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Who said depression had to be depressing

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Inuyasha Taisho had a normal life.. that is until his parents were murdered and all fingers pointed to him. Will the truth set him free or just kill the little freedom he does have.

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Chapter 1: Introducing Mr. Who gives a fuck.


So they gave me this journal, said it would help my case if I wrote down what I felt so that alter I would already have an idea of what I wanted to say. I call bullshit on that little stamen, they just want to wait till I fall asleep to grab this shitty notebook and read it to see if I'm going to try to kill another person.

For starters I never killed anyone, they just found me in a house with blood in my hands and a dead person inches from me. So I don't remember jack of what happened that night, I was THIRTEEN for fuck's sake.

Well I'm 17 now and I'm still stuck in this damn mad house, they say the moment I turn 18 I get another trial and if I'm still not found innocent I could very much go to prison. I say 'Bring it!' it's not like this place is any different. The only actual difference is that in this place the lucky color is white instead of orange.

Oh wait.. my friend said I missed a couple of steps here. I'm supposed to start with my name.

Right'O. My name is Inuyasha Taisho, I'm 17 turning 18 in three months. When I was 13 I was accused of murdering my own mother and father, along with the neighbor kid's parents as well. Ever since then I've been in 'Saint Feudal's mental hospital.' I'm pretty known around here; hell I bet that everyone out there would recognize me in a heartbeat. It's not like the whole ordeal was swept under the curtain. The new press had fucking field day, I was compared to Hitler for Fuck's sake! Come on, I'm way better looking than him Hahahaha… Did I really just write down 'Hahahaha'?

Yea this is stupid I'm going to the cafeteria for yogurt. Again, why in the hell did I excuse myself. Fuck this!
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