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Chapter 4

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Don't kiss him don't kiss him don't kiss him, and certainly don't jump him!

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sarah's POV

"I have something to show you," I said as I grabbed his wrist and pulled him through the overly crowded halls. He looked a little nervous when I glanced back at him on our way to the art rooms, it could have only been because of all the people though, I thought to myself, it couldn't possibly be for any other reason. I pulled him into the art rooms where my surprise for him was waiting.

Gerard looked incredibly nervous for a second before his usual smirk overtook his features.
"So, you've dragged me into a dark room, we're all alone, admit it, you want this," he gestured to himself with a chuckle. Well yeah, I do, I thought to myself, although I'd never admit it, I was sure he was just joking about it anyway.
"Idiot," I laughed as I turned away from him, half trying to hide my blushing face and half to uncover his surprise. The canvas was painted with blacks greys and reds, it was him. His face in black and white with tints of grey where the paints had mixed and red around him fading into black at the edges, quick, rough brush strokes gave it a raw and rough look.
"Wow," exclaimed Gerard in a breathy voice. He hates it, I thought to myself, it's awful.
"Sorry if it's-" I started before he cut me off.
"It's amazing," he said as he turned to me, "how did you even have time to do that?"
"I started it last night and came in early this morning to finish it here," I relied as I looked down at my shoes, "it's kind of a thank you present, you most likely saved me from a lot of trouble yesterday with that fake ass bitch, and I dunno, you were nice to me, not many people would be that nice to the new girl."
"Well you were interesting and you actually stood up to Taya, you deserved saving, and I'm glad I did," he said with a smile as he touched my hand lightly before letting it fall back to his side.
"I'm glad you did too," I said. Don't kiss him don't kiss him don't kiss him, I repeated to myself, I only just met him, and he probably wouldn't want it anyway. Freaking hell Kirrah was right...

Neither of us talked for a few moments, I didn't know what to say, I was worried if I even moved I would well, jump him.
"We uh, better get back to class," he mumbled as he pulled me into a hug, "thank you so much for this, it means a lot."
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