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Our yellow pills

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Chapter 3: Our yellow pills.

Crap, I can feel a headache coming on. All because of that fat ass, big mouthed nurse!

The day started out normal right; Miroku and I went down to the cafeteria for breakfast. There are only a handful of people because the cafeteria schedule is made up according to age difference. The old timers that stay on the east wing eat breakfast around 6 am or something, 40-20 eats around 7 am, 20-16 eats at 8 am, and finally the pre-teens and toddlers get escorted down there at 9 am.

After eating breakfast we all headed down the big wreck room, which just have one big couch two love seats and a couple of chair. A semi-big Tv tand a DVR, some magazines in the corner, some art supplies scattered here and there, and a piano sitting up against a wall.

We have nothing to do so we just sit and watch one of the DVD's they let us watch, which is all just Disney movies.

"Ok everyone~" Nurse big tits calls out, her actual name is Sakura but I like my nickname for her better than her actual name, Sango is standing next to her looking like she's the fucking warrant. "It's Medication time! You know the deal, make an orderly line in front of the counter take your medication then come to me for inspection."

A long drawn out sigh escaped from most of the people in the wreck room.

See most of the people that get turfed here aren't actually insane, shocker right? Who would have guessed that the bastard that runs this place medicates normal people who had a tough time Just so that their concern family member pay for them to get better.

It's sickening.

The worst part of it all is seeing it happen in front of you and not being able to do a god damn thing about it!

I should explain, see this little girl got thrown in this place because she comes from a big wealthy family No, that's not why she's here. She's here because her mother died and her father can't stand to look at her. He claimed she tried to commit suicide by cutting her wrist, but any moron can see her skin is perfectly intact.

People know she's not insane but every week or so she still gets medication that makes her act out Just to keep the claim going that she really is bonkers.

Today was medication day.

Kirara looked at me as everyone was getting their medications, this little girl is actually 17 just like me but she looks like she's 13. Part of that reason is that the medication they give her fucks her growth up.

In these days we arrange for one of the nurses, the better ones that Miroku and I have made deals with, to switch Kirara's medication with sleeping pills. As long as she throws a fit before going to bed no one catches us.

I smiled at her, motioning with my head that it was ok. She gives me a big dimple filled smile and puts out her hand for her medication. She's about to throw her pills back when a hand stops her.

"Can I see those pills dear?" Sango fucking interrupts, Kirara doesn't say anything. Her mouth is just slightly open and she swallows hard.

At this point I go to them and Kirara rushes to my side like a frightened kitten.

"Nurse, could you tell me the medication this girl is under." Sango tells Carla who's watching the entire thing with wide eyes.

She runs and gets her clipboard to her.

"That's what I thought, these aren't her prescribed pills these are just sleeping pills. Do you have any idea how a mistake like this could have happened?" Sango glares at Carla and the poor woman just shakes her head repeatedly. "Go fetch me her correct medication."

I glare at the woman when I feel Kirara start to shake with fear. "Leave her the fuck alone Sango!" I yell at her.

Sango glares back at me "I'm guessing you're the one responsible for this Mr. Taisho."

Carla comes back with her medication and Kirara starts to whimper, I just tuck her more securely behind me.

Sango bends down to see her eyes to eye "Here sweetheart, these pills will make you feel better." She hand out her hand to her but my anger gets the best out of me and I slap the damned pills out of her hand.

"Do you have any idea what those fucking things do to her? She's not crazy Sango!" I yell at her.

"I've had enough of you Inuyasha! Nurse sedate him will you" She orders and the male nurses rush to separate me and Kirara.

"LET ME GO!" I roar as they drag me away from the now crying girl.

"Take them" Sango orders, the sweet tone gone from her voice.

Kirara cries more and shakes her head. "Take them now or I'll have a nurse sedate you too." Kirara's eyes widen and she takes the pills. I watch feeling fuzzy from the injection they gave me; I watch her face twist with pain as she fell to her knees.

Sango's eyes widen as Kirara lets out a painful scream, the male nurses try to calm her down but she just kicks and screams and cries.

"Now you've gone and done it!" I yell at her even though the corners of my eyes are black and my mouth feels dry as hell. "Do you have any idea how much pain she's in! You're just as fucking bad as they are! And here I thought you actually were a half decent person.."

I wanted to say more but I pass out cold on the spot. I woke up hours later in my bed, my head spinning. I can still hear Kirara's sobs and cries of pain and I want to jus punch through a god damn wall.

I feel sick to my stomach so I'm going to just call it a night.

Goodnight or whatever.
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