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ch 13: Black belt test part 2

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Dr. Oliver's POV

We are waiting for the doctor to return to tell us about Tracy's condition. A woman around the age of 35 came into the room. She walks over to me. "Hello you must me my niece's science teacher right?"She asks. "Yes I am Dr. Oliver and you're?" I reply. "Oh I'm sorry where are my manners I'm her Aunt Harmony." she answers. I ask her if the hospital had contacted Tracy's parents to tell them what was going on. She tells me the hospital did but their bosses said that they couldn't come until their next break. Tracy's mom called her and told her to come instead. I'm shocked at the kind of bosses Tracy's parents had to work for. The four of us continued to wait for the doctor to come out. Ten minutes later the doctor finally came out. "How is she doc?" Mike asks the doctor. "She just woke up but we want to keep her over night just to be on the safe side." the doctor explains "What was wrong with her?" Mike asks. "She fracture her clavicle and strained a few tendons in her right shoulder as well." the doctor answers. "Can we see her?" Mike asks. "Mike stop badgering the doctor" I tell him as I place my hand on his shoulder. "It's all right I'm used to this happening to me and yes." the doctor says calmly with a smile.

Tracy's POV

I wake up in a hospital bed with my right arm in a sling and an IV needle in my left arm. My head is a little foggy but I look to my left I see Mike's face. "Hey there how are you feeling?" he asks. "OK I guess but why am I in the hospital the last thing I remember was sparing with dr. O." I reply. "You blacked out after Dr.O hit you with his blazing fast kick." He informs me as a sad look comes to my face. "Hey why the long face I'm positive that you're going to get your black belt." He says with a smile, as he runs his fingers through my hair. I know he is just trying to make me feel better it wasn't working on bit. "I doubt it Mike looks like I'm just going to have to wait till next year to try again."I say sadly. Then I hear my karate master voice. "You won't have to wait that long Tracy." Master Jason says as he enter the room with a frame in his hand face down.

"What do you mean Master Jason?" I ask confused. He goes over to my bed and hands me the frame. "Well turn it over already." he says with a smile. I turn the frame over and inside is my black belt certificate. "I don't understand didn't I lose the match against Dr. O.?" I ask my master. "Yes but during the match you show great strength and mastery of the skills need to earn you your black belt." Jason tells me "Thank you so much sir but where is the actual belt?" I ask him. He tells me that he would present me with my belt once I was released.

The next morning back at the Karate school I was so happy that all my friends and family had come to see me get my black. I stand in the front of the room in my Karate uniform (the right arm dangled to one side because of my sling). A few minutes later Master Jason came into the room with the black belt in his hand. "Tracy step forward today is one day that every master looks forward to. The day he gets to give one of his students a black belt." He says proudly. After he did the traditional motion with the belt as he did to every student once they advanced in rank. He asks Dr. Oliver to help me untie my brown belt so it can be replaced with my black belt. He asks me to turn around so that I face everyone who showed up today. Everyone claps as I look over at my parents I see tears of joy flowing from their eyes. "Well I did it this is one of the best days of my life" I think to myself. I turn back around to face my master and Dr.O. He hands me back my brown belt all folded up neatly. I bow to him and "Thanks you for help me get ready for my test If it weren't for you this never would have happened." I mouth to him. Then I bow to my master and give him a look to thank him for everything he had done during my training over the years.

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