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Fact in Fic

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Elena is confused.

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Elena-Hi, I'm Elena. The creator of the 5 Tales of (My) Chemical Romance series. I am confused. Now if any of you know the answers to these questions contact me! Either go to my page or leave a review.

1. Internet says Frank's wife in pregnant. True or False. I for one think it's false because it was just a page that I found on google. Google is never wrong but it's never right either. I know that doesn't make any sense but...whatever.

2. Gerard's married with a daughter. True or False. I remember watching fuse one day and he did say that. But half of the internet says he's not and half says he is. It's still a mystery.

3. Mikey's engaged. True or False. I have seen Mikey's gf before and I hate myself for saying this but she is pretty. She looks like a freaky cat of some sort. But thats not the point. My MCR friends say he is engaged but some of he internet says he's not. Most of the internet says he is. I'm really clueless.

4. Bob gets the chicks. True or False. I think it's true. The one who doesn't like attension usuall gets attention. I take that from experience. Well, my friends do.

5. Ray's girlfriend's name is Christa. I know that for a fact. Just telling anybody who doesn't know.

Okay. Those are all my questions. Or my answers. Now here's some info about me.

Song that best desribes her-Thank You For the Venom, My Chemical Romance. You must be really stupid and not know anything about MCR if you had know clue that song exsisted.

What Song Means to Me-It means you can pick on me as much as you want but you ain't gonna bring me down. So that's my situation.


Job-Being lazy.

Interests-Alternative music. Being weird. Orlando Bloom, Gerard Way, Jared Leto, Adam Lazzara, Brendon Urie, Lord of the Rings, FRODO BAGGINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Murder mysterys. CHOCOLATE, Spongebob, Rocko's Modern Life, Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends and Billy and Mandy. Yes I love cartoons.

About-I love alternative music. Rock roxs! MCR, 30STM, P!ATD, TBS, TRJA, Thursday, and other bands that I like that I really can't remember 'cause I wuv them so much. I LOVE THE SIMS and THE SIMS 2!!! Pets, Pets, Pets! I like games that have to do with creating because I love to let my imagination wonder. I pretty much live in my mind!

So that's pretty much about me. Okay. See you next chapter.

I don't mean to be offensive so in case I did sorry.
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