell that I'm much more relaxed than before. I let them catch up while I went off to the far corner to stretch out again. After they finished their stories about ten minutes later the test began.

The kata portion went well I remembered everything. The next portion is board breaking. Jason has set up cement block in the middle of the room and places six boards on top. I'm unsure if I could break that many at once. The most I ever broke during practice was five. I take a deep breath to focus and let out a loud kiai as my hand hits the boards. I look down at the boards and see all of them broken in half. I look over at Mike and he gives thumbs up. I'm nervous about the last part of the test which is sparing. I figure that I would have to spare Jason but he tells that he would like me to spare against Dr. O.

Dr. O. and I step to the center of the mat and we bow to each other before the sparing commenced. I'm doing well until he did a move I hadn't seen before. I'm unable to block it and he knocks me down onto mat. When my right shoulder hits the mat hard and the pain is more than I could tolerate. I must have black out because that is the last thing I remember.

Dr. Oliver's POV

I'm waiting for Tracy to get back to her feet but she hadn't moved in two minutes. I walk over to her and notice her laying motionless on the mat. "Tracy are you all right" I ask her trying to wake her up. I didn't get a response and Jason runs over to us.

He suggests that we take her to the hospital so Jason picks her up carefully and carriesher to my jeep. He sets her down in the back seat. Jason gets into his car and Mike getst into the passenger seat of the jeep. We rush to the ER.

When we arrive at the ER and is Mike carriing his girlfriend in. I can see a look of pure worry on his face. "Don't worry Mike she'll is going to all right" I say as we walk though the double doors. I explained to the doctor what happened. The nurse takes Tracy out of Mike's arms and sets her on the stretcher. They wheel her away into the examination room.

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