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2. Bad moves and Coffee love

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Chapter 2 Bad moves and coffee love

Monster Panda’s Pov

“Shit what am I going to do?” I thought to myself. I slowly backed away to the door but someone grabbed my arm. I looked at Kobra he had a smirk on his face a fucking smirk. I walked up to him with face just a few inches away from his.

“Kobra just put your gun away.” The guy behind me hissed.

“No,” he shouted “not until I know her name.” he knocked my pink ray gun from my hand which slid across the floor.

“Bad move.” I stated but before he could react I kicked him full force in the stomach so he fell onto his knees in pain just for me to head butt him knocking him out cold.

I quickly took the red pistol from his hand and turned to the other guy. He had saggy black hair. I know him, wait I actually know him, fucking hell it’s Fun Ghoul, does he remember me. Wait so that means the guy I knocked out was Kobra kid, THE Kobra kid. Phahaha he just got beaten up by a girl.

“Okay let’s just calm down.” Fun Ghoul said as a backed towards the door once again. My free hand felt along my belt until it hit the stun grenade. I hit the button all I had to do was release the button, drop it and run and that’s what I did. I closed the door behind me and ran outside with Benji and skated back to the girls.

Fun Ghoul’s Pov

I went to run after her, but I heard something explode, I fell to my knees with my hands over my ears as there was a loud ringing noise in my ears and my vision went white. “Party, Jet Star!” I kept shouting their names until I felt someone grab me.

“It’s Jet, what the fuck happened Ghoul.”

So told them the story about the girl, as my vision slowly came back and the ringing in my ear died out. I could now see party looking at Kobra as he knelt beside him.

“So my baby brother got beat up by a girl huh.” Party smirked as he tried not to laugh.

“Yup and she took…” I paused

“His ray gun I can see that you know.” Interrupted Party

“NO!” I shouted “The Coffee.”

Party snickering can to an end, his head snapped at me face filled with anger.”

“Let’s go get her.” He snarled “Jet help me put Kobra in the car.”

Monster Panda’s Pov

I was back at the van just drinking some water as I listened to different “Ohh” and “nice” as my friends put the loot into the trunks inside the van.

“Seal them and put the covers over them, I don’t want a stranger to find them. And lock the cover in place too. I think we might have some company.”

“Really?” questioned Bliss as she loved the cover of the trunks “Why do you think that?”

“Well I ran into Fun Ghoul.” Bliss sat beside me, “I knocked Kobra Kid out cold, and stole their water, food and money. Oh yeah, and their coffee. I didn’t know it was Ghoul’s friends until I knocked Kobra out. From what I know from Ghoul’s friends is that Party and Kobra are addicted to coffee, like can’t live without the stuff addicted, so I bet that they will come for the coffee and not because I kicked Kobra Kid’s ass.”

“Guys we have company.” I shot Bliss ‘I told you so’ look

“BLI guys BLI, get your guns out and Panda hide.” Toxic shouted

I hid under some boulders hoping that BLI would not find me. No way am I going back no way. Not after last time. Why am I hiding I’m stronger because of them?

I came out of hiding, my friends hissed at me to go hide, but n that’s weak and I’m far from it.

“Drive, I will shoot from on the roof, but don’t stop no matter what. If I fall off the roof keep driving. Ok I will not let you guys get killed because of me.

Glory went to shut me up. “Glory shut up, you and I repeat YOU will be in charge if anything happens to me or I don’t make it.”

Glory nodded as she pushed some of her black hair from her face and her hand rested on the stomach.

“Tell your comfort bunny I said congrats.” She smiled I finish me speech and we all got into our positions. I know how dangerous this is but I’m doing it anyway. I know I can get killed also or I fall get really badly injured that then I die from blood loss. I hit the cover over my eyes

“Well time to die.”

This story is also on my wattpad account where i have also posted the story, i havee been on wattpad for a while but i hate leaving things unfinished because i kills me.

But please tell me what you think, needs changing ect ect because they help me a while lot. thanks
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