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Psychological Defenses

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Death comes for us all in the end. Sometimes, it's brought on by the actions of our very own mind.

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This was a project for a psychology class I took. Since the class has been done for over a month by now, I feel like sharing it with all of you.

Death comes for everyone in the end. Most of the time, Death comes creeping, slowly, and the person knows that they're going to go soon. They don't know when, but they know that they don't have much longer left. Other times, Death will just jump in and take someone, like through a freak accident. And sometimes, Death will stalk a person, for months, or even years, before he finally swoops in and cuts the thread of their life's continuity.

Of course, because of the various mental defenses that they've put up, they're no longer quite in touch with reality as we know it. Those defenses that they've relied on for so long have now become their own executioner. These are just some of the tales of all those wretched souls that Death has stalked for so long, and finally swooped in and taken from this world when their own mind's self defense mechanisms become too much for them to tolerate.
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