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A Welcoming Crowd

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We all carry on. When our brothers in arm are gone. So raise your glass high for tomorrow we die and return from the ashes you crawl!

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I fell backwards through the door. A flash of light blinded me as I continued to stumble backwards. My foot connected with something hard and I fell promptly on my behind.

Dazed, I watched as The Singer came through the glowing door. The door disappeared as soon as he stepped through it. He now stood before me, looking down at my position with an amused expression.

"Sorry about that." He offered a hand and I took it. He pulled me up and wrapped an arm around my waist to turn me around.

"Welcome to the Black Parade sugar!"

As I stood next to him, I gazed at the most eccentric looking group I'd ever laid eyes on. A crowd of black clad people were standing in a group, as if waiting for something. Some of them wore masks, other's had outrageous make-up decorating their faces. One thing was common though, a black outfit. Women wore old fashioned hoop dresses, some of them even had crinoline dresses which had the fabric cages over the fabric of the dress. Men had suits on, some looked to be from around the 19th century.

The environment around us was bleak and gray. We stood around rumble and the old skeletons of towers and buildings. It looked like a war had gone on. The only color anywhere was the red in the clothes of the people before me.

"Where are we?", I asked in awe. The Singer just clapped his hands and chuckled.

"This is death sweetheart. We gather the dead souls of your world. We gather them and they march with us in sorrow."

I glanced at him. "In sorrow of what?" His expression turned grim.

"In sorrow of dying." He spread his arms, gesturing to the entire crowd in front of us. "We march to the beat of death, of loss, and of hope. The hope that we may see our loved ones again in this world. Am I right?" He roared at the crowd. Loved ones?

The crowd raised their arms, and shouted in affirmation. The Singer turned back to me. "Will you march with us Delilah?"

I stared at him, gazing at his hazel eyes. "What will happen if I don't?", I asked. The thought of marching with this odd looking bunch piqued my interest.

His grim expression returned. "Nothing, you will go back to the place I brought you from and stay there for eternity."

Well, that sounded quite horrible. My eyes returned to the crowd. It seemed that my options were few and far between. This entire situation was sudden and obsurd. But I might as well go along with the flow.

I nodded to him. "I will." His lips spread into a smile.

"Well then, welcome aboard." The mask that he had been wearing was still in his hand, and he pulled it on as he turned to the crowd. To my surprise, he grabbed my hand and raised it above our heads.

"I want you welcome Delilah to our ranks. Another soul to march on with us!" The crowd crowed and hooted at me with enthusiasm. My hand was still clenched in his as we stood before them.

It will get longer as I go on. And the plot will get better I promise! Read and review?
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