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Well aren't you the charmer.

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Chapter 2: Well aren't you the charmer.

Miroku, the guy who shares a room with me, says that I gatta write on this thing every day. Something about it helping me feel more comfortable writing about serious shit the more I write.

Miroku is basically my only friend in this crap hole. The guy is as normal as you can get in this place, he doesn't shout at the walls or think the couch is a sleeping animal that will kill you if it wakes up. He helps out around here, he can't keep his dick down but the nurses around here don't mind helping him with that.

The girls around here are more insane over him then he actually is insane. He told me once why he was here, said that he saw things that weren't there but he calls it a gift. Tells me that spirits warn him about things and that's why he's so lucky. But he's in a place like this so he can't be That lucky, no matter how much he gets laid.

Which I'm guessing won't be much anymore since the new nurse came. Oh man, it fucking hysterical! It went something like this

Miroku was sitting in the red love seat because Abbi yelled at him not to seat in the giant bird she thinks our couch is.

"Miroku~" one of the nurses sang his name; she was the semi-chubby one from America.

"Yes Carla?" Miroku send her a grin that had her blushing and fanning herself with her clipboard.

"Dr. Sataru switched your nurse again."

Miroku made a face "Again, but I didn't do anything this time."

"Dude you banged her in the closet." I grinned at him when he just sent me a glare.

"So Carla, who's my new play mate"

"NOT, play mate. You can call me nurse Taijo." If there was ever a more nut chopping woman out there than this one I don't want to meet her.

"Holly fuck.." I hear Miroku whisper in 'aw.'

"Miroku Hitashi and Inuyasha Taisho." The bitch read from her chart "My, my. You two are some trouble makers; let's see if we can fix that." She gives me a friendly smile but I don't return it.

Don't get me wrong the girl is hot; she's got this really long light brown hair that's up in a ponytail. But she looks young, too young to be working as a nurse here. If I had to put money down I'd say she was 19 the most, nurses here are usually 30 something bimbos.

"How old are you" I ask her and stand up to size her up, I can already tell she doesn't like that because her face changes. She either didn't like the question or didn't like that I was now towering over her.

"I'm 19." Damn! I should have put some money down, if I actually had any.

"Hey! Wow! I'm 19" Miroku shots up from the love seat with a big goofy smile on him. I've never seen him smile like this before.

Nurse Taijo gives him a weird look, hell I did too.

"Taijo.." I whisper wondering something.

"Yes, Mister Taisho?"

"Hey! Taihso, Taijo. Your names sound alike!" Miroku chimes in like a complete moron again.

"Yes, Mister Hitashi. Some people have names that sound alike, and there's even people With the same name" She's talking to him like he's mentally retarded, fuck she probably thinks he is.

I can't help but cracking up and Miroku's idiot winning smile fades.

"No, I mean.. uh.." Miroku starts blushing and this has just made my day, hell I think it made my whole fucking year.

"You were saying Mr. Taisho?" she asks while slowly looking away from Miroku.

"What kind of name is Taijo?" I finally ask her.

"It's a last name, my first name is Sango. But I prefer it Taijo."

"I prefer Sango." I tell her, everyone around this place has always been on a first name basis with me. She's no exception.

She ends up giving me a strange look "I know it might be scary to have someone around here with a similar name as yours but I promise it's not as scary as it seems"

That's when I decided I wanted to punch her. She was talking to me like I was a toddler, it was funny when she did it to Miroku but the bitch had no idea who she was going up against.

"I'm not a fucking kid." I say and my teeth start grinding against each other.

"Then let's not act like it alright. Mr. Hitashi I'm switching your group therapy section from Monday's and Tuesday's to Thursday mornings and Friday afternoon's. After that I'll determine if we can lower your dozes or in other cases give you something stronger. As for you Mr. Taisho you are switched to my care as well since your nurse was fired for oddly the same reason."

She gives Miroku a nasty look here "So I'll be switching your group therapy section as well to the same schedule as Mr. Hitashi, you are currently under no medication so I'll see if that's to stay the same or not."

She pauses to give us both a big winning smile that's gone just as fast as it was there. "Any questions guys."

"Just one" Miroku pipes in and I shake my head, I already know what's coming, Miroku steps closer to her so that he's standing right in front of her, his eyes lock in with hers and he takes her hand and traps it in his hands.

"Will you do me the honor of bearing my children?" he asks.

Now this is the part where the nurse fans herself or blushes or just leans in for a kiss, instead what happened was..

"Not even if I was being tortured to death would I ever consider bearing your children."

Miroku took a step back, his mouth hanging open. Sango just turned on her heels and walked away.

I did the more mature thing… I busted out laughing.

It was hysterical, Miroku is just sitting down on his bed staring at his hands occasionally murmuring things like 'every other girl..' and 'different'.

Holly fuck that's the most I've ever written ever. I'm done for today, I guess I'll tune in tomorrow.

….um.. Bye? I guess.
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