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I'm going on a really boring vacation on friday......WHY!???

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Ray got a boat.

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"Ray's taking us for a ride. I'll be back!" Gerard said.

Gerard walked out of the house into Ray's car.

He sat next to Frank who said "Save me."

When they got to the boat. They jumped on.

"I hope I don't get sick..." Mikey said.

"So this boat new? Or is it used?" Bob asked.

"Brand new." Ray hit the car slightly. It caused some of the paint to chip off and a small dent appeared.

"That's a great sign." Frank sighed.

"Un tie me." Ray said.

"Your not tied up..." Gerard said.

"Untie the boat!" Ray exclaimed.

" do I do that."

"Let me do it!" Ray jumped off. "Gerard take the wheel."

"Pshh. fine!" Gerard accedently(sp?) pulled the throttle to force the boat to back up.

"Gerard!!" The boat pulled away from the boat. "Pull the throrrle! Pull it!!!" The boat stopped causing everyone to fall.

"Can you try to bring it back?"

"Let master Bob do it!" He shoved Bob into the drivers seat.

"Okay..." Bob succsesfully pulled the boat back to the dock. Ray jumped on.

"Was that so hard Gerard?"

"You have no idea..."

The boat was maybe 30 minutes away from the dock now.

"I feel sick." Mikey said.

"Go inside the caban." Frank said.

Mikey went in the caban. "Get me out of there!" Mikey said running out.

"What now?" Bob asked.

"Theres a huge I have no idea what it is in there!"

"Eww it's a millipead!" Gerard said.

"Your a bunch of sissys." Frank said. He went in the caban(sp?) and pulled it out and started teasing people with it. "Ohh. Look! It's gonna EAT YOU!" Frank said shoving the squirming thingy in everyones face.

Bob slapped it out of Franks hand. The bug crawled under the seat.

"I'm gonna get the bug. Gerard, try and take the wheel!"

"Whatevah!!! How do you use the spinny thing."

"Huh?" Mikey asked.

"Gerard had a bit too much to drink." Bob said. Ray wasn't listening.

Right then a police boat came in front of them.

"Let me see your licence." The police said.

"I don't have no...linncefet" Gerard said.

"Is that beer?"

"No it's POPPY HONEY!!!"

"Okay...I need to give you a ticket..."

"Whats the problem officer?" Ray asked.

"This man is drunk driving with no licence."

"Oh I'm the driver."

"Okay. Here you go!" The policeman handed him the ticket. "Have a nice day..."

"What's this? 2,000 DOLLARS!"

"Boo hoo!" Gerard cryed out.

"Get away from the wheel now!"

They were about 2 hours away from the house now. When the boat stopped...

"Come on!" Ray said kicking the engine.

"The boats outta gas." Frank said.

"You gotta be kidding me!" Bob said.

"No! I GOTTA GET OUTTA HERE!!!" Mikey said.

Bob slapped him. "Get control of yourself!!!"


"I'll try calling phone has no service..."Ray said.

"Don't worry mine has batterys dead." Mikey said.

"So's mine." Gerard said. "I have a really bad headache."

"Any of you have service?"

Everyone shook their head.

They were sitting on the boat for an hour. "Any body have anything to drink?" Mikey asked.

"Nope." Frank said.

"Were in an ocean. Drink all you can." Bob said.

"That just gives you a better chance of dying." Ray said.

"Yeah...I'm not ready to grow a beard!" Gerard yelled.

"This ocean is huge." Frank said.

"We're only in Toms River..." Mikey said.

"I want my doggie!" Gerard cryed.

"Shut up."

"THE BUG IS BACK!!!" Frank yelled.

"Kill it!" Mikey yelled.

Bob took off his shoe and smacked it. Which killed the bug and made a tiny hole in the boat.

"She's taking on water!" Gerard yelled.

"You serious?" Ray asked.


"Oh COME ON! Dammitt!" Ray yelled.

Everyone stared at Ray. They never heard him like that before.

"I don't like your tone!" Gerard yelled.

After a few minutes of yelling. A dude who looked older than a caveman boated over to Ray's boat.

"Hello young whippershnappers. You guys look like you'd be stuck for a loooooong time. I'll pull you back to dock!"

"Toms River please." Mikey said.


After 3 hours of a really old and slow boat pulling them back to the dock they finally jumped off the sinking boat.

"Thanks dude. Here's your tip." Ray said.

"Naa. I don't need money1 I got shillings!" The strange man drove off.

Gerard's cell rang. "Hello?"


"Stuck on a boat with 4 other grown men, nothing to drink, nothing to eat..."

"Too bad! Well Adam just called."


"Yes. He wanted to remind you guys that his wedding's tommorow and if you don't show up tommorow he'll be really sad."

"Okay. Be home in a few."

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