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Chapter 10

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Outdoor Activity Day

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The next night was the towns annual Outdoor Activity day, and every year everyone participated. There was something for everyone: There were grill and eating contests, water balloon wars which kept everyone cool in the heat, hiking through the woods, and in the center of the town was a semi- large stage where bands performed. This year the mayor, Jeff Scott, hadn't been able to find anyone to perform in time. Frank chatted with him and soon enough it was arranged for his band, Pency Prep, to play. Frank was stoked, and Tiara felt his excitement. Her boyfriend was going to be a rockstar for the night. They'd been playing for around 20 minutes now and she felt someone tap her shoulder.

"They're really good." Gerard said gently, as if expecting her to lash out at him.

"Mhmm." She agreed pridefully. "They're about to play my favorite song by them." She informed him. They both kept their eyes on the stage.

"Ah." He acknowledged. "I'm going to try and catch him after their set... Apologize..." He said, voice fading.

"Really? Why?"

"I started it."

"Yes, but he hit the hardest. Wouldn't you expect him to apologize first?" She asked, confused. Tiara saw that Frank's eyes were trained on them.

"Not first, necessarily, but I still feel bad and feel the need to try and fix it, even if he doesn't accept my apology." He remarked sincerely.

"That's a mature way to look at things." She smiled. Gerard remained silent. It was deep into sunset and starting to get dark when Frank finished playing. The band said their thanks, and took their bows actually getting quite a bit of applause. From the teenagers anyway. Tiara held a big, pink, cold water balloon in her right hand, and when Frank approached, she threw it in his face, then bent down to retrieve a small face towel.

"I figured you'd be hot, so I snagged a water balloon before they were all gone." She giggled at Frank's surprised face.

"Well... Thanks?" Frank asked, chuckling as he wiped his face dry.
"Scared the shit out of me though."

"And now you're not nearly as sweaty." She beamed. She turned her head to Gerard who stood awkwardly beside them. "I'll be right back with water bottles." She excused herself, squeezing both of their forearms lightly as she went.

Neither boy said anything for a minute.

Finally, Frank sighed. "I'm sorry, ok?" He said shortly. "No need for the mushy shit. I was a dick, ok?"

"I'm sorry too." Gerard returned. The awkwardness was still present, thick as fog. "Uhm, so zombies tomorrow?"

"Sure, sure." Frank nodded. Gerard nodded, an moved toward the pond. Tiara was back with water bottles within moments.

"Where's Gee? Did you guys make up?" She asked, handing him one of the three delicious, ice cold bottles she'd gotten. He immediately opened it, gulping it down thirstily.

"I don't know where he went, but yeah, we did. It was really awkward."

"I'm sure." She nodded.

* Two hours later, Tiara walked her way to Frank's for dinner when she passed Gerard's house. He was in his front yard, standing under his large oak tree in deep thought. He saw the movement she created and snapped our if it, waving her over.



There was silence.

"Where're you off to so late?" He asked in wonder.

"Frank's mom is cooking me dinner. Apparently she makes a mean fajita salad." She said quietly. She felt awkward talking to Gerard about anything that concerned Frank, but it wasn't because of the fight.

They stood in silence for a moment before she turned to go. "Id better be going."

He grabbed her wrist, and she turned to face him. Something came over her that she couldn't explain, and she pulled her wrist free, and grabbed his face and kissed him, unloading the sexual tension she'd felt toward him since they met onto his soft warm lips. He returned the kiss. Suddenly she broke free, and covered her mouth in horror at what she'd done.

"Oh no. I'm so sorry." She apologized, suddenly feeling trapped. Without waiting for a response, she turn and ran, all the way to Frank's.

The Iero's were right. The fajita salad was amazing. So much so, that Tiara almost got a second helping. But she couldn't really enjoy it because of her guilt. As soon as they had a minute, Frank stole her to his room and shut the door securely.

"I have a surprise for you." He beamed up at her, running to his nightstand drawer.

"Really?" She asked in a small voice. "You guys did really well tonight by the way, I don't think I told you before."

"Thanks, it was awesome with all the people, and you there, cheering me on," he said, holding out his fist to her. She placed her palm underneath and a little silver ring dropped into her hand. She gasped.

"What's this?" She whispered.

"It's a purity ring." He explained, fitting it onto the correct finger. "Don't you like it?" He asked, worry and embarrassment creeping onto his face.

"Yes, of course I do..." She trailed off. In all honesty, she wasn't against sex before marriage, but still, she accepted the ring. "...but I need to tell you something..." She bowed her head and told him about her most recent encounter with Gerard. But the end she was nearly crying at her actions. "And I know it's bad, and I'm sorry. I really don't know what came over me, and I feel horrible and I know I've hurt you and I just," oh no, tears were starting to fall. Soon her makeup would run, and no one was going to see her like that except her mother, who was in New York until Friday. "I need to go." She stood up, and walked towards his door, but he grabbed her wrist.

"Hey, it's ok, Tiara. Listen, I can tell how badly you feel. You're right, I'm hurt, but we can forget it ever happened, I swear."

She cried harder. "You're much to good for me. Just please, let me go." She swiped her hand across her face and it came back grey. Shit. She pulled at his hold but he didn't let go. She started to panic.

"Stay. Please."

"Let me go, Frank." She said through her teeth, her heart rate speeding. She kept her face out of his sight.

"C'mon, just-"

"Stop it, Frank. Let me go, I'd like to leave." She said clearly and quietly. He finally let go of her, and no sooner did she flee out of his home before anyone could see her.

When she got home she marched to her bathroom and glared at her reflexion. "I hate you." She told herself, letting the tears fall. "You are worthless, ugly and unfaithful, and I hate you. All you do is bring pain to others." She whispered, putting her head in her hands. "And you!" She glared at her makeup smeared hands. "You are a traitor!" She yelled, feeling her heart pulse irregularly under her chest. She clutched at her sink and tried to control it, but soon enough she felt woozy and her body crashed against the tile floor.
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