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I don't have a problem at all.

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I don't have a problem in the least. I don't always have to drink. I can always quit tomorrow if I wanted to. But I don't want to. To be honest, I actually like the feeling of being drunk all the time. When I'm drunk, I don't have to worry about anything. I swear, the alcohol has no control over me. I have complete control over it. I choose if and when to drink, no ways about it.

And I choose to drink. All the time.

I don't understand why my wife left me and took our daughter with her. I think she's crazy. I mean, when she left me, her words were, "You have a problem, Gerard. You need to get help."

I'm saying that she's the one with a problem who needs help, cause really, she thinks I have a problem! I don't have a problem, and I sure as hell don't need any help! I'm perfectly fine! I don't have a problem! Everyone has been telling me that for years, even my brother, and he's known me his entire life!

I don't have a problem about the amount of booze I drink. Sure, I don't work much anymore, but at the same time, I can still vaguely provide food and shelter for myself and I can cook a little. It's not like I have such a problem with it that I'm going to die or anything! I mean, if my liver was failing or something, I'd probably have figured it out by now, yeah?

And this bottle of Vodka isn't going to hurt me. I don't even have to drink it if I don't want to, because like I've said a million times before, to everyone I know, I don't have a problem. It doesn't control me, control it. But I want to drink tonight. So I will.

I've had my eye on this one for a while. Poor man. He keeps denying that he has a problem, even in the face of the glaring evidence. There's no two ways about it, he has massive problems. He still denied it even when his family left him, saying it was them or the bottle. Of course, he chose the bottle over his family.

I knew he was going to drop dead of his alcoholism (which according to him, he doesn't have) some time or another, but I wasn't quite sure when. Looks like this bottle was his last. Hey, even if he had put down that bottle that night, he probably would've made it. But he didn't, and when he was passed out, his liver gave up on him.

His mind put up a very common defense, denial. Refusing to believe a threatening or otherwise unacceptable fact, his alcoholism, by constantly saying that he doesn't have a problem, Gerard managed to drink himself to death, because he so strongly believed that he didn't have a problem in the slightest. Take note of this. Denial can kill you.
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