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Chapter 3 reunited at last

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Chapter 3 reunited at last

Jet’s Pov

We drove up the road; Party’s Knuckles were turning white from gripping the wheel too tightly.

“Guys.” Murmured a voice, its Kobra waking up finely; He sat up rubbing his head. “What happened?”

“Where do I start? Well you were beat up by a girl; she got away taking the coffee…

“NOT THE COFFEE!” Kobra shouted as he interrupted Party while throwing his hands in the air.

“Yes the coffee and we are going after her.” finished Party as he ran a hand through his fire engine red hair.

“Kobra” he looked and me and gave me a quick nod “She also took your ray gun.” His eyes widened as his hands searched for the gun. I sighed before I continued “We found her gun so you can use it for now.” I handed the ray gun which was covered in a napkin. We held back our laughs as kobra slowly opened the napkin. The look of horror swept across his face before shouting;

“PINK, A PINK RAY GUN! I can’t use that… It will make me look Gay, which I AM not, thank you very much but I wonder… He shot the gun. “OH MY GOD… Rainbow rays, this gun is far too gay, no it’s ultra-gay. I just… I just can’t anymore.” He slouched back in the chair sighing as his continued to shake his head; I giggled but received a death glare and quickly shut my mouth again.

3rd person

The car slowed down; there were BLI cars on their sides, upside down and a few on fire.

“Wow I never saw this many before.” Party said as the slowed the car down. Ghoul stood up and looked through his special binoculars, which can see if anyone is alive, in the wreckage.

“Well whoever they wanted, they really wanted them so bad…
“Stop here!” shouted Ghoul, before the car can come to a stop, Ghoul jumped and ran down a sand dune, and he stopped as he slowly picked up a black ray gun. He muttered something before looking around biting his lip like he was hiding something.

“Ghoul, you ok buddy?” asked Jet has he put a hand on his shoulder. Ghoul just shrugged it off, Ghoul started to follow the blood on the sand, maybe someone fell on the sand, because of the unusual patterns that were left on the sand. Kobra and Party stood beside Jet as they watched Ghoul walk over and pick up a helmet, anger filled his face. He hugged he helmet close to him.
The guys knew to keep their distance, because if Ghoul knew this girl or guy, he going to get pissed, and when he gets pissed and you ¬get in his way, you are most likely to get punched in the face for no reason.
Something caught Party’s eye, slight movement in the sand, his eyes narrowed, he say the movement again but was surprised to see a hand appear from nowhere. He glanced at Ghoul who was still holding the helmet. Party slowly made his way towards the hand. As he knelt down beside it he realised that whoever hand that was covered in a camouflage blanket of some sort.

Party’s Pov

I slowly uncovered the person’s face; it was a girl, a beautiful one at that. Her blond hair and pale skin, I smirked before calling to Ghoul “Ghoul, you might want to see this.”

Ghoul and the others came over, I saw the look in his face he, he looked upset, all the anger gone, drifted away into the distance. Okay I don’t know where that came from. Ghoul knees fell to the sandy ground beside her. He slowly put his ear to her chest; a sigh of relief escaped his mouth.

“S-she’s breathing; this is the girl I told you guys about her, when Kobra got knocked out.” Ghoul took the red gun from her hand and held his hand out towards Kobra “there’s you gun Kobra now you can stop having a hissy fit.” I lifted her up and carried to the car, Ghoul jumped in and I place her on Ghoul, he thanked me and the rest of us took our seats and headed to the Diner.


I watched her sleep as I rung out the water out of the cold rag; I just hoped she would wake up soon. I continued to clean off the blood on her arms, as jet finished the stitched on her forehead.

“She will be ok ghoul, if we didn’t find her she would have died out there. Oh, when you clean the bloods can you replace the bandages on her stomach and leg they have soaked through but are healing nicely.” He said to me as he finished cleaning her arm. I thanked him and Jet left the room. I started to question myself as I replaced the bandages.

What happened to you when you were taken from our cell? What did they do to you? I sighed I looked at her, little bruises littered all over her body, her arms, legs and some painful looking ones on her face all have become fully visible now. I’m not leaving her, not again. I brushed some hair that had fallen on her emotionless face, after looked at her for a few minutes while brushing my hand on her cheek, I lifted the bowl of water which had turned red from the blood I washed off her and went to the kitchen and place it in the sink.
As I left the kitchen I heard the guys ask me questions but I ignored them and returned to her. No matter how long I have to wait, I’m not leaving her. Not after last time.

Monster Panda’s pov

We were flying down the road, being on the roof is a bit windy than inside but it didn’t stop me shouting, car’s flipped. I felt pain in my stomach and lost my balance, I felt myself being knocked off the side. I gripped on the side, hanging on, trying to pull myself back on. I felt immense pain in my leg, my fingers reached a blanket, and this blanket is camouflaged so if I fall in the sand they won’t be able to see me. I felt shooting through my arms which cause me to loose grip. I could feel myself being hit of the ground continuously. I slowly stopped; it took my remaining strength to cover myself with the blanket. That’s when the world went black.


I woke up in a room; I looked around, the old band posters, pictures of dogs. It all seemed familiar.


“This is my hic room.” announced the drunken Ghoul with his arm firmly around my waist. I just giggled. I felt his lips connect to mine as he pushed me against the wall. I grabbed his hair roughly as his kisses started to trail down my neck.
“Ghoul, let’s move this to the bed.” I said in between moans, he grunted in response, I felt myself being lifted and thrown on the bed, for some bow chicka wow wow, if you know what I mean.
End of flash back

A flush came from another room, my eyes slowly moved to the bathroom door, to meet a face.

“Your finally awake.” He said
“Frankie.” Was the only thing I could manage to say, tears filled my eyes as I held my hand out for him to take. He walks over and took his hand in mine, his free hand whipped away a tear that escaped and ran down my cheek.
“I’m so sorry Frank, I’m so sorry.” I tried to stop the tears from falling but failed miserably. “Sorry for what sweetheart.”
“Sorry for giving in to BLI and sorry for becoming there lab rat. Sorry for…
I was cut off by frank putting his finger on my lips.

“Dazz, this is not your fault.”
“I’m scared Frankie, I’m scared they are going to get me again.” I felt his arms engulf me into a hug as I continued to cry.

“They will never get you, I won’t let them. I promise.”
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