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ashXcynthia love challenge

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Challenge enough said check inside for details

Category: Pokemon - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Characters: Ash - Published: 2013-06-07 - 127 words

Welcome agent(insert name here) the agency needs your help we have recently become aware of the lack of good ashXcynthia fics your mission should you chose to accept is to answer this challenge and write an amazing story the rules of the challenge are as follows
Older Ash round 15/16 years of age
Younger Cynthia max a year older than Ash
Dawn!bashing is a must you can decide how heavy
Competent ash read working sinnoh with skill to get an idea of how powerful to make him
He can have a legendary pokemon but he can use it in battle unless he is fighting a pokemon on the same level
If you accept please say so in a review along with the name of the story
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