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Well are you thinking of me now?

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Grey thick fog seems to crowd this place. I could use a knife to cut through all of it. I'm blinded by it all. I'm walking into the unknown frantically searching for where the hell I am. Then I hear an echoing of some sort of sound.. Very faintly I hear something, something like a.. Like a voice?!

I hear it clearer now. The echoes get louder now.

"Gerard.. Gerard", that voice. Closer now.

"Gerard, can you hear me?", It's him.

"Gerard where are you?!", his voice sound panicked. Clearer it sounds.

My eyes widen. Panicking. I try to search for his voice. Running through the ghostly fog. I have no damn idea which direction I am going.

"Gerard?!" I hear the voice, behind me?

I turn my head over my shoulder to see him. My Frankie. He stands there in all of his beauty. The same hair with a fringe to the side. His tattoos. The make-up. His piercings. He's wearing a tight fitting white t-shirt with ripped dark blue skinny jeans. He's staring blankly at me. I have no idea how to respond. I turn my whole body to face him. We stare into each others eyes for a few. I could stare into his eyes forever.

He walks towards me. My breath gets caught in my throat. Slowly he's still making his way to me. Few more feet. Two more. And here he is, My Frankie. With his beautiful eyes still fixated on mine. Looking up at me with teary puppy dog eyes.

"Frankie, honey, what's wrong?" I ask concerned. I put my hands on both of his shoulders. He looks down at the ground. His face seems to contort into a pain ridden feature. Anxiety quickly seems to close my lungs. I shake him slightly.

"Frankie, speak to me." I whimper. "Your fucking scaring me." I whispered. I lowered my head to the level of his tear stained face still looking down. I put my hand to his chin. I pulled his face to look up at me. His tear stained face. Eyeliner smearing down his gorgeous features. Sadness is all his eyes show.

"Gerard.. Why?" he whispered. I look at him questioningly.

"Why what Frankie?" I ask confused. Trying to search his face.

"Why do you hide it from me?" he says fiddling with his shirt.

"Frank, what are you talking about?" I ask irritated. I let my hands fall to my sides.

Frank's hand moves up to my face. He caresses my cheek. He smiles at me. I give him a crooked smile. He lets his palm rest on my cheek.

"Gerard, I.." he looks down, then back up at me. "..I.. I think.. Gerard.."

My head starts pounding. He's stuttering as he's trying to find the words. My head is pounding harder.

"Gerard, I think I'm in.." he's leaning a little closer to me leaving his sentence unfinished. Closer and closer. I feel his breath-


Son. Of. A. BITCH!

I slam my whore of an alarm clock. Then tore it right out of the outlet, threw it across the room and heard it do a satisfying crack. I smiled to myself. Weird? I know. Never said I was normal.

"Fuuuck.." I groaned as I unsuccessfully tried to get out of bed. What the fuck? What time is it?!

I look out at the only window in this damn room, which is small at that, and it still dark.

Fuuuhhhhhckk. Way to go Gerard.. I broke my clock and have no idea on how to check the time. Where the fuck is my cell?

I get up sleepily. In my skeleton pajamas. It's on the floor, by a pile of clothes. I need to get organized. Eh, some other day. I pick it up, tapped the screen.

5 O'FUCKIN CLOCK! Damn. I'm never up early! Oh well.

Vibrate Vibrate I looked down at my phone.

New Text Message.

I tap it.

From Frank. It says-

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