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As I Lay Dying

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Baby I'm just soggy from the chemo, and counting down the days to go. It just ain't living and I just hope you know!

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There wasn't any pain. That is what occurred to me. I no longer felt the ache in my muscles or the burning pain in my bones and joints. It was a bliss.
The second thought that ran through my mind was that it was dark. I lay floating in a suspended void of darkness. I could move my limbs, but I couldn't for the life of me sit up or stand. I cherished the ability to move my arms and legs without feeling a shoot of pain up my muscles though.
Where was I?
The last memory I had was of me in a hospital bed. My family had been around me. My mother had been crying while my father had just stood next to me, a solemn and grim expression on his face. I had been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia a few months ago. We had done the chemotherapy, bone marrow transplants, and radiation. Nothing had worked.
The cancer seemed to prove more powerful than my body was able to handle. I had been told I had little more than a month left. That month had come and gone quickly. My family and doctors had been the only visitors in my room. I hadn't made many friends in my life, it was something I had come to regret through that horrible month. I supposed my time had run out.
I no longer had any time left.
So, did that mean I was dead?
I didn't remember dying. Wouldn't I have felt my heart stop? Or felt myself slowly slip into death?
I contemplated these things as I floated peacefully. I hadn't been afraid of death, I had accepted it a long time ago. The thought of leaving life had been a pleasant one. I would be without pain and I would be able to run and laugh without worrying about my body giving out. It seemed like heaven. My family was the only thing that had kept me going, that made me go through the extensive treatments. The thought of leaving them was the drive that had kept me alive.
It seemed that drive hadn't been enough.
I sighed in apathy. The darkness around me was comfortable. If this was death then it was definitely a nice one. Just endlessly floating in this sea of night.
I don't know how long I floated there. I only faintly saw the flash of light out of the corner of my eye. It caught my eye and made me curious. It grew brighter, and it appeared to be coming closer. No, it didn't just appear that way, the source of the light was actually coming closer.
A musical voice called my name. Suddenly the light took on a form. It took the form of a man.
He stepped closer, his feet connecting with the night below him like it was solid. His head was decorated with silvery hair. His attire was one of a marching band, black pants with a matching coat that had silver buttons across the chest. A skeleton mask hid his face from my sight.

I started panicking. Was this death coming for me? I couldn't move from my position on my back, but I raised my arms to shield myself. He stopped walking towards me at my actions. I closed my eyes and waited to see what would happen.

"Life is quite short isn't it?" The voice behind the mask asked. Warily, I opened my eyes and glanced at him from behind my arms and nodded.

"You don't need to be afraind you know. I'm not here to hurt you." His voice was raspy, but it held a sincere note in it. He sighed and reached a hand up to pull off the mask.

I had been right. A young man's face was suddenly staring at me. At my eye contact, he moved closer.
I watched as he finally approached my side and stared down at me. His eyes were hazel and looked upon me with kindness. It almost made tears come to my eyes. Why did this stranger stare at me like this? I was no longer afraid of him and lowered my arms. His eyes held a knowledge, almost an ancient one, and as he stared down at me, I felt like a child.
"Are you ready?", he asked, his voice echoing in the shadows around us. A small smile was on his lips, his lips that were thin but held a ghost of a smirk.
"Ready for what?", I asked cautiously. I had no idea what he was talking about. Wasn't this death? This place that was void of life, light, and sound?
He chuckled in good nature. "Ready to begin your new life?" He reached out with his hand. I didn't know how to answer.
This place was quite peaceful. But I knew before long I would become bored. Just laying here was nice for the moment, but it would soon get tiresome.
"I suppose. What's this new life like?", I asked, taking a hold of his hand. I found that I could now move my legs and stand up. I got out of my position on my back and stood next to him. I was still in my hospital gown, but I found that I had no embarrassment.
"To sum it up, it's beautiful." He grinned at me, showing me his small child-like teeth. He was handsome, no doubt about that. But that smile of his shot a spark of electricity through me. He turned and began leading me into the darkness, his hand pulling mine along with him.
"Who are you?", I inquired.
He glanced back at me. "I am the Singer."
This confused me. He continued to pull me along until we reached another light. This one was shaped in the form of a door.
"The singer of what?" My voice questioned softly.
He turned so that he was fully facing me. He was slightly taller than me, but his eyes still made contact witih mine. He moved around me so that I was between him and the glowing door.
He looked at me for a moment before answering. "The Singer of the Black Parade.", he said, grinning mischievously.
"The Black what?" And then he put his hands on my chest and pushed me through the door.
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