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Repression blocks out your worst memories.

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There's just a huge chunk of my memories missing, from the time that I was a young kid starting that crappy middle school where I got bullied all the time, when I was like 11, to the time I left when I was 14. Sure, I have some memories from the time, but for the most part, I can't remember most of what happened at school.

It isn't like I have Alzheimer's or anything, because I'm not even 23 yet, and I doubt that the disease would set in so young. None of my family members even have it to begin with! But I'm pretty sure that something has to have happened to make me block out those few years. I mean, I've heard about things like that happening, severe trauma making you block out things, sometimes even years of your life. I guess that's what I get for watching too many detective shows. And Dr. Phil. Can't forget him, can we?

But then again, if it wasn't traumatic, then why would I have blocked out so much of those years, and why did I end up convincing my parents to let me move halfway across the country to let me go to highschool where my favorite aunt lived? It just doesn't make any sense. Hence why I'm headed back to my old town. But my gut is warning me not to.

The first thing that happens when I get there is this guy who look like he's all brawn and no brain accosts me and yells, "Hey freak! Run away again, or else you'll regret it!"

He looks familiar to me, but I can't quite place where I know him from.

I should've listened, because that night, the door to my hotel room is busted down, and a crowd of vaguely familiar looking guys burst in, holdin various pieces of pipe and baseball bats. I swear one guy even has a crowbar.

"Hey freak, you shoulda stayed away after ya ran like a scared chicken after middle school. You shoulda even taken my advice and left town as soon as you got here." The same guy from earlier says, advancing, his baseball bat held aloft.

Repression occurs when a particularly traumatic or stressful event, or series of events happen, and the brain, unable to cope with it, 'shuts out' these memories, preventing them from being recalled easily, if at all. Many sufferers report being unable to recall certain events or points in their life when the trauma happened, as if there was 'nothing' there. Hypnosis therapy, while it may be able to bring out these memories, is a controversial practice, as the person is suggestible to suggestion, and may create false memories out of what the therapist is telling them.

Poor Andy here was a victim of severe bullying in middle school, and after middle school was over, left the area completely. This severe mental and emotion burden was deemed too much for him to handle by his brain, which blocked out the incidents near completely. Classic case of repression right there. Sad to say, Andy probably would have lived, if not for the fact that he chose to question why his brain blocked out those memories. Sometimes, things like repression are beneficial to us, but only if we accept it as is, and do not try to pry into the reasons why.
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