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Lifes dead to me

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Bli have taken over, Killjoys are going to make some noise. Chapter 1 Skate into the desert

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Life’s dead to me Chapter 1 Skate into the desert

Monster Panda’s pov
I sat at the back of the van as I just petted my dog’s head. Me and my friends just travelled the desert to kill dracs, well for the fun of it. I just pulled some hair from my face as our van came slowly to a stop. I opened the door and jumped out.

Why the fuck did we stop” I shouted as I kicked the van. The rest of my friends appeared from the van. Let’s meet them shall we:

Name: Monster Panda
Real name: Unknown
Nickname: monster or panda
Age: 20
Looks: Long blond hair with bright red, pink blue and black streaks with blue/grey/green eyes with a dark blue rim and tall but slightly smaller than Party poison.

Name: Toxic Bandit
Real name: unknown
Nickname: Toxic
Age: 19
Looks: Shoulder length blond and black hair with blue eyes

Name: shimmer of Glory
Real name: unknown
Nickname: Glory
Age: 21
Looks: short shaved black hair with red streaks and hazel eyes.

Name: Slaughter Bliss
Real name: unknown
Age: 21
Appearance: long brown hair and brown eyes

Name: Benji (owned by monster panda)
Appearance: Well he’s a dog, with black short haired fur and brown eyes.

"We ran out of petrol Panda.” Said Glory

“No shit Sherlock.” I snapped back angrily

“I did say that we should get petrol when we past the gas station 10 minutes ago.” Said bliss to glory.

As they had an argument, I went in the van and put on my roller blades and put my guns in their holsters, two pink and two black both with an blood effect on them and panda’s on them and shot rainbow beams. I put on my Panda helmet with ears as I jumped out of the van as I fixed my hair into my Panda head.

“Where are you going?” Asked Toxic

“Like bliss said there was a station 10 minutes from here. I’m going up there to get petrol and I’m taking Benji with me so I will get there faster. You guys stay here and guard the van.” I replied as I fixed my laces tightly and put my dog on his lead.

Then me and Benji took off in the opposite direction of the van, it took us about 5 minutes when the gas station came into sight. I slowed down as I saw a car parked at the pumps. I took out my x-ray binoculars which shows me were people are if there inside or around the area I’m looking at. I looked and I saw a figure at the window and take something from his eyes and run off.
Sit I cursed under my breath. I skated off the road to go to the warehouse were the person ran to which was behind the station. I heard talking inside maybe arguing from inside as I leaned against the side. I sneaked along until I came to a window and looked in, I saw 4 men talking or arguing. I went back to the door and commended my dog to sit at the door, footsteps were coming closer to the door, I hid again and the door opened and I heard

“Kobra it’s only a dog.” Sighed one of the men

“OHH A DOG WHERE!” screamed one

“But Party, I thought I saw someone.” Said another

“Well there are no people, just a dog.” Said a deep voice

“You look thirsty, I’m gonna give you a drink and look after you.” Cooed the excited one

I heard the door open and footsteps going inside, I peered around the corner to see a man wearing a red jacket, black skinnies and sun glasses. He looked filmier but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I heard him sigh and say “I swore I saw someone.” Then he went inside. I roller skated to the shop silently and went inside, I filled my bag with food and water and opened the till and got £50.00 (money is hard to get in the zones so this is good.) I filled the cans with gas and went back inside and went into the back were there was a sealed safe not open or broken.
“Don’t even think about it.” Said a voice, I turned to see the guy with the red biker jacket. He froze when I looked at him as I quickly pulled a pistol on him. I saw something move at the corner of my eye, then he asked “ who are you.” I felt my dog lick my hand so I put his lead on him quickly as he had his gun out now.
“I’m not going to ask you again, WHO ARE YOU?” he asked more sternly, I was about to say something when another voice came from behind me. “Shit” I thought.

THIS, this is my killjoy story that is still in the making also R AND R and tell me what you think plus there would be lots of drama, betrays and blood shed to come in this story.
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